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Lost in Translation: Struggles in interdisciplinary fields


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Jan. 23rd(Tue.), 2018.
Night Session.

Innovation Camp 2018 for Computational Materials Science(ICCMS2018)
January 23rd(Tue.)-25th(Thu.), 2018
The Jozankei View Hotel, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

In materials science, data-centric science is becoming one of the major approaches along with theoretical, experimental, and computational sciences. The main purpose of this camp is that we learn the basics of the machine learning as data-centric science and use it to solve problems in our researches through group works. We will also have lectures on advanced researches in computational and data-centric sciences and discuss future perspectives. Furthermore, we learn innovation minds by inviting lecturers who are at the forefront beyond the industry-government-academia framework.



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Lost in Translation: Struggles in interdisciplinary fields

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  3. 3. 情報論的学習理論ワークショップ
 (IBIS) セッション招待講演 2016 ⼈⼯知能学会 ⼈⼯知能基本問題研究会
 (FIG-FPAI) 招待講演 2014 電⼦情報通信学会 信号処理研究会
 招待講演 2017 電⼦化学会 北海道⽀部
 若⼿招待講演 2017 地球流体データ解析・数値計算ワークショップ
 招待講演 2017 ⽇本薬学会 構造活性相関部会レター
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  7. 7. ICML NIPS UAI BigData KDD SIGMOD IJCAI DS ALT ICDM ECMLPKDD ICDEVLDB COLT AAAI SIGIR PAKDD ACML SDM WWWWSDM RecSys SIGCHI IUI ICANN IJCNN STOCFOCS ICPR ICCV ICASSP InterSpeech CVPR ACL CoNLLNAACL EMNLP ICLR PRICAIECAI ICWSM CIKM HCOMP CSCW AISTATS WI ILP ISWC SODA IAT PRIMA EDBT PODS STACSICALP ESA IAAI ECCV ACCV TREC GECCO CEC IJCNLP COLING EACL ECIR ICONIP AAMAS Data Mining Theoretical Computer Science Machine Learning Computational Learning Theory Neural Network Agent Evolutionary Computation Artificial Intelligence Information Retrieval World Wide Web Human Computer Interaction Natural Language Processing Speech Signal Processing Computer Vison Database MathematicsStatistics Network Cognitive Science Social Science Brain Science Robotics Linguistics Computer System High-Performance Computing Computer Graphics Bioinformatics Cheminformatics Mathematical Logic ML, DM, and AI Conference Map, Copyright © 2015 Toshihiro Kamishima All Rights Reserved, Updated 2015/02/22 

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