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Testing and Development for my Music Magazine


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Just my testing and developing of my music magazine, choosing which fonts and images I will use on my final product.

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Testing and Development for my Music Magazine

  1. 1. TESTING! I have tested different fonts and house styles to see which would work better for the kind of magazine I am trying to create and the kind of audience I am trying to appeal to.
  2. 2. CHOOSING THE MAIN IMAGE I took several photos which could be used for my front cover to see which would look better. I tested on a couple of images I liked best and then decided which would be used.Image 1: Good aspects • It’s a clear image • It looks professional Bad aspects • The model is looking away from the camera which doesn’t appeal to an audience and stand out • The image is a mid shot which isn’t very personal and eye catching • It looks as if it should be in a pop magazine, however the genre of my magazine is rock/punk • As it’s far away, it would be difficult • to edit if I chose to, which I am planning on to, to make her look more punk-y
  3. 3. Image 2Good aspects• I like this image because of the pose and stance she has, it looks as though she’s in deep thought which is intriguing• The image is clear and professional likeBad aspects• It may not appeal to an audience on a front cover as she isn’t directly looking to the camera – however I could use this on the contents page or my article
  4. 4. Chosen Image! I have chosen to use this image on the front cover as the main image as it is directly looking out to an audience, it is also a clear, professional looking close-up which leaves it easy to edit, which I will do to make her fit the conventions of my magazine.
  5. 5. EDITING THE MAIN IMAGE I plan on making the hair red by using the magnetic lasso tool to select the hair, then refining the edge to get most of the hair which is sticking out then changing the hue and saturation to get the colour I want. I have chosen red as it is eye catching and it’s fiery which suggests that she is too. I also intend on making her look paler with dark make up on to give her a more intense look. Her lips will also be red to match her hair.
  6. 6. Hair is red by selecting Smirk in her smile to the hair with the magnetic make her look Hair has more volume lasso tool and changing mischievous created by using the clone the hue and saturationEDITING: using the smudge tool stamp tool Before.. After.. Paler skin by using the sponge tool Bronzed cheeks by using the burn tool to add colour to her complexion Dark eye make-up created by the brush tool using the colour black
  7. 7. MY OPINIONS OF THE EDITING:I like the editing as it fits the genre of my magazineand is eye catching which could draw readers in topurchasing the magazine.Improvements: I think the black around her eyes is too heavy, this could be resolved with the smudge/blur tool which I will experiment with to see if I get a better finish.
  8. 8. SMUDGING THE EYE MAKE-UP: The make-up at first looked too jagged, therefore I experimented with the smudge and blur tools until I was satisfied that it looked smoother.
  9. 9. CHOOSING THE RIGHT FONTSThe genre of my music magazine is punk/rock, inorder to give off the right vibe of magazine, font is acrucial part of the front cover to set the tone of themagazine, therefore I need to experiment differentfonts, especially for the masthead on the magazine(Pulse).
  10. 10. TEST 1 This font is called “Kraash”. This doesn’t fit with the genre of music. It looks more like a font which would be on an R’n’B magazine.TEST 2This font is called “Pupcat”. This also doesn’t fit with the magazine as it looks more like it should be in a girly pop magazine.TEST 3 This font is called “Vivaldi”. I don’t like this font as it is very difficult to read.TEST 4 This is the font I have chosen to use for my masthead as it is ragged and fits the rock genre.
  11. 11. THE FRONT COVER Development
  12. 12. I don’t really like this front cover, so I will experiment with different styles.
  13. 13. Final design I don’t know if I’m too sure onthis cover as the text goes onto her face taking the attention away and making it less eye- catching. The text also doesn’t stand out that much and isfairly difficult to read due to the font being fairly thin. The “In Today’s Issue” also contrasts with the bottom text as it doesn’t follow the exact colour scheme. The font is also limited, therefore I will develop my idea further.
  14. 14. Final ProductI am happy with this final design.. The text is easy to understand and it doesn’t take away the attention from her face. I have moved the button to take awaythe bareness underneath the text hooks and changed the Bevel and Emboss to create an effect which fits with the genre of the magazine. I have made the “Download” in the footer a different font to the rest of the words to make it stand out and look like the actual logo of the Download Festival. I have purposely changed the font of “Zoe Roux” to make it look like a signature, giving the audience a personal feel towards the article as she has put her time into signing it for the magazine.
  15. 15. CONTENTS PAGE Development
  16. 16. First AttemptI like this because its sections are compact and laid out neatly. I have included an A-Z index tomake it easier for the audience to find a specific artist or band. I don’t like this that much as it looks too bland on the background, also the image of Zoe in the bottom right looks too light and pale. I will develop this more, until I find the right style I like.
  17. 17. Final Product I prefer this design as it looks fuller than the other, due to the background not being just grey. I have used images from when I have been to music festivals andput them on top of each other but changed the opacity so it wasn’t very high so that it didn’t stand out more than the actual text and images. I have turned down the brightness on the photo of Zoeand moved her more towards the side so that the other imagecould fit next to her leaving it so it wasn’t too busy at the top of the page. The font and colours arefollowing the same house style as the front cover.
  18. 18. ARTICLE Development
  19. 19. I like this page but there is still certain things I would like to change, for example the “Similar to Zoe Roux” seems to standout more than the actual article so I will make changes to that too, also the image is taking up a whole page, therefore things could be added. I also think the “NEWCOMER ALERT!” button doesn’t stand out as well as it could.
  20. 20. I prefer this better to the other design as it’s “Similar To” section has smallerfont and a photograph so it doesn’t stand out and take the audience awayfrom the main article. I’ve changed the style of the button to make it standout by using a drop shadow with the noise turned up to make it look edgy. Ihave also changed the colour of the subtitle so it links with the main image.