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Social Groups


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Social Groups

  1. 1. EVALUATIONHow does your media product represent particularsocial groups?
  2. 2. STEREOTYPESMy final product fits in with the stereotypical “rock” genre. Mymodel has heavily dark make up on and a pale face which isgenerally what the “rock” style is nowadays, I have purposelymade her look this way to fit in with the conventions of therock/punk theme.I have used a natural girl for the front cover so it relates to awider audience as well as the punk/rock audience. By using anatural model and editing onto her to fit the conventions of apunk shows that normal looking people can be what theywant to be if they try.This could appeal to people who want to „break the mould‟and become who they want.
  3. 3. GENDERNormally, the typical rock star is normally a male, but I havebroke the conventions by using a female on the front cover.You would normally expect females to be on the front coverof glamour magazines but in this case I have made my modelfit the conventions of the rock/punk magazine and portrayedher in a way that women aren‟t normally shown as. I havedone this by adding dark make up, pale skin and red lips ontoher with different tools on Photoshop. She is still posing witha „chocolate box‟ (pose/expression by Marjorie Ferguson)pose to captivate the audience into being drawn to themagazine, but also so they have a warm feeling towards themagazine as it makes them feel welcomed by her pose.
  4. 4. WOMENMy magazine has a girl on the front cover in a verydominating pose which breaks the conventions of therole that men and women in society stereotypicallyhave nowadays, with the male being more superior toa female, whereas in this case the front cover is allabout a female, with an edgy look to her, which mayattract more women to this magazine as women arenot normally conveyed as being „edgy‟, which mayalso attract males to the magazine as they could beintrigued by the reverse role.
  5. 5. SOCIAL CLASSI have priced my magazine at £3.00 every two weeksto make it affordable for the working class so that it‟snot too much for people to purchase, for example if itcame out weekly, £3.00 would be seen as a bit priceyto pay whereas every two weeks it‟s not asexpensive. On my article I have written about howshe became famous and in it I have mentioned howshe was just a normal girl with dreams that sheachieved, showing ordinary people if they want toachieve something, nothing is impossible.