Analysis of Previous Years Work


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Analysis of Previous Years Work

  1. 1. Analysis ofPrevious YearsWorkBy Katie, Kelsey and Jack
  2. 2. • Research and planning (20)• Construction of main tasks (40)• Ancillary 1 (10)• Ancillary 2 (10)• Evaluation (20)OLIVIA DIXON – HORROR TRAILER
  3. 3. Overall, the research and planning shown by Olivia isproduced to an excellent quality, this was shown by thegood quantity of work which is in great depth. Thingswhich could be improved is the way in which the researchwas presented on her Blog, for example all of her locationshots should have been presented before the completedancillary tasks; this is because locations were needed beforethe tasks would have been finished. The mark we are givingOlivia for her research and planning is 17 out of 20.RESEARCH AND PLANNING
  4. 4. Overall the finished product is a professional looking trailerhowever we believe there are a few improvement which could bemade to make the main task more effective for example:• Some shots are set in daylight so it doesn’t follow conventions.• At the end of the trailer the shot jumps slightly to the left when zooming.• Some shots are blurry• Different misé-en-scene at the start and the middle (in her bedroom, there is different bed sheets)Mark – 32 out of 40.CONSTRUCTION OF MAIN TASK
  5. 5. The title is similar to the original magazineThe BEST … EVER doesn’t stand out asmuch yet it should contain more emphasis in comparison to HORROR PREVIEW.Red is also more of a scary colour which would fit the HORROR PREVIEW partThe subtitle is not that much different to the hooks, so it’s difficult to tell if there is even a subtitle• Has a professional look to it• Title has horror conventions – edgy and creepy• Scary picture to fit the conventions of a horror magazine Mark – 8 out of 10 ANCILLARY 1: MAGAZINE COVER
  6. 6. Very similar to the magazine cover –the poster comes out before themagazine so when the magazine wasviewed it wouldn’t be much of asurprise to the audienceThe title is effective, fits theconventions of a horror posterThe effect on the leaves don’t fit in with the rest of the picture Dark colours, which also fit the conventions Mark – 7 out of 10 ANCILLARY 2: POSTER
  7. 7. • She used a lot of different techniques to present her work i.e. prezi, slideshare, videos etc.• There is a lot of in depth information• Don’t use as much text as it gets tedious trying to read all of itMark – 17 out of 20EVALUATION
  8. 8. • Research and planning (20)• Construction of main tasks (40)• Ancillary 1 (10)• Ancillary 2 (10)• Evaluation (20)RYAN ROBINSON – MUSIC VIDEO
  9. 9. • Did questionnaires for what an audience would like• Analysed other lyrics, not just the song he chose to do for the music video• Analysed digipacks• Planned out locations before shooting it• Wasn’t enough analysis of other workMark – 15 out of 20RESEARCH AND PLANNING
  10. 10. • Good acting, was all in sync• Good ideas to make the work look effective• Had a storyline within the video• If there was no information with the music video (research and planning) it would be confusingMark – 37 out of 40CONSTRUCTION OF MAIN TASK
  11. 11. • Parental advisory tag – professional Mark – 6 out of 10• Has a colour scheme• Uses the same characters• Variation of images• Image on the front is too dark• Images could be in better locations• The text doesn’t stand out• ‘lyrical criticism The kill’ should be capitalised and separated with a hyphenANCILLARY 1: DIGI-PACK
  12. 12. • Clear image• Advertisement for HMV and The Kill• Image isolates Ryan Robinson (far right) from the rest of the group (links with the music video)• Not a recurring theme with Ancillary 1 task• Different fonts usedMark – 5 out of 10ANCILLARY 2: POSTER
  13. 13. • Uses different media techniques to present his work• Makes valid points• Too much writing• Not very organisedMark – 14 out of 20EVALUATION
  14. 14. • Research and planning (20)• Construction of main tasks (40)• Ancillary 1 (10)• Ancillary 2 (10)• Evaluation (20)SHAUN LIDDLE - HORROR TRAILER
  15. 15. • Analysis of other students work• Questionnaires• Location planning• Good photography• Locations planning• Roles and Responsibilities planning• Horror trailer plotMark – 19 out of 20RESEARCH AND PLANNING
  16. 16. • Used a range of actors• Had a storyline• Good location shots• Bad acting – kept smiling and looking at the camera• Confusing storylineMark – 29 out of 40CONSTRUCTION OF MAIN TASK
  17. 17. • Good colour scheme, fits conventions• Professional looking• Easy to read fonts• Typical conventions of a magazine• The image looks too edited• The writing could stand out moreMark – 8 out of 10ANCILLARY 1: MAGAZINE COVER
  18. 18. • Simple but effective• Follows the same colour scheme as the magazine• Different images style to the magazine• The blood looks fake• The image is too dull• The writing on the bottom is difficult to ready being greyMark – 7 out of 10ANCILLARY 2: POSTER
  19. 19. • Uses a range of techniques to present his work• Includes a lot of information• All organised• Isn’t too much writing – straight to the pointMark – 18 out of 20EVALUATION