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Ural IT Cluster 2012


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Ural IT Cluster 2012

  1. 1. Ural  IT-­‐cluster   Sverdlovsk  region,   2012  
  2. 2. Story  of  founda4on  1941                                  –    Ural  Instrument-­‐development  plant  and  NPO   Automa?cs  are  established;  1952                                  –    Radio-­‐Technical  department  established  at  the  Ural   Polytechnic  University;  1985-­‐2000              –    IT-­‐boom,  first  regional  IT-­‐companies  are  founded;  2000-­‐2010              –    Russian  lead  IT-­‐Companies  form  their  infrastructure   and  find  market  niche;  2010  -­‐…                        –    Ural  IT-­‐companies  enter  the  world  market.  
  3. 3. Specificity  of  the  Ural  IT-­‐cluster  •  The  main  specializa?on  of  the  cluster  –  soMware  development;  •  Yekaterinburg  –  is  a  preOy  big  city  and  it  is  ideal  for  soMware-­‐ development  environment  and  posi?ve  co-­‐existence  of  many   major  IT-­‐companies;  •  Yekaterinburg  –  is  a  preOy  small  city  so  that  all  the  top-­‐managers   and  heads  of  major  IT-­‐companies  know  each  other  in  person  and   as  a  result  –  the  whole  business  sphere  develops  more   effec?vely.  
  4. 4. Coopera4on   More  than  1  billion  rub   100  mln  –  1  billion  rub   5  mln  –  100  mln  rub   Startup  Assosia7ons   Subcontract   Research  ac7vity  
  5. 5. Structure   300  companies  and   50  billion  rub  to   2016   65  companies  10,5  billion  rub   IT-­‐cluster  companies    76  IT-­‐companies  from   Yekaterinburg,  that  are  not  in   the  cluster     Coopera7on,  Human  Resources   $,  exper7se   informa7on   exchange   Human  Resources   Infrastructure   Infrastructure  of  IT-­‐ Coopera?on  with   it-­‐,  it-­‐   Universi?es   Venture  funds   environment  
  6. 6. IT-­‐cluster  environment   IT-­‐companies   Higher  Educa?on   Infrastructural   Regional  Support   Informa?on   Ins?tutes   Organiza?ons   Environment  •  Ural  Federal  University   •  Noncommercial   •  Sverdlovsk    Regional   •  it-­‐  –  specialized  •  Ural  State  University  of   partnership  “Ural  IT-­‐ Investment  and   regional    IT-­‐portal   Economics   Cluster”   Development  Ministry   •  “Guru  in  the  Urals”  project  •  Ural  State  Pedagogical   •  Ural  ASU  Professionals   •  Sverdlovsk  Regional   •  World  programming   University   club   Ministry  of  Informa?on   championship  stages  •  Branch  of  Siberian  State   •  Mentors  Club   Technologies  and   •  “Wednesday  Open   University  of   •  IT-­‐companies  Associa?on   Communica?ons   Seminars”  projects   Telecommunica?ons  and   •  it-­‐  –  IT-­‐HR   •  Infrastructural  hub  of   •  “Innova?on  projects   Informa?on  Sciences   agency   Sverdlovsk  region   management  school”  •  Humanitarian  University   •  Three  commercial  IT-­‐ •  Yekaterinburg  city   project   venture  funds   administra?on   •  Professional    IT-­‐ •  Ural  Business  Angels   •  Entrepreneurship   conferences  :,   Associa?on     Development  Support   dump-­‐,   Fund   •  Training  program  for  IT-­‐ entrepreneurs    GoValley!  
  7. 7. IT-­‐cluster  companies   •  20  projects  invested  by  the  venture  funds   •  43  projects  received  financial  grants  Startups   •  More  than  100  projects  develop  using  their  own   resources  Small  companies   •  More  than  80  companies   •  Naumen,  Yandex(branch),  EastWind  ,    Average  companies   ACS-­‐IT,  SAP  (branch,  established  in  2012)    (turnover  >  100  mln.  rub.    or  >  100  employees)   •  Total:  15  companies   •  SKB  Kontur,  ProsoMsystems,  SoMline  (branch)  Major  companies     •  “Sberbank-­‐Technologies”  JSC  established  its  branch  (turnover  >  1  billion  rub.  )   in  Yekaterinburg  in  2012  
  8. 8. World  Market  Orienta4on  
  9. 9. IT-­‐Companies  employees   Company   general   including   number  of   number  of   turnover,   engineer   companies   employees   mln.  rub   resources  Turnover  above  1  billion  rub.   7  070   3   1  975   948  Turnover  100  mln  –  1  billion  rub.   2  946   15   2  075   1  182  Small  companies  –  turnover  lower  than  100  mln  rub.   589   47   964   578  Startups   -­‐   80   200*   170*  Regional  companies  ,  that  do  not  cooperate  with  the  cluster   <700*   76   <400*   <250*   *  -­‐  expert  opinion  
  10. 10. Higher  Educa4on  Ins4tutes  that  cooperate  with  the  Cluster     candidates   Research     professors*   students*   (postgraduate ac4vity,  mln   s)*   rub.  Ural  Federal  University   453   3  947   108   126,5  Ural  State  University  of  Economics   8   70   2   11,5  Ural  State  Mining  University   11   48   1   13,1  Humanitarian  University   14   225   2   3  Ural  State  Pedagogical  University   33   99   17   1,9  Branch  of  Siberian  State  University  of   93   1  577   18   -­‐  Telecommunica?ons  and  Informa?on  Sciences  Ural  State  Professional  Pedagogical  University   44   205   8   0,7    Ural  State  Forest  Engineering  University   12   55   4   5,5  Ural  state  university  of  railway  transport   12   35   10   -­‐  Total:   680   6  261   170   162,2   *  -­‐  only  for  IT  sphere  
  11. 11. Yekaterinburg  –  leader  of  Russian  SaaS  market   Source:  (RBC  Holding  project)  
  12. 12. Dynamics  and  forecasts  for  the  growth  of  IT-­‐ companies  employees  
  13. 13. Story  of  Noncommercial  partnership     “Ural  IT-­‐Cluster”  •  2000  –  AKCIT  Associa?on  establishment.  The  main  purpose  –  is  to  protect  the   local  market  from  the  suppliers  from  the  other  regions;  •  November,  2010  –  establishment  of  the  Cons?tuent  assembly  of  “Ural  IT-­‐ cluster”;  recogni?on  of  the  need  to  coordinate  the  companies’  ac?vity  to   prepare  Human  Resources  and  to  win  the  interna?onal  market;  •  January,  2011  –  mee?ng  of  the  Sverdlovsk  Governor  with  the  IT-­‐entrepreneurs.   The  following  decisions  were  taken  at  the  mee?ng:  IT  sphere  is  marked  as  the   priority  for  the  regional  economy;  Minister  of  IT  and  Minister  of  Investments  and   Development  are  assigned  to  par?cipate  in  the  Guardian  Council  of  IT-­‐Cluster;  •  May,  2011  –  “Ural  IT-­‐cluster”  is  registered  as  a  Noncommercial  partnership  and   keeps  its  ac?vity  ?ll  the  present  moment.  
  14. 14. Managing  Team   President  of  NP  “Ural  IT-­‐ CEO  of  NP  “Ural  IT-­‐Cluster”   Development  director  of  NP   cluster”   “Ural  IT-­‐cluster”  Davydov  Alexander   Serebrov  Maxim   Kalaev  Dmitry  Chairman  of  the  board  at   General  director  of  “Extreme   Managing  partner  at  NAUMEN,  co-­‐founder  of  SKB-­‐ Pro”  company,    member  of   “RedBuOon  Capital”,  Kontur,  Michrotest,   the  board  at  “Informa?on   Skolkovo  fund  IT-­‐cluster   network”,  business  angel   expert  NAUMEN  
  15. 15. Work  Direc4ons   Technologies   World  Market     School   Higher   Professionals     and  companies     Educa?on   development     Ins?tutes   Entrepreneurs     Startups   Companies   School   Students  children   Experienced   Professionals   World  experts   experts   1.  Entrepreneurship   support   Establishing  contacts  and   Involvement  and  Career   Adapta?on  of  educa?on   rela?ons  at  the  world   guidance   and  aOrac?ng  the  experts   ____________________     market   2.  Technological  upgrade   Infrastructure  
  16. 16. Structure  of  the  Cluster  and  work  direc4ons   STRATEGY   TACTICS   REALIZATION   (working  groups)   School  children   Courses,  IT-­‐championships  and  contests   Higher  Educa4on   Adapta?on  and  development  of  the   educa?onal  programs,  popular  in  the  IT-­‐ Ins4tutes   sphere   Experts  community  –  for  social  recogni?on.   Migra4on   Forming  the  region  brand  at  the  inner   Реализация   market.  Managing  Team   Establishment  of  the  projects,  ini?a?ng  the   Startups   startups;  support  and  assistance  for  the   projects   Business  missions,  development  of  the   World  market   regional  brand  at  the  world  IT-­‐market   Developing  the  condi?ons  and  environment   Infrastructure   to  decrease  the  expenses  for  IT-­‐business   management  at  Sverdlovsk  region  
  17. 17. Results  of  the  year  2011  •  Private  investments  granted  for  20  startup-­‐projects  •  Two  regional  seed  venture  funds    for  IT-­‐startups  are  established  –  “Red  BuOon  Capital”  and  “Projector”    •  43    projects  received  grant  from  the  regional  government  •  The  total  growth  of  the  Cluster’s  company  turnover  is  above  30%  •  NAUMEN  announces  the  delivery  of  one  of  its  products  to  the  market  of  Asia  and  Pacific  region.  The  product   is  designed  for  the  Call-­‐centers  and  occupies  one  of  the  leading  posi?ons  at  the  Russian  market.    •  Several  business  trips  to  Israel  and  USA  are  conducted.  More  than  20  representa?ves  of  Ural  IT  took  part  in   the  trips.  •  The  total  volume  of  scien?fic  research  (together  with  URFU)  reached  66  mln.rub.  •  Other  IT-­‐events:  Ural  Programming  Championship,  IT-­‐days  at  Innoprom-­‐2012,  Start  in  Garage,  HackDay,   Failconf,  DUMP.    More  than  20  IT-­‐events  and  more  than  8000  par?cipants.  •  Several  Master’s  Degree  programs  are  specially  adapted  for  students  and  postgraduates  •  Partnership  agreement  signed  with  Skolkovo  fund;  three  companies  become  Skolkovo  residents  •  Total  volume  of  the  private  IT-­‐companies  investments  reach  20  mln.rub  (seminars,  scholarships,  grants  etc.)  •  Regional  Targeted  Program  “Informa?on  society  of  Sverdlovsk  region”  is  established  for  the  upcoming  five   years  –  2011-­‐2015..  
  18. 18. Thank  you  for  the  aeen4on!