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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Flyers


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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Flyers

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Section 01 Group: Flyers
  2. 2. Introduction to Group Collaboration Group collaboration is necessary for a team of individuals to work together toward realizing a common goal. In order for a team to be successful, members must be open minded, must complete agreed upon tasks, must meet deadlines, must communicate effectively on a regular basis, and most importantly work together. For a group to effectively collaborate by sharing their work, refining each other’s work, and combining it all into a finished product everyone can see at the same time, an online group collaboration tool is necessary.
  3. 3. Introduction to Group Collaboration Tools Today’s technology has streamlined group collaboration by allowing members in different physical locations to communicate as well as share and combine work all in real time. Innovation in mobile technology and online collaboration tools simplify the process and increase group cohesiveness. With the help of group collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Skype and Group texting, group members are able to effectively communicate, share work, edit each other’s work, and create a finished product all at the same time from different locations.
  4. 4. Google Drive Pros: -Anyone is able to edit/contribute to the same file and communicate through group messaging at the same time -Covers a variety of different files -Secure with Google logins Cons: -Not everyone in the group will have Gmail accounts -Doesn’t look organized when everyone everyone contributes at different times -Must be connected to the internet to use
  5. 5. Dropbox Pros: -Easy to download/access -Transferring entire files is simple -Can send large files Cons: -Must be downloaded off the web -Not easy to use with mobile phones -Not easy to use as a group
  6. 6. Facebook Pros: -Easy to locate group members -Most people have an account -Very easy to communicate as a group (ie. group messages) Cons: -Not extremely secure -Easy to waste time on other things while logged on -Can’t send files easily
  7. 7. Skype Pros: -Face to face conferencing -Convenient meetings -Easy communication/collaboration Cons: -Not everyone has access to a webcam -Can’t simultaneously work on a file -Difficult to share files within a group
  8. 8. Group Text Pros: -Immediate contact with group members -Easy for members to contribute to ideas -Planning meetings is very convenient Cons: -Some phones not compatible -Can be a nuisance for people involved -No file exchanges
  9. 9. Winning Group Collaboration Tools Group Text & Google Drive Group Text for Communication: ● Most reliable means to Organize/Plan ● More likely to have a phone in hand than a laptop/ computer Google Drive for Execution: ● Free, Easy and Effective way to Share, Edit, and Combine Work into a Finished Product in Real Time
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