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Online Sales Training - Choices


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Some of our thoughts of the day on Sales Training which we have collected after over 10 years of Training, Coaching and Leading Sales People.

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Online Sales Training - Choices

  1. 1. Training isn’t just about stretching and growing, it’s about learning skills that make life easier, discovering shortcuts, hacks and ways to get ahead faster than we could on our own. Choose Training
  2. 2. All sales people are busy, only those that hit targets are effective. Choose Effective
  3. 3. Sales don’t improve by chance, they improve by change. Choose Change
  4. 4. Going into a boardroom without doing sales roleplay is like turning up at the Olympics without training. Choose Training
  5. 5. Everybody wants to increase their sales, few are willing to make the changes to do so. Choose Change
  6. 6. If you think training and coaching is expensive, add up your cost of lost sales. Choose Sales
  7. 7. Sales people who hit their targets want to train. They have the mindset of a winner and every winner trains. Choose Training
  8. 8. If you don’t provide the right training and coaching for your people, their next employer just might. Choose Training
  9. 9. Sales people are the athletes of the business world. Only athletes that train win anything. Choose Training
  10. 10. If you cannot differentiate your products and services your customers will do it for you, and every time they will use price. Choose Differentiate
  11. 11. If you’ve missed your last 2 months sales targets you’re unlikely to hit the next one, unless you change something. Choose Change
  12. 12. Klozers