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Online Sales Coaching - Choices


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A collection of our Thoughts of the Day that we have used to help motivate our clients, based on over 10 years experience as a professional Sales Coach. We hope you enjoy

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Online Sales Coaching - Choices

  1. 1. If you’re not 100% committed to your sales goals, you’ll never reach a 100% of your sales target. Choose Commitment
  2. 2. Turn your sales goals into sales plans, then turn your plans into sales actions, then commit to doing one action every day. Choose Action
  3. 3. A good coach will increase your sales, a great coach will change your life. Choose Coaching
  4. 4. Exceeding your Sales Goals isn’t possible unless you exceed your comfort zone. Choose Exceed
  5. 5. If you have a great product or service it deserves the best sales support. Choose Best
  6. 6. It’s possible there are different strategies and tactics to help you sell more. Never give up looking. Choose More
  7. 7. The best time to start selling more is right now. Choose Now
  8. 8. 100% of our clients tell us we are the only people they talk to about their goals. Ours are the most positive conversations they ever have. Who do you talk to? Choose Goals
  9. 9. People buy from people – maybe, or do people buy from the best sales people? Choose People
  10. 10. The best sales people never sell anything. They simply facilitate the right conditions for the buyer to buy. Choose Best
  11. 11. If you receive any form of recognition or remuneration when you win an order, you must be prepared to take responsibility when you lose an order. Choose Responsibility
  12. 12. Klozers