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90 Day Sales Challenge - Choices


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Some of our thoughts of the day that inspire Professional Sales people who have taken our 90 Day Sales Challenge. Full details to apply are here

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90 Day Sales Challenge - Choices

  1. 1. Great sales people have a relentless focus on: 1. Finding opportunities 2. Closing opportunities 3. Growing their accounts Everything else is a distraction. Choose Focus
  2. 2. Failure defeats losers – you are not a loser. Great sales people take failure on board and adapt. Choose Adapt
  3. 3. If you’re sales team doesn’t include your customers, it won’t include reviews, testimonials, referrals and repeat business. Choose Team
  4. 4. The best time to start selling more is right now. Choose Now
  5. 5. When sales aren’t your priority, sales don’t happen. Choose Sales
  6. 6. 100% of our clients tell us we are the only people they talk to about their goals. Ours are the most positive conversations they ever have. Who do you talk to? Choose Goals
  7. 7. If you think of sales people as liars, cheats, money grabbers, pushy and selfish, it’s no wonder you don’t want to be one. The fact these things repulse you, means you have exactly the right values to be a great sales person. Choose Great
  8. 8. Your top customers are your competitors top targets. Client retention plans lock in your customers and lock out your competition. Choose Plans
  9. 9. The value in any sales person is not in the information they give, but the information the gathers. Ask questions and listen. Choose Questions
  10. 10. Sales people are not paid for manual labour. They are paid for their knowledge & skills, which can rapidly become obsolete unless you continue to invest in personal development. Choose Development
  11. 11. In Sales your Personal Brand is what your clients say about you behind your back. You can measure this by the number of unsolicited referrals they give you. Choose Referrals
  12. 12. If you receive any form of recognition or remuneration when you win an order, you must be prepared to take responsibility when you lose an order. Choose Responsibility
  13. 13. The ability to sell and generate revenues allows you to solve any other business problem. Choose Sell
  14. 14. Every day ask yourself these 2 simple questions. Who can I add to my sales pipeline today? Who can I move in my sales pipeline today? If you do this consistently, you cannot fail to sell something to someone. Choose Questions
  15. 15. Klozers