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Quality Assurance in Web Applications


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This presentation is about how to do complete testing on web application

Published in: Technology
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Quality Assurance in Web Applications

  1. 1. /
  2. 2. Functionality Testing Usability Testing Interface Testing Compatibility Testing Performance Testing QA Process Security Testing
  3. 3. All Links DB Connection Forms Cookies -Invalid input -Optional & mandatory fields -Field arrange order -Command buttons. Scroll bar .. Etc. - Outgoing links - Internal links - Email links - orphan pages and broken links -Reliability of connection -Data retrieving and updating rapidity - Session handling (logout and login) Functionality Testing Functionality Testing
  4. 4. - Test for navigation (pages, boxes, buttons and links) - Clear instructions - Content checking (logical and easy to understand, images should be places with proper size) - Site map Usability Testing
  5. 5. Web Server Database Server Application Server Interface Testing Interface Testing Colors, images, instructions, navigations, boxes, buttons……..etc.
  6. 6. Browser Connection Speed Video Settings Printers Compatibility Testing Compatibility Testing
  7. 7. Performance Testing - Load testing (number of concurrent users) - Stress Testing (Capacity of the system or expected data amount)
  8. 8. Login View Source code Encryption /Encoding Sql injections and Attacks -Cookies information. -Business data. -Payment data - Validation of user name and password - Page access with invalid login and pre saved url. Security Testing Security Testing
  9. 9. Common things should care - Arrange all controls in common manner. - Use same font and sizes to all pages (Arial, Georgia, Time new Roman). - Text aligning ,spelling and grammar mistakes. - Lower case and upper case strategy (Initials should be in upper case). - All read-only fields avoided in the TAB sequence. - Sort data in combo boxes and list boxes to ascending order.
  10. 10. Common things should care…cont - All error messages should display as follows, Text Box – Please enter value for employee Id Combo box/List box/calendar – Please select the department - Focus of error messages should set to related field. - Define standard size for all text boxes. - Text Area control should fit to the form.
  11. 11. Common things should care…cont - Number of characters for text boxes should limit according to the database column size. - Fit all controls to the form/page, because all controls are messing up when the browser getting smaller (squeezing). - When squeezing window use horizontal scroll bar. - Show creation, search and list in single page then no need to add separate menu to show list.
  12. 12.