Startup health insights-monthly-funding-report-march-2013


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Startup health insights-monthly-funding-report-march-2013

  1. 1. Insights™ Funding Report March 2013 Prepared by: Brian T. Edwards, Health Insights & Research Fellow Ron Golan, Healthcare Transformer Fellow Tanner Yager, Insights Fellowstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health
  2. 2. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding Report March 2013 Insights Monthly Stats• Personal activity monitor Basis, a StartUp HealthAcademy firm, raised a significant Series B round Mar 2013, 37 Deals: $120.38M($11.5M) following the successful launch of their 1st Mar 2012, 13 Deals: $107.44Mgen smart watch at the end of 2012. The sensorsector collectively raised over $22M this month. 2013 YTD, 135 Deals: $557.47M 22 Known Investors• Eight (8) mobile health and fitness startups received a Monthly Funding, Rolling 12-monthsboost from the launch of the Nike+ Accelerator, which $360Mopened its doors to its first ten companies this month. $240MThe companies will have access to the new Nike+Fuelband API. $120M $0M Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec Feb• Personalized medicine had one of its best months to • Top 3 Sectors: Practice Management ,date with five startups receiving funding including Sensors, & PaymentNextGxDx, Spiral Genetics, Bina Technologies, andMetaMed. Top 5 DealsStartUp Investor Round Amt Description Primary care physician search andOne Medical Group Google Ventures Series F $30M schedulingRemedy Partners Undisclosed Investors Series A $20M Healthcare payment programs Mayfield Fund, DCM, Norwest Biometric Sensors & SoftwareBasis Venture Partners Series B $12M PlatformLincor Solutions Edison Ventures Series A $10M Patient Education, point of care Non-invasive blood glucoseIntegrity Applications Undisclosed Investors Series B $7M monitorsDisclosures:Information, data, and figures represent publicly available data.startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Executive Summary , Page 2
  3. 3. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding Report March 2013 Funding by StartUp Total Funding by Startups (37) Funding Round Current Month StartUp March 2013 Total $120.38M One Medical Group Series F $30.00M $76.50M Remedy Partners Series A $20.00M $20.25M Basis Series B $11.50M $36.50M Lincor Solutions Series A $9.50M $9.50M Integrity Applications Series B $7.46M $11.02M BINA Technologies Series B $6.25M $8.55M ConnectedHealth Series A $5.00M $6.33M Omada Health Series A $4.70M $5.50M Iagnosis Series A $4.00M $4.00M QPID, Inc Series A $4.00M $4.00M Spiral Genetics Series A $3.00M $3.30M Podimetrics Seed $2.50M $2.50M RemitDATA Series B $2.50M $10.50M Pathfinder Software Series A $1.50M $1.50M PayasUgym Seed $1.40M $1.40M Sensiotec Series B $1.00M $2.50M NextGxDx Series A $1.00M $1.52M Swallow Solutions Seed $1.00M $1.00Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 3
  4. 4. Funding by StartUp Total Funding by Startups (37) Funding Round Current Month StartUp March 2013 Total $120.38M AccessHSI Series A $0.75M $1.88M Mytrus Inc Series B $0.75M $2.85M HealthSynch Series A $0.60M $0.93M MetaMed Seed $0.50M $0.50M Diagnotes Seed $0.45M $0.45M Wellcoin Seed $0.27M $0.27M Coupon Doc Seed $0.25M $0.30M Clinical Healthcare Corp Seed $0.15M $0.15M Simple Admit Seed $0.13M $0.13M CrossTx Seed $0.05M $0.05M DHealth Seed $0.02M $0.02M GeoPalz Incubator $0.02M $0.02M Incomparable Things Incubator $0.02M $0.02M CoachBase Incubator $0.02M $0.02M RecBob Incubator $0.02M $0.02M Incubator $0.02M $0.02M GoRecess Incubator $0.02M $0.02M FitDeck Incubator $0.02M $0.02M Sprout at Work Incubator $0.02M $0.02Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 4
  5. 5. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding Report Same Month, Aggregated Funding by Month Current Month Prior Year Growth % March 2013 Total March $120.38M # $107.44M 12% February 2013 Total February $155.95M # $161.51M -3% January 2012 Total January $243.68M # $102.51M 138% December 2012 Total December $156.84M # $50.14M 213% November 2012 Total November $140.75M # $148.55M -5% October 2012 Total October $53.64M # $121.21M -56% September 2012 Total September $225.89M # $183.52M 23% August 2012 Total August $214.96M # $121.68M 77% July 2012 Total July $44.81M # $52.90M -15% June 2012 Total June $220.87M # $116.71M 89% May 2012 Total May $351.87M # $92.61M 280% April 2012 Total April $101.50M # $52.86M 92%startuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 5
  6. 6. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding Report March 2013 Rolling 12-month totals vs. Prior 400m 300m 200m 100m $- 2011-2012 2012-2013 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar2011-2012 $ 52.9 92.6 116.7 52.9 121.7 183.5 121.2 148.5 50.1 102.5 161.5 107.42012-2013 $ 101.5 351.9 220.9 44.8 215.0 225.9 53.6 140.8 156.8 243.7 156.0 120.4Var ($) $ 48.6 259.3 104.2 (8.1) 93.3 42.4 (67.6) (7.8) 106.7 141.2 (5.6) 12.9Var (%) 0.9X 2.8X 0.9X -0.2X 0.8X 0.2X -0.6X -0.1X 2.1X 1.4X 0.0X 0.1Xstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 6
  7. 7. StartUp Health Insights™ Funding Report March 2013 Sector Breakdown by Funding Total Funding Amount by Round March 2013 Total $120.4M % Practice Incubator $0.2M 0% Management $30M Seed $6.7M 6% All Other Series A $54.1M 45% $48M Series B $29.5M 24% Series C - - Sensors $22M Series D - - Payment Series E - - $20M Series F $30.0M 25%Practice Management $30M 25%Sensors $22M 18%Payment $20M 17%All Other $48M 40%Total $120Mstartuphealth.netinsights© 2013 StartUp Health Page 7