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Pinterest and Health


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Pinterest and Health

  2. 2. PINTEREST IS HUGE!It has become one of the top 10 largest social networkservices1 with 11.7 million unique users2.
  3. 3. IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARDPinterest is a virtualpinboard that lets youpin things you findinteresting on the web.Users can browsepinboards created byother users to repin,like, and comment ontheir pins.
  4. 4. WHAT’S BEINGPINNED ONPINTEREST?Hint: It sounds like mittens.
  5. 5. ALL KIDDING ASIDEThere are pins on just abouteverything.So rather than looking at pinswere interested in, lets lookat the numbers.
  6. 6. TOP 5 PINBOARD CATEGORIES1• Any pin must be assigned to a users pinboard. Each pinboard Percentage must be associated to a category offered by Pinterest.• The following are the top five used categories.NOTEWORTHY:• Of these, food is the fastest-growing category and receives the most reins.RJ Metrics in February 20121
  7. 7. TOP 5 PIN SOURCES1• Since pins are generated from any online source, its of interest to see what Percentage sources are generating the most pinsNOTEWORTHY:• Etsy, a social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items, offers content that fit the top three pinboard categories.• Where as Google links point to Google Image Search, which is technically misattributed content from other 3rd party domains.RJ Metrics in February 20121
  8. 8. HEALTHCARE PINSThere’s a pin for just about every disease state.
  9. 9. EVEN WITHOUT A CATEGORY• Although Pinterest does not list a category for health or healthcare, there are plenty of users with pinboards and pins attributed to health care.
  10. 10. BREAST CANCERSearching for breast cancermay return pins that are:•Inspirational•Informative•SupportiveNOTEWORTHY:•The large number of pins within this searchmay be a result of the overwhelming numberof female users. Depending on the source,female users could range from 58% to 97%of all Pinterest users.
  11. 11. DIABETESSearching for diabetes mayreturn pins on:•Recipes•Literature•DevicesNOTEWORTHY:•With diet playing such a large role in adiabetic’s life, it’s no surprise that theseusers are pinning recipes within the fastest-growing category, food.
  12. 12. HEALTHCARESearching for healthcare mayreturn pins on:•Healthcare reform•Productrecommendations
  13. 13. PHARMA PINSIt’s true. Pharma is on Pinterest.
  14. 14. PHARMA• In April, Bayer joined Pinterest to share images and information about its activities in the US, as reported by PMLive1.• While Novo Nordisk "depinned" (deleted) everything on its Pinterest boards, as reported by Pharma Guy2.1
  15. 15. BAYERBayer has created pinboards for:•Bayers Business•#Sustainabilty•#Innovation•#STEM Forum –April 18, 2012NOTEWORTHY:•Within their pinboard "Bayers Business" they havepinned food items to discuss diabetes care, as well as,discuss their subsidiary working in crop science. Pinslike this help to spur a conversation about their brandby including them in the fastest-growing category,food.
  16. 16. PHARMA MARKETERS• In addition to Pharma, the Pharma marketing community is also active on Pinterest.• A search for Pharma will return pins from users like Pharma Guy, L2 Think Tank, and Paul Tunnah to name a few.
  17. 17. PINBOARDS BY MARKETERSPharma marketers have createdpinboards for:•Pharma Marketing News•Pharma•Patient Perspectives
  18. 18. CONVERSATIONSBY MARKETERSPharma marketers are alsohaving conversations withPharma, such as thisconversation between PharmaGuy and Bayer.