Libetra dc in networks cork presentation


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Libetra Dc presentation / 2. SME 2.0 meeting in Cork,
17-19. 5. 2012
A Leonardo project

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Libetra dc in networks cork presentation

  1. 1. SME 2.0 meeting, Cork, 17-19. 5. 2012
  2. 2. Tasks of Libetra (1. project part)•to implement and try out some of the most importantweb 2.0 tools for SMEs•to try out the various possibilities of the cloudcomputing•use different mobile devices•to organise a functioning network of SMEs•to organise a network for exchange of SMEexperiences•to propose a possible list of needed competencies forthe SME course
  3. 3. Libetra network
  4. 4. Libetra Dc in G+
  5. 5. SME 2.0 circle in g+
  6. 6. Libetra homepage in g+
  7. 7. Libetra docs
  8. 8. Libetra main homepage (joomla)
  9. 9. Libetra in Twitter
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Libetra in LinkedIn
  12. 12. Followers in LinkedIn
  13. 13. Libetra’s facebook site
  14. 14. Libetra in XING
  15. 15. SME Group in XING
  16. 16. Next possible steps•Creation of alternative websites with Drupal andWordpress, to test out the possibilities of this. (??)•Optimalize the Libetra main website (joomla)•Select one (or two) social network and perfect all of thethe functions.•Establish a feed to all pages and manage the information•Build out a vital network for exchange of experiencesbetween SMEs (web 2.0 tools in marketing, technicalquestions, etc.)•The experience of Libetra about the structure ofhomepage and management of networks in form of asummarized list of needed competencies.
  17. 17. Libetra proposals for needed competenciesTo be able:•evaluate, justify and propose the most appropriate•identify business advantages and improvements of adopting emerging technologies (opensource CMS tools, LMS tools, cloude computing, etc.)•analyse costs and benefits of implementing new ICT solutions•apply appropriate softwares•use the appropriate advisors or help groups•take part in a network for exchange of experiences beetwen SMEs•use the networks for business relations and marketing•develop strong network co-operation between customers and own organisation•apply web marketing methods•manage communications with ICT advisors or help groups in charge of the maintenanceof the web 2.0 tools•identify vendors and providers of the most promising web 2.0 solutions, avaliable forSMEs•gather internal and external knowledge and information needs
  18. 18. Thanks for your attention! Libetra main homepage: