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  1. 1. SAY •I’m a last year Mectaronics student and I have no idea of what mechatronics would look like in the field. •I know I have many options for my career to choose from, but I know just few of them. •Doctors and proffessors don’t help us telling about real life engineers. •I’m not sure if I can handle dealing with workers and technicians. •How do I know that I’m on the right track. •How do I know that this is the best for me. •When do I know that it’s time to change career. •Is it possible to change career after 5 years of doing the same thing. •I don’t really know the value I’ll be adding to work. •I don’t’t know how much is good salary. •Sometimes I do regret applying for such a rare unknown engineering special. •I want to learn more In my life, But I’m not sure if I would be able to after getting a full time jpb. DO •Sometime I do check job postings and attend employment fair to better understand what the future holds to me. •I tend to ask old engineers and professionals about their job, and what they do, and their dreams. •I do search on the internet of specfic jobs and tasks termonolgy, but I don’t always understad what that really means. •I try hard to know my slef better and my weaknesses, but I don’t know that I’m right or wrong. FEEL •I feel that it would be great if students had the chance to meet an HR officer and discuss the process of hiring people. THINK •I think the student doesn’t have enough confidence about his choice, choosing mechatronics devision should really mean a lot more to students, and they should have more awareness of different devisions of engineering specials. •I think he is a little bit away from actual and reall life, as he doesn’t really know the cost of living and paying for different services and goods, as he can’t estimate a limit for salaries. •There is a great gap between the acadimic professors and the industry, they can’t answer simple quistions of realy everyday life. •I think the student is missing a MENTOR. An Interview with an engineering student Empathize and Define INSIGHT •HR professional •Mentor •Guiding software. •Cloud network for engineers.
  2. 2. •Stakeholder needs a way to connect with professionals to know more about them and their job tasks and specification, because it will help him to better see his future. •Stakeholder needs a mentor to help him choosing and selecting the best for him. •Stakeholder needs to have a session with an HR officer to better understand the hiring process. Problem Statements

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