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Mondragon Team Academy. Brief Introduction

Ander Izquierdo Ferran

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Mondragon Team Academy. Brief Introduction

  1. 1. Brief Introduction
  2. 2. MTA in a Nutshell
  3. 3. • MTA is the Innovation and Team-Entrepreneurship unit of Mondragon University - School of Business created in May 2008 in close co- operation with TiimiAkatemia Jyvaskyla in Finland. • In January 2015 there are more than 500 team-entrepreneurs taking part in our programs, operating in 7 locations, creating an international entrepreneurial community. Mondragon Team Academy “We are teampreneurs making our dreams become true learning and creating together”
  4. 4. 5 WE ARE part of: -Mondragon University - School of Business S.Coop. -M o n d r a g o n I n n o v a t i o n a n d Knowledge, (MIK) S.Coop. -MONDRAGON Corporation. -Team Academy Internacional Learning Network
  5. 5. Tiimiakatemia JyväskyläProakatemia Tampere Akatemia CIC ++ Team Factory Paris Team Entrepreneur Angers Team Academie Nederland Team Academy Euskadi Team Entrepreneur Strasbourg Mondragon Team Academy Team Academy Debrecen Team Academy Sao Paolo, Brazil Team Academy Budapest, starting September 2012 Tiimiakatemia® Learning Network ”We co-create teampreneurs” Saimia, LappeenrantaNovia, Turku Bisnes Akatemia, Salo Turku AMK On a process.. -TA Westminster -TA Bristol - TA North Humbria - TA Madrid - TA Buenos Aires - TA Rio
  6. 6. TiimiAkatemia in a Nutshell “Companies want innovation but they do not want Innovators” “Teampreneurship Is a New International Trend in Growth Entrepreneurship” Johannes Partanen
  7. 7. MONDRAGON Corporation in a Nutshell • Is the largest worker cooperative corporation in the world today. • Might be the best example of a social enteprise in the world today (Macleod) • Formed by 156 worker co- operatives
  8. 8. MONDRAGON Corporation in a Nutshell Industrial parks (2) Purchasing offices (5)
  9. 9. MONDRAGON Corporation in a Nutshell “The world has not beeing given to us to contemplate it but to transform it” “Our strength is not competition but Cooperation” JM Arizmendiarrieta
  10. 10. WHY MTA exist? WHAT? HOW? WHY? “We are teampreneurs making our dreams become true learning and creating together” REBIRTH the entrepreneurial spirit and creating capacity of MONDRAGON community. CREATE an open and international community of team-entrepreneurship co- operating on a multi- generational, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinar level.
  11. 11. HOW we do it? WHAT? HOW? WHY? “We develop Team Academy radical innovation in education: learning by doing & Team learning” Thanks to INNOVATIVE RADICAL EDUCATION programs : 1) Creating young change-agents: team-changemakers 2) Developing and implementing entrepreneurial initiatives and intra-preneurial projects in MONDRAGON and in businesses worldwide 3) Creating MTA LABS: Entrepreneurial Teams Social Innovation Ecosystems
  12. 12. WHAT do we do? HOW? WHY? Organically developing LEARNING AND ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSISTEMS: - LEINN (2009-10) - MINN (2010-11) - EKINN (2011-12) - MTA Team Mastery IBERIA (2012-13) - International LEINN nodes (Madrid- Amsterdam) (2012-13) - MTA Team Mastery ASIA (2013-14) - MTA LABS - Social Innovation Ecosystems: HUB Madrid Team HOW? LEINN MINN EKINN Team Mastery LEINN internacional WHAT? The Golden Circle - Simon Sinek MTA LABS
  13. 13. MTA current learning programs Oficial European Bachelour degree On Entrepereneurial Leadership & Innovation Irun / Onati / Madrid / Amsterdam / Bilbao / Barcelona
 International Master on Intrapreneurship & Open Innovation Onati / Irun / Zaragoza / Bilbao / Shanghai / Pune / Amsterdam / San Francisco / Finland Basic Entrepreneurial Innovator professional program Ermua / Markina / Leioa / Bilbao Team Coaches Trainers program to certify Mondragon Tiimi Akatemia Methodology Europe / Finland / Iberia / UK / Brazil / Asia 373 26+9 69 10 75 10 62 Entrepreneurs teams
  14. 14. - Title: Official European Bachellor Degree - Profile: Young entrepreneurs (17-22) - Lenght: 4 years - Locations: Irun, Oñate, Madrid, Valencia, Amsterdam, Bilbao & Barcelona. - First official certificate on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Spain. European Bachellor Degree on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
  15. 15. - Title: Executive Master - Profile: Corporate Business and Innovation Leaders - Lenght: 18 months - Locations: Irun, Oñate, Bilbao, Valencia, Madrid, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Pune, Querétaro, Barcelona. - First Executive Master program on Intrapreneurship in Europe. In-company radical innovation thought team intra-preneurship and open innovation
  16. 16. - Title: Executive Master - Profile: Unenployed people with professional background - Lenght: 12 months - Locations: Ermua, Markina, Getxo-Leioa and Sakana - First entrepreneurship-learning experience Basic Program on Innovating Learning
  17. 17. - Title: Expert Course - Profile: Innovation and entrepreneurship leaders willing to be certified as Team-Coaches by TiimiAkatemia & MTA. - Lenght: 18 months - Locations: Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and Asia (China, India, S. Korea and Thailand) MTA Team Mastery: IBERIA and ASIA
  18. 18. Key Learning Tools MTA
  19. 19. Three principles of learning 1. A person him-/herself builds his/her own knowledge (constructivism) 2. Knowledge is time-bound (”Just-in-time – knowledge”) 3. Knowledge is social – communities and cooperation
  20. 20. Theory & new knowledge Learning contract Cross- fertilized learning cells Training sessions with your own team Core elements of the learning process ”Front-wheel drive” Theory, planning, timeline ”Rear-wheel drive” Dialogue, team-learning By Jukka Hassinen, Partus Ltd. Four-Wheel Drive of Learning
  21. 21. KEY ELEMENTS 1. Being entrepreneur in a team (Team- preneurship) 2. Finnish education (Team Academy) 3. Real companies (Their own team Cooperative) 4. International experience (Finland, USA, China, India,…) 5. Passion and enthusiasm
  22. 22. Thank you