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Microsoft Office Word 2007 - Lesson 8


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Lesson 8 of Microsoft Office Word 2007 at the Willmar Public Library.

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Microsoft Office Word 2007 - Lesson 8

  1. 1. Microsoft Office Word 2007 Lesson 8: The Mailings Tab Samantha TerBeest Willmar Public Library
  2. 2. Overview  We will be talking about: ◦ Printing Envelopes ◦ Merging Information
  3. 3. The Mailings Tab  This tab is used for: ◦ Creating labels & envelopes ◦ Merging Text  Ex. Putting Multiple Names & Addresses into one letter  The last two groups will always be grayed out until you use one of the first two groups. ◦ The 1st group is for creating envelopes & labels. ◦ The 2nd group is used to start a mail merge  What is a mail merge? ◦ It is when you merge data from an external source into the document.
  4. 4. The Mailings Tab Continued…  We will not learn how to do label in this lesson.  The first exercise is on envelopes  The next on merging data
  5. 5. Printing Envelopes Exercise  Open Word  Type the address of a recipient; any one you would like.  Select all lines of the address – do not select any blank lines.  Click the Mailings tab.  In the Create group, click Envelopes. The Envelopes & Labels dialog opens with the text with the text you selected already in the Delivery Address: box.  Enter your address in the Return Address box.
  6. 6. Exercise Notes  In the dialog box, there is an Options command. ◦ Here you can change the envelope size if needed.  Normally, after you fill out the address information, you would click print. Today you will click Add to Document. ◦ Click no if a dialog box appears asking to save the return address. (At home, you may want to click Yes.)
  7. 7. Merging Data into a Letter Exercise Part 1  Open Word.  Click the Office button and then choose Open.  In the Documents folder, double-click on Christmas Letter.  Click the Mailings Tab.  In the Start Mail Merge group, click Start Mail Merge and choose Letters from the drop-down menu.  Then in the same group, click Select Recipients and choose Type New List from the drop-down menu.
  8. 8. Merging Data into a Letter Exercise Part 2 John Doe 123 1st Street SE Willmar, MN 56201 Jane Doe 456 2nd Ave N Spicer, MN 56288 John Deere 789 3rd Street S Atwater, MN 56209 Chuck Norris 987 4th Ave NW Minneapolis, MN 55401 Sara Lee 654 5th Street SW Chicago, IL 60602 A dialog box will open. Type the below names & addresses in the appropriate boxes. (Click New Entry after each address to add a new line.)
  9. 9. Merging Data into a Letter Exercise Part 3  When you are done typing the addresses, click OK.  A Save Address List Dialog Box will appear. In the File Name: box, type Holiday Letter List and then Save it.  Now we can add information to the letter. Click Ctrl+Home to go to the top of the document. On the Mailings Tab, in the Write & Insert Fields group, click Address Block.  The Insert Address Block dialog will appear. In the Insert Recipients Name in this Format: box, scroll down to The Randall Family option and click it so it is highlighted blue. (You can see what this option will do in the Preview Box.)  Click OK.  A phrase that says <<address block>> will appear. This is where the full name and address will appear later.
  10. 10. Merging Data into a Letter Exercise Part 4  Click down to where it says Dear Family,. Put your cursor in the middle of Dear and Family.  In the Write & Insert Fields group, click Insert Merge Field and choose Last_Name from the drop-down menu.  <<Last_Name>> will now appear between Dear and Family.
  11. 11. Merging Data into a Letter Exercise Part 5  In the Preview Results group, click Preview Results.  Using , in the Preview Results group, scroll through each one to see what each looks like.  If everything looks good, click Finish & Merge in the Finish group and choose Edit Individual Documents from the drop-down menu. (If you were at home, you could choose Print Documents.)  A dialog box will appear. Leave the dial on All and click OK.  New document will appear with five pages of the same letter for five different families. When done, do NOT save the document
  12. 12. The End  Congratulations!! You have completed Beginners: Microsoft Office Word 2007.  If you need a certificate, please see me after class.  On January 15th at 11AM, Beginners: Microsoft Officer PowerPoint 2007 will start. If you are interested, there is a sign-up at the front table.