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Facebook & you


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Facebook & you

  1. 1. Facebook & You:How to Use Facebook & Stay SafeSamantha TerBeestAdult Services LibrarianWillmar Public Library
  3. 3. Getting an Account•In the web address bar, type•You will need your first and last name•An email address and password•Your Sex•Your date of birth (this can be hidden on profiles)•After Clicking Sign-up:•You will need to enter text in a box for security reasons•Click Sign-Up Again
  4. 4. The Three Step Process•Step One: Checking Your Email Contacts for PeopleAlready on Facebook•Choose Your email provider•Type in your email address•Click “Find Friends”•You can skip this step•Step Two: Filling Out Your Profile Information•Add where you went to high school, college, and whereyou work•Skip step or “Save & Continue”
  5. 5. The Three Step Process, Cont.•Step Three: Set a Profile Picture•Two different ways to do this:•Upload a Picture•Take a Photo•Take a Photo•Only if your computer has a webcam