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Tag heuer- term paper


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it is biased on the written term paper of TAG Heuer so if u need just ask, i made this to present in my university along with my other group member

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Tag heuer- term paper

  1. 1. Welcome Everyone
  2. 2. Group Xenon
  3. 3. Tick talk by Teyeba Sadia Siddiqua Hasin Arman Adip Tahmid Tanvir Sabbir Ahmed Israt jahan
  4. 4. Introduction • Founder • Change in name • Sold to French company • Over the year development
  5. 5. From 1860 to Present
  6. 6. Their product Watches LeatherOptical Electronic
  7. 7. Different types of watch Tag heuer carrera Aquaracer Tag heuer formula 1 Monaco Link Tag heuer grand carrera Wrist watch
  8. 8. Literature Review •What is SWOT analysis? •What is BCG matrix? •What is Porter’s competitive five forces model?
  9. 9. Finding Analysis
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis of TAG Heuer Strength Weakness • High Revenue • Brand loyalty and quality • Customer service • Brand Ambassadors • High brand recall StrengthStrength • Brand portfolio • High loan rates are possible • Limited market • Heavy brand clutter • High price
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITY • Fragment market • New technology • Innovation • Growing economy • High growth in the luxury watches Threats • Government regulations • Increasing rates of interest • Rising cost of raw materials • Technological problem • Price changes •Increasing rates of interest Rising cost of raw materials
  12. 12. BCG matrix of TAG Heuer • Cash cow- Carrera Calibre 1887 • Question mark- Aquaracer 300m • Star- Formula 1 Chronograph • Dogs- Link 40mm
  13. 13. Porter’s Competitive Five Forces Model of TAG Heuer 1. Threats of new entrants: New entry of competitor. 2. Threats of substitute: Rising demand of similar product. 3. Bargaining power of buyers: Power of customer bargain the price. 4. Bargaining power of supplier: Power of supplier to rise their price. 5. Current rivalry: Increasing completion to reach market top.
  14. 14. TAG Heuer Marketing Strategies Business level strategy: Differentiation strategy Focus market New innovation Corporate level Strategy: Unrelated diversification strategy Expand their focus market Reach other country
  15. 15. The Organization Structure of TAG Heuer • Centralization wok • Departmentalized • Small scope of span of control • Specialized
  16. 16. Recommendation Organizational Strengths to Environmental Opportunities: New innovation Applying growth strategy Correcting weaknesses and guarding against threats: Expand globally Changes in target market Low price Strategies: Increase their productivity More online marketing
  17. 17. Conclusion •Growth •People choice •Market spot light •Strong history •Long experience
  18. 18. Thank you
  19. 19. Any Question?