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2012 howto usetwitterforsocialselling


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2012 howto usetwitterforsocialselling

  1. 1. The mission of the Social Selling University is to: “Educate sales and marketing professionals on emerging social media best practices for increasing sales and marketing productivity with the ultimate objective of driving revenue.”A word from Social SellingUniversity’s Faculty“Social Selling University is the first program toteach salespeople how to use Facebook, Twitterand other social tools to generate ready-to-buyleads and build relationships with customersthat result in long-term business growth.”Dan SchwabelFounder of Personal Branding Blog“Social Selling University levels the playingfield by teaching sales executives, managersand reps how to interact with and sell to themodern consumer. These social sales practicesbreed relationships and eliminate the need forcold calling.”Barbara GiamancoPresident at Social Centered Selling LLC“Salespeople who fail to leverage social mediado so at their own peril. The problem is, manydon’t know how. Social Selling University is agreat place to start and continue learning Distinguished Members of Social Selling University’s Facultywhat’s possible through in the new world ofsocial selling.”Jill KonrathAuthor, Speaker, Sales Strategist at SNAP Selling Koka Sexton Joanne Black Anneke Seley Kent Gregoire Barbara Giamanco
  2. 2. Learn from the Leaders in Social Selling Koka Sexton Founder of Social Selling University and Director of Social Media Strategy at InsideView. @kokasexton Kevin Baldacci Provost of Social Selling University and Social Marketing Strategist at InsideView. @kevinbaldacci7
  3. 3. Table of ContentsI. What is Twitter? IV. Targeting and Engaging What is Twitter? 3 Your Prospects Why Does Twitter Matter to Sales 4 How to Effectively Search for Prospects 23 Twitter Terminology 7 Define and Identify Trigger Events 25 Five Lists You Should Have 30II. Building Your Personal Brand – Profile Optimization V. Six Applications to Make Sales More Creating Your Twitter Handle 12 What Should Go In Your Twitter Bio 12 Productive with Twitter What Should Your Link Be 13 VI. Your 5-Week Social Selling withIII. Building Your Community Twitter Game Plan Building Your Community 16 What Do You Put in 140 Characters 17 Build Relationships 18 VII. Twitter for Business Case Studies Leverage Other People’s Twitter Lists 19 The Don’ts of Social Selling with Twitter 20
  4. 4. I. What is Twitter? “ Today’s digital landscape allows you to leverage structured and unstructured information from a wide variety of sources to discover context and insight about the habits, behaviors, and interests of our buyers, with the goal of creating value for them. ”Brian Vellmure - CRM Expert and CEO, Initium LLC/Innovantage @BrianVellmure
  5. 5. Why Does Twitter Matter to Sales?How do B2B companies enable social selling in an environment Twitter is an online social networking andwith long sales cycles and traditional sales methodologies? To put it microblogging service that enables users to sendbluntly, it’s tough to wrap your mind around making a sale through personal updates of up to 140 characters. Thesean awesome tweet. But it’s happened and it’s well documented in thecase of IBM, who “uncovered millions of dollars worth of sales posts are known as “tweets.” It was reported thatleads” and that number is expected to grow. However, you have to in February 2012, Twitter had over 140 millionrealize that Twitter is one piece of a broader selling discipline that users generating over 340 million tweets daily.makes social media key to any enterprise’s pipeline. To justify their investment in social marketing and sales programs,When it comes to sales, timing can be everything. Success requires IBM surveyed over 1,000 global buyers. They found that 1/3a specific understanding of your market, organization, and selling have already used social media to engage with their vendors.strategies. Twitter is an amazing tool for sales people to get Furthermore, they discovered that 75% of their buyers are likely toproficient with just about every industry that has a following on use social media during the purchase process in the future.Twitter. From thought leaders to ordinary people like us, there are As more companies and employees leverage tools like Twitter forhundreds - if not thousands - of profiles on Twitter that can teach communication, you have the opportunity to get a direct line of sightyou more about your industry. on what’s happening within their worlds. The only thing that allows sales people to understand their customers on this level withoutUsing Twitter gives you and your sales teams some great insights becoming friends is social media.into the companies and contacts you target. Never before in thehistory of sales have sales people had the ability to know so muchinformation about the activities of a prospect. Where they travel,who they hang out with, even as much information as how they arefeeling. If nothing else, it will let you decide how you approach them.4 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  6. 6. Your prospects are out there talking – no matter what time it isYour prospects are out there talking | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 5
  7. 7. A Wine Salesman and Twitter “When I first started tweeting, I had no brand recognition; no one knew who I was. To build my brand, I started creating conversations around what I cared passionately about: wine. I used Search.Twitter (called back then) to find mentions of Chardonnay. I saw that people had questions, and I answered them. I didn’t post a link to and point out that I sold Chardonnay. If people mentioned that they were drinking Merlot, I gave them my Merlot recommendation, but I didn’t mention that they could buy Merlot on my website. I didn’t try to close too early, like a nineteen- year-old guy; I made sure to invest in the relationship first. Eventually, people started to see my comments and think, “Oh hey, it’s that Vaynerchuk guy; he knows Chardonnay. Oh cool, he does a wine show – let’s take a look. Hey, he’s funny. I like him; I trust him. And check it out: he sells wine, too. Free shipping? Let’s try a bottle of that.…”That’s what caring first, not selling first, looks like, and that’s how I built my brand.” - Gary Vaynerchuk, The Thank You Economy6 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  8. 8. Twitter Terminology1. Tweet Beginning a tweet with “@” – only the recipient and their shared followers can see the tweetEach of your Twitter posts or updates is known as a tweet. Someweird people refer to them as “twits,” but the official term is“tweet.” Each tweet has a maximum limit of 140 characters. Tweeting with “@” anywhere other than the beginning – ALL of your followers can see the tweet2. @ (At) What is a mention?The @ symbol is used to call out usernames in a Tweet, for A mention is any Twitter update that contains an @usernameexample: “Great blog post @socialsellingu!” anywhere in the body of the Tweet. (Yes, this means that @replies are also considered mentions.) If you include more than oneThe “@” symbol is probably the most basic terminology yet still person’s name in your Tweet and you use the @username format,needs to be discussed due to some of its confusion. The biggest all of those people will see the Tweet in their personal Mentionsconfusion comes from where you want to place the @ symbol in tab. Everyone included in this tweet can see the update.your | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 7
  9. 9. Use hashtags to search for threads about subjects such as #socialselling.3. # HashtagThis is probably the most complex Twitter feature for new usersto understand. The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to markkeywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitterusers as a way to categorize messages. (ie. #sales, #socialselling,#b2bsales). Sales professionals and companies commonly usehashtags to tweet out content or updates about events. It is also agreat tool when a sales professional is going to an event and wantsto see who else is talking about the event.Hashtags: Categorizing Tweets by KeywordPeople use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords (nospaces) in their tweet to categorize those tweets and help them 4. RT: Retweetshow more easily in Twitter Search. Clicking on a hashtagged word Abbreviated as RT, retweet is used on Twitter to show you are tweetingin any message shows you all other Tweets in that category. something that was posted by another user. Retweeting is one ofIf you tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does the sole drivers of content being massively shared throughout largea search for that hashtag may find your Tweet. Example: If Joe networks. Many companies measure their Twitter success by how manysearches for “#socialselling” these are what his results would retweets they receive during a set time period or for a specific piece oflook like: content. Retweets measure how sticky your tweets are, and give insight into the identities of your loyal followers.8 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  10. 10. In February 2012, Twitter had 500 million registered users 83% of people who5. DM: Direct Message complained on TwitterA direct message enables you to send a private message (direct liked or loved a responsemessage) to a person you follow. This will not show up in your Twitter by the company.feed – think of it as a 140-character email. In one day, 40 million users visit TwitterIMPORTANTYou can only Direct Message another user if you areboth following each other.
  11. 11. II. B uilding Your Personal Brand – Profile Optimization“ Just like an expert plumber knows how to use his many tools in unique ways to fix the pipes, so must salespeople be trained on how to interpret and use social selling tools to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. ” Steve Richards - Co-Founder, Vorsight @srichardv
  12. 12. Creating Your Twitter Handle What Should Go In Your Twitter Bio?If you haven’t done so already, claim your Twitter name. Your name Your bio is a total of 160 characters – little more than a tweet. Nowis your brand so choose wisely. If you are a sales professional, use is the time to be creative and let people know who you are and whyyour First and Last name: they should be following you.@kokasexton, @barbaragiamanco, @paulcastain As a sales professional, here are someGet out there and reserve it! By not reserving your domain name, suggestions:your personal brand is at risk and you may never be able to reclaimit once you’ve lost it. If it’s taken, go ahead and slightly adjust. • Your Position and Where You Work: if your business has a Twitter profile include that as wellFor example, if someone has @joelucas change it to • Your Interests: this is what creates a personality behind your@joe_lucas, @jlucas. Twitter profile • HUMOR: throw some humor in there but be professionalWhat Photo Should You Use forYour Profile Picture?Research has shown that people trust smiling faces more thatthey’ve seen multiple times, which is why a photo of your smilingface works best.According to research found at Duke University, behavioral resultsshowed that the retrieval of face–name associations was moreaccurate and faster for smiling than neutral faces. So show off thatbig, beautiful smile of yours.12 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  13. 13. What Should Your Link Be? When you set up your Twitter account, you are given the option to include a link that will show up below your Twitter bio. There are plenty of options so that part is going to be up to you. Here are some strong recommendations: • Your personal blog (if you have one): Show everyone you are a thought leader in your industry • Your Company’s homepage: If a prospect stumbles upon you, make sure they know who you are work for and what you are sell • LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn is your personal brand’s homepage. This is where you want to drive prospects so they get a good sense about you and what you | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 13
  14. 14. III. Building Your Community“ They (Green Leads sales reps) don’t think about pursuing contacts any more, they are pursuing people. People have histories, lives, and more to them than just phone numbers and email addresses.” Mike Damphousse - CEO, Green Leads @damphoux
  15. 15. Building Your CommunityEssentially, Twitter is a shorter and more viral form of blogging, so Building a relevant Twitter following comes downthe same rules actually still apply. By constantly writing or tweeting to three core concepts:about your expertise on a specific topic, you’ll become known for it,and people will gravitate to you and follow you. 1. Take a firm stance within your industryBuyers do not want a sales representative. They want a trusted This is probably the most essential concept when it comes to socialadvisor. How do you become a trusted advisor? You engage and build selling with Twitter. As a salesperson, you must find a topic thatrelationships, not follow everyone under the sun. is relevant to your business or industry and become an expert at it. Twitter users with large followings don’t tweet about their day- to-day activities. They take a stance on one subject and go with it. Fantasy football tweeters have a football following. Social media tweeters have a marketing following. You will also begin to develop a following if you take a firm stance within your industry and establish yourself as an expert. That doesn’t mean you can’t be fun or tweet about a great sandwich you had at lunch. Just make sure you dedicate yourself to a subject that is going to establish your credibility as a trusted advisor in your industry.
  16. 16. What Do You Put In 140 Characters?2. Tweet content that will interest your Content is King targeted audience When it comes to Twitter, content is king. Unless you are Lady Gaga,Are you trying to be relevant to executives, sales and marketing you have to give something to your followers to expect anythingprofessionals or accountants? Be sure that you create and back: whitepapers, ebooks, etc.share content that will speak to them. If they find your updatesinformative or entertaining then they will follow back or better yet As discussed earlier, you need to know to whom you are trying toshare your tweets with their networks. be relevant to. That being said, you need to be yourself and have a personality too. If you are a San Francisco Giants fan and they win the World Series, you should feel free to broadcast your excitement on Twitter. The same is true if you just want to update that you are taking a trip to New York for a friends wedding. Don’t be a robot but maintain a stream of updates that keeps your followers informed on you as well as the content that you want to share.3. Engage with your audience Where do you find good content to share? That’s a question thatThis is where the real magic happens. I’m not going to say that gets asked a lot but the answer is right on your desk. The Internet.having a robot sending out tweets on your behalf that you can’tgrow your following but the number of people you engage withwill be what makes gaining 3 followers a day turn into 50 a day.Engagement has a massive effect on growing a twitter | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 17
  17. 17. All sales professionals looks at the news. Maybe you read the After finding some people using Twitter in your industry, startHuffington post or Tech Crunch. Everyday there are stories in your engaging with the content they are sharing. Ask questions orindustry that your growing network may not have heard about that maybe just reach out and show your appreciation for what they areyou can share. If you find the information relevant then your network spreading around. Listen for people with questions and answer themmight also. without giving a sales pitch. It will go a long way in building your credibility as more than just a salesperson.Setup trigger alerts or watchlists on the companies you aretargeting. Set up these alerts on the bigger companies in yourindustry, when they announce something or share something withtheir network, pass it along to your network.Build Relationships!Twitter is not a numbers game, nor should it be. A sales professionalwho brags about having 10,000 followers because he spams themis like yelling from a balcony saying you spoke to the people onthe street below. As a sales professional, your goal should be tobuild relationships. 10 engaged followers are better than 100uninterested followers.18 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  18. 18. Leverage Other People’s Twitter ListsA great source for building your community of potential prospectsis by following other people’s Twitter lists. If you have a potentialprospect who is curating people or companies into a list, subscribeto it!As long as people make their lists public, you are free to subscribeto them and quickly getting access to dozens or hundreds of vettedTwitter users. This is probably one of the easiest ways to beginfollowing large crowds that are relevant to your prospects.You should also consider viewing these lists as an opportunity togain an understanding of what your targeted audiences arelooking for. If a prospect has a list name “Social CRM Leaders” or“technology Influencers” you begin to figure out what these peopleare looking for.Another tactic you can employ is finding a group of lists that havesome great influencers and then creating your own list with thesepeople. Send out a few updates to people letting them know youcreated this list and see how many subscribe to | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 19
  19. 19. The DON’TS of Social Sellingwith TwitterTwitter can be a phenomenal tool used to engage and build DON’T Use “Twitter Machines”relationships with potential prospects. However, you must be very or SPAM via Direct Messagecareful not to damage your reputation or hurt your company’s image If you’re thinking about spending money on a “Twitter Machine” thatdue to a moment of stupidity on Twitter. Remember, your words are gives you 10,000 followers, DON’T. Social selling is about engagingwritten in ink. and building relationships, not buying friends. If you believe 10,000 followers will give you the sales you need, then you are missing theDON’T Feed the Trolls entire point of using social media for sales.The term “troll” comes from Scott Stratten in his book: One of the most common methods of these Twitter Machines isUnMarketing. Here is the exact definition he gives in his book: sending automated direct messages. Automated direct messages are quickly becoming the SPAM of Twitter. By using these, you“In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, are quickly gathering the wrong following. Use direct messagesinflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, to exchange personal information such as a phone number ofsuch as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary email address.intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or ofotherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”As you become more active on Twitter and the Internet, there isno doubt you will be running into “Trolls.” If someone bashes yourcompany or a person you know, do NOT give him or her the attentionthey crave by replying back. It can be catastrophic to your reputationand your company’s image.20 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  20. 20. DON’T Be StupidLike everything else on the Internet, everything you write on Upon receiving a position at Cisco, 22-year old Connor R. tweetedTwitter is written in ink. Be smart about what you write and assume this infamous message.everyone is watching what you say. Here is a great example of aperson who failed to think before they tweeted: It wasn’t long before Tim L., a “channel partner advocate” for Cisco Alert, shared this open response: “Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.” In other words, be smart about what you post on | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 21
  21. 21. IV. Targeting and Engaging with your Prospects“ eads are no longer just second and third party referrals or first party re L quests. A lead today can be a complaint on Twitter, a question on LinkedIn, or a discussion on a Facebook page. ”Jim Keenan - CEO & Founder, Socially Booked @keenan
  22. 22. SOCIAL SELLING TIP Finding your prospects takes time and effort. Finding a keyword that they are commonly talking about is not going to come after 1 or 2 hours of looking. Keep adjusting.How to Effectively Search for ProspectsSitting around on Twitter hoping prospects will land in your lap is a #SALESpath all too many try and take. Use Twitter’s search and advancedsearch feature to find potential prospects and engage with them.Identify KeywordsToday’s buyers are web and social media savvy, they are informedabout your offering – and your competitors’ – and they are startingthe sales process without you. Not only that, they are talking abouttheir business!Here is where you should start putting the search tool to work. Startby identifying broad keywords and start narrowing your audiencedown. Find the prospects that are out there looking for your solution. #B2B SALESInsideView’s social team discovered hot keywords from theirtargeted audience by looking for people talking about “#sales.” Theproblem was, #sales became washed with companies and peopletalking about sales or deals primarily for consumers. The teamadjusted and began to look for people talking about “#B2Bsales,”significantly narrowing down their options.Know who your targeted audience is and what they aretalking about.24 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  23. 23. Define and Identify Trigger Events Did your prospect or customer just acquire a company? Maybe they just released a new product. Whatever the news is, share it with the world. Your prospects will appreciate you for spreading the news. Maybe you are in hunter mode and looking for new leads. You should know, with some form of regularity, who uses Twitter at your target companies. Maybe the decision-maker with whom you are trying to connect with is using Twitter on a regular basis. If you see some news about their company, send them a tweet. For | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 25
  24. 24. Sales trigger events may include: • Management Changes • Mergers and Acquisitions • Social Networking/marketing comments • New Partnerships • Funding or Financing • Expansions or RelocationsUp to the minute, proactive information about your target companieswill turn a cold contact into a warmer lead, therefore speeding upand enhancing the sales cycle and leading to more pipeline and moresales. (The buzz phrase for this is to “speed up sales velocity.” By leveraging InsideView’s watchlists, you will have countless trigger events at your disposal to share26 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  25. 25. Utilizing Twitter ListsCreating a list 3. Enter the name of your list, a short description, and whether you want the list to be private (only accessible to you) or public1. Navigate to your Lists page through the profile drop-down menu (anyone can subscribe to or follow the list). in the top navigation bar. 4. Click Save list.2. Click Create | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 27
  26. 26. Twitter lists are the hidden secrets of the social sellingworld. Lists curate all of your potential prospects into one feed soyou can see and hear everything they voice.Any company making the shift towards becoming a social businessshould be collecting the social profiles of their customers andprospects. Scratch that, every company BETTER BE collectingsocial profiles for their customers and prospects.Most companies are not doing this so it’s up to sales people to dosome of the lifting for Marketing and show them how it’s done. Thisis how you can easily create Twitter lists for your selling efforts: 2. Do an Advanced Search on Twitter to find people that have the title you are looking for in their Twitter Bio. It’s not a perfectSteps on Building and Using an Effective science but it will help.List of Potential Prospects:1. Use InsideView! It’s the only application that can target people with a sales focus. Choose your search criteria and produce results.28 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  27. 27. 3. Once you have the Twitter profiles you want to add to the list, There are many ways to use lists in Twitter. create the list in Twitter. Let’s call it “Prospects.” Some sales people have specific lists to a company they are working with. This way, they can funnel all updates from the company and the people in the company that are posting on Twitter. This information gives you some insights to what’s happening in the organization and can alert you to any changes they experience.4. Now the fun starts – begin adding people to the Prospect list When visiting a contact’s profile, click on the menu, add to list and add them to the private prospect | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 29
  28. 28. 5 Lists You Should Have1. Companies in your industry 4. PartnersWhat companies are in your industry and to whom are they talking to? Partners that work with the same target audience often share similarThe people with whom they engage with could be your needs and questions. Follow your partners and interact with them. Thebest prospects. more these partners see and interact with you, the more likely they’ll remember you when their customers and prospects have a need you can fill.2. CompetitorsMeasure your social efforts by seeing to whom your competitors are 5. Customerstalking to and if you are also in the conversation. 70% of businessesignore complaints on Twitter. Be there to clean up the mess! Engage with your customers! One of the best ways to find your prospects is by looking in the same space as the your customers. If your customer has a connection to the people to whom they are talking3. Potential Prospects to, even better! Ask for an introduction.Find people talking about your industry and add them to your list.Monitor them on a daily basis and look for those trigger events,or begin engaging with them. This is a great way to engage with aprospect without worrying about getting through the gatekeeper orcold calling.30 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  29. 29. The Social Selling Revolution Sales professionals need to learn from the leaders in social selling SOCIAL SELLING UNIVERSITYBuyer behavior has changed. By the time you reach your customers, they probably already know more about youthan you know about them. Today’s buyers are web and social media savvy, they are informed about your offeringand your competitors and they are starting the sales process without you. 75% of buyers will likely 65% of a sales representative’s use social media in the time is spent not selling – social purchase process IBM surveyed over 1,000 global buyers. selling can help They found that 1/3 have already used social media to engage with their vendors.
  30. 30. V. Six Applications to Make Sales More Productive with Twitter“ Just a couple of months ago one of our sales people was on TweetDeck and noticed a person really struggling with a competitive offering to ours. The rep reached out, helped the person with their issue, and then began to build a relationship. We took out a competitor from that account within the last few weeks.” Alex Shootman - Chief Revenue Officer, Eloqua @shootman
  31. 31. Six Applications to Make Sales More 1.Productive with TwitterTwitter is a fantastic social media for sales tool, Sprout Social allows businesses to efficiently and effectively manageas it can work wonders for lead generation and and grow their social presence across multiple channels and turn social connections into loyal customers.even sales productivity. Yet, as great as Twitteris, it can also take up a shocking amount of time, The web application integrates with Twitter and other networksespecially if you are going to use it for business. where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. InThat means you simply must be efficient. addition to communication tools, Sprout Social offers contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, reporting,Let’s take a brief look at 6 smart tools that will analytics and more – all in a package that’s intuitive and easy tohelp you use Twitter in a more productive fashion. use. One of the most notable features is the ability to compare with competitors. Comparison will show the number of daily mentions, percentage of engagements, and also the ability to see who’s talking to them. Overall, it is a great, intuitive and affordable product. This would be recommended for users who have a firm understanding of Twitter and what metrics they are looking for.34 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  32. 32. 2. 3.Tweetdeck is a product of Twitter created to offer users flexibility Want to manage multiple accounts across different devices?within the application. You can arrange various feeds, and if you Seesmic has you covered! This great Twitter tool integrates with 3rdhave multiple accounts, you can schedule and manage those Tweets parties like Salesforce Chatter and LinkedIn and Stocktwits.via Tweetdeck. This is a desktop app that is all about showing youthe info you need in a convenient structure, and it even works for Overall, it’s a great tool with color scheme options, rounded edges,smartphones. better spacing around columns and less clutter across the top of the dashboard to make Seesmic more pleasant to use. The biggest flaw“One of the reasons why I love Tweetdeck is because I can set is that it lacks features like tabs and analytics, which would make it aup keywords that I want to receive tweets on. I can have topics, more robust option.I can have industries and hashtags. I can even keep tabs on mycompetitors. It would absolutely blow your mind what kind of Overall, Seesmic may be overwhelming for beginners. Packedcomplete disclosure people are willing to offer in these venues.” with options and features, the tool is most commonly used bePaul Castain, The Sales Playbook Social Media Managers to control multiple accounts and social media services.Overall, TweetDeck has the most user-friendly update process withone account. However, more than two accounts will make a messof your TweetDeck dashboard. Especially if you are monitoringhashtags, lists and searches, as well as general account activity.Tweetdeck is recommended for users who are just getting startedand want to manage one | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 35
  33. 33. 4. 5.Once the preferred app of the “Mac Twitterati,” Twitterrific has Hootsuite is a handy Twitter tool that works well for businessseen brighter days on your desktop (meanwhile the iPhone app is applications. Further, it works on iPads, iPhones and smartphones.certainly an impressive option). As it stands, Twitterrific is hardly an Companies like Fox, Time and NBA use Hootsuite and have thusimprovement on the web experience. One of the biggest given it a stamp of approval.issues involves not being able to view videos, photos or links that areposted on your timeline. Hootsuite offers convenience, as you can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Wordpress and Foursquare profiles! But it getsTwitterific has fallen behind their competitors in terms of ease of use better, as you can even manage multiple profiles as well and useand features, however remains a solid platform for beginners. Hootsuite for keyword monitoring too. Currently, Hootsuite remains as one of the most popular social media applications holding an ever growing following of 4 million users. Overall, the tool can be used at any experience level. Hootsuite is great for beginners because of its intuitive platform and multiple features.36 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  34. 34. 6.Over the last decade, InsideView has established themselves asthe leader in sales intelligence and social selling. In Spring 2012,InsideView updated their social media feature allowing salesprofessionals to view corporate Facebook pages, Twitter profiles andBlogs. Empowered with list building features, a 360° degree industryanalysis and a consolidation of social media platforms, this toolgives sales professionals the ability to effectively apply social sellingin their sales cycle. Users can now monitor and interact with theirprospects, through social media, all under one roof.InsideView is great for all levels of experience. It is intuitivefor beginners or can be also used in advanced social selling forexperienced sales | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 37
  35. 35. VI. our 5-Week Social Selling Y with Twitter Game Plan “Social media has been an important part of a number of sales, but has never been the exclusive component. Last year, close to 70% of our net new name business originated through some sort of social media contact – but none of it closed through a single channel or through social media exclusively.”David Brock - President and CEO, Partners in EXCELLENCE @davidabrock
  36. 36. Your 5-Week Social Selling Game Plan The issue with most sales professionals and social selling is the struggle to set up a game plan that is effective and adheres to their schedule. Many will go all out for the first week or two and give up after not seeing any leads come in through their pipeline. Social selling is not a race, it is a marathon. Like any diet or conditioning workout, you need a plan. Whether you’re just getting started with social selling and Twitter or you want to brush up on the basics, this Social Selling game plan can serve as your essential guide to becoming an effective B2B salesperson using social selling. Not only is this plan effective, it adheres to a sales professional’s schedule. By taking only 10-20 minutes out of your day over a 5-week period, you will build a solid social selling foundation and drive hot prospects into your pipeline. Remember, what you put into this game plan is what you will get out of it.40 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  37. 37. Social Selling University - 5 Week Game Plan for Twitter Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Create your profile picture Build List #1 of influencers in Start searching the keywords Week 1 Set up your Twitter account and write your Twitter your industry– add 5 people Start following 10-20 people of your industry Summary to it Pull up List #1 of industry Search your keywords again Find and bookmark 2 or 3 Raise the number of people Build List #2 of 10 Partner Week 2 influencers and begin and begin engaging and blogs or websites that fit your and companies you follow to Companies chatting with them answering questions industry 30-50 people Tweet 5-10 times today: Pull up List #2 of Partner Build List #1 and #2 to 20 Build List #3 of 10 Raise the number of people articles from your blogs, Week 3 Companies and congratulate members in each list – start Prospective Companies – and companies you follow to congratulations to companies them on recent successes engaging with the members make it private 50-70 people or engage with influencers Pull up List #3 and begin Pull up all of the people Build List #4 of 10 Potential Raise the number of people Build all of your lists and Week 4 engaging with prospective following you and begin Prospects (people) – make it and companies you follow to tweet 10+ times companies asking them questions private 70-90 people Pull up List #4 through your new Twitter Application Choose a Twitter Application Raise the number of people Start saving specific and begin engaging with Build List #5 of 10 Week 5 that works for you – Sprout and companies you are hashtags, keywords and lists your potential prospects – Competitors – make it private Social, Hootsuite, etc. following to 100+ ask questions, tweet them | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 41
  38. 38. VII. Twitter for Business Case Studies “We were reaching people when they wanted to be reached, when they want to have a conversation – not when we wanted to have a conversation.” Craig Robertson - CEO, | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 43
  39. 39. Uses Social Selling withTwitter to Eliminate Cold Calling, founded in 2009, “We spent a lot of time cold calling or direct emailing,” said Craig is an Internet-age spin-off of Robertson, co-founder and CEO of “We would catch the cash-for-cans concept. people when they were busy and they didn’t want to talk to us.” Rooted in the belief that one The founders decided to take on a new approach: build awareness man’s trash is another man’s among businesses and individuals through social media – treasure, the site connects mainly Twitter. recycling discarders with collectors for mutual benefit. “We were reaching people when they wanted to be reached, when they want to have a conversation – not when we wanted to have a As an early startup, ecycler’s conversation,” says Robertson. had a weak marketingbudget and their targeted audience was very specific: discarders andcollectors. Social Selling Results from • On average, the company lands one meeting per week with potential partners, collectors or discarders through Twitter • In a 3-month challenge, added 151 collectors and 623 discarders. • regularly receives coverage from relevant bloggers by meeting them first on Twitter.44 | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide!
  40. 40. Why Doctors are Tweeting During Surgery This case study goes way back to the early developments of Twitter and social media. Dr. Joel Wallskog, an orthopedic surgeon at Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, used Live Tweeting while conducting orthopedic surgery. “I think it’s a unique opportunity to explore innovative ways to communicate with patients and alleviative fears they may have about joint- replacement surgery,” said Dr. Wallskog. People were allowed to watch surgery live and could tweet questions to surgeons. What exactly is the takeaway here? By tweeting successful operations and answering questions, Dr. Wallskog established himself as a trusted advisor and expert in his field. Rather than tweeting “Hey check out Aurora Health Care,” he established as the person to approach about these difficult medical procedures. As a result, the leads began to come to him. It’s no wonder this Wisconsin hospital and HootSuite customer is seeing a 15% conversion from lead to customer using live Tweeting during orthopedic | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 45
  41. 41. Take Social Selling with Twitter to the nextlevel and use a tool that brings ALL of theselling elements together onto one platform During the last few years, over a thousand InsideView customers have adopted Social Selling and are now seeing: Higher qualified lead volumes Increased opportunity conversion rates Higher than average contract volumes Higher renewal rates Download InsideView FREE and put your social selling skills to the test
  42. 42. The mission of the Social Selling University (SSU) is to educate sales and marketing professionals on emerging social media best practices for increasing sales and marketing productivity – with the ultimate objective of driving revenue. Follow | How to Use Twitter for Social Selling © InsideView 2012 | Share this guide! 47
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