Twitter For Beginners


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Twitter basics - how to get started, how to find followers, use hashtags, favorites, reply, retweet,

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Twitter For Beginners

  1. Twitter for Beginners Ahuvah Berger
  2. What Is Twitter Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets (Wikipedia 26/03/08)
  3. How Can I Use Twitter? Engage in Conversations Be Entertained and Entertain Your Followers Get the Latest News Ask Your Community for Answers Get the latest Links to Relevant Blog Posts, Articles, Viral Videos
  4. Getting Started Go to
  5. Creating your Twitter Personality Username Avatar Biography Link Background
  6. My Profile
  7. Finding People to Follow Blogs Importing Friend’s email addresses Search.Twitter.Com Favorites
  8. Who I Don’t Follow They lock their updates They tweet as a company, not an individual There are no “@s” in their tweetstream They have a beefcake photo They are clearly spam (get rich, etc.)
  9. Start Tweeting
  10. Twitter Conversations Share Information, Breaking News, Updates Answer Questions & Ask Questions Reach out to people with similar focuses or interests Do Not Fear the Twitterstream
  11. Twitter Replies You can reply to any tweet you see on Twitter, just click on the reply arrow located bottom right of their tweet
  12. Twitter Conversation
  13. Tweeting to Others ‘Hit reply and @username’ is at the beginning of the Tweet Place the ‘@username’ in the middle or the End of the Tweet Place multiple @usernames in the Tweet If you don’t want it to be public you can send the user a Direct Message (DM)
  14. Re-Tweeting Others Convention is to credit the user by starting your Tweet with ‘RT @username’ and a ‘Via @username when it has been retweeted more than twice.
  15. Favorites Favorite tweets that you want to bookmark, share with others at a later date. It also enables your followers another way to find interesting new people to follow
  16. Trending Topics & The Hashtag When people are sending tweets about or from certain events or about specific topics they put ‘#location’ or ‘#topic’ at the end of their tweet.
  17. Other Sites – shortens your links so that you have enough room to write and share a link TwitPic – Email or Upload images to your twitterfeed – Share music with your friends – Email notifications of new followers
  18. Platforms For Twitter
  19. Go Tweet! Find me on twitter: @ahoova