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June smm iff

  1. 1. Israel Forever Foundation Social Media Report June 2013
  2. 2. Facebook Overview- LSP • 1058 Likes! • 41978 People reached at peak! • 541 Engagements at peak! • (Note: all info can be found on Insights page within the LSP)
  3. 3. LSP- Likes •The LSP continues to grow it’s likes slowly, but at a normal grassroots pace •Proceeding into the future we will be urging IFF members to invite their friends to like the page therefore increasing the number, and visibility online.
  4. 4. LSP- Talking About Us • The majority of people who were talking about us was with 127 people!
  5. 5. Facebook Overview- IFF • 11583 Likes! • 36357 People reached at peak! • 695 Engagements at peak! • (Note: all info can be found on Insights page within the IFF)
  6. 6. IFF- Likes •We are getting new likes at a regular rate, of at least SEVEN people per day •We have a major spike in activity on 6/24 with both posts having a virility rate of about 5.3%-- Which means lots of engagement.
  7. 7. IFF- Talking About Us • The majority of people who were talking about us was 951 people! • However this number did not enhance our click-through rate (CTR)
  8. 8. Facebook Overview- VCI • We’ve decided to suspend this Facebook page until such a time as is necessary to promote specific VCI initiatives.
  9. 9. Twitter Followers •Our twitter followers have grown by 220 people and continues daily with organic growth (we’re not paying for anything) •Currently we have 3,839 followers!
  10. 10. About our Tweeting
  11. 11. Other Cool Stats
  12. 12. Twitter Followers • We officially took over the Lone Soldier Project on twitter on June 11.
  13. 13. Israel Forever on G+ We have reached 100 USERS ON GOOGLE PLUS! - This number continues to grow!
  14. 14. Israel Forever on G+ • Our posts continue to gain traction as we post daily. • Some of our followers choose to engage with us on our posts as well.
  15. 15. WIP • In the month of June we determined that the Tumblr account would re-open in July with the theme “Only in Israel” • The posting schedule was determined to be three times a week.
  16. 16. Pinterest • We continue to pin relevant activity from our website for our many followers. • Last month we were at 783 pins and this month we’re at 827! • This next month we will be working to pin Books from our Amazon Account
  17. 17. IFF on StumbleUpon •We have risen from 115 likes with 91 comments, to 248 likes and 144 comments. •As of June 30, the entirety of the Blogs, and News was put onto StumbleUpon. •GOAL: To have the entire website on StumbleUpon by the end of July
  18. 18. Google Analytics • From the Google Analytics- it’s easy to see that our StumbleUpon presence is a major priority.
  19. 19. Learni.st • We have recently moved ourselves onto another Social Media platform- Learnist • We’re currently working on gaining more followers and creating interesting and innovative boards to entice people to like us.
  20. 20.