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IFF Social Media Report September


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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IFF Social Media Report September

  1. 1. Israel Forever Foundation Social Media Report September 2013
  2. 2. IFF- Likes DURING ONE MONTH WE HAVE GROWN BY 845 LIKES! Now we’re about 300 Likes shy from 13000 LIKES!!
  3. 3. IFF- Likes and Shares •The IFF site grows in the likes, comments and shares over time. •This month during the Chaggim our likes, shares and comments grew substantially!
  4. 4. Facebook Overview- VCI • We’ve decided to suspend this Facebook page until such a time as is necessary to promote specific VCI initiatives.
  5. 5. Twitter Followers •Our twitter followers have grown by177people and continues daily with organic growth (we’re not paying for anything) •Currently we have 4,571 followers!
  6. 6. About our Tweeting
  7. 7. Other Cool Stats
  8. 8. Israel Forever on G+ We are currently at 148 users on Google Plus, and our community continues to grow & interact with us!
  9. 9. Tumblr Activity We are gradually gaining more traction on our Tumblr account, and as the Chaggim continue we will also continue.
  10. 10. Pinterest • Every month we continue to grow at a solid pace and continue to put our new and incredible information online!
  11. 11. IFF on StumbleUpon •OUR ENTIRE WEBSITE IS NOW CURRENTLY ON STUMBLE UPON! •We continue to update it as well whenever we add new articles, or sections to our site.
  12. 12. • We’re currently working on gaining more followers and creating interesting and innovative boards to entice people to like us.
  13. 13.