Investigating Social Media from all angles


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Effectively manage Social Media from all communication angles.

Social Media has not only changed the face of how brands advertise, but has also revolutionised the opportunity consumers have to engage and learn about products and services in ways that was previously impossible.

Get expert advice on ways to manage your social media and online PR more effectively.

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Investigating Social Media from all angles

  1. 1. Social media from all angles
  2. 2. Approach
  3. 3. Some of our work
  4. 4. Giving search the X Factor
  5. 5. “Expect them toappear on moremenus soon”
  6. 6. So why use Facebook advertising?
  7. 7. 550 23% ofmillion displayusers inventory
  8. 8. Unrivalled Targeting Options
  9. 9. Key Features Bulk Ad Creation Integrated Conversion TrackingMultivariate Ad Testing Automatic Optimisation
  10. 10. Success with Facebook targeting
  11. 11. Radisson - Become a Fan Incentivised Like
  12. 12. Facebook Fan Increase900080007000 Facebook6000 advertising50004000300020001000 0 6/3/10 7/3/10 8/3/10 9/3/10 10/3/10 11/3/10 12/3/10 1/3/11
  13. 13. Takeaways Key to success is to understand the “why” and building a strategy around it Great ideas are needed to keep activity fresh - work out a realistic schedule of new and engaging content Social advertising is effective and cheap and a great way of recruiting followers and fans Social needs to be woven into PR and offline marketing activity to ensure effectiveness Measure and track as far as possible against defined KPIs
  14. 14. Questions?