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See how Facebook Deals can work for you.

Elisah Van Vriesland, I Spy Account Manager, explains Facebook Deals - how it is beneficial to the consumer and the business.

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  • We have built several successful Facebook pages for clients. Many of which are actually prime examples of businesses using the platform. However, Facebook is changing and growing everyday, and we need to keep up with it and remember to mention to clients when new developments are on their way to the UK. The main reason for this is because if the client ever hears about something before we’ve told them, they will lose their dependence on us. We DO NOT want them to take their social media management in house!
  • Facebook confirmed that brands can now merge up to 5 community pages into their own Page. In order to do so, visit a community page that uses your brand name and click on the link at the bottom that says, “Is This Your Page?”After a verification process, Facebook reviews the request  to merge two similar pages. The process can take up to a few days unlike a simple venue merge on Foursquare. If the request is approved, anyone who has “Liked” the Community Pages will be combined and connected to the authenticated Page.
  • Facebook recently launched Places to let users share where they are with friends and see who's nearby. Now with Deals, you also can see what offers are nearby and share those deals with your friends. Finding deals near you is easy – Either visit touch.facebook.com or download the Facebook app for your phone,touch "Places" – nearby places with deals will have this yellow icon [click for red box].When you touch the Place, you can view the deal and check in to claim it.Then, just show your phone to the cashier to get your gift or discount.    Then, just show your phone to the cashier to get your gift or discount:
  • Gap: Giving blue jeans to the first 10,000 customers to claim their deal.Learnings:On Gap's Facebook page, more than 28,000 users signed up to attend--even though Gap was only offering 10,000 free jeans. And keep in mind this number is spread across Gap's many locations: a recent quarterly report put the tally of stores at 1,043, meaning each location could only offer around 9 to 10 pairs of jeans for free. H&M: 20% discount – not as fun, but worked better and lasts longer (both redeemable for the remainder of the month. Texas Tech: LAVO: Adding you and a friend to an upcoming guest list at one of the nightclubs for checking inMcDonald's: Giving $1 per customer to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.Chipotle: Giving its Facebook guests two entrees for the price of one.University of California at Berkeley: Letting football fans who check in form the human tunnel through which the players run.
  • Facebook Deals

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    2. 2. Facebook Deals<br />
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    5. 5. Claiming community pages<br />
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    10. 10. First steps<br />Claim clients’ places by clicking on the “is this your business?” link on the Facebook page. <br />Individual stores will need to do this, as official documentation must be uploaded to verify business owners.<br />Send all clients a list of our ideas for using Facebook Places & Deals<br />Mention that our developers can use the Places API for branded applications.<br />
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