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Science 6


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Science 6

  1. 1. Gaudete Study Center, Inc. 4th Quarterly Examination Science 6 t. Justine Name:__________________________________________ Date:____________________ GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Read the instructions carefully for every test items. Try to write neat & legibly. Before you look at the test questionnaire be sure you have your own Periodic Table of Elements. Failure to comply the given instructions will be deducted 2 points of your total correct answer. I. Identification: Write the symbols of the different elements in column A. Classify the elements as metals or nonmetals in column B. Elements A B 1. Chlorine 2. Silver 3. Phosphorus 4. Iodine 5. Samarium 6. Potassium 7. Calcium 8. Fluorine 9. Tin 10. Gold II. Study the different phrases. Find out if the changes are chemical or physical. Write PC if the change is physical, and CC if the change is chemical. (right minus wrong) _____________ 1. Ripening of fruit. ______________ 6. making salt from sea water. _____________ 2. decaying of garbage. ______________ 7. drying of clothes. _____________ 3. rusting of iron grills. ______________ 8. production of vinegar from coconut _____________ 4. cooking of rice. water. _____________ 5. Evaporation of water on the roads after ______________ 9. combustion of gasoline in cars. rain. ______________ 10. breaking of road pavement. III. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Define the following terms accordingly. 3 points/item. Rubrics 3 – has a complete substantial thoughts and no conventional error 2 – has enough thoughts, though no conventional error 1 – has indirect/poor thoughts. Pure substance Mixture Compounds Evaporation Condensation Volcano IV. Arrange the sequence of stars in terms of their sizes. Write 1 as the biggest and 5 as the smallest star. ______ SUPERGIANTS ______ MEDIUM – SIZED STARS ______ GIANTS ______ WHITE DWARFS ______ NEUTRON STARS V. Draw or illustrate the structures of atom and label its parts. 5 POINTS (NEUTRON, PROTON, ELECTRON, NUCLEUS, ELECTRON ORBITALS). VI. Enumeration. WRITE YOUR ANSWERS ON THE SEPARATE SHEET. 1 – 3 Evidences of Chemical Change 4 – 7 Evidences of Physical Change 8 – 10 Classification of Elements 11 – 13 kinds of Volcano according to shape and composition of the cone 14 – 16 kinds of volcano according to activity 17 – 20 give non – metallic elements 21 – 25 what is the complete name of your Science Teacher V. Write an essay on the following statements. Be sure that It has not less than 2 sentences per item. (5points/each). 1. How is the sun different from other stars? 2. why should you keep your knife dry before keeping or storing it? 3. how will you delay spoiling of food or rotting of meat? *+3 points if you have your own periodic table