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Portfolio carrie

  1. 1. TEACHER Laguna State Polytechnic University Carie San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City Portfolio In Partial Fulfillment for the Degree Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies EDUC. 100 Carie Justine P. Estrellado BSEd, 4 – T Prof. Cecilia B. Diva Supervisor A.Y. 2011 – 2012 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE
  2. 2. Rights of Practice Teaching Practice teaching occupies a key position in the programme of teacher education. It is aculminating experience in teacher preparation. It provides opportunity to beginning teachers tobecome socialized into the profession (Furlong et.al, 1988). Performance during practiceteaching provides some basis for predicting the future success of the teacher. Outgoingpopularity and centrality of practice teaching is an important contributing factor towards thequality of teacher education programme. During practice teaching working with students inschools provides a high degree of emotional involvement of a mostly positive nature. Studentteachers feel themselves grow through experience and they begin to link to a culture ofteaching. During practice teaching, they feel engaged, challenged and even empowered.Definitions of Practice Teaching A number of terms such as the practice teaching, student teaching, teaching practice,field studies, infield experience, school based experience or internship are used to refer to thisactivity (Taneja, 2000). The term practice teaching embraces all the learning experiencesof student teachers in schools (Ashraf, 1999). The term practice teaching has three majorconnotations: the practicing of teaching skills and acquisition of the role of a teacher; the wholerange of experiences that students go through in schools; and the practical aspects of thecourse as distinct from theoretical studies (Stones and morris, 1977). Practice teaching is the name of the preparation of student teachers for teaching bypractical training. It is the practical use of teaching methods, teaching strategies, teachingprinciples, teaching techniques and practical training and practice / exercise of differentactivities of daily school life.Objectives of Practice TeachingAccording to Akbar (2002) Following are the objectives of practice teaching: • To provide the prospective teachers with an opportunity of establishing an appropriate teacher pupil relationship. • To provide an opportunity for evaluating the student potential as a teacher and suitability for the teaching profession.
  3. 3. • To develop personal relationship with others: administrators, teachers, parents and students.• To provide the future teacher with practical experience in school to overcome the problems of discipline and enable him / her to develop method of control.• To provide with an opportunity to put theories into practice and to develop a deeper understanding of educational principles and their implication for learning.• To enable the student teachers effectively to plan and prepare lessons.• To develop skill in the use of fundamental procedures, techniques and methods of teaching.• To develop desirable professional interests, attitudes and ideas relative to teaching profession.• To enable student teachers to acquire desirable characteristics / traits of a teacher and to display appropriate behaviour.• To provide student teachers with an opportunity to have teaching evaluated and to gain from the benefits of constructive criticism.• To provide an opportunity for self evaluation and to discover own strengths and weaknesses.• To develop skills in future teachers related to teaching like fluent speaking, meaningful reading, using blackboard and other teaching material.• To provide an opportunity to liaise with school environment, its functioning and with community and its resources.
  4. 4. • To provide for the exchange of ideas and methods between practicing school and teacher training institution, by teacher training institutions staff and students, perceiving new ideas material and equipment in use in practicing schools and introducing new ideas, material and equipments into the school. Stages in Practice teachingFollowing are the stages in practice teachingPrimary StageIt is necessary to make a trip of student teachers to that particular school, where they are goingfor practice teaching. The main aim of this tour is to see the concerned head teacher, classteachers and school staff in order to acquire information about school and itsenvironment. Student teachers must observe the teaching methods of school, methods ofconcerned class teacher, copies or notebooks of the students and their usual routine. Onreturn from the tour student teachers must have the details about scheme of studies, age of thestudents, strength of the class, abilities and specific problems of the students, timing of theschool, textbooks and teaching aids.Preparation of LessonFor the preparation of lesson student teachers must know the subject, the relevant books andaudio visual aids. Which he / she is going to teach. Because already prepared lessons giveconfidence to the teacher. Student teachers and supervisor can reform the teaching learningprocess after its evaluation.Qualities of a Good LessonA good lesson has the following qualities:i) Lesson planning should be in complete detail.ii) Lesson should be interesting.iii) Effective and timely use of teaching methods and teaching aids.iv) Student should be ready for learning.v) Students should be involved practically in teaching learning process.vi) Lesson should be taught in professional and friendly environment.
  5. 5. vii) All students should be given same attention by keeping in view their individualdifferences.Teaching in Classroom The stage of teaching in the classroom is known as practice teaching. Studentteachers while teaching in the classroom passes through different steps of his / her teaching(Introduction, presentation, recapitulation) and concerned teacher / supervisor assesses /observes his / her lesson.Evaluation of Teaching Practice In order to evaluate the teaching practice supervisor observe the student teacher whileteaching in the classroom.Supervisor evaluates / observes the punctuality, lesson planning,teaching methods, use of audio visual aids, adequacy of audio visual aids, pitch of voice, dress,start and end of lesson, interest of the students, discipline of class, use of black /white board,students notebooks and objectives of the lesson.Participation in Other routine Works of School Teaching in the classroom is not only the objective of teaching practice, but also toprovide training in all activities / work which student teachers are going to perform in futureduring their job. For this purpose they have to spend whole day in school as teacher. Theyhave to participate in all the activities of school e.g preparation of timetable, preparation andmaintenance of different registers, evaluation of class work and home work, arrangement oftutorial groups, sports / games, morning assembly, co-curricular activities, duty during recess,duty as day master, duty before and after school timing, decoration of classroom, preparationand maintenance of attendance board, news board, information board, look after andarrangements of A V aids room, home economics room, science laboratories and library. How to deal with students parents, officers of the school, school employees and guestsare also the part of teaching practice. Duties as invigilators, preparation of question papers forexaminations, evaluation of answer scripts and compilation of results is also part of teachingpractice. Role of Supervisor in Teaching PracticeSupervisor has an important role in practice teaching as:i) A resource person
  6. 6. ii) An adviseriii) A general moral boosteriv) An interpreter of feedbackv) An assessor Supervisors duty is not only to evaluate the lessons of teaching practice, but by usinghis / her all the abilities to make this experience (All the stages of teaching practice) resultoriented. He / she should has all the planning before hand. He / she should have meeting andconversion with teacher educators, experienced teachers of the institution, educationists,concerned school head teachers and other teachers. Introductory lectures should be arranged before the departure of student teachers tothe practicing schools in order to aware the student teachers about the preparation of lessonplans and other assigned activities. During teaching practice it is the duty of supervisors tosupervise their lessons, other assigned activities, guidance and counseling as well as providethestudent teachers with feed back and to enable them so that they can criticize and reformthemselves. During the teaching practice student teachers should not be criticized in front ofthe practicing school staff and students. If there is a need then all the student teachers shouldbe gathered and should be scolded and warned without nominating and asking the name.Supervisors role is to prepare teachers for future, therefore he / she should act as afacilitator.Suggestions to Improve Teaching Practice in PHILIPPINESHere are some suggestions to improve the teaching practice inLAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYa) In teacher training institutions teaching methods were not only teach but also practically demonstrated by the teacher educators.b) The duration of teaching practice should be increased up to 12 weeks at least, so that practical training should be given for a quarter of the year.c) Teaching practice should not be consisted of classroom teaching only. Other aspects like attendance of students, collection of fee, calculation of fee, preparation of registers, conduct of morning assembly, conduct of co-curricular activities, preparation of question
  7. 7. papers, solution of students problems and meetings with students parents should be included.d) Microteaching should be adopted in teacher training institutions and model lessons should be given before student teachers by experts as well as by video films.e) Student teachers are not given marks only for model lessons and all the aspects of teaching practice should be included in evaluation.f) In order to make the evaluation of teaching practice more effective, appropriateness of lesson, teaching methods, teaching aids, practical organization of lesson, and interest of students and teachers and students answers should be included in evaluation.g) It should be encouraged that student teachers make audio visual aids by them selves and student teachers should be given & provided guidance after every lesson.h) In order to make teaching practice more effective, it is also proposed that student teachers should watch the lessons of experienced teachers for one week and write evaluation report about them and supervisors should provide guidelines to student teachers in the light of this evaluation report.i) It should be ensured that student teachers keep the sequence of lessons in such a way, so that they can teach all types of lessons and use different teaching methods.j) Prior to teaching practice student teachers should practice in their fellows in order to build more confidence in them.k) During teaching practice student teachers should be given projects, which cover all the aspects of teaching practice i.e. (preparation of teaching kit, planning for decoration of classrooms, betterment of environment and provision of facilities).l) During practice teaching prospective teachers should be made habitual of preparing daily lesson plan.m) Practice teaching should be more realistic and suited to the actual class room situations.My Conclusion Teaching practice is an activity, which can play an important role in the preparation ofteachers. Its effectiveness is necessary for the nation. It is a milestone for professionaladolescence. It is a combination of personality, professional skills, knowledge and training,which is fuel for an endless journey. Now it is the duty / responsibility of teacher educators andteachers of practicing schools to make this fuel / expenditure endless.
  8. 8. Personal Educational Philosophy “Never look for mistakes or makes the possible allowance for ignorance” - Carie Justine P. Estrellado Education of the Filipino is quite submissive; the former regards man as both means and end of development. So…I believe the children are our future...I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something uniqueand special to the world. I will help children to develo p their potential bybelieving in them as capable individuals. I will assistchildren in discovering who they are, so they can express theirown opinions and nurture their own ideas. I have a vision of a worldwhere people learn to respect, accept, and embrace thedifferences between us, as the core of what makes life so fascinating.Teach them well and let them lead the way...Every classroom presents a unique community of learners that variesnot only in abilities, but also in learning styles. My role as ateacher is to give children the tools with which to cultivate theirown gardens of knowledge. Toaccomplish this goal, I will teach to theneeds of each child so that all learners canfeel capable and successful. I willpresent curriculum that involves the interests of the children andmakes learning relevant to life. I will incorporate themes, integrated units, projects, group work,individual work, and hands-on learning in order to make children active learners. Finally, I will tielearning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of society.Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride...My classroom will be a caring, safe, and equitable environment where each child can blossom andgrow. I will allow children to become responsible members of our classroom community by usingstrategies such as class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles. In showing
  9. 9. children how to become responsible for themselves as well as their own learning, I am givingthem the tools to become successful in life, to believe in themselves, and to love themselves.Let the childrens laughter remind us how we used to be...Teaching is a lifelong learning process of learningabout new philosophies and newstrategies, learning from theparents and community, learningfrom colleagues, and especiallylearning from the children. Childrenhave taught me to open my mind and myheart to the joys, the innocen ce, andthe diversity of ideas in the world.Because of this, I will never forget how tosmile with the new, cherish the old, and laugh with thechildren.NEVER to WALK in anyone shadow…Teaching is one’s fruit of commitment, intensification of values education emphasizing love ofGod and country, and pride in the Filipino cultural heritage. And I prospectively students areexpected to create aims, directions leading a prosper independent in different social climate.Sustain the needs and necessity, projecting their innate minds to stand concomitant in every lawsof nature.
  10. 10. SAINT CLAIRE SCIENCE SCHOOL Saint Claire Science School Inc. is located at L. CosicoAvenue, Sambat nearby Puregold and Saint Joseph School,NorthEast of City Proper . This private institution at present, is aninterdependent school that continuously give the youth of SanPablo City and the nearby barangays an integrated and upgradedsystem of education under the leadership and management of itsnewly Principal – in – charge, Ms. Rodelyn C. Panganiban andsupported by Mrs. Lina Alimario Buencillo as directress andcurrently the Non – formal Education Supervisor of San Pablo City.The School is akin to a dwelling house not a common school to becalled, however the officials and its members are making sky –scraping endeavor amid to their rationales. Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY
  11. 11. San Pablo City Campus Del Remedio, San Pablo City COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION Masusing Banghay ng Pagtuturo sa Araling Panlipunan IVI. Layunin Pagkatapos ng aralin, ang mga mag – aaral ay inaasahang: 1. naipapaliwanag ang kahulugan at saklaw ng industriya; 2. naihahayag ang mga kahalagahan ng industriya; at 3. naipapakita ang partisipasyon sa aralin.II. NilalamanPaksa: Ang Bahaging Ginampanan ng IndustriyaBatayang Kaisipan: Sektor ng Industriya Kayamanan IV Imperial et.al. pp. 344 – 346 Ekonomiks FNB Educ., Inc. Lucila – Perez – de Guzman pp. 285 – 288Kasangkapan: Cartolina, manila paper, panyo, glue, pins, tape, marker, felt paper.Pagdulog: ‘Constructivism’, ‘Semantism’, at direktibong instruksyonIII. Pamamaraan Gawaing Guro Gawaing Mag – aaralA. Paghahanda1. Pambungad na panalangin Magandang Umaga po Sir2. Pagbati3. Pagtatala ng mga mag – aaral na liban sa klaseB. Pagbabalik – aralKahapon ay tinalakay natin ang sektor ngAgrikultura na mahalaga rin sa pagsukat ngGross National Product o GNP. Ito ay nagmula sa Latin na ‘ager cultura’ naKung malinaw sa inyo ang naging talakayan nangangahulugang ‘kultibasyon ng bukirin’maari ninyo bang ibigay ang kahulugan ngagrikultura?Tama! 1. sa agrikultura nagmula ang pagkain ng mga tao sa mga lugar na rural at urban.Sunod ay ang 4 na nabanggit kahapon na 2. nagsisilbing basahan ng sektor ng industriya.kahalagahan ng agrikultura. 3. pinatataas ng agrikultura ang kita ng mga tao sa probinsya. 4. tumataas ang halaga ng piso at dolyarKung gayon may katanungan pa ba kayo? Wala na poC. Pagganyak
  12. 12. Bago tayo tumungo sa bagong talakayanmagkakaroon tayo muna ng aktibidadKailangan ninyong bumuo ng dalawang grupo Ang mag – aaral ay bubuo ng 2 grupo at pipiliMakinig kayo sa aking direksyon. Ang tawag ng kanilang liderdito ay ‘Finding the red apples’ kailangannyong pumili ng isang lider na magsisilbingnaka – ‘blindfold’ o nakapiring tapos at yungmga ka – grupo niyo ay kailangan ngkooperasyon dahil kayo ang aalalay sa inyonglider para mahanap kung nasaan ang mgasumusunod: konstruksyon, serbisyo, Hahanapin ng lider ang isa sa dalawang pagyari, at pagmimina. mekanismo ng industriya at pag – naghudyat ako ng TIGIL lahat kayo ayhindi kikilos maliban sa nakapiring. ang unangmakakuha ng 2 mansanas ay siyangtatanghaling nagwagi sa aktibidad.D. PaglalahadKoneksyon sa ‘ting aktibidad kung napansinninyo ang mga salitang ginamit natin nakonstruksyon, serbisyo, pagyari, at pagmimina.Sa tingin ninyo ano kaya ang sunod na paksanatin? INDUSTRIYATama!Sa inyong ideya ano ang ibig – sabihin ngIdustriya? - kumakatawan sa sector na tagagawa - sector ng bansang nakatuon sa paglikha ng mga yaring produktoMahusay ang inyong sagot!Kanina binigyan natin ng depinisyon ang 4 naGawain na Industriya. Ngayon bibigyan natinito ng linaw.Konstruksyon Tumutukoy sa pagtatayo ng iba’t – ibang mga gusali, pabrika at iba pang istruktura.Serbisyo Paglikha at pagbebenta ng mga pangunahing kalakal tulad ng elektrisidad, tubig, at gasPagyari Pagproseso ng mga hilaw na sangkap upang maging isang yaring produktoPagmimina Pagkuha ng mga mamahaling metal at mineralDahil sa 4 na mekanismo ng industriya, malakiang naitutulong nito sa atin.Dahil diyan bibigyan natin ng kahalagahan angindustriya.
  13. 13. Tulad ng agrikultura – malaki ang papel naginagampanan ng industriya sa pag – unald ngisang bansa.Batay sa mga lawaran… - nagsisilbing daan upang mapakiabangan ang mga yaring kalakal na nagmula sa mga hilaw na sangkap. - nagbibigay ng pangangailangan sa agrikultura - pinanggagalingan ng dolyar - nagbibigay hanapbuhay sa mamamayanMahusay ang iyong sagot!E. PagpapahalagaPagpapakita ng larawan at pagsasaayos ayon Ilalagay ang larawan sa tamang kinabibilangansa tamang mekanismo ng industriya: nitokonsruksyon, pagyari, pagmimina at serbisyo.F. PaglalahatUpang bigyan ng linaw ang ating tinalakayAno ang kahulugan ng Industriya? Kunakatawan sa sector ng bansang nakatuon sa paglikha ng mga yaring produkto.Saklaw ng Industriya ay __________. Konstruksyon Pagyari Pagmimina SerbisyoMalinaw na ba sa inyo ang lahat? Opo!IV. PagtatayaAsosasyon: Suriin ang sumusunod na sitwasyon at batay sa wastong kinabibilangan nito ayisulat ang inisyal sa patlang.K – Konstruksyon S – Serbisyo P – Pagyari Pm –PagmiminaK__________________________1. Gusali ng St. Claire Science School.Pm________________________2. Paghuhukay ng Ginto.S__________________________3. Pagbebenta ng Kalakal.S__________________________4. Pagtuturo bilang guro.P__________________________5. Pagluluto ng mga sangkap para gawing kendi.P__________________________6. Paghahabi ng lubid.K & S______________________7. Pagpapatayo ng Mall.P__________________________8. Sardinas tungo sa de lata dahil tulong ng makinarya.S__________________________9. Pagbebenta ng ginawang kendi.Pm________________________10. Metal at di – metal.V. Takdang Aralin
  14. 14. - Ano ang mga suliraning kinakaharap ng sector ng industriya? magbigay ng 3 Inihanda ni: Iwinasto ni: Carie Justine P. Estrellado Mrs. Rosalie Gonzales Binigyang pansin ni: Ms. Rodelyn C. Panganiban Punong Guro Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION Masusing Banghay ng Pagtuturo sa Araling Panlipunan IIII. Layunin Pagkatapos ng aralin, ang mga mag – aaral ay inaasahang: 1. naipapaliwanag ang mga katangian ng kabihasnang Babylonian; 2. nailalarawan ang mga kronolohikal na pangyayari; 3. nailalahad ang opinion ukol sa aralin; at 4. naibibigay ang kahalagahan ng bawat isa.II. Nilalaman Paksa: Kabihasnang Babylonian Batayang kaisispan: Pag – asa sa kabila ng kaguluhan Sangguniang aklat: Kasaysayan ng Daigdig Vivar, Teofista et.al., pp. 65 – 69 Kasangkapan: cartolina, manila paper, pins, larawan, tape, penIII. Pamamaraan Gawaing guro Gawaing mag – aaralA. Paghahanda 1. pambungad na panalangin 2. pagbati Magandang umaga sa inyo! Magandang umaga din po sir! 3. pagtatala ng mga mag – aaral na liban sa klase
  15. 15. B. Pagbabalik – aral • kahapon ay tinalakay natin ang Sir, ang kabihasnang Sumerian ay mayaman sa kabihasnang Sumerian. kultura. Ang kanilang lipunan ay binubuo ng Sinong makakapagbigay ng buod ukol tatlong bahagi: Maharlika, artisan at ditto? mangangalakal at magsasaka at alipin. “Polytheism” ang kanilang istruktura ng relihiyon, sila ang nag – ambag ng gulong, karwahe, paghabi ng lana at mga panukat.Mahusay ang iyong sagot!K. Pagganyak • alam ba ninyo ba ang kasabihang Opo “mata sa mata at ngipin sa ngipin?” • kung gayon, sino ang nakakaalam kung Kay Haring Hammurabi po kanino nagmula iyon? • Tama.D. Paglalahad ng Aralin • ang aralin natin ngayon ay tungkol sa kabihasnang Babylonian. Gaya nga ng nabanggit kanina si Haring Hammurabi ay isa sa magiting na lider ng Babylonia siya ang bumuo ng 283 kalipunan ng mga batas. At tulad ng mga Sumerian, binubuorin ng 3 pangkat ang lipunan ng Babylonian. Anu – ano ang mga nasabing pangkat? Sir, ang 3 pangkat na bumuo sa lipunan ng Babylonian ay ang maginoo, malayang tao at alipin.Tama! sino naman si Marduk? Si Marduk po ay itinuturing diyos ng mga Babylonian.Magaling! ano naman ang hanapbuhay ng mga PangangalakalBabylonian?Tama! gaya ng ibang kabihasnan may sanhi Bumagsak po sila dahil sa paglusob ng pangkatkung bakit sila umunlad at ito nga ay maayos ng Indo – Europe (Kassite)na pamumuno ng pamahalaan. Ngunit bakit sakabila ng lahat ay bumagsak pa rin sila?Tama! kahit na natalo sila ng mga Kassite ay diito nangangahulugan sila mahina. Dahil sakabila nito ay marami silang nagging ambagtulad ng Kodigo ni Hammurabi kontratangpangkalakalan.
  16. 16. E. Pagpapahalaga • sino ang kilalang hari ng Babylonian? Hammurabi • tama! sino naman ang kanilang Diyos? Marduk • magaling! ano ang dahilan ng kanilang Dahil po sa kanilang pag – unlad ay bunsod ng pag – unlad at pagganyak? maayos na pamumunoTama! nagayon, magbigay naman kayo ng Kodigo ni Hammurabikanilang nagging ambag sa kasaysayan Magaling!Handa na ba kayo sa inyong pagsusulit? Opo!IV. PagtatayaTukuyin ang sumusunod:1. hari ng Babylonia 1. Hammurabi2. 2. Maginoo3. Pangkat ng Babylonian 3. Malayang Tao4. 4. Alipin5. sanhi ng pagbasak ng Babylonian. 5. KassiteV. Takdang Aralin1. sino ang mga Pharaoh sa kahariang Ehipto?2. ano ang kinahinatnan ng mga mamamayan ng Ehipto sa panahon ng emperyong Khufu?Inihanda ni:Estrellado, Carie Justine P.BSEd, IV – T Binigyang Pansin ni: Ms. Rodelyn C. Panganiban Principal
  17. 17. Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN SOCIAL STUDIES III. Objectives 1. narrate the beginnings of Japan; 2. note sequence of important periods of Japan; 3. explain the rise of the shogunate; and 4. participate actively in class discussion.II. Subject matterGeneral Topic: Civilization of Early JapanTopic: Beginnings of JapanReferences: Turning Points II Samson et.al., pp. 213 – 215Materials: Cartolina, tape, pins, manila paper, map of Asia, pens, chalkboardIII. Procedure Teacher’s Activity Student’s ActivityA. Preparatory Activity- Prayer Call some student to lead the prayer- Greeting to the class Good Morning Sir!- checking of attendance Nobody is absent SirB. Review of the past lessonMuslims influence in IndiaWhat do you remember in our yesterday’s Although there was limited distinctionlesson? between the Hindus and Muslims in India, the Hindus were able to adopt some of the Muslim way of life. As mentioned before, the suttee came from the Muslims. They also adoptedOkay, what more? pudah, the seclusion of women, a practice wherein women were not allowed to go out or meet with any man outside.
  18. 18. They also left and introduced new styles of architecture that mixed the Indian and IslamicVery good! features. One of the most famous of this Islamic feature are minarets.C, MotivationPresenting an Asian Map and flag of Japan for3 minutesWhat countries are nearest to Japan? - KoreaBased on Japan’s proximity to Korea and - Chinamainland China, shoud it be possible for Japan - Taiwanto have borrowed something from thesecivilizations?Does the sea of Japan serve as a protection for Yes!this country? why?D. PresentationSo in relation to our next topic - JapanJapan’s location and picturesque topographyhave shaped its people and its history. Itsdistance from other Asian countries preventsinvasion. At the same time, it is actually nearenough to be able to borrow from othercountry’s civilization. Its picturesque scenery,on the other hand, has helped developJapanese appreciation for nature as reflectedin all aspects of their culture.In your reference the original inhabitants of AinusJapan were?Very good!Means “human”What else… The Ainus later on succeeded by immigrants from the Asian mainland. Modern Japan is now a mixture of Mongols, Chinese, Malays, and Ainus.Until the 4th century B.C.E., the Japanese hadno written language. Eventually, Kojiki, therecords of Japan’s ancient History, andNihongi, “ the chronicles of Japan”.According to tradition, Jimmu who founded “Tenno” (son of heaven)the Yamato ascendend the throne in 660B.C.E. in time, the emperor of Japan was giventhe title ____
  19. 19. For the Chinese written language was introducedNara Period… through Wani A Confucian scholar who tutored the JapaneseHow about Prince Shotoku? crown prince. Prince in ancient Japan. Real name was “Umayato” – “door of stable” & drew up a written plan of government known as “17 article constitution. first code of laws in Japan.How about the city of Nara? City of Nara as the first capital in Japanese history.Well done!Heian PeriodWhat are the important events happened? - the capital was transferred from Nara to Heian – Kyo. the present Kyoto. - native language for women is Kana - Lady Murasaki Shikibu was the leading writer of this time. “the tale of Genji” - Minamoto Ypritomo, became the first Shougun of Japan. the Shogun was the only chief military officer of the central government.Rise of the Shogunate Yoritomo, founder of Japan’s military government known as “shogunate” or Bakufu.Under the shogunate…The Feudal System Feudal age. the latin word “feudal”. the following were considered to be the great shogunate of J apan. others were short lived. - kawamuraYes! the key to the power and strength of the - ashikagashogunate was the moral tie between the - tokugawalandlord and samurai. During this age,Yoritomo divided the land to the Greater Lordscalled Daimyos or “great names”E. AppllicationClassify the following elements of culture iflegitimately Chinese or Japanese. Write C forChinese and J for Japanese.1. kana J2. samurais J3. medical knowledge C4. Confucian ideas C
  20. 20. 5. Harakiri JF. GeneralizationWho can give the summary of our lesson? Jjapan developed a unique civilization - according to tradition, Jimmu Tenno founded the Yamayo – the first state of Japan - Japan reached its golden era during the Heian age - eventually the shogunate rose to power. This started the feudal system in Japan until the time of the Kamakura Shogunate.Very good!Any Question? None, sirOur you ready for your test? Yes, sir!IV. EvaluationKnowledge of Specific Facts: Identify what is referred to. Choose your answer from the list in thebox below.______________1. the original inhabitants of Japan. (ainu)______________2. the record of Japan’s ancient history. (kojiki)______________3. the chronicles of Japan. (nihongi)______________4. the first human emperor of Japan. ( kimmu tenno)______________5. the Korean Scholar who became the tutor of the Japanese crown prince in 405.______________6. the father of the Japanese culture. (yoritomo)______________7. the first written code of laws of Japan. (17 articles)______________8. the first capital in Japanese history. (nara)______________9. the golden Era of Japan (heian)______________10. the native written language of Japan. (kana)Ainu Kojiki Shogunate Bakufu Nara Jimmu Tenno Bushido NihonjiTale of Genji Heian Sei – I – tai shogun wani Kana Seventeen Articles YoritomoV. Assignment1. what are the causes of the decline of the Kamakura shogunate?2. who are the people of South East Asia? Prepared by: Carie Justine P. Estrellado
  21. 21. Checked and Approved by: Rodelyn C. Panganiban Principal Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION MASUSING BANGHAY NG PAGTUTURO SA ARALING PANLIPUNAN IIII. Layunin Pagkatapos ng talakayan, inaasahang ang mag – aaral ay:1. nailalahad ang mahahalagang kaganapan sa daigdig na nagbigay – daan sa Cold War; at2. nasusuri ang epekto ng Cold War sa kalagayang panseguridad ng daigdig.II. Nilalaman A. Yunit – Ang Daigdig Ngayon at sa Hinaharap B. Konsepto - Kapayapaan - Demokrasya - Komunismo C. Paglalahat – ang Cold War ay tunggalian ng demokrasya at komunismo. D. Kagamitan – mapa, mga larawanIII. Pamamaraan Gawaing Guro Gawaing Mag - aaral A. Paghahanda - Pagdadasal Magandang Umaga po Sir! - Pagbati - Pagtatala ng liban sa klase Demokrasya B. Pagbabalik – aral Pasismo Nasismo Anu – ano ang mga idelohiyang Komunismo sumiklab pagkatapos ng digmaang pandaidig? Mahusay! C. Pagganyak Opo ! dahil matapos ang ikalawang pandaigdig
  22. 22. Pabigyang – kahulugan ang larawan na itinatag ang UN bilang isang kasangkapan ng nasa p. 441. kapayapaan. Isang bagong uri ng labanan ang lumitaw sa mundo… Itanong: may kaugnayan ba ito sa paksang tatalakayin?D. Dahil diyan anu ang pagkakaunawa Ginagamit ang larawan sa pagitan ng US at ng ninyo sa ‘Cold War’? USSR. Ito ay labanan na hindi gingamitan ng dahas kundi sa pamamagitan ng diplomasya, propaganda, at pangkabuhayang pwersa. Tama! Para mas mabilis nating maunwaan igugrupo ko kayo sa tatlo 1….2….3…. Ang unang grupo ay Marshall plan Unang grupo Ang pangalawa ay Apat na Puntos Pangalawang grupo At ang panghuli ay Truman Doctrine Pangngatlong grupo Ang mga paksang iyan ay kailangan ninyong bigyan ng kahulugan at mga mahahalagang gampanin nito sa panahon ng cold war, bibigyan ko lang kayo ng 10 minuto para isulat sa pisara ang inyong nalalaman. MARSHALL PLAN - Iminungkahi niya sa mga bansa sa Europe na magkaisa - Iminungkahi pa rin niya na maglaan ang United States ng pondo upang makaahon ang mga bansa sa Europe sa mga kasariaang dulot ng digmaan at mapatatag ang kanilang ekonomiya. - Tinatawag din itong European Recovery Program APAT NA PUNTOS - Iminungkahi ni Pangulong Truman noong 1949 na bigyan sila ng mga payo at tulong teknikal - Inirakomenda rin niya na maglagak ng puhunan ang mga Americano sa mga pook na ito. - Tinuruan ang mga magsasaka sa paggamit ng siyentipikong paraan sa pagsasaka. Nagbigay rin ito ng payo sa larangan ng industriya, edukasyon, at medisina. - Ang ganitong ulong para sa timog – silangang asya ay napailalim sa Colombo Plan.
  23. 23. Truman’s Doctrine - Natakot ang Us na kapag nagging komunista ang Turkey at Greece, mahahawakan at mapipigilan ng Soviet Union ang Silangang Mediterranean. - Kayat ang kongreso ng US sa rekomendasyon ni Pangulong Truman ay nagkaloob ng 400,00,00 dollars bilang tulong pang – ekonomiya at pangmilitar para sa Turkey at Greece Mahusay! May katanungan pa ba kayo? - Wala na po!.IV. PagtatayaIayos ang ginulong mga letra upang makuha ang wastong salita. 1. Labanan na ginagamitan ng diplomasya (DOLC RAW) 2. Bansang namuno sa Free World (DUTINE SETSAT) 3. Ang bansang namuno sa komunistang mga bansa (NGOYNU VETISO) 4. Isang ideolohya na ang namumuno sa bansa ay isang partido pulitikal (SIMOMUNOK) 5. Isang tulong upang labanan ang kahirapan na ipinagkaloob ng United States (LALHMARS LANP) 6. Ang pangulo ng United States na nagpanukala sa pagbibigay tulong teknikal sa mga bansang nangangailangan (NATMUR) 7. Ang tulong para sa timog – silangang Asia upang mapabuti ang kanilang industriya at edukasyon na ipinagkaloob ng U.S. (MOBOLCO) 8. Ang bansang tinulungan ng Albania, Bulgaria, at Yugoslavia upang mapasakamay nila ang Mediterranean (REEGCE) 9. Ang tugon ng Russia sa tulong pangkabuhayan ng America (VOMOTOL PALN) 10. Ang bansang pinagmulan ni Ho – Cho Minh (DNIOHINAC)V. Takdang AralinSuriin ang mga pahayag/tanong at ipaliwanag. A. Bakit tinawag na balisa ang kapayapaan pagkaraan ng Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig? B. Bakit mahigpit na magkaribal ang U.S. at Russia? C. Paano nakaapekto ang mga alyansya sa kapayapaan ng mundo? D. Dapat bang tumanggap ng tulong ang mahihirap ng bansa sa mamamayang bansa? Bakit?