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Executive summary

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Title: RELATED FACTORS AND ENGLISH PROFICIENCY OF FIRST YEAR STUDENTS AT PRUDENCIA D. FULE MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 – 2012Rationale: Public Secondary Institutions seek to produce highly skilled and competitive students, discover and enhance different aptitudes and interest in order to equipthem with skills for productive endeavour and interactive communication. That is why one of the very important is that the secondary students would be proficientin English language not just on how they convey ideas and thoughts but rather to perpetuate in a proper intellectual exchanges. Hence, this study aims to find outand address the factor that affects the English proficiency of the first year students who are enrolled in Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School during theacademic year 2011-2012.Significance of the Study The study will be significant to the following:Teachers and Instructors. The findings and implications of this study will give them ability in making English subjects more effectual teachers especially for thosespecializing English, for it will benefit them in a way of identifying the factors underlying English proficiency;Students. For it will help them to improve and be competent in using the second language;Parents. To furnish and give aid for their children an interest to learn the complexities of English language; andResearchers, for it will help them gain satisfaction for knowing some insights about the given problem and develop research skills to be more productive in thefield that they had chosen to belong in the future profession.
  2. 2. Statement of the Problem Hypotheses Statistical Treatment Findings & Conclusions Recommendations The aim of the study is to find Based on the findingsout the factor that affects the English and conclusions made in theproficiency of the first year students study, the followingwho are enrolled in Prudencia recommendations are herebyNational High School during the presented:academic year 2011-2012. Specifically, the study soughtto answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.1 Age; Frequency and Percentage 1.1 Out of 30 respondents, Distribution majority of are 12 years old with a frequency and percentage of (seventeen) 17 or 57 percent. Second is 11 years old having (eleven) 11 or 23 percent, then followed by 13 and 14 years of age having little interval, in company of (four) 4 or 13 percent and (two) 2 or 7 percent. This entails that most of the respondents chosen by random sampling are in age of 12 which is the accepted age as a freshmen in high school level.
  3. 3. 1.2 Gender; and Frequency and Percentage 1.2 Majority of the Distribution respondents are female students having a frequency of (twenty) 20 or 67 percent and they outnumbered the male students with only (ten) 10 or 33 percent or half than that of female respondents. 1.3 Section? Frequency and Percentage 1.3 section B soared high Distribution with (thirteen) 13 or 43 percent of the total respondents, succeeded by section C having a frequency of (nine) 9 or 30 percent and lastly section A with only (eight) 8 or 27 percent. This implies that section B has the most number of first year students subjected as representative in the population.2. How do the respondents perceive the influence of the following factors on their English proficiency:
  4. 4. 2.1 Teachers‟ Weighted mean and 2.1 Teachers‟ competencies For the concern of students‟ Competencies; Standard Deviation (mean = 4.7) and interpreted improvement, teachers may as „Agree‟, This implies that suit the interest particularly English Proficiency level of those specializing in English high school students has so that they will encourage relation on how their English students to study more the teacher has certain qualities basic structure of English to demonstrate, assist, and grammar. teach that corresponds in English subject.2.2 Physical Condition; Weighted mean and 2.2 Physical condition (mean and Standard Deviation = 4.6) and interpreted as „Agree‟. This indicates that physical condition is mutually related to the English Proficiency of first year students, in addition, since the mean lies to the 4.21 – 5.0 values scale, it is strongly supported that readiness and physically preparedness of respondents are essential when it comes to measuring proficiency level.2.3 School Environment? Weighted mean and 2.3 School environment Institutions may provide Standard Deviation (mean = 4.5) and interpreted instructional materials such as „Agree‟. This tell us that as Audio media since the
  5. 5. even School Environment is respondents has low crucial in developing English frequency rate in verbal Proficiency with the total responsiveness and specially mean of 4.5 and states the provide good environmental influence of school atmosphere for learners. atmosphere and development of English proficiency matters.3. What is the level of students‟ Proficiency in English with reference to: 3.1 spelling; Frequency, Percentage 3.1 The overall mean is 0.64 Distribution and Weighted with the verbal interpretation mean of „Satisfactory‟. It can clearly see that the respondents performed moderately in Spelling. 3.2 vocabulary range; Frequency, Percentage 3.2 The second part of the Distribution and Weighted test gained an overall mean mean of 0.55 and the respondents achieved „Fair‟ proficiency level. 3.3 verbal responsiveness Frequency, Percentage 3.3 With an average of Distribution and Weighted percentage of fifteen (15)
  6. 6. mean and a mean of 0.15 with corresponding achievement of „Needs improvement‟ this entails that the Verbal Responsiveness is the most difficult part of English Proficiency Test. 3.4 pluralizing; and Frequency, Percentage 3.4 Fifty – five (55) percent Distribution and Weighted and an overall mean of 0.15. mean This implies that respondents achieved „Fairly‟ on the Pluralizing test. 3.5 subject and verb Frequency, Percentage 3.5 With an average of 66 agreement? Distribution and Weighted percent and 0.66 mean. The mean respondents succumb to the level of „Satisfactory‟ and performed vast range of scores with the last part of English Proficiency Test.4. Is there a significant There is no significant Pearson Product Moment 4. All the said factors are relationship between the relationship between the profile Correlation of Coefficient at significantly related to the profile of the respondents of the respondents and their 0.05 level of significance result of English Proficiency and their level of English level of English Proficiency. Test of first year students. Proficiency? Age having r = 0.25 and p =
  7. 7. -0.0625, gender r = 0.56, p = -0.3136 and section r = - .077, p = 0.0329 since all p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. This only proves that there is a significant relationship between the variables. The hypothesis that there is no significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their level of English Proficiency is „Rejected‟.5. Is there a significant There is no significant Pearson Product Moment 5. The correlation between Since physical condition of relationship between relationship between English Correlation of Coefficient at the Proficiency – related the respondents also related English proficiency level Proficiency level and the 0.05 level of significance variables such as Teachers‟ to English Proficiency and and the proficiency – proficiency - related factors. competencies (r = -0.07, p = likewise recommended that related variables? 0.0443), Physical condition the parents are vital (r = -0.11, p = 0.0121), and provocative when it comes to school environment (r = their children‟s physical 0.12, p = -0.0144) are all condition according to significantly related to the colloquium experts English Proficiency Test (International Language since the p – values are less studies Association, 2001) than 0.05 level of have been mentioned as one significance. This attests that of the recommendations, to all the laid factors and wit: variables influence the development of English “Parents are direct
  8. 8. Proficiency. response indicator for their young The hypothesis that there is and influentially no significant relationship provide such between English Proficiency learners‟ needs to level and the proficiency - gave interest; help related factors is „Rejected‟. them (children) to develop journal or diary; schedule periodic parent – teacher meetings so that parents can discern their progress; enforce rules frequently to limit them to play and provide a pleasant climate so that when they go to school predicaments is partially reduced”.________________________________ WENDY C. SAN JUAN Researcher