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The Emerging Discipline of Startup Management


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Startup managers approach their role in unique ways. As the startup world grows, startup management is emerging as a distinct discipline. This deck outlines some of the key tenets of this new style of management.

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The Emerging Discipline of Startup Management

  1. 1. The Emerging Discipline of Startup Management Presented to Nov 23, 2015, Montreal
  2. 2. Startups that grow hire managers
  3. 3. Startup managers are crafting a new management discipline, viz.: ● Risk ● Innovation ● Growth ● Culture ● Resource Management
  4. 4. Risk ● Startup managers need to seek risk ● Can be hard to get used to! ● Challenging to GO BIG in 2nd tier markets ● Risk = stupid approach to growth ● Startup post mortems sometimes skip the risk context
  5. 5. Innovation ● Innovation culture is implicit ● State of the art = lean startup + agile ● Build/Measure/Learn ● Move fast and break things ● Double down on winning strategies ● Pivot when necessary ● Balancing metrics and vision
  6. 6. Growth ● Growth is king ● Some growth is more sustainable than other, premature scaling is a problem ● Investors sometimes push too hard ● Sophisticated growth science emerging
  7. 7. Culture ● Employees are owners ● High value on transparency ● Startup managers make culture ● Unclear org charts are a challenge ● Funding milestones = people turnover = culture turnover
  8. 8. Resource management ● Lean means lean! ● Costs to execute continue to drop ● Cash management is a challenge ● Most resourceful teams win
  9. 9. Why be a startup manager? ● Equity upside ● Salaries are increasing ● Learning! ○ Navy Seals vs. Main Force ○ Title = leadership opportunity ● Invest in your future
  10. 10. | @sonofsarah THANK YOU!