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Strategy powerpoint bfc

  1. 1. Bushwick Food Coop A set of strategies for increasing food access By Craig Willingham
  2. 2. Organization Description BFC Bushwick Food Coop The Bushwick Food Coop is a member-owned cooperative grocery store that works to increase access to affordable, healthy, and responsibly- produced food in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn.
  3. 3. Operations Description Member Requrirements only members are allowed to shop at the Coop. Each member is required to pay a $50 one-time registration fee or, with proof of eligibility, a $15 one time low income registration fee Bushwick Food Coops 4 hour/4 week work requirement can be fulfilled with a variety of tasks
  4. 4. Target Area The bushwick food coop serves the area between williamsurg, ridewood & bedford stuyvesant just over 100,000 residents 65% Hispanic 25% African American 8% White Median houseHold income 32,328
  5. 5. Food store distribution84% bodegas6% supermarkets7% specialty stores2% drugstores1% gas stations40,908 people receiving food stamps in2009annual grocery expenditures perhousehold: $4,451
  6. 6. Public health profileBFC targets the community, not the individual,with a focus on improving health through diet10% consume two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day.19.6% no of fruit & veg in a 24 hour period36.5% report a poor diet28% of Bushwick adults are likely to be obese VS.20% of NYC as a whole.
  7. 7. Advocacy Strategy a combination of marketing techniques, grassroots and political outreach, and information dissemination through their partners, effectively blanketing Bushwick with its agenda at every level. Political Grass Roots Marketing Concl. Reyna CAMBA Richies Gym M. Markowitz EcoStation:NY Roberta’s Vito Lopez Make the Road Loom Yoga Martin Dilan Bushwick city farm Bushwick Bikes
  8. 8. Advocacy Activities1. Use Coop member work hours to supportvarious community related causes2. Speak in support of expanding coop useamong Food assistance participants atCB12 meetings3. disseminating information to localresidents about the benefits of coop membershipvia social service agencies and CBOs4. Build a neighborhood coalition to support expansion ofhealthy food options in bushwick
  9. 9. Social marketing platforms BFC local, sustainable ,produce Message Kit BFC Website and Social Networking BFC Participant Networks Community Events
  10. 10. Projected Outcomes1. 15% increase in long term residents in one year2. Partnership with at least 10 areaCbos & social service agencies3. Weekly community outreach at theBushwick Farmer’s Market & area WIC center4. Creation of a Community benefits agreement crafted withimput from area stakeholders
  11. 11. Further!/bushwickfood