Craig willingham an evaluation of grow nyc’s wic x 2 for fruits and veggies program (final version)


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Craig willingham an evaluation of grow nyc’s wic x 2 for fruits and veggies program (final version)

  1. 1. An Evaluation of GrowNYC’s WIC X 2for Fruits and Veggies ProgramBy Craig WillinghamCapstone spring 2012
  2. 2. Capstone focus This project evaluates the survey methods and design used to gather data FROM A CONVENIENCE SAMPLE using the incentive program WIC X 2 The surveys were meant to gauge the influence of the program on WIC participants, farmers, and the surrounding communities
  3. 3. WIC Distribution Path Since 1972 the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), has helped millions of Americans avoid hunger and malnutrition. USDAWomen, Infants & Children
  4. 4. Background & Significance During the recent economic downturn WIC participation has increased 0.6% between 2009 and 2010. the poor economy has meant greater numbers of long-term usersdemographic and dietary trends, coupled with increasedincidences of diet related illness has lead the USDA to lookfor new ways to encourage healthy eating through WIC
  5. 5. Food Instruments food instrument’s are special checksgiven by WIC that are used to promote Increased produce consumption
  6. 6. Incentivizing healthy eating incentives Like WIC X 2 take the form of combination vouchers that, when paired with food instruments increase the consumer’s purchasing power They can also be stand-alone produce vouchers or extra monetary allotments of benefit dollars applied to one’s EBT card.
  7. 7. Program & PartnershipsWIC X 2 was launched at 8 Greenmarkets (urbanfarmers’ markets) in New York City in 2o11 Wholesome Wave, a national non-profit whose mission is to increases access to fresh, locally grown produce, provided program funds
  8. 8. WIC X 2 incentive structure Wic X 2 doubles the purchasing power for anyone using WIC’s Cash Value Vouchers (CVV). CVV is a component of WIC that provides $6 and $10 vouchers for the exclusive purchase of fruits and vegetables. The Aim is to incentive the sale and consumption of fresh produce
  9. 9. Market area
  10. 10. Market Area background no f or v in 24 hours % diabetes % Obese CVV Bronx Borough hall Lincoln Hospital 24.5% 13% 32% 17,553 Astoria 11.1% 8.8% 17.1% 3,248 Elmhurst Corona 10.1% 8.8% 18% 8,523 Sunset park 19.6% 8.5% 32.9% 2,084 Borough Park 7.7% 8.5% 18.5% 12,695 St. George 12.1% 11.7% 23.9% 2,576 Sources: NYC DOHMHand NYSDOH
  11. 11. Survey ResultsTable 1. How important are the WIC X 2 coupons in getting you to spend your food stamps or WIC CVV at this farmers market instead of elsewhere? Very Important 78% Moderately Important 14% Slightly Important 3% Not at all Important 5% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80Total number of respondents: 118 % Of Respondents
  12. 12. Table 2. As a result of shopping at the farmers market this season, my consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables has?Increased Greatly 58%Increased Some 29%Stayed the Same 11%Decreased Same 1%Decreased Greatly 1% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
  13. 13. Discussion & Limitations sharp refinement of the WIC X 2 survey design is needed due to several issues… Possible “self-selection” versus true behavior change in the Sample Data compiled in aggregate form & not Market by Market Lack of data on education levels and psychosocial factors Flesch-Kinkade readability score possibly too high
  14. 14. Conclusion & Recommendations Overall, the survey’s findings support the need to investigate further the impact that programs like WIC X 2 can have on increasing produce consumption. However, some changes are recommended1. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to measure successful program implementation2. Pre & Post Program surveys should be in place3. Measurement of the variety and servings of produce consumed4. Promotion of increased CVV Redemption
  15. 15. Input (resources) Outputs Impact (goals) Short and medium term outcomesEvaluation interns Surveys More studies on Customized for the effectiveness GrowNYC uses data to betterWholesome Wave GrowNYC serve their customers. of incentive ActivitiesData processors programs Data collected Funding is secured toRespondents Refine evaluation Better health from 157 continue programs like WIC X surveys 2 based on the data collected outcomes for respondentsGrowNYC Staff program Interns recruit CVV Survey incentive Customers continue to participantsSurveys in various recipients to take participate in incentive voucherslanguages surveys programs reimbursed by PermanentSurvey incentive Wholesome Wave support for Respondents self Increase in the number ofvouchers incentive administer surveys incentive program GrowNYC and programs from partnerships for bothCapstone Student Distribute 2 dollar Wholesome Wave food assistance Wholesome Wave and vouchers to survey have access to GrowNYC agencies takers data on program participants Improved effectiveness for Collected data sent incentive programs to Wholesome Wave 14 questions for aggregation answered by Improved survey design and respondents methods based on capstone Wholesome Wave related to WIC X recommendations aggregated data 2’s effect on analyzed for consumer health capstone project and economic impact Capstone project completed
  16. 16. acknowledgementsDr. Arlene SparkAlexis Stevens/grownycCapstone FacultyNYSDOH Foil office