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Basic Sentence Patterns


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A powerpoint presentation for teaching the basic sentence patterns

Published in: Education
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Basic Sentence Patterns

  1. 1. …is a word that adds to themeaning of the subject…may be a noun or anadjective. As a noun, it is identical to the subject As an adjective, it describes the subject
  2. 2. …is the object of the omittedprepositions to or for.…is located between the transitiveverb and the direct object.
  3. 3. …may be a noun or anadjective…is identifiable with the object.
  4. 4. Inverted pattern with There …most common inverted patternInverted pattern with It …generally used in relation to time or weather …almost always used in the contracted form in the present tense
  5. 5. Reference:• Serrano, Josephine B. & Milagros G. Lapid (2001). English Communication Arts and Skills Through Afro-Asian Literature, 4th ed. Q.C., Metro Manila, Philippines: Sibs Publishing House, Inc.