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Learning disabilities and famous people


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Published in: Education
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Learning disabilities and famous people

  2. 2. WHAT IS A LEARNING DISABILITY?Learning problems affecting the following skills: Reading Writing Listening Speaking Reasoning Doing Math
  3. 3. TYPES OF LEARNING DISABILITIESDyslexiaA language and reading disabilityDyscalculiaProblems with arithmetic and math conceptsDysgraphiaA writing disorder resulting in illegible textDyspraxia (Sensory Integration Disorder)Problems with motor coordination
  4. 4. TYPES OF LEARNING DISABILITIESCentral Auditor y Processing DisorderDifficulty processing and remembering language-related tasksNon-Verbal Lear ning DisordersTrouble with nonverbal cues, e.g., body language; poor coordination, clumsyVisual Perceptual/Visual Motor DeficitReverses letters; cannot copy accurately;Language Disorders (Aphasia/Dysphasia)Trouble understanding spoken language; poor reading comprehension
  5. 5. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES ?NO real causesMight be caused by: Hereditary Teratogenic Medical Environmental
  6. 6. HOW COMMON ARE LEARNING DISABILITIES?1 out of every 5 people in United States1 million children ages 6 – 21One-third of all children receiving special education have a learning disability
  7. 7. ADD AND ADHD SIGNSHyperactive UnreasonableImpulsive emotionalFidgety negativityInattentive Emotional outburstsDisorganized Frustration over minor issues Bedwetting
  8. 8. DIAGNOSIS OF ADD AND ADHDEvaluate student’s behaviorContinuous performance test (CPT)Diagnosis should be based on multiple pieces of information and observations
  9. 9. APPROACHES TO DIAGNOSE DYSLEXIAToday, only after a student has reading difficulties can dyslexia be diagnosedDyslexia may have “biological roots”Psychological testing can determine if a child has dyslexia
  10. 10. DYSLEXIA PARAGRAPH ACTIVIT YOne nigth ther saw a firer in a builing one man saw very injure he was rushed to hositipal and theree day he diad for interle njres.One night there was a fire in a building. One man was very (badly) injured. He was rushed to the hospital and (after) three days, he died from internal injuries.
  11. 11. SIGNS OF LEARNING DISABILITIESTrouble learning alphabet or rhyming wordsNot understanding text readTrouble spellingWhen reading aloud, repeats and pauses oftenTrouble following directionsStruggles to express ideas in writing
  12. 12. EMOTIONAL ISSUESStudents with learning disabilities may suffer from emotional problems/depression, and/or low self-esteem. This may cause students to withdraw from social interaction.These same students may turn to drugs or alcohol for relief from feelings of low self-worth.As many as 35% of students with learning disorders, drop out of High School (Girod, 2001, p. 31).“Teenagers with dyslexia …[are] more likely to…think about and to attempt suicide than other young people their age” (Landau, 2004, pp. 48-9).
  13. 13. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES  At the age of 12 he was still not able to read  Remained deficient in reading his whole life  Memorized lectures to get through school  His disability never stopped him fromGeorge Patton marching ahead
  14. 14. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES He was slow in school Had a vivid imagination which his teachers considered a distraction He was destined to become head of one of the largest theme parks in the worldWalt Disney
  15. 15. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Famous entertainer Achieved success in two major fields Because of math learning disability she can not remember phone numbers or balance a checkbookCher
  16. 16. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES  Has extreme difficulty in reading  At a young age he was considered clumsy  Became one of the most famous divers in the world  Won gold medals in 84Greg Luganis and 88 Olympics
  17. 17. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES Famous statesman Failed 8 th grade Terrible in math and disliked school Famous Quote: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”Winston Churchill
  18. 18. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES Could not talk until age 4 Could not read until age 9 His teachers considered him mentally slow, unsociable and a dreamer Failed college entrance examinationsAlbert Einstein Lost three teaching positions
  19. 19. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES Huge success in entertainment field Can only learn lines by listening to a tape He has been formally diagnosed with dyslexiaTom Cruise
  20. 20. FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES Was the 28 th President of the United States As a young boy, had great difficulty reading Unable to read well his whole life Was extremely successful in politicsWoodrow Wilson
  21. 21. CELEBRITIES WITH DYSLEXIAJay Leno Henry “The Fonz” WinklerWhoopi Goldberg Magic Johnson
  22. 22. CELEBRITIES WITH ADD/ADHDTy Pennington Robin WilliamsWill Smith Tracy Gold
  23. 23. RESOURCES Girod, C. M. (2001). Diseases and disorders: Learning disabilities. San Diego: Lucent Books. Landau, E. (2004). Dyslexia. New York: Franklin Watts.National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.