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Investment Support Network


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Investment Support Network offers financial services to businesses throughout the world

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Investment Support Network

  1. 1. Investment Support NetworkISN is a non for profit organization, that offers financialservices to businesses throughout the world. We aredesigned to help You obtain the capital you need for Yourbusiness. There are many investors eager to supportbusinesses worldwide and we help them to find way toYou!We selectively match each member with an appropriatelending institution and funding method using our uniquesearch methods and contacts with thousands of lendersand investors world-wide.We are providing resources for acquisition, development,construction and all other project financing. We offerassistance in every part of the financing process fromdeveloping a dynamic, comprehensive business plan tolocating financing for Your current or future projects. Oursuccess is solely based on our relationships with clients,their referrals and our reputation.
  2. 2. Objectives:q To bring together commercial borrowers and the appropriate lenders and investors;q To achieve the highest rate of funding success for your start-up, early stage or operating stage company;q To present your project in the best possible way;q To streamline the funding process;q To provide ongoing support and feedback. We maintain confidentiality and integrity at the all phases of cooperation with You.
  3. 3. Our Services:qLoans and Investment OpportunitiesqEquity FinancingqVenture CapitalqAngel InvestorsqImport/Export FinanceqBank InstrumentsqBusiness PlansqDue DiligenceqFeasibility StudyqLegal/Financial Consulting
  4. 4. Loans and Investment OpportunitiesGet a Direct Loan or Investment through us!•If you’re looking for loans or investments for any purposecontact us about your needs. Whether you’re consideringsecured or unsecured loans, we will help you to find thebest loans with the lowest interest rates and the mostpreferential terms available to suit your individualcircumstances.•We offer services to find investment opportunities for angelinvestors, venture capital investors and individual investors.The best and fastest way to invest money in any businesssphere can be found only here.You can also search through our database of those lookingfor venture capitalists, business angels and investors.
  5. 5. ISN offers the finance you need with the flexibility and thebest features.Our Offer:• Funding for specific purposes• Competitive interest rates, fixed or variable• Flexible repayment options (grace period)Interest Rate Options:Your loan rates are calculated using a competitive base rateplus a customer margin. Choose from variable or fixed interestrates or our lending base rates, which give you the security ofa known rate for your interest rate period plus the flexibility ofa rate reset at the end of every interest rate period.Repayment Options: Structured repayments to suit cash flowand seasonal fluctuations: Interest Only in Advance (fixedrates only); Interest Only in Arrears; Principal and interest inarrears.
  6. 6. Equity FinancingISN is involved in a wide range of equity financeactivities to support the needs of our clients. Ourprimary business is the financing and lending ofequities to hedge fund and alternative investmentmanagers. Our team of professionals has extensiveindustry experience and is committed to helping ourclients achieve their financing goals. People make thedifference and the our finance team is recognized forpro-activeness, innovation and service.Proven Performance:q Extensive stock loan supplyq Attractive financing optionsq Timely market and account informationq Capital Introduction Programq Straight through processingq Flexible on-line reporting
  7. 7. Venture CapitalOur goal is to identify and finance youngcompanies worldwide during their start-up phaseand to provide established companies withadditional capital for their growth plans duringthe expansion phase. Through our portfoliocompanies, we offer our customers newtechnological solutions and tap new markets.Our Venture Capital Division consists of anExtensive Database of over 7,000 PotentialInvestors from a wide diversity of industries andcountries.Terms: A certain percentage of Equity inCompany must be given up. Sometimes VentureCapitalists like to be placed on the Board ofDirectors or have an active role in themanagement of the Company.
  8. 8. Angel InvestorsWe know the frustration of trying to get acommercial/business deal done that does not fit insidethe box of conventional underwriting.We teamed up with securities specialists who showedus that there are other means of obtaining financingwhen banks say No".ISN is actively involved with numerous Angel InvestorGroups across the world. Angel Investors are willing toprovide funding for start-up businesses without askingfor a large equity stake in the growing business.Terms: A certain percentage of Equity in Companymust be given up.
  9. 9. Bank Instruments and Import/Export Financeq Do you buy or sell goods internationally?q Are you a small or new business selling to largefirms?q You likely need Letters of Credit orimport/export financing services such as PurchaseOrder Financing and Invoice/Contract Financing.We can help you with these financial instrumentsand tools, which may be required or helpful incompleting your international transactions.
  10. 10. Business PlansNeed a Dynamic and ConvincingBusiness Plan to Win the Attention ofInvestors? ISN uses information, gathers additional availabledata, critically examines the numbers (actual andprojected) and thoroughly researches the companyand the industry.From there we develop and prepare a business planthat is accurate, concise, easily understood andexciting to read. We know what your target audiencewants to see and understand the subtle balance is inpresenting a compelling plan which reflects yourcompanys potential.
  11. 11. Due DiligenceWe perform due diligence and business analysis fororganizations that are contemplating investments,strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions orthat are looking to enhance organizationaleffectiveness in an existing business unit or portfoliocompany.We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspectiveas the ideal complement to your internal resources.Projects are customized based on client needs. Duediligence services range from initial validation oftargets to detailed on-site due diligence visits to thepreparation of complete integration plans.
  12. 12. Feasibility StudyA feasibility study is the best way to determine whethera new venture will be viable with investors and in themarketplace. Creating a study requires a range of skillsets including finance, operations and marketing, aswell as significant industry-specific knowledge.With an integrated team of strategy consultants,financial advisors and investment bankers, ISN isuniquely positioned to drive every aspect of feasibilitystudy creation and subsequent business plandevelopment.After performing market and opportunity analysis, wecan drive idea generation and refinement;identification and selection of partners; and dealclosure and project launch.
  13. 13. Legal & Financial ConsultingWe provide consulting services to entrepreneursand small and medium business owners.Whether you need help identifying local marketsfor your business, are developing a business planand want a second opinion, or havecompliance issues youd like to clarify, ourconsultants are ready to help you grow yourbusiness.Our legal and financial consultants helpentrepreneurs develop the planning,management, and financial skills necessary tomake their business thrive. Consulting isconfidential and provided by a staff of skilledprofessionals.
  14. 14. Use ISN service to explore global financial market opportunities and new ways to success and business growth!You will achieve funding success with our assistance.Our integrated team of strategy, financial andinvestment consultants is ready to carefully evaluateyour needs and requirements.ISN is pleased to give favorable consideration to anyproposals falling within the above mentionedcategories to define eligibility for Investment or loan.We arrange for you a direct loan with low interest rateor bring you in contact with an interesting investor. Send Us Your Application Today!