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MBA programs


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ISM Patna, one of the best business schools in Bihar offers two years full time residential PGDM courses. The program is a well researched one designed to meet the industry standards.

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MBA programs

  2. 2. Contents Chairman’s Message 02 Dean’s Message 03 The Need for Management Education 04 Locational Advantage 05 Why ISM 05 Infrastructure 07 Learning Process @ ISM 09 Faculty 10 Academic Programme 13 Campus Life 14 Clubs 15 Industrial Exposure 15 Rural Exposure 15 Placements 17 Industry Interface 17 The Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre 20 International Certification 20 Students Speak 21 ISM in News 22 About Patna 23 How to get to ISM 24
  3. 3. The Force of the Consummate Managers earth water space air fireBihar is not just changing, it’s reinventing itself. It is powerfully positioned not just toparticipate in Indias growth story but also accelerate it. Its academic foundation is nowa crucial component of the new, dynamic and global centric Bihar. International Schoolof Management Patna (ISM Patna) is conceiving and nurturing consummate managers bycombining the very best of technical, physical and teaching infrastructure; designed globallybut adapted locally. As seamless as the formation of nature by its five core elements—fire,water, air, earth and space. At ISM, we believe, the force of the consummate managers willovercome the gaps in Bihars Global Awakening and Economic Empowerment.Vision Mission“To develop high quality management “We will impart high quality management education throughprofessionals and entrepreneurs who engagement of outstanding instructors and continuous research andwill contribute to the development of will create a system that nurtures ideas that will contribute towards theBihar and the country.” economic development of Bihar and the country”.
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA Chairman’s Message It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to this grand initiative towards creating a quality management institute matching national and international standards. The idea of establishing this institute had come at a time when Bihar started catching up the eyes of the different business houses under the forward looking and progressive government. With the recent spurt in business activities in this space, there is a requirement of trained managers. In the absence of any premier business school in this region a demand supply gap has been created. International School of Management, Patna has been established as a premier B-school to fill this gap and contribute towards the socio-economic development of the state. We have engaged a very high quality faculty pool and a very advanced industry relevant curriculum to enhance the teaching standards. To further this effort, we have ensured that students get the best infrastructure available to help them succeed in their endeavor. Last but not the least; I welcome all the prospective students and stakeholders to ISM once again! Samrendra Singh Chairman ISM Patna2
  5. 5. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011Dean’s MessageThe fast changing economic profile of India, with its emergence as one of the economicpowerhouses, has opened a plethora of new challenges in almost every domain and inparticular the management space. The stupendous growth shown by Bihar is anotherpositive change which has added to the increased need of dynamic managementprofessionals, both in India and in particular in Bihar.Keeping this in mind, International School of Management Patna (ISM) has been establishedto pursue excellence in the field of management education and promote entrepreneurshipin Bihar. ISM hopes to change the present management education scenario in this part ofthe country. The first step in this direction is to provide an academic environment wherestudents can benefit from distinguished faculties as well from peers. ISM has drawn facultymembers from institutes like Harvard University, IIMs, IITs, and other Premier B-schools. Thesecond step has been the setting up of curriculum which is relevant and specifically catersto the requirements of industries. The key reason behind opting for PGDM, rather thanuniversity MBA, was the flexibility that we get in case of former in terms of designing thecurriculum. The third step has been setting up of quality infrastructure which can supportenvisioned system of learning.Promoting entrepreneurship is another key focus for the school. The developmentof Bihar cannot be complete unless companies from Bihar establish their presenceoutside the state and country. ISM has formed Business incubation centre forpromoting and supporting new ventures.We at ISM, welcome all our prospective students and other stakeholders inmaking this effort a success story.Amit ParakhDean ISM Patna 3
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA earth FOUNDATION Leadership of passion unlocks new possibilities. At ISM, ‘passion’ evolves into a passionate leadership that inspires both, people and progress. The Need for Management Education Today, in the fast shrinking world, effective use of resources has become a great challenge and thus, greater stakes are involved in every small decision. Therefore, the precision level of every decision has to go up. Hence, the upcoming generation must learn the approach of management rather than just focusing upon few principles of management. Management education focuses on diverse areas of knowledge which empowers the participants to take up challenges and meet them successfully. Focusing on the context of Bihar, where majority of the businesses are unorganized, we find that its economy has shown an impressive growth of 11.44% (CSO). Therefore, it requires a pool of talented managers who can work and contribute in the development of Bihar. At ISM, we will ensure that students not only learn the basic principles of Management but also learn the art of implementing these principles in work life effectively.4
  7. 7. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011 Bihar has seen its own ups and downs and the history is testimony to it. Facing some of the turmoil in the recent past, Bihar is at the outset of a new era. If we talk The Locational Advantage about the facts and figures they seem to emphasize the same. According to the Central Statistical Organization’s witnesses a decline in job creation by 26.68 per cent. (CSO) growth data for 2008-2009, Bihar has shown a In Bihar there is no dearth of quality institutions with IIT, growth of 11.44%, which is second highest in India after NIT, CHANAKYA LAW SCHOOL, and NIFT to name a few. Gujarat. This throws an opportunity for a good management According the World Bank report on doing Business school to impart quality management to the students in India 2009, Patna is ahead of Mumbai and second which is lacking in this part of the region. only to New Delhi when it comes to launching a new Since a lot of big companies are expanding their business initiatives. operation in Bihar there is a huge requirement of According to ASSOCHAM’s study of the employment trained Business Professionals who can work from here. scenario in India between April and October 2009- With a stable government there are lots of investment 10, Patna registered a growth of 20.52 percent in job projects coming up in Bihar, in particular in Patna and creation. The ranking assumes special significance since to support this company’s need trained resource for cities like Bhopal, Amritsar, Gwalior and Ludhiana have proper execution of the projects.Why ISM?The interesting syllogism — ‘Intellectually Sharp and Methodical’ precisely describes the academic milieu at ISM.Faculty members at ISM are academic adventurers with their passion for all round intellectual development leadingto immense growth and inculcation of value based education. They are top professionals, with their long experience in theirrespective fields, who form the backbone of ISM.To support the process of learning, ISM has 2.5acres state-of-the-art campus located amidstgreen surroundings close to Patna. The campushas amphitheatre classrooms and auditoriumwith advanced audio-visual aids to enhance thelearning experience. The college also boasts ofa library named after noted nuclear scientist andEx-President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The library hasa collection of the most sought after books onmanagement and other related disciplines.At ISM, students are treated as intelligent andmatured professionals. From time to time theyare engaged with businesses and industrial unitsas well as government organizations to get thehands-on experience of their learning. They getexposure to real working conditions throughwhich they learn to get on with their job andmature with time. 5
  8. 8. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA water VERSATILITY Diverse resources and situations open minds and enable flexiblity. ISM leaders grow from a platform for learning across diverse faculties, theories and methods. “With Bihar on the cusp of a new era, ISM is bound to play a very meaningful role in creating competent managers. While aspiring to be truly international in quality, ISM is also aware of the local needs. This, I think, will set it apart from its peers.” Prof. Amit Parakh6
  9. 9. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011InfrastructureAt ISM, we feel the necessity of an excellent infrastructure in impartingquality education. The college has the robust infrastructure as a B-schoolbased out in Bihar. A brief description about the infrastructure available isas follows:• The college is based out of a wholly owned 2.5 acres campus with fully residential facilities planned for both boys and girls.• The college campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled where students can access high speed internet round the clock.• State- of-the- Art Class rooms equipped with Audio Visual equipments.• The campus has a library with more than 3000 books to start with and around 25 international as well as national management relevant journals.• The campus will have a computer centre with more than 60 nodes, where students can get access to high end software like SPSS, etc.• The campus has sports and other recreational facilities with a badminton court, basket ball court and other indoor games.• The campus also has a state-of-the-art gymnasium to keep students physically and mentally fit.• The campus also has a beautiful open air theatre (OAT), having a seating capacity of 200 students, to organize cultural events and rock shows. 7
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA space KNOWLEDGE Knowledge is what knowledge does. An ISM Manager practises ‘active knowledge’; he continuously updates and evolves himself. “I taught microeconomics to the inaugural batch of students of ISM last summer and interacted closely with the founders of the institute. I had a great time. The students were interested, involved and informed and the administration was always trying to ensure that they got the best possible education and training. ISM has the promise to evolve into an institution of excellence that students of Bihar so desperately need. “ Prof. Avinash Kishore8
  11. 11. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011LearningProcess @ ISM Subject Learning • Topic wise lectures of each subject • Students are expected to go through the subject matter and essential readings before coming to the class • Continuous evaluation process through unannounced/announced quizzes, class participation, role playing, group exercise and individual as well as group assignments and projects Classroom Learning • Rigorous evaluation process to achieve academic excellence Case Based Learning • Emphasis given on case based learning approach • Cases from Harvard Business School and other premier institutes are discussed to give a global insight to the learning process • Students are expected to go through the cases before coming to the class Seminar • Seminars are conducted on a regular basis by corporate and experts • Idea and thought sharing from experts from industries Industry Interface Industrial Visit • Industrial visits are mandatory for every student to get acquainted with the backend operations and the challenges faced • Students will be expected to submit reports on their learning from each industrial visit • Students are engaged in consultancy projects of different companies in the region Live Consultancy Projects • The idea behind this engagement is to make the students apply their theoretical learning to establish synchronization between their learning and execution Communication • Students undergo various communication and soft skills workshops which are aligned with the requirements of the industry Work Shops Analytics • Workshops to hone the analytical skills of students by making them proficient in using various analytical tools like SPSS, MS-Excel, Clementine etc. 9
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA Faculty Amit Parakh (B.Com (Hons.), ACA, CS, FRM, PGDM, IIM Mona Haidri (M.A. Eco.; B2 level French from Alliance Francaise Ahmedabad) de Paris, Ministry of France) Has worked extensively in the banking and equity research areas Mona completed her Economics Hons. from Patna Women’s College before entering academics. He has been associated with Structured and then did her MA in Economics from Patna University. She holds Products Group, ICICI Bank, where he played a key role in carrying a Diploma in French language from Alliance Française de Paris. She out valuation assignments, building credit rating models and worked in Alliance Française Delhi for five years before joining ISM. structuring transactions. In the credit research space, his sector Dr. Nageshwar Singh (M.A., Ph.D. Patna University; PGCTE, specialization was infrastructure and FMCG. He has also been an PGDTE; EFLU University) equity research analyst with JP Morgan where he was involved in building valuation models and financial analysis of Indian IT Dr. Singh is professionally trained in ELT from EFLU Hyderabad. Services companies. He specializes in the financial sector, takes Widely travelled abroad, he has a genuine test for English language active interest in capital markets and specifically, likes to get and possesses a sharp insight in developing literary sensibility. Dr. involved in valuation assignments. Amit is seeking charter from the Singh has four publications at his credit in English literature and at CFA Institute, USA, having cleared the CFA program. He conducts present teaching English in International School of Management workshops on corporate finance, asset valuation and financial Patna. analysis. Praveen Kumar (B.Tech., MBA, DMS; IIT Delhi) Anindra Kr. Haldar (B.Tech., IIT Kharagpur; PGDM, IIM Praveen holds a B.Tech. degree from Marie Calcutta and an MBA Calcutta) from prestigious DMS, IIT Delhi. Having worked in Great Eastern Prof. Anindra Kr. Haldar is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Shipping Company he moved on to Information Technology Kolkata. Has over 20 years of rich experience in industry, civil Sector and joined Infosys Technologies and thereafter CSC India. services and academics. He has worked in the chemical and He was figured in top 1% of global work force of CSC within a pharmaceutical industry in international marketing. He served year of Joining the Company. He takes active interest in Credit in The Indian Railways as an officer in the Indian Railway Traffic Risk Analysis, Company Valuations and Investment and Portfolio Service (IRTS) managing the safety aspects of an entire division. Management. He has been teaching for the last 14 years and has introduced new Sunil Kr. Rajak (B.Tech., Delhi College of Engineering; PGDM, programs and set up new institutes. Currently with Praxis Business IIM Ahmedabad) School, Kolkata, Prof. Haldar had been the Head, Department of Management Studies, NIT, Durgapur and has also conducted Has experience of over 12 years. He has worked in multiple courses for IIM Shillong and Jadavpur University. He is pursuing functions like corporate finance and strategy, equity research, a PhD in the area of service quality for the postal services of process & operations management and multiple industries like India Post. He has published research papers in peer-reviewed logistics, financials services, manufacturing, and petrochemical. international journals and presented papers in international He is currently looking after Investor Relations and Mergers & conferences and seminars. He has conducted MDPs and in- Acquisitions at Allcargo Global Logistics. His focus areas are company training programs for leading companies like Tata Motors, strategy, finance and investment. Lafarge Cements,UBI, McNally Bharat, India Post among others. His Vikrant Sarin (B.Tech., PGDM, IIM Ahmedabad) area of interest is marketing and he delivers courses in marketing management, marketing research, consumer behaviour, business- Vikrant Sarin is a Sales Director for Technology Services for to-business marketing among others. Accenture within its BeNeLux practice. He is a seasoned IT professional who has the experience of setting up win-win Anurag Choubey (B.Tech., MBA, Chandragupt Institute of outsourcing relationships with clients. His experience spans setting Management Patna) up, contracting and delivering large application and infrastructure Anurag holds a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and outsourcing engagements. He has been actively working in Engineering. He has worked for three years as a software engineer the BeNeLux market for the past 8 years during which he has in Infosys and Computer Science Corporation (US). He holds a Post worked for Accenture and TCS. Coming from New Delhi, Vikrant Graduate Diploma in Management from the Chandragupt Institute holds a Bachelor’s of Technology degree and is an MBA from IIM of Management Patna. At ISM, Anurag takes classes of Information Ahmedabad. Technology and managerial computing. Vishwajeet Kumar Mishra (LLB., Faculty of Law; Delhi Minu Jain (B.Com (Hons.), ACA, CFA) University) Is a qualified chartered accountant and a chartered financial A law graduate from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University, he analyst. Her areas of expertise include taxation, auditing, started his career as a legal advisor. He joined Airtel as an officer on accounting and finance. She has been teaching the nuances of special duty in Uttar Pradesh Circle. After gaining sufficient industry finance and taxation to the CA, CFA and MBA students for the last 5 experience and deeper insights in corporate and business law he years. moved on to become an advocate in Patna High Court. He has deep understanding of Corporate and Business Law and also holds a diploma degree in Corporate Law and Management from Indian Law Institute. At ISM, he delivers courses in Business and Corporate law.10
  13. 13. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011“ISM is all set to create new benchmarks inmanagement education in this region.” Prof. Anurag Choubey 11
  15. 15. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011 Academic Program The two year full time residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) will be approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Government of India. It is one of the well researched and industry relevant programs in the country. The program has been divided into 6 trimesters. In the first year of the program, students learn the fundamentals of management. In the second year they are offered to choose from the different specializations offered by the institute. Presently three specializations—Marketing, Finance and Human Resource are being offered. At the end of the first year students get the opportunity to do internship in companies, which exposes them to real work situations and helps them integrate their conceptual understanding with business realities.Curriculum Indicative List of 2nd year Courses Serial No. List of Courses Core (C)/ Elective (E) MC201 Negotiation C IT201 MIS C MK201 Sales and Distribution EThe Course MK202 Consumer Behaviour EIndicative List of 1st year Courses HR201 Recruitment and Selection E HR202 Training and Development E Serial No. List of Courses FM201 Investment and Portfolio E FM101 Financial Accounting Management GM102 Managerial Communication FM202 Financial Product Training E OM103 IT for Managers FM104 Microeconomics HR203 Business Ethics and Corporate C OM105 Probability & Statistics Governance HR106 Organizational Behaviour – I MC202 Soft Skills C MK203 Brand Management E GM201 Managerial Communication MK204 Advertising Management E FM202 Financial Management – I HR204 Leadership E MM203 Marketing Management – I HR205 Performance Management E FM204 Macroeconomics FM203 Insurance E HR205 Organizational Behaviour –II FM204 Commercial Bank E OM206 Operation Research Management FM207 Cost Accounting IP201 Independent project C GM301 Strategic Management FM205 International Economics C HR302 Human Resource Management MK205 Industrial Marketing E FM303 Financial Management – II MK206 Retail Management E OM304 Operation Management HR206 Compensation Management E FM305 Microfinance HR207 Industrial and Labour Laws E MM306 Marketing Management – II FM206 Merger Acquisitions E MM307 Marketing Research FM207 Global Financial Market E 13
  16. 16. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA air DYNAMISM Not just know; create. Not just view; change. At ISM, students are encouraged to go beyond established facts and concepts; face unique challenges by innovation. Campus Life ISM has a happening campus life that adds to the quality of education with the finest shades of life. In academically triggered environment, students get opportunity to arouse their dormant interests and look ahead with a fresh vigour and energy. A disciplined way of life on the campus keeps alive the spirit of adventure.14
  17. 17. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011 Clubs UMANG Sports Club Teamwork is the soul of business management and setting up UMANG is a step in this direction. Keeping this in view this club aims to set the mood of students for working ULLAS together with multiplied zeal to step ahead and achieve Adventure Club their goal. Sports events have taken place on its campus ULLAS, an adventure club, is a student initiative that from time to time. encourages students to feel the fire of life and continue to accept new challenges coming their way. Rock climbing, sightseeing, trekking, cycling, management games and photography are the few activities undertaken by the club. ABHIVYAKTI Theatre Club To unfold the spirit of beauty blended with reality and CANVAS showcase the wonderful and aesthetic element in human Painting club persona ABHIVYAKTI has come up. The stage is set for CANVAS is a painting club where students interact, students to appear in different forms, enact people dotting exchange ideas, learn through experimentation and our society and win the final applause. This aims to explore express themselves through colours. the multiple dimension of human growth lying within.Industrial Exposure Rural ExposureTheoretical learning is rather a limitation, if it is not As a part of its endeavour to prepare future corporatecomplemented with practical learning. Keeping this in mind managers with a better understanding on growing ruralISM has always encouraged its students to engage with market, ISM has teamed up with non- governmentaldifferent companies and businesses to get a practical insight organisations to give rural exposure to all the students.into real life problems. One such instance was engaging With the growing consumerism in rural areas, bigger brandsour students in a sales assignment at Tata Teleservices are eyeing towards rural India as a potential market forLtd. (TTSL) before the commencement of the marketing growth and it is expected that, young managers have a firmcourse. Students had a practical experience of direct sales understanding of the rural market.and close interaction with variety of customers to identify In the first year, as a part of compulsory rural inductionthe real issues faced by a salesman. The learning and program, students were taken to Sarai village (distt. Vashali),experiences of every student was shared in the classroom where they got the opportunity to study the rural market,and were correlated with different theories to have a better rural buying patterns and marketing strategies beingunderstanding of marketing concepts. followed by the various companies. The students wereThe course curriculum also has compulsory Summer also exposed to the functioning of various micro-financeInternship in companies at the end of the first year so that, institutions and the self-help groups.students get a chance to apply the concepts they have learntin the first year. Students are required to submit a report oftheir summer internship which is evaluated by a panel offaculty members. 15
  18. 18. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA fire PASSION Leadership of passion inspires and opens new possibilities. At ISM, ‘passion’ is harnessed and directed to evolve into a passionate leadership and become a meaningful momentum of progress.16
  19. 19. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011 Placement Cell The institute has a placement cell comprising faculty members and elected representative body from students. The placement cell is engaged in summer as well final placements activities. The activities of the Placement Cell are as follows: • It prepares a database regarding preference of sectors and companies of each and every student. Faculty members in the placement cell also counsel and sensitize the students regarding the requirements of the every sector and the type of job profile. • It helps each student in preparing a professional resume compatible with the industry specific requirements. • It works in tandem with the Industry Interface Cell during the whole placement process and conducts industry specific workshops and training programs. • It ensures that all our students get the opportunity to face campus interviews in good companies and take up jobs according to their preferences.Industry InterfaceThe college has an industry interface cell which invites prominent people from the industry for guest lectures and seminars.This gives our students an opportunity to interact with personalities who made an impact and get inspired by them. Two ofthe prominent people who visited are:Atul Kumar (Vice President, Corporate Banking, HSBC)He is working with HSBC as Vice President, Corporate Banking, Mumbai. He was heading the microfinance initiative ofHSBC bank in Mumbai. He has funded many Microfinance Institutions during his tenure and has deep understanding andknowledge of microfinance sector.Shubhendu AmitabhMr. Shubendhu Amitabh, Senior President, Corporate Communications Aditya Birla Group, delivered a lecture on marketingcommunication at International School of Management Patna.Dr. Binay Kumar Ray (Ph.D. IGIDR; AVP Nomura)Dr. Binay Kumar Ray, a doctorate from Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), an advanced researchinstitute established by the Reserve Bank of India. Dr. Ray has contributed many research papers on Quantitative finance andfinancial modeling in various national and international journals. He is currently working as a AVP in quantitative risk teamof Nomura (formerly Lehman Brothers). Dr. Ray acquainted students of ISM with various credit rating models being used byfinancial research companies and investment banks. 17
  20. 20. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA Research and Consulting International School of Management Patna is engaged in consulting activities in various sectors like Real Estate, Financial Research, Health Care and Education. The consulting assignments help students to experience the real business challenges and problems faced by the organizations. The consulting activities also involve Management Development Programmes for the corporate houses which help the college to have a better understanding on various dimensions of Management. Highlights Financial Research: We are engaged in research related to global financial markets. Our first focus has been promoting the principles of value investing for Indian equity investors. We are promoting principles used by Benjamin Graham, Phil Fisher and Warren Buffett for investments. Real Estate: In real estate we have introduced the concept of luxury living spaces and service apartments in Patna. The concept of habitat creation was also introduced first time in Patna by the consultancy wing of ISM.18
  21. 21. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011 “An institute with honest intent and desire to make all round development to its students.” Prof. Anindra HaldarCentre for CSR InitiativesThe idea of “Centre for CSR Initiatives” for private players in Bihar has been conceptualized in view of enhancing thecontribution of corporate in community development. The World Bank report published in various newspapers indicatingPatna as the second most suitable place for business in India, heralds entry of several new players in the region. Thus, thecorporate will have greater choice for their CSR activity in the region.Centre for CSR Initiatives will solely function as a Research and Development support agency to CSR initiatives of privatecompanies in Bihar. This centre will conduct research on the performance of different programmes being run under CSRinitiatives of corporate and also, help them partner private players in identifying the potential agencies for undertaking theactivity.Centre for CSR Initiatives will also develop programmes for NGOs on demand and provide necessary R&D support as per theirrequirement. This will indeed be a step towards the capacity building of NGOs through R&D support. 19
  22. 22. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATNA The Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre Our vision is not only to create a pool of efficient managers but also, to produce Entrepreneurs as well, who can lead by example. Therefore, the Institute has a dedicated Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre, which involves the followings: • It nurtures innovative ideas and puts highly directional efforts towards successfully executing them. • It provides faculty guidance and facilitates feasibility studies on business ideas of the students. • The centre facilitates seed money assistance to the successful plan so that, they can see the light of the day. International Certification ISM has aligned its courses with some of the industry relevant and internationally recognized certification courses like Charted Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Management (FRM), Actuarial Sciences, etc. and the college encourages students to take up one of these courses. Since these certifications are internationally recognized and highly acclaimed by the industries, they prove to be of great help in fetching handsomely paid industry specific jobs. Apart from institute’s and faculty’s help, our course curriculum has been designed in such a way that it covers most of the relevant and important topics required to complete these courses.20
  23. 23. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011Students Speak “I am privileged to be a part of ISM. It has given me a platform to learn and acquire management skills. It has maintained a quality standard which will help many to fulfill their aspiration. As a student, I have gained a lot and feel safe and secure under its aegis.” Zareen “Being a student of ISM, I will say that it provides a top class education to us through its highly qualified faculty members. Most important thing that separates this college from other management schools is that it provides education with practical orientation than a theory focus. For example, we all did a sales training in Tata Tele Services Ltd. before the start of the Marketing course. I don’t think I could have been able to get this pedagogy anywhere else.” Abhishek Kumar 21
  25. 25. INFORMATION BROCHURE 2011About Patna Gol Ghar Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Old Fort on the Bank of Ganges Patna, the capital of Bihar state, is located on the south bank of the river Ganga. It was founded in the 5th century BC as Pataliputra and was the capital of Magadha. It was ruled later by the Mauryan Empire. A centre of learning, it became the Gupta dynasty’s capital in the 4th century AD. Revived as Patna in 1541 by an Afghan ruler, it became prosperous under the Mughal dynasty and passed to the British in 1765. Today Patna is fast emerging as an excellent hub of academic and industrial dynamics. It is rapidly developing into a successful modern metropolis. Patna is 21st fastest growing city in the world and 5th fastest growing city in India. Of late, top multinational companies have begun setting up their units in the capital with thousands of opportunities coming up. It is well connected by air, rail and road. Shaheed Smarak 23
  26. 26. How to Reach ISM Map not to Scale N W E Gandhi DANAPUR CANTT. Maidan S FRAZER ROAD EXHIBITION ROAD SHAGUNA DAK BAILEY ROAD BUNGLOW MORE KAUSHALYA ESTATE ISM KHAGAUL ROAD CITY OFFICE FRAZER ROAD ISM LAKHNI BIGHA CAMPUS VILLAGE PETROL PUMP SARARI VILLAGE KHAGAUL ROAD SATYANARAYAN PATNA SINGH DWAR JUNC TION DANAPUR BIHTA ROAD BIHTA ROAD STATION Flight Details Mumbai New Delhi Indigo 6E-178 Indian IC-409 Kingfisher IT3571 Indigo 6E-180 Jet Airways 9W-2852 Jet Air 9W-727 Kolkata Go Air G8341 Indigo 6E-341 Bangalore Jet Air 9W-2852 Indigo 6E-341 Kingfisher IT-4579 Jet Konnect 9W-245224
  27. 27. Admissions O ce:International School of Management PatnaA-501 Kaushlya Estate, Dak Bunglow CrossingPatna – 800001 (Bihar)Phone : 0612- 6531102, 077394 47610email :,