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Frontier School of Innovation (FSI) is a University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) sponsored public charter school opened in 2009 with 380 students. Frontier School of Innovation has become one of the highest performing charter schools in State of Missouri. FSI is currently serving 778 Students. The mission of Frontier School of Innovation (FSI) is to provide a safe and collaborative environment high will cultivate the academic and social development of its students by emphasizing reading, math, science, and technology for the purpose of students setting and meeting future educational goals

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  1. 1. Frontier School System Tuition-free Using U.S. Department of Education Recognized School Curriculum Excellence in Science & Math EducationFrontier School of Innovation – Lower (K-5) Frontier School of Excellence – Middle (6-8)Frontier School of Innovation – Middle (6-8) Frontier School of Excellence – Upper (9-12) 6700 N. Corporate Dr. Kansas City, MO 64120 5605 Troost Ave Kansas City, MO 64110 Phone: (816) 363-1907 | Fax: (816) 363-1165 Phone: (816) 822-1331 | Fax: (816) 822-1332 | |
  2. 2. WHAT MAKES FRONTIER SPECIAL Safe, Small, and Friendly School students, teachers, and administrators make Frontier Best Place to Learn Environment feel like one big family. “In Frontier, I got a lot of support from the teach- Frontier creates an inviting, safe, and Nurturing School Atmosphere ers and friendly staff. Without the support, I purposeful environment in which students The emphasis of the entire instructional program might have not been able to accomplish much learn, and maintains a friendly and wholesome is aimed at meeting the individual needs of each in my life now. I thank you all for your help and atmosphere that encourages creative student in order to allow children to develop to concern for my well-being during my stay at expression and a desire for knowledge. their fullest potential. The school establishes an your school. I am now furthering my skills in There is a small school atmosphere. The atmosphere in which students develop abilities the arts, one of the fields your school helped involvement and participation of parents with to generate new thoughts, to think analytically, to me with, so again, thank you. J. Holmes(Former draw logical conclusions, and to express Student) Frontier Schools admit students of any race, thought s in writ ten and spoken form. Home Visits color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, “...I have spoken with the parents of other “Faculty home visits establish a family, student, privileges, programs, and activities generally ac- children who attend this school and they all teacher connection which serves as a bridge corded or made available to students at the school. Frontier Schools does not discriminate, or in any speak very highly of the education their children between the school and home. Finally, way prefer any student over another student, are receiving. My son loves learning new things the students, faculty and parents show a based on race, religion, gender, color, national and all the time and loves going to school every day dedication to high levels of academic success ethnic origin, disability, income level, proficiency and I wish for him to receive the best education and achievement.” in English, or athletic ability in administration of that I can find for him. I think your school would Mr. Isik, Principal, FSI its educational policies. be a great fit for him.” A Parent2
  3. 3. StrONg Math, SciENcE, aNd ENgiNEEriNg FOcuS The educators and leaders behind the Frontier School are passionate about transforming how students engage in math, science, engineering, and computer science. Frontier School administrators fundamentally believe that excelling in math and science prepares youth to succeed in college, the workplace, and the 21st century. Frontier’s vision is to enable students to succeed in school and have the option of pursuing math, science, and engineering careers. This will lead to students becoming productive and responsible citizens.Frontier students apply knowledge of Facts about Math and Science Educationscientists, mathematicians, and engineers on Students who take rigorous math and science courses are more likely to go to collegesite or at research institutions. They are our  People with strong math and science backgrounds are more likely to be employedfocus, and success is an expectation for all. Shortages in workers skilled in math/science affect U.S. performance in global marketsFrontier provides teachers and students Source: Math Equals Opp; NELS datawith the latest technology available tosupport their learning. Frontier’s communitycentered rigorous learning environment isa replicable model. In addition to innovativemathematics and science instruction, thecurriculum immerses students in hands-on,problem and project-based learning. Whilethey create, invent, and solve challengingreal-world problems in science and math,they learn about engineering and powerfultechnological tools in the process in thisenvironment. 3
  4. 4. SCIENCE FAIR & OLyMPIADS CULTURE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS I-SWEEEP, the International Sustainable weeks. It is truly amazing to see what these kids can • Focus on constructive competition enables World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) come up with and experiments they do. The school has Project Olympiad, is a groundbreaking science academic achievement to be the primary student been a great experience for him and is truly a great fair open to middle and high school students. place for kids to learn” focus It is the largest science fair event of its kind Brian and Angela Miller, Frontier Parents • Through yearly research papers, students world-wide. acquire the skills that they need in college ONGOING ASSESSMENT • Character education cultivates a community Science for All • Continuous assessment and prep exams promote high of respect Frontier Science Fairs will be huge and more passing rates competitive than regional science fairs. Stu- CHALLENGING & DyNAMIC • Frontier teachers are given flexibility in teaching and are dents will work on a project of their interest CURRICULUM in math, science, computer or engineering not constrained by the testing focus • The Piaget, Vygotsky, and Gardner-influenced categories. A Science Fair project is a valu- • The mandatory use of the technology-enabled student curriculum challenges students just above their able means of applying the concept of the database by teachers allows for information to be current level with scaffolding scientific method as well as a fun learning consistently updated • Students are grouped by their skills to maximize experience. educational outcomes “Our son has been working on his project for4
  5. 5. acadEMic OFFEriNgSFrontier provide a rigorous academic program with intensive support thatpermits students to reach their potential, whether that be a college prep,honors or AP level. In addition, students are required to take part in researchprojects and are encouraged to participate in academic competitions.AP Courses, Electives, and Clubs Offered at Frontier Schools*AP English AP SpanishAP Calculus Aquatic ScienceAP Statistics Civil EngineeringAP Computer Science DebateAP Biology Digital GraphicsAP Environmental Science ElectronicsAP Chemistry FrenchAP Physics Home ArtsAP World History Home EconomicsAP U.S. History Principles of Engineering Teachers and other staff members have established a successful home/schoolAP U.S. Government & Politics Video Production connection by BFMASS Online Database system which allows parent(s) andAP Art History Web Mastering guardian(s) to check their child’s progress. BFMASS also implemented STAR ReadingAP Music Theory and Math as well as AR and AM programs for parents to see their children’s *AP and Elective course offeringsAP Studio Art progress in Math and Reading thru Renaissance Home Connect System. may vary from campus to campusAP Psychology Burak Yilmaz, M. Ed – Principal at Frontier School of Excellence 7 students got acceptance to the As our mission states, we are dedicated to prepare each student for higher learning in a safe, caring and collaborative atmosphere through a quality learner-centered following Universities educational program with a strong emphasis on math, science, engineering and Northwest Missouri State University (2 students) technology. I can assure you that our staff will do their best for all students to reach North American University the best of their own potential. University of Missouri Cetin Demir – Principal at Frontier School of Innovation University of Central Missouri (5 students) “Frontier Schools has given my child the tools to make better grades and decisions Basically, I am pleased with BFMASS because they are looking out for my child the way that I would. ” Ms. Burnett , Family(Parent of a senior and 6th grader. 5
  6. 6. Frontier School SyStem high School Program Educational Academic and Program Goals Our curriculum encompasses a healthy combination of mental, physical, and interpersonal activities undertaken in a nurturing, success-oriented atmosphere. Through its curriculum, Frontier seeks to: • Develop creative approaches to problem solving, promote intellectual curiosity, and engender a life long commitment to learning. • Promote ethical awareness, personal accountability, and a strong commitment to social justice. • Develop the capacity for precise and articulate communication -- written, oral, visual, and quantitative. • Prepare students to function as skilled professionals in their future careers. Our faculty is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in an environment that emphasizes structure, self-discipline, and attention to detail in all academic and social interactions.6
  7. 7. a uNiquE aNd rEpLicabLE SchOOL MOdELThe school model is rigorous (prepares students for college), relevant (reinforces math and science skills) and underpinned by a tight web of relationships (astrong culture reinforced by teachers and parents). Frontier attributes its strong outcomes to three core principles within the school model: a challenging mathand science curriculum supported by theory; a focus on assessment; and a culture of constructive competition, discipline, and parental engagement. Frontierutilizes technology across all of these dimensions to reinforce its school model and curriculum.CHALLENGING & DyNAMIC CULTURE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS ONGOING ASSESSMENTCURRICULUM • Focus on constructive competition enables academic • Continuous assessment and prep exams• Frontier offers students a wide range of achievement to be the primary student focus promote high passing ratesAdvanced Placement (AP) and Honors coursework. • Beginning in 7th grade, counselling helps students • Frontier teachers are given flexibility in teaching• The Piaget, Vygotsky, and Gardner-influenced make wise early decisions about their graduation from and are not constrained by the testing focuscurriculum challenges students just above their high school with the distinguished graduation plancurrent level with scaffolding • The mandatory use of the technology-enabled • Through yearly research papers, students acquire the• Students are grouped by their skills to maximize student database by teachers allows for skills that they need in collegeeducational outcomes information to be consistently updated • Character education cultivates a community of respect Highly Qualified and Dedicated Community of Teachers Frontier teachers hold higher education degrees in their disciplines; these teachers are recruited from around the world. School encourages teachers to engage in home visits with student families to build on the parent-student-teacher triad. 7
  8. 8. cOLLEgE bOuNd EducatiON The goal of high school programs at Frontier Schools is to prepare students for four year colleges and for life. To that end, the core curriculum in the high school grades is designed to give each student the essential elements of a college preparatory education along with opportunities to engage in the exploration of intense study of particular fields of interest. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits. Students of Frontier gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects. COLLEGE GOING SCHOOL CULTURE Students will experience the following opportunities: Rigorous coursework to prepare for college    Advanced level Pre-AP courses starting as early as 6th grade  Dual credit courses  Variety of AP selection  PSAT/SAT selections in grades 7-12  Career Education classes in grades 9-12  Interacting and studying with university professors/students Our program help students to  Opportunity to communicate with Frontier alumni • enrich basic skills in key content areas (English, reading, writing, mathematics, and science)  Attending college fairs throughout the high school years • enhance development of study, writing, thinking, research, computer and test-taking skills.  Participating in college search trips • increase motivation to learn and achieve academic excellence  One-on-one college counselling and early identification of • develop career goals and increase awareness of career options appropriate career • think positively about themselves • foster growth and ability as student leaders. Frontier offers well equipped school • work toward acceptance into a quality four-year college or university settings and technology integration to respond to the needs of our students.8
  9. 9. QUE HACE QUE FRONTIER SEA ESPECIAL?Un ambiente seguro y amistoso de La participación de padres, estudiantes, maestros y Visita a los hogaresla escuela administradores hacen que Frontier se siente como “La visita a los hogares establece una conecciónFrontier crea un ambiente seguro y hace una gran familia. entre el estudiante y el maestro que sirveque el estudiante aprenda, y mantenga una como un puente entre la escuela y el hogar.atmósfera amistosa y sana que favorece la Para fomentar Ambiente Escolar Por último, los estudiantes, maestros y padresexpresión creativa y un deseo de superación. El énfasis del programa de la Enseñanza es muy muestran al máximo su nivel de dedicación completo y e s ta b asado en las para lograr el éxito académico”. necesidades particulares de cada Mr. Isik, el Director, Frontier e s tu d i a nte y p e r m i t i r a n i ñ o s a desarrollar su potencial más alto. Preferencia de Límites Geográficos La escuela establece una atmósfera (se aplica sólo a Frontier School of Innovation en la que el estudiante desarrolla (K-5): Los límites de preferencia de Frontier capacidades de establecer nuevos School of Innovation abarcan desde el pensamientos analíticos, para dibujar Río Missouri en el norte hasta 27 St. en la conclusiones lógicas, y para expresar línea sur y de oeste a este del límite de los pensamientos en la forma escrita KCMSD. Espacios disponibles se llenaran con y hablada. estudiantes que residan fuera de estos límites y dentro de KCMSD. 9
  10. 10. LO QUE OFRECE FRONTIER El estudiante Centro de la Enseñanza Programa de los estudiantes con talento (G/T) y la Feria Cientifica. • Atención Individual Los estudiantes que forman parte del programa Ser parte de estos emocionantes eventos • Pruebas Diagnósticas G/T también forman parte de uno de los equipos desafian e inspiran a nuestros estudiantes • Progreso monitoreado continuo académicos. Los equipos de Matemáticas, Ciencias, para aumentar sus intereses en matemáticas • Proyectos de investigación requeridos y de la Robótica de cuarto y quinto grado, se reúnen generales, ciencia, y las habilidades de trabajo Ambiente Académico Enriquecido por lo menos una vez por semana. Los estudiantes en equipo. “.. He hablado con los padres de otros niños que han participado en MATHCOUNTS, Olimpiada de Experiencia en Investigación asisten a esta escuela y todos hablan muy bien Matemáticas, Primer Torneo de la Liga Robótica Lego “Ya no asisto a FRONTIER, pero durante mi de la educación que sus hijos están estancia allí tuve un gran apoyo de los recibiendo. A mi hijo le encanta apren- maestros y del amigable personal. Sin el apoyo, der cosas nuevas todo el tiempo y le no podría haber sido capaz de lograr mucho encanta ir a la escuela todos los días en mi vida ahora. Doy las gracias a todos por y yo deseo que el reciba la mejor su ayuda y preocupación por mi bienestar educación que yo pueda encontrar durante mi estancia en la escuela. Ahora estoy para él. Yo creo que esta sería una promoviendo mis habilidades en las artes, uno gran escuela para él.” de los campos en los que la escuela me ha Padre ayudado, de nuevo, gracias.” J. Holmes (ex Estudiante)10
  11. 11. ACTIVIDADES EXTRACURRICULARESClubs* “Soy un padre de dos niños - uno en Brookside y uno en • La preocupación y el bienestar que el personalAnimación Liga de Matemáticas Frontier. Quiero hacerles saber lo mucho que me gustan tiene para los niñosCiencias Acuáticas Películas las dos escuelas. Espero que sus hijos sigan asistiendo a • El esfuerzo que hace Frontier para comunicarseBaseball Multicultural Brookside para que puedan aprender y crecer. con los niños y las familiasBalón Cesto Psicología Las cosas que a mi particularmente me • Alguien de la escuela hace el esfuerzo para lla-Juego de Mesa Lectura gustan de FRONTIER son: mar cuando hay un problema y también cuandoPorristas Fútbol • La administración y el cuidado de la facultad para la el niño ha hecho bienGraficas Digitales Sociología seguridad de mi hijo • Frontier enseña a los niños a resolver prob-Drama Producción de VideoDibujo Arte lemasBaile Folklórico Voleibol • Frontier le da la oportunidad a los estudiantesFútbol Americano Anuario para viajarFrancés Teatro • Frontier ha dado a mi hijo las herramientasMath Counts para tener mejores calificaciones y tomar*Los clubes varían según la escuela mejores decisiones. Básicamente, estoy satis- fecho con Frontier, ya que están mirando mas allá por mi hijo de la forma en que yo lo haría. T. Burnett (Padre) 11
  12. 12. Frontier School of Innovation – Lower (K-5) Frontier School of Innovation – Middle (6-8) 6700 N. Corporate Dr. Kansas City, MO 64120 Phone: (816) 363-1907 | Fax: (816) 363-1165 | Designed by Helix Design and Production / Frontier School of Excellence – Middle (6-8) Frontier School of Excellence – Upper (9-12) 5605 Troost Ave Kansas City, MO 64110 Phone: (816) 822-1331 | Fax: (816) 822-1332 | www.bfmass.orgSchool Bus ServiceThe safety of the students we transport is of pri-mary importance at Frontier School of Innovation.We work closely with our Bus Service Companyin designing bus routes, bus stops, studentbehavior guidelines and driver training so thatwe can do everything we can to provide yourstudents with a safe, hassle free bus ride to andfrom school. Frontier School of Innovation provides transpor-tation for all students. Safety is a core value in FSI. We are committed tofollowing the best safety practices. Mr. Isik, Superintendent, FSS