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Biomass presentation by Mr. Hauber 2013


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Biomass presentation by Mr. Hauber 2013

  1. 1. Biomass:The energy growing around us Grant Hauber
  2. 2. Biomass is any living plant matter Biomass energy is energy made from something that is or once was plant matter
  3. 3. T By ip oe ms a so sf
  4. 4. Biomass is the oldest source of energy
  5. 5. As a fire burns down, it gets hotter
  6. 6. Heat can be used to cook, boil water
  7. 7. We can use fire to make steam,and make steam do work for us
  8. 8. Turning Biomass into Electricity BoilerBiomass High Heat Steam Steam spins the Rotating magnets turbine blades create electricity
  9. 9. Inside a biomass steam boiler Pipes filled with water are heated to make steam Fire heats the water
  10. 10. Steam TurbineBoiler
  11. 11. What biomass can you burn to make fire?
  12. 12. T By ip oe ms a so sf
  13. 13. What is this?How much of this do you eat?
  14. 14. Rice
  15. 15. Rice husk 1 bowl = 1000 grains of rice 1 bowl per day x 365 days per year = 365,000 grains of rice per year 365,000 grains of riceRice husk mountain! 36,500 grains per kg = 10 kg per year per person 13,000,000 people in Manila x 10 kg per person = 130,000,000 kg
  16. 16. Farmers often burn theircrop waste to get rid of it
  17. 17. How can we stop this?Biomass Power!
  18. 18. Grown Biomass= Energy Crops
  19. 19. Seedlings (2 months) Saplings (1 year) Tree Plantations7 years 3 years
  20. 20. Where do these trees grow? Southeast Central America Asia Congo Basin Amazon Basin
  21. 21. Forest ProductsFrom Lumber Logs From Pulp Logs
  22. 22. Different trees, different logs
  23. 23. Tree Harvesting Lumber Logs Slash Bundles Pulp Logs
  24. 24. Cutting SortingHauling Loading
  25. 25. Wood Chipping MachineChipping
  26. 26. Bringing it all together…with no waste! Electricity and Steam Paper Mill are used by the Paper Mill Biomass power and heat plant Saw mill Wood chips from forestry waste Harvested Logs Saw dust from sawmill
  27. 27. If I cut a tree, is it dead? No, it can Coppice This tree is about 400 years old!
  28. 28. Where is this?Pasay Road, Dasmariñas Village
  29. 29. Biogasfrom Poop to Power
  30. 30. Farms can be dirty places
  31. 31. Making food can leavebehind a lot of nasty waste
  32. 32. Food or animal waste ferments in the pond, releasing methane gas Methane is highlyflammable!!
  33. 33. How to Capture BiogasThick rubber sheets Methane gas builds up cover the pond under the rubber sheet
  34. 34. Tank typebiogas plant Power GeneratorBiogas Capture Tanks Methane Gas Pipe
  35. 35. Humans also generate lots of waste!Covered landfills capture methane like a balloonThis methane can be used to generate electricity
  36. 36. Thank You!