Develop Your Personal Brand 6 Steps To Creating Credibility


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Attraction marketing works best once you have branded yourself as an expert. Once you have
positioned yourself as the go-to person in your particular field

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Develop Your Personal Brand 6 Steps To Creating Credibility

  1. 1. ==== ====The 11 Forgotten laws That Make The law of attraction An Unbreakable Force click below for thefull story ====The quick answer is YES IT WORKS! We are already masters of manifesting and low of attractionapplication. You must be wondering, as I did, then why it does not work for me? Well first of all wehave to understand how we really work. You see, there are three parts of us that work together:our conscious mind, our subconscious mind and our body. We must understand how these threeparts work and how we work with them in order to make Law Of Attraction to work the way wewant it to.Conscious MindOur conscious mind works with our five sensory factors. We can smell, taste, touch, hear and see.Based on what we see, smell, taste, hear and touch our conscious mind produces thoughts andideas. Then these thoughts and ideas are impressed to our subconscious mind. The secret is thatwe can choose to accept or reject any thought or idea. My advice is to choose only positivethoughts and ideas. And whenever some idea comes to your mind why something cannot workjust say NEXT!Subconscious MindOur subconscious mind is our emotional mind, it works with our fillings. Now, our subconsciousmind cannot reject thoughts and ideas that are impressed by our conscious mind. It can onlyaccept whatever is impressed upon it. Consequently it produces fillings which are in harmony withour thoughts and ideas. These fillings then set up our inner vibration and our body responds tothat Vibration.BodyOur body is nothing else than molecular structure, the instrument of the mind and the house welive in. Our body takes action and produces our results. Our results are always nothing else thanproducts of our actions. And our actions are always in harmony with our fillings.The Law Of Attraction always works the same way. From thoughts, to fillings, to actions, to results.If you really want Low Of Attraction to work for you here is the secret: Think only positive thoughts,which will produce positive feelings, which will lead to positive actions, which will produce positiveresults.You see, the only thing it can grow is the thing we give energy to. Our thoughts, our fillings, ouremotions and our actions are energy. Use your energy wisely. Give it only to positive thoughts thatwill produce things which will make you happy. Do not give any second to negative thoughts
  2. 2. because they will come through as well.If you understand and properly apply Law Of Attraction amazing positive things will happen in yourlife. To learn more visit and subscribe for free webseminar with the best practitioner and coach.Article Source: ====The 11 Forgotten laws That Make The law of attraction An Unbreakable Force click below for thefull story ====