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#latinproject @openeducationweek2014 - Methodologies


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Published in: Education
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#latinproject @openeducationweek2014 - Methodologies

  1. 1. LATIn Project: Methodologies Ismar Frango Brasil #latinproject
  2. 2. How to make people work together?
  3. 3. Collaborative writing involves specific tools... ... but also (and mainly) adequate methodologies !
  4. 4. Writing a book is a hard work for anyone... ...but a writing community can help to optimize this task.
  5. 5. My precious!New approaches for writing leads to new ways of facing authoring, copyright and property. A set of methodologies, platforms, adoption strategies, licensing (and so on) must be put
  6. 6. LATIn provides a DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM for collaborative writing of open textbooks
  7. 7. PLATFORMAS METHODOLOGIES STRATEGIES Profesors / Authors Students Deans Government Libraries
  8. 8. LATIn Methodology
  9. 9. Roles
  10. 10. Processes
  11. 11. Timing
  12. 12. Controlling
  13. 13. Granularity
  14. 14. Writing Groups
  15. 15. Tks! Ismar Frango Silveira CV: