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Matrix cwe 15

  1. 1. Matrix of Competitivenessof Work Experienceas an Instrumentof Professional Development
  2. 2. Investigation of the OP Problem7. ORGANIZATION PSYCHOLOGY5. ProvideNew Competitive Competences ofHR:Involve employeeswith competitive WE4. STRATEGY MANAGEMENT3. Organizationas flexible systemreading for changes1. Market Competition6. Organization:EMPLYEE’s WEis the instrumental valuefor achievingstrategy goals8. EMPLOYEE:My WE is mybasicterminal VALUEbecause of greatpersonal input!2. New CompetitiveProducts or Services9. OP PROBLEM:prompt to employeeto estimate&supporthisher Competitiveness of WEIMPLEMENT: Matrix CWE
  3. 3. Comparison between work experience andother professional features3Work experienceWork biographyKnowledge,skills,Habits ofworkRecord ofworkCompetence
  4. 4. CWE Matrix idea and constructionTreatment of ownexperience asconstantly highvalueTreatment of ownexperience asdynamicallychanging value,which can andmust be managed«VELVET HANDLE»:low competitiveness of WE“PORTFOLIO” of competences:high competitiveness of WEтщательно отобранный материал,позволяющий получить представление овозможностях его владельца
  5. 5. CWE Matrix:Structure of Competitiveness of Work Experiencebenefits byworkexperienceinvestments in work experiencehigh lowhigh3. StarsThis segment of WE includesnew competences, which areexpected by new organizationstrategy and requiressupplementary efforts ofprofessional development.4. Question MarksTo manage this segment specialistshould look forward becauseturbulence environment requiresconstant organization changes andsuitable competences.low2. Cash CowsThis segment of WE embracescompetences and practicalskills, which providesorganizational effectivenesstoday.1. DogsThis segment consists of the part ofprofessional experience which wassuitable for previous strategy andnow became obsolete fromorganizational position. But at thesame time this part of experience isof great value for specialist.5
  6. 6. Empirical research’s design :Comparison between CWE Matrix for MLManagers,constructed by Top Managers and MLManagersInvestigation steps:1) Construction of CWE Matrix for midline Managers (MLM) by top managers (TM)as an experts2) Construction of CWE Matrix by postgraduate students of PresidentalProgram&MBA Program (PgS)3) Comparison between CWE Matrix for MLManagers, constructed by TopManagers and CWE Matrix for MLManagers, constructed by MLManagersInstruction for participants:Please, fill the CEW Matrix for ML Manager.Call, please, not less then 10 features/competences for each segment of CWEMatrix: Dogs Cash Cows Stars Question Marks6
  7. 7. The sample of 1 part of research:top managers as expertsBusiness Schools and Enterprises of Ural Region:1) Ekaterinburg,2) Perm,3) Chelyabinsk,4) TyumenTop level Managers of large industrial enterprises of UralregionMBA alumnus, making decisions at Strategy Managementarea 30 participants Period: 2006-2009 years7
  8. 8. The sample of 2 part of researchmiddle level managersBusiness Schools and Enterprises of Ural Region:1) Ekaterinburg,2) Perm,3) Chelyabinsk,4) TyumenPost graduated students with managerial experience not less then 1year Middle level Managers of large industrial enterprises of Ural region 160 participants Period: 2006-2009 years8
  9. 9. First segment of the CWE Matrix :low investments and benefits(Dogs, by BCG Matrix)The question was:1) What competences in your workexperience you have to refusefrom ? You like to do it but youunderstand that it is time to stopto do it.Examples for WE revision: My preferable methods andimplements; My skills which areinadequate to organizationgoals The job I am doing for nextlast years9The source of information :Plans of Organizational Changes;Top-managers’ requirements ; Coach’s recommendations; Mentoring
  10. 10. Second segment of the Matrix СWE:low investments and high benefits(Cash cows, by BCG Matrix)The question was:2) What competences of your WEprovide you the main part ofyour salary ? What featuresof your WE are estimated byyour employer ?Examples for WE revision: My relationships and contacts; My reputation; Something what I do betterthen others My Know-how10The source of information :Coach’s recommendations;Assessment’s results;Top-management’s requirements;Appreciates by colleagues,
  11. 11. Third segment of the CWE Matrix :high investments and benefits(Stars, by BCG Matrix)The question was:3) What competences of yourWE provide possibilities toincrease your presentsalary wherebysupplementary efforts?What you have to do toachieve it?Examples for WE revision: Lack of relationships andconnections; Lack of acknowledgments; Skills which are demanded fordevelopment New skills which I have to havein my WE but I have not11The source of information :Coach’s recommendations;Top-management’s requirements; benchmarkingSWOT-analysis of WE
  12. 12. Fourth segment of the CWE Matrix :high investments and low benefits(Question marks, by BCG Matrix)The question was:4) What competences of yourWE will provide you thesalary’s growth in closefuture? What features of WEyou have to invest in justnow?Examples for WE revision:my possibilities todevelop or provide keycompetences oforganization12The source of information :Strategy plans of organization developmentBCG Matrix of Organization’s SBUCoach’s recommendations;Monitoring of Labor MarketMonitoring of new competences at the labor market
  13. 13. Empirical research’s results:Comparison between CWE Matrix for MLManagers,constructed by Top Managers and MLManagers – ConcurrencesCompetences of WE Segment of CWE MatrixBe ready to change the activity according toorganization goalsCash CowsBe ready to different jobs Cash CowsExperience to work in groups and teams Cash CowsStress management Cash CowsExperience of successful presentations Cash CowsWorker holism Cash CowsProfessional society membership Cash CowsUsing of Internet , but not “.ru” only StarsStrategy thinking and strategy management knowledges Stars
  14. 14. Empirical research’s results: Comparison between CWE Matrix forMLManagers, constructed by Top Managers and MLManagers -DifferencesCompetences of WE Top-managers MLManagers«Heroic» Management Dogs Cash cowsSkills corresponding to key competences ofcompanyCash cows StarsBusiness connections and relationships Cash cows StarsBusiness reputation Cash cows StarsForeign language Question Marks StarsTake a rest as fast as it is possible Question Marks StarsProfessional memory Question Marks StarsCompetences corresponding to «Questionmarks» SBU according to BCG MatrixQuestion Marks -
  15. 15. Empirical research’s results1) The main concurrences are located at “CashCows” segment2) ML managers locate some competences to “CashCows” segment, but Top Managers locate its to“Dogs” segment.3) ML managers locate some competences to “Stars”segment, but Top-managers locate its to “Cash cows”segment.4) ML managers call competences for “QuestionMarks” segment corresponding to theire personal andprofessional positions, but Top-managers callcompetences for “Question Marks” segmentcorresponding to organization strategy position and«Question marks» SBU according to BCG Matrix
  16. 16. Recommendation:Implement of CWE MatrixCWE Matrix may be used for agreement ofHR professional development’s goalsand strategy goals of OrganizationCWE Matrix may be constructed at Strategyplanning sessions for different groups ofemployees
  17. 17. Development employees competences.Recommendation:3 steps of consulting step1 – to present the CWE Matrix to employeeand ask him/her to fill it step 2 - to present CWE Matrix which have beenfilled by managers at the Strategy planningsession step 3 – compare both CWE Matrix and discussthe differences.
  18. 18. The main results of the research1. Grant “Stereotypes of RussianManagers’ ProfessionalConsciousness” (2007-2009)from Russian Humanitarian Found2. “Psychological Essence of Managing WorkExperience of Russian specialists in theMarket Economy “, Doctoral Thesis byF.Ismagilova (Moscow State University,2000)3. F. Ismagilova, Work Experience ofSpecialists in the Organizations and Labormarket, Ekaterinburg,19994. F.Ismagilova, Stereotypes of Russianmanagers, Harvard Business ReviewRussia, 2008, January-FebruaryMy courses of lectures / My Workshops1. “Psychology of professional performance andwork experience”,for students of psychological department,for Postgraduate students2. “Strategy HRM and Career development”,for MBA students, (Russia: Ekaterinburg,Moscow, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen,Ulyanovsk),for Managers of Ural industrial enterprises(VSMPO, PNTZ, Novoural.ECP, LUKoil)18