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Cripplegate Foundation slide show


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Cripplegate Foundation slide show

  1. 10. Invisible Islington goes beyond the statistics and allows local people to tell their stories about the impact of poverty on their lives. It paints a picture of a divided borough in a divided city, where those living in poverty inhabit an invisible bubble.
  2. 11. Life for this woman revolves around her child’s school and her mother’s house. Once a week she goes to the local shop for food. This is the full extent of her weekly activity.
  3. 13. Islington Debt Coalition The first model of its kind, bringing together agencies to tackle the problem of debt, supporting residents, developing a directory of advice services and devising financial inclusion and education programmes for the most vulnerable “ I would prefer not to have debt but it’s inevitable when you have four kids. It pays for clothes for them or a new cooker” Invisible Islington
  4. 15. “ The Invisible Islington research and report was the catalyst for the establishment of the Islington Debt Coalition . Cripplegate Foundation was at the forefront of this work from the very beginning and their contribution has been extremely significant throughout” Ian Adams: Director of Financial Operations – Islington Council
  5. 17. Help on Your Doorstep Islington’s poorest residents are its most isolated – they do not or cannot use services. Cripplegate supports this new charity to bridge the gap between those facing difficulties and the services that can assist them.
  6. 20. Help on your doorstep “ A first I thought it was just another person at my door, but by actually being there in the community and being located so close to my house I felt a lot more comfortable”
  7. 23. Catalyst Providing small sums of money to help residents take steps to change their lives. Working with 6 local voluntary organisations, small grants for fishing rods, gym membership and visits to grandparents have proved transformational.
  8. 28. Access to a Wider Life Helping the poorest residents to access ESOL training and job opportunities “ I can’t speak English and I have problems, for example going to the doctors I can’t explain what I need, so I have stopped going” Invisible Islington
  9. 35. Tackling Isolation through volunteering Ending poverty is not just about work. We believe that volunteering is a powerful way to address isolation. Working with over 1,500 volunteers a small grants programme has developed confidence, skills and networks through involvement with grassroots organisations. “ I have done no volunteering and didn’t know any neighbours at all and I had lived here for 10 years before I joined and it’s quite incredible that I can’t leave the house now without bumping into people, which is lovely.” Unlocking the potential: Volunteers in Islington
  10. 44. Islington Giving A unique new campaign – for Islington people by Islington people to encourage residents and businesses in Islington to give money and give time to tackle poverty and create opportunity in the borough.
  11. 47. Islington Giving “ There are two Islingtons – one successful, vibrant and prosperous, the other poor and disadvantages. Our charitable Coalition recognises that it is through the sum of our parts that we can achieve the most for Islington.” Jack Morris OBE