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ISYS 363
Group Islanders
Section 1 & 2

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Part one

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Sections 1 & 2 Group “Islanders”
  2. 2. Building blocks of successful collaboration Features needed for each end user: - Be accessible from anywhere. Each user must be able to access and apply changes to working documents from any computer or smartphone. - Full editing capabilities. - Reasonable pricing for member. - Screen sharing - Backup capabilities. Expected features for Collaboration - File sharing capabilities- A collective storage space that will sync all working and completed documents. - Have audio and video capabilities for teleconferencing purposes. - Secure/ Encrypted by host -Notifications- The tool must be able to notify each member of any new activity. This includes logging/ tracking and progress reports. Communication is the backbone of any successful team, group, project or business entity. In order to achieve one common goal, all members must be able to communicate effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner. Team “Islanders” seeks to utilize 1-2 collaboration tools for the use of our business. These tools will supply each user with a full range of editing capabilities.
  3. 3. Building blocks of a successful collaboration(continued) — It is agreed by all members that the criteria for this startup business, and must meet the needs of any small to medium sized corporation. Major concerns addressed: One major concern is that each member will have the ability to edit another members work without his/her consent. For this reason, we have chosen to utilize more than one collaboration tool. The first will be used strictly as a “rough draft” tool. It will give each member the ability to freely edit another members work. The second tool will be used as the primary tool for the submission of all completed drafts and working documents. This primary tool will have a backup feature that saves our collective progress each time a draft is submitted. If at any time, more work needs to be done, The last draft will be re-entered into the first tool so that any new changes can be made any new ideas can be added. Only 2 elected marketing leaders will have access to release any works back into the “rough draft” phase. Elected Market Leaders: Chief Executive officer- Adrian Sanchez Executive Officer- Taishi Kamimura
  4. 4. GOOGLE DRIVE • File Sharing: Any file can be shared with anyone(or an account can be shared with people). Free 15GB storage. • Audio and Video Conferencing: Text chat built in, each user can be invited to a Hangout through the integrated Google+. Supports audio, video and screensharing with up to 10 people, switches automatically to speaker. • Notifications: In addition to real-time editing, supports comments/annotation with fine control over email notifications(only replies to me/all replies). • Collaboration: Real-time editing from it’s inception shows the dedication to collaboration, threaded comments, and the recent more extensive integration into the rest of the Google’s communication platforms(Gmail/Google+) • Security and Privacy: Access requires an invited account to co-own a file, but still allows for public sharing with a link when needed. • Backup: Supports versioning and saves “deleted” files. Even allows to manage changes in different times by different users. • Platform, Pricing and Availability: Supported by advertising, available on all platforms with a browser, and several apps(iOS, Android, Chrome…) PROS: 1. Free with Google Account(also free). 2. Entire team is already familiar with it. 3. Real time file-storage, editing, and communication are all integrated. CONS: 1. Requires a Google Account 2. Funded by advertising(not really free) 3. Communication and screen sharing aren’t as integrated as in other platforms(only text chat built in, separate Google Hangout needed for webcam/screen, but still free using the same Google accounts)
  5. 5. ANYMEETING • File Sharing: Yes. Offers file sharing at real time, during the meetings. You can send and receive PowerPoint, word, access, ect. • Audio and Video Conferencing: “Anymeeting” offers Video conferencing for up to 6 people. • Notifications: Notifications are done through email only. • Collaboration: Offers Screen Sharing/ P2P file transfers/ Conference calling with login pin numbers/ Real time chat available. • Security and Privacy: Secure 128 bit encryption. Participants for the meeting are emailed a customized, secure link that allows them access to the meeting. • Backup: Recording feature available for pay version only. “Anymeeting” does not offer a collaborative storage space. • Platform, Pricing and Availability: Compatible with Mac/ PC/ ipad/ Android tablets. Utilizes Adobe flash player. Free (although Ad supported). can broadcast up to 200 people. Pay versions: "Pro25"- $17/mo. or $180/yr. & "Pro200“- $78/mo. or $780/yr. PROS: 1. Only gaining 4 features by using the purchased version as oppose to the free version. You also have the ability to sell tickets to your webcasts. 2. Live screen sharing with the ability to upload streaming videos from your computer or the web. 3. Customized branding (The look of the tool). Pricing is less than most competitors CONS: 1. Live support by phone or chat only available for pay versions. 2. Documents are sent P2P only, and not collectively shared in a stored space. No way to track interaction. 3. Ability to record meetings are for purchase version only.
  6. 6. VYEW • File Sharing: allows you to share files, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and documents. Also, users can share the screen • Audio and Video Conferencing: Allows Audio and Visual conferencing with the ability to screen share. • Notifications: Notifications are done through email only. • Collaboration: Contextual discussion forums, voice notes and the ability to track and log activity is available. • Security and Privacy Secured meeting rooms. It is possible to make these rooms open to everyone, or accessible only to those who have been invited. • Backup: Continuous rooms are always saved (backed upped) and always on. (Storage capabilities: it’s not specifically mentioned… but, it is not very good use for large meeting or presentation; therefore, it might be very limited and has small capacity.) • Platform, Pricing and Availability: Compatible with Mac/ PC/ ipad/ Android tablets. Free for all users PROS: 1. Its low price and lots of optional plugins and features make “Vyew” a very good webinar service for educational settings (ex, homeschooling, tutoring). 2. you can show Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and communicate by using audio, video, or both. 3. Very user friendly and intuitive interface. CONS: 1. According to the users’ review, it is very difficult to begin scheduled meeting as a host. Webcam streaming can be garbled and choppy, and sometimes it’s lagging. 2. Compatible for a small business or schools; however, it seems not including enough tools for large scale presentation or sales demonstrations. 3. Somewhat limited in range of features.
  7. 7. TEAMBOX ● File Sharing: 5 GB with free use. Gives the ability to upload and share up to 5 projects. Unlimited storage for paid use. ● Audio and Video Conferencing: 5 member use for free version. $5 each additional member/ mo. ● Collaboration: Groupchat, Drop box and Box integration for Pro version only. Pro version allows P2P file transfers/Real time chat available and provides email notifications. ● Security and Privacy: SSL Encryption and provides Role based permissions. ● Backup: Automated backup each time a project is uploaded . Utilizes cloud server. ● Platform, Pricing and Availability: Compatible with Mac/ PC/ ipad/ Android tablets. Utilizes Adobe flash player. Free for up to 5 users, each additional user is $5 per month. Compatible applications available for iPhone/Android/ Google Chrome. Pros: 1. Allows the assigning of Role based permissions 2. Most features are standard for free version. 3. Money back Guarantee Cons: 1. Additional pricing is based off of number of additional users. Does not allow flat rate pricing. 2. Integrations features for most platforms are only available for paid versions. 3. Downloadable applications do not have automatic notifications.
  8. 8. Prezi • File Sharing: None besides the Prezi presentation file itself (a proprietary file we don’t actually see). • Audio and Video Conferencing: Not built in at all. Skype or Google Hangouts would have to be used. • Notifications: Notifications are possible through email. • Collaboration: Allows to share view, or see each others cursors and work as it happens. Even present together. • Security and Privacy Requires a Prezi account to be invited(or account information shared between memebers). • Backup: All work is updated in real-time, crashing not an issue. Can also download proprietary file for use with special Prezi software. • Platform, Pricing and Availability: Free, and available to any sofisticated browser(mostly on computers). Apps available too. Pros: 1. Unique presentation format(pan and zoom frames instead of slides) 2. Intuitive interface(an infinite canvas to split up between the team members) 3. Very focused on creating presentations, few unnecessary features Cons: 1. Must be converted to PDF for SlideShare, so most of hte interesting proprietary features won’t be used anyway (collaborative live presenting, for instance) 2. Only does presentations, no built in file storage or audio/video communication 3. Somewhat of a learning curve due to a few radical departures from most presentation software/formats.
  9. 9. Our Winners!!! Google Drive ❖ Easily understandable ➢ GD is a user friendly tool that each member of our group is familiar with. This will allow more time to complete work without having to learn an entirely new operating system ❖ Accessible anywhere with shared storage space ➢ GD is accessible from any Mac/ PC/ ipad/ tablet/ smartphone (Application friendly). All members have access to a free storage space that is accessible via cloud network. It gives real time updates to all members when any documents have been uploaded, changed or removed. Teambox ❖ Integrated Video Conferencing ➢ Teambox has screenshare capabilities and allows for chat groups through video with VOIP ❖ Largest amount of storage space ➢ 5GB free. Unlimited for $5 additional ❖ SLL Encryption ❖ Role based permissions ➢ This will allow the Market leaders of our team to delgate tasks more efficiently. ❖ Automatic Integration with Google Drive ❖ Immediate email notification of new activity. Team “Islanders” feels that the use of these two collaboration tools will best fit our needs. Each possesses a distinct capability that the other lacks. Utilizing both tools will bring our projects to a higher level of success. “Google Drive” will be used and the “rough draft” tool in which all users will have access to working on the same project. “Teambox” will serve as the primary tool in which all drafts are reviewed and approved by the Market leaders. Teambox’s automatic integration feature with Google Drive will allow for a shorter processing with each project, and allow for each member of our team to maximize his/ her time.
  10. 10. REFERENCES • Google Drive ❖ • Vyew ❖ • Anymeeting ❖ • Teambox ❖ • Prezi ❖