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Welcome to Y'all Street

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Welcome to Y'all Street

  1. Welcome to Y’all Street! The story of the Tarpon Folio.
  2. Something is wrong with Wall Street.
  3. quot;It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked.quot; - Warren Buffett
  4. Wall Street is like a giant salad bar.
  5. Both give the illusion of choice while steering you towards certain items.
  7. Investors pay $40 billion a year in fees to mutual funds.
  9. 80% of mutual funds fail to beat the market.
  11. There are more mutual funds in the US… 8,000
  12. …than Taco Bells. Only 5,800
  13. Why?
  14. Three Things Mutual Funds Don't Want You to Know
  15. Secret 1: Lots of time to live Most of us Not enough savings have the same problem... Need for guidance
  16. Secret 2: Most funds are built for brokers to sell… not for investors to buy.
  17. Secret 3: You are on your own.
  18. But there is value investing. another way:
  19. It's not exciting, but it works.
  20. Value investing is like spinach…
  21. …in a world of chocolate.
  22. Ten good Value funds Clipper Fund Oak Value FPA Capital Oakmark Select First Eagle Global Tweedy Browne American Value Fairholme Fund Third Avenue Value Fund Weitz Value Fund Longleaf Partners
  23. And then there's ours. It’s a new kind of fund…
  24. ...combining the best parts of these... Mutual Fund Hedge Separate Fund Account Margaritas!
  25. …from a different kind of company…
  26. …in a different kind of place. rida Keys rada, Flo Islamo
  27. Introducing… The Tarpon Folio Tarpon. The silv er king the Flo of rida Ke ys.
  28. We have invested most of our own savings in it. quot;We eat our own cooking!quot;
  29. We are paid more when the fund does well… and less when it does poorly.
  30. We select just a few stocks with painstaking care…
  31. …and hold those stocks for years.
  32. Despite long hours of research… Late night s + an ope n home office doo r = tattoo s.
  33. and lots of time with our investors…
  34. …our fees are about half those of the average mutual fund.
  35. The Tarpon Folio has three levels of insurance… up to $500K - SIPC ds of London up - Lloy to $9.5 million up to $5.75M - FDIC 5M for joint (or $11. accounts)
  36. and minimizes trading, taxes and turnover.
  37. The Tarpon Folio has a secret, too.
  38. It's not a mutual fund.
  39. Or a hedge fund.
  40. We call it a Spoke Fund. (As in “hub and spoke.” Catchy, right?)
  41. It was built around a “hub”... the life savings of our portfolio manager’s family...
  42. connected by “spokes” to investors’ separate accounts.
  43. So your portfolio manager owns the exact same investments you do. (And not much else.)
  44. It isn't sold through any brokers, so you don't pay any commissions…
  45. ...anyone can invest...
  46. …and you’re not just another face in the crowd.
  47. It's the difference between this…
  48. …and this. (We're all in it together.)
  49. Your money is held in your own secure account….
  50. customized to your preferences… Dear Tarpon Guys, Minimize my capital gains taxes. Exclude tobacco companies. Let me vote all proxies. – Me
  51. …and led by a portfolio manager…
  52. …who is a steward, not a salesman.
  53. What are we most excited about?
  54. The Tarpon Folio is now open. Tarpon Folio  seeks  investors.  Must desire to  be part  of  something new.  Disgruntled and  ornery investors  welcome.  
  55. Give us a shout anytime! (305) 522-1333 Twitter: @CaleInTheKeys Blog:
  56. Presentation modified from an original design template by Nancy Duarte posted on Guy Kawaski's blog.
  57. Brought to you by: Islamorada Investment Management One geek in the Keys equals two suits in the city.