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Who are the faithful?.
Belief in Allah.
Belief in the Hereafter.
Belief in Angels.
Belief in Divine Books.
Belief in Prophets.

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  1. 1. ISLAMI ROOHANI MISSION PAKISTANWASILA(INTERCESSION)Written By : Founder & Patron in ChiefHazrat Allama Dr. Professor MuhammadMaqsood Elahi NaqshbandiTranslated by: Muhammad Jamil Maqsoodi Naqshbandi[“O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah and fear Him and seek themeans of approach to Him; and strive hard in His cause that you maybe successful.”]
  2. 2. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 1WHEN Allah Almighty created this world, Satan refused to prostratebefore Adam ‫ي‬ ‫ههه‬ ‫ههٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ as Allah wanted him to do. This act ofdisobedience resulted in his eternal damnation and curse. Upon this,Satan asked Allah Almighty for eternal life, and vowed that he wouldastray humans from the right path till their last breath. Allah Almightysaid that Satan would have no control over His chosen beings and aboveall, He will accept their repentance to the last moment of their life. Toguide humanity to the right path, Allah Almighty sent a line of prophets.This chain ended with the last Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ‫هىٙس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هللاسعىب‬.Allah Almighty made him the Last of his prophets and gavehim a complete code of life in the shape of the Holy Quran, so thathuman being can find path to righteousness. Each and every word of thisBook is replete with light of Marafat(a true understanding of Allah).Allah Almighty Who is the Sole Creator of this universe, loves Hispeople a lot. The mother, who nourishes and carries a baby in herbosom, loves it very much then why the creator of humans will not lovethem. In fact, Allah loves people more than seventy times a motherdoes.According to a Tradition, during the time of the Blessed Prophet ‫س‬‫هىٙسهللاس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ a child was taken as prisoner in a war. It was a very hot day.When a woman saw the child, she rushed towards him, and carried it toher chest; put her shadow on him, so that, it could be saved from thescorching sun. The people were surprised and started weeping whenthey saw love of the woman. When the Blessed Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬arrived, he was told about the whole incident. He became glad when hecame to know about the love expression of the woman, and its effect onthe people. He asked them if they were surprised over the love of thatwoman. The people replied in affirmative. On this the Holy Prophet ‫هىٙس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هللاسعىي‬ said, Allah Almighty loves you seventy times more than thiswoman does to her child. (Chemia-e- Sahadat)Allah Almighty, the Most Merciful and Beneficent, bestowed humanitywith His greatest favour by sending His Last Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ as aBlessing for all the worlds. His being as Blessing, transcends all theconfines of time and space, and will continue to benefit the humanity tillthe Day of Judgement.Blessed are those who become his followers.Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran,„We have not created you out of jest and sport, but the cycle of life anddeath has been set in to judge the actions of the people.‟This life is like an examination center, and the secrete of success hasbeen given by Allah Almighty in this verse:ْ‫ياسيٕاسالوذيُسأٌّٗالالتقٗالسهللاسٖالبتغٗالسالويٓسالوٗسميىتسٖسجاسٔدٖالسفٙسمبيىٓسوعىمًسيفىحَٗ.سس(سالوٍائد‬-‫س‬57)
  3. 3. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 2“O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah and fear Him.and seek themeans of approach to Him; and strive hard in His cause that you maybe successful.”(5:35)Had the address be ,‫س‬‫ها‬‫ه‬ّ‫هاسالو‬‫ه‬ٕ‫هاسالي‬‫ه‬‫ي‬ it would have included word humanity;Allah Almighty addresses His Beloved Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ by lovelynames like, ‫هاسال‬‫ه‬ٕ‫هاسالي‬‫ه‬‫هٙ,سي‬‫ه‬‫هاسالوّب‬‫ه‬ٕ‫هاالسي‬‫ه‬‫هٗن,سي‬‫ه‬‫هاساليٕاالوزم‬‫ه‬‫ي‬‫ز‬ ‫هد‬‫ه‬ٍ‫هاسالو‬‫ه‬ٕ‫هاسالي‬‫ه‬‫هه,سي‬‫ه‬ٌ‫وٍز‬‫سس‬‫س‬ etc. Here, AllahAlmighty addresses the Ummah (followers of the Holy Prophet ‫صههىٙسهللاس‬‫هٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ ) with reference to His Beloved Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ .Here, theaddress is to the believers and Jinns.Four things have been specified inthis verse, faith,Taqwa(piety),intercession( a source or a mean) andjihad(strive or fight in the way of Allah ). The three things are in fact theheart of the success, which is faith, taqwa and jihad, while finding amean to approach the destination forms the spirit of the whole structure.Who are the faithful?Faith or Iman means to believe in the Oneness of Allah and theProphethood of Hazrat Muhammad ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ to the core of one‟sheart. Iman or faith does not become fruitful unless one follows theteachings of the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬.In Sura Al-Baqarah, Allah Almighty counts five things to be believed in. The realvirtue lies in belief in Allah, the Day of Judgement, in Angels, theBooks and the Prophets.Belief in AllahIt means, one should believe that Allah is Everlasting in His Being.He isAll-Knower and All Wise. Nothing is hidden or unheard from Him.He isAll-Hearer and All-Seening.He is the Rich, the All-Powerful, and noneis equal unto Him.He is the One and the Sole Master.If seen justly, do we have the first attribute of those who have faith(Iman)? Do we realize that Allah Almighty observes us all the time? Helistens to each and every one of us. There was a young man who fell inlove with a girl. One day, he came to know that she was accompanyinga caravan .He too started moving with the same caravan. When thepeople stopped to rest during the night, that youngman started seducingthe girl for an evil act. The girl asked, if all the people were asleep. Theyoungman nodded yes. Then the girl asked, if Allah was also sleeping.The youngman started weeping and conceded that neither sleep norslumber overtakes Allah.Belief in the Hereafter
  4. 4. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 3The Day of Judgement is an absolute truth, and a reality which humanitywill come across one day. On this day, people will be asked to accountfor their deeds and misdeeds. This is the Day when prophets of Allahand His chosen beings will intercede. Our Blessed Prophet ‫هٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ will entertain believers with the holy water of Al-Kauthar (a river inParadise).It is the same day, when people will have to cross the Bridge-Sarat(a hair like thin bridge over the Hell fire).To believe in theHereafter means to verify the truths and incidents of the Day ofJudgment, as stated in the Holy Quran or told by the Blessed Prophetً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ .It is important to think that when we believe in rewardand punishment then, why doesn‟t our lives have that state of fear ofAllah and feeling of His being as Omnipotent.Belief in AngelsTo believe in the existence of Angels forms another important part ofprofessed Iman.It should be believed that Angels are the obedientcreatures of Allah.They are neither male nor female. Only AllahAlmighty knows their real number. There are four Archangels, Gabriel,Michael, Israel, and Israfiel.Belief in Divine BooksOne should believe that all the Divine Books are revealed byAllah.There are four main Books, viz. Torah, sent to Hazrat Musa(Moses) ‫هٓس‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫الو‬ , the Holy Bible, given to Hazrat Esa (Jesus) ‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫هٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬and the Holy Quran was revealed to the last of prophets HazratMuhammad ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىيهههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ص‬.The Holy Quran establishes the truth ofDivine messages given in Divine Books earlier. Fifty (50)Divine Paperswere given to Hazrat Shish ‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫هٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ ,three(3)Divine Papers were given toHazrat Idrees ‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫هٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ , Ten (10) were sent to Hazrat Adam ‫س‬‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫عىيهٓسالو‬‫س‬ , andten were revealed to Hazrat Abraham (Ibrahim) ‫س‬.‫ي‬ ‫عىيٓسالو‬Belief in ProphetsThe fifth pillar of Iman is belief in prophets who were deputed by AllahAlmighty for the guidance of humanity. They were innocent and freefrom all kinds of error and sin. Their total number is not known exactly.However, there are 313 Rasools.All the prophets were male and nowoman was ever raised to Prophethood. Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa(radiyallahu anhu) says about faith in the light of the Holy Quran andSunnah:"It is essential to declare that I believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books,His Prophets, reward and punishment in the Hereafter and belief in theexistence of Paradise and Hell."Faith means to believe in Allah, His Angels, Divine Books, theHereafter and Fate (good or bad); while Islam means to declare there is
  5. 5. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 4only One Allah, and the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬is His Last Prophet and Rasool; to offer prayer and give Zakat (poordue), observe Fasts during the month of Ramadan and perform Hajj ofBait-Allah (Kaaba).The practical observance of Iman is called Islam.There is a saying of the Holy Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬. „No one can be aperfect Momin (believer), unless he loves me more than anything elsedoes. It means, the love of the Holy Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ and practicaldemonstration of his life pattern completes faith.Piety is impossible without following the Sunnah of theHoly Prophet ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬ (PBUH.)Correctness of Iman or belief ensures a successful life. Islam as Deen isthe same as was brought by the Holy Prophet ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ andfollowed by his companions (not the sundry sects which are beingproliferating these days).Now fortunately, if we fall in those whobelieve then, what is the next command of Allah? Allah Almighty says,„O those who believe, fear Allah and observe Taqwa (piety). Taqwameans to refrain from doing anything bad, leave or keep oneself awayfrom those things which have been prohibited by the Holy Quran andthe Sunnah of the Holy Prophet ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬.To fear the wrath ofAllah, punishment in the Hereafter and abandon sins is piety (Taqwa).There are two types of Taqwa. The whole structure of piety rests on theobedience of Allah and His Last Prophet ‫هٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ while the soul ofit lies in following the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ .Theverse ‫السطعيههٗالسهللاسٖسالسطيعههٗسالوزمههٗن‬ describes the structure of Taqwa, while theverse, ‫فهاستبعهِٗٙسيحبهبمًسهللا‬ shows the soul of piety. TheHoly Prophet ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ said that Allah Almighty says, “I nevergather double fear or double peace on any person. The one who fearsMy punishment in the world, I will free him from the fear of punishmentin the Hereafter ‫س‬ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ .But, the one who does not fear Mypunishment in the world, he will be harassed and punished in theHereafter”.In a Tradition the Holy Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ says, „if a tear ,equal tothe size of head of a fly, falls from the eyes of a Momin (believer) out offear of Allah, the fire of Hell will not touch his face.It is stated in ٓ‫ه‬‫ه‬‫هتسالسوٕدالي‬‫ه‬‫هدالسي‬‫ه‬ٔ that Hell will be brought forth on the Day ofJudgement, terrible voice coming out of it, will horrify people. AllahAlmighty says: ‫ٖستهز٘سلههسأس‬‫يهٓس‬ ‫ا‬ ‫يهتسلههسأٌهتستهدعٙسالوهٙسلتبٕهاس(سالو‬ ‫ٌهتسجهاس‬82)“And you will see each nation humbled to their knees (kneeling); eachnation will be called to its Record (of deeds). This Day you shall berecompensed, for what you used to do,” (28:45)When people approach Hell, they will come across an extremely hot air,and horrible voices coming out of it. These voices could be heard from thedistance of five hundred (500) years. On this Day, every living creaturewill think none but itself. The Holy Prophet ‫ههىٙسهللا‬‫ه‬‫ص‬‫س‬‫ههٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ , who is a
  6. 6. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 5blessing incarnate for the whole worlds, will be calling Ummah! Ummah!Right at that moment, a big fire will arise out of Hell and sprawls towardsthe Ummah (followers) of our beloved Holy Prophet ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬.Thepeople of Ummah will cry, „O fire! For the sake of those who feared Allah,gave alms and charity and observed fasts, keep itself away from us.‟ Butthe fire will continuously move towards them. In the mean time, HazratGabriel ‫ي‬ ‫ه‬‫ه‬ ‫هٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ will approach our blessed Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ and offerhim a glass of water. When, he sprinkles this water fire will go out. TheHoly Prophet ‫س‬ً‫ههى‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫ههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ will ask Gabriel ‫س‬‫ي‬ ‫هه‬‫ه‬ ‫ههٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ about this water.Gabriel ‫ي‬ ‫ه‬ ‫عىيهٓسالو‬ will tell that this water is collected from the tears ofyour followers who wept out of fear of Allah. I have been asked to offerthis water to you, so that you can put out the Hell fire.This verse first demands faith and correct belief and then fear of Allah.The fear of Allah in a Momin brings Taqwa (piety), yet access to Allahis till not possible, note the next command: ‫ههيىٓس‬‫ه‬‫ههٗسم‬‫ه‬‫ههٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫ههٗسالوي‬‫ه‬‫ٖسالسبتغ‬withoutTaqwa, Iman has no value. Performing good deeds is not possible unlessWasila (a mean, a source) supplements Taqwa. The word Wasila meansto seek or find. There are separate outlets for everything, as differentthings are available at respective shops. If we want to buy anything wevisit that specific place. Seek Allah at the door of the Holy Prophet ‫هىٙس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هللاسعىيههٓسٖسمههى‬, and His Beloved (the Holy Prophet ً‫صههىٙسهللاسعىيههٓسٖسمههى‬) at thedoors of Aulia Allah.Wasila means nearness, love and a special place inParadise.There is no doubt Allah Almighty is near to our jugular vein, yet He cannot be approached everywhere. Although He is Omnipresent but onecan notfind Him in the bars and cinemas. There are special places where onecan seek His nearness. To look for means to approach Him is an obviouscommand of Allah given in this verse. It‟s the same as train passes everyinch on the line, but it can be found only at the stations. The electricalcurrent flows through all the cable, but we get light from the bulb. This iswhy, Allah urges us to find Wasila in His Way. One of the attributes ofAllah is Ghani (self-sufficient), yet He does not bestow anything of thisworld without a mean. Then how can we disregard Wasila (mean) inseeking Allah.1-He gave us existence through the mean of father and mother.2-He gives knowledge through a teacher.3-He gives wealth and riches through rich people.4-He alleviates our ailments through doctors and Hakeems.5-He takes away life through the Angel of death.6-We got Iman, the Holy Quran and all other blessings of Allah throughour beloved Prophet ‫س‬ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬ .7-Makkah and Madina owe their consecration to the Holy Prophet ‫س‬‫هىٙسهللاس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫عىيٓسٖسمى‬.8-All the Angels prostrated themselves before Prophet Adam ‫ي‬ ‫هه‬‫ه‬ ‫ههٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬taking him as a mean to find pleasure and nearness to Allah Almighty.
  7. 7. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 6They did while Satan performed thousands of acts of worship withoutWasila and could not win the pleasure of his Lord.9-Hazrat Adam ‫ي‬ ‫هه‬‫ه‬ ‫ههٓسالو‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬was forgiven because of our beloved HolyProphet ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬.10-The Holy Quran says, whenever punishment of frogs and lousesdescended upon Pharaoh, he would entreat Hazrat Musa (Moses) ‫س‬‫ههٓس‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬‫ي‬ ‫الو‬:“O Moses, if you take this punishment away from us, we will certainlybelieve in you and give away Bani Israel unto you. But, when Mosesprayers alleviated their afflictions, they would not believe in him asprophet.”When Allah Almighty intended to destroy Pharaoh and his disciples, hedid not let Pharaoh reach Moses instead, let Moses and his followerscrossed the river safely and drowned Pharaoh in the middle of the river.Pharaoh exclaimed:َٖ‫الِٙسآسٌّتسبزبسٌٗمٙسٖسٔار‬„I believe in the Lord of Moses and Haroon!‟Since there was no mean in between so, his faith was not accepted, andhe was drowned.11-The People of the Book used to pray for victory against Makkans byinvoking the name of the Last Prophet of Allah ‫هٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ and wouldget victory.12-whenever faced with trouble, the pagans of Makah would come inperson to the Holy Prophet ‫س‬ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬ , for prayer.13-Camels, sparrows and she-deers entreated the Holy Prophet ‫هىٙسهللا‬‫ه‬‫ص‬‫هٓس‬‫ه‬‫سعىي‬ً‫ٖسمى‬ in the times of trouble.14-The Holy Quran says: ‫ههًٕسجههارلسفههاسمههتغفزوًٕسالوزمههٗنسوٗجههدسٖس‬ ‫ٖسوههٗسالِٕههًسالمساىٍههٗالسالِف‬‫اءس‬ ّ‫هللاستٗالباسرحيٍا.سس(سمٗرةسالو‬–‫س‬86)“And if, when they had wronged themselves, they had but come untothee and asked forgiveness of Allah and asked forgiveness of themessenger, they would have found Allah Forgiving, Merciful.” (4: 64)It is narrated on the authority of Hazrat Ali (radiyallahu anhu) that anArabi came to us after three days of Holy Prophet‟s ‫صههىٙسهللاسع‬ً‫ىيههٓسٖسمههى‬ ,departure from this world. He fell on the grave of the Blessed Prophet‫هٓسٖس‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫م‬ , and out of grief, started throwing the holy dust on hishead. He cried; „O prophet of Allah, whatever you said we heard;whatever you learnt from Allah, we learnt from you. There was oneverse also; ‫ٖوهٗسالِٕهًسالمساىٍهٗال‬ „I have been unjust to myself, and have come toyour doorstep, O blessings for the worlds, ask forgiveness for me. Avoice came from the sacred grave, „You have been forgiven‟.15-During the night of Ascension (Mehraj) the Holy Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬was given the gift of fifty prayers, which were later reduced to only five. Itwas Hazrat Musa (Moses) ‫ي‬ ‫عىيٓسالو‬ who affected this change.
  8. 8. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 716-Darud Sharif (sending blessings and Salam to the Holy Prophet ‫هىٙسهللاس‬‫ه‬‫ص‬ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫عىي‬ ) is a sure source of acceptance of prayers causesforgiveness and gathers ten blessings of Allah.17-Umm-e-Salma (radiyallahu anha) had a sacred hair of the Holy Prophet ‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖس‬ً‫مى‬ which became a source of cure for many people.18-Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (radiyallahu anhu) used to win battles by invoking Allahwith reference to the sacred hair of the Holy Prophet ‫س‬‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬ً .19-The eternal damnation of Abu Lahab was lessened, because he had set his slave girlSowaiba free when he heard the good news of the birth of the Holy Prophet ‫س‬‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖس‬ً‫مى‬.20-Allah Almighty says, if you want to get my love, follow the Blessed Prophet ‫س‬‫صهىٙسهللاس‬ً‫عىيٓسٖسمى‬.Say, (o Muhammad) “if you (really) love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you andforgive you your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. (3:31) V21-During the caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakr (radiyallahu anhu), one of the servants ofthe Holy Prophet ‫س‬ً‫صههىٙسهللاسعىيههٓسٖسمههى‬ Safina was captured and later fled from theconfinment.Suddenly, a lion appeared in front of him. He said to the lion, “O lion I am aslave of the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ „I have come across such and such incidents”.After listening this, lion approached Hazrat Safina (radiyallahu anhu) while waging itstail and started walking along him. Whenever, it heard any voice, it would hide itself inthe sideways. In this way, it moved along him till the later met Muslim soldiers. Thisshows that even the animals recognized the slaves of the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬and became obedient for the sake of the Holy Prophet .‫س‬ً‫هههى‬‫ه‬‫هههٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هههىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬.22-Hazrat Uthman Bin Hanif (radiyallahu anhu) said, once a blind companion of theHoly Prophet ‫س‬ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ came in the company of the Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ andasked him to pray for his health. The Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ said, „you can eitherbe patient or I can pray for you.‟The companion requested for prayer. The Holy Prophetً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ said to him to perform ablution, and pray like this: “O Allah I turn myface towards You and ask You for Your Blessed Prophet Muhammad „s ‫س‬ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬sake. O Prophet of Allah I have turned my face towards Allah, so that for your sake, myneed be fulfilled. Allah accept Holy Prophets intercession for me.”The narrator says,when the companion prayed after Salat, Allah Almighty returned his sight and heremained blind no more.23-Allah Almighty could have thrown all the idols out of Kaaba Himself, yet He did thisthrough His Blessed Prophet ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمى‬.24-A dead is asked three questions in the grave. The first question is about the Onenessof Allah, second about his Deen (religion) but successful answering first two questionsdoes not ensures salvation and window to the Paradise is not opened. The third questionis asked, ‫سٔهذالسالوزجهه‬ ‫ٌهاسلّهتستقهٗنسفهٙسحه‬ “Do you know this Beloved who has black hair andgreen tomb?”Faithful and obedient servant of our Beloved Prophet ً‫هى‬‫ه‬‫هٓسٖسم‬‫ه‬‫هىٙسهللاسعىي‬‫ه‬‫ص‬replies, „he is our prophet and Rasool, and I am one of his followers.‟ This confirms hissuccess. A voice says, ‫سعبهد٘س‬ ‫صهد‬‫ّهت‬ ‫الفتحهٗالسوهٓسبهاسبهاسٌهُسالو‬ “my slave is true, open for him thedoor to Paradise”. It means, even in the grave, one cannot be successful without theblessings of the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ .The dead is not asked about the deeds heperformed, it will be asked on the Day of Judgment.
  9. 9. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 8This world is a similitude of the Hereafter.We can guess and deduce what is going tohappen there. The Holy Quran, in order to explain the situations in Hereafter, usessimiles and symbols of this world. The real Benefactor is One, the one who receives it isalso one, but through him this benediction passes to the rest. The king or ruler is one andhis minister is also one, but his orders are passed to the ruled through his minister. Thesun is one, the moon is also one but countless stars and planets are benefited by them. Atree has a root and a single trunk yet every leaf, vein and veinlet recieves its part of sap.So Allah Almighty, the Sole Ruler of all the worlds, is also Alone; His great BelovedProphet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ is also one who receives the blessings of Allah. These blessingsof Allah, through the personhood of the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ , and thenthrough Ulema and Aulia Ikram reach each and every particle of this world. The onewho disregards these approved sources cannot get the blessings of Allah. Although railpasses on every inch of the line, yet it has specific points where one can catch and reachone‟s destination. Similarly, the Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ and Aulia Ikram are thosepersons who act as sure places where one can find Allah Almighty and His blessings.26-When Sultan Mahmood Ghzani could not conquer Somnath despite his best efforts;he prayed to Allah by using the turban of Sheikh Abu-al-Hassan Kharkani ٓ‫رسحٍهتسهللاسعىيه‬.He got such a victory, which has become a legend in the pages of history.Hazrat Maulana Jalal-u-Din Rumi ٓ‫رسحٍهتسهللاسعىيه‬ in his Mathanvi Sharif narrates that during thetime of great Sufi saint Bayazid Bostami ٓ‫رسحٍهتسهللاسعىيه‬ ,a prostitute came in the town ofBostam.Her beauty and melodious voice instantly emptied the mosques and churches.People thronged her house day and night to listen to her songs. Someone complained to thegreat Sufi saint Bayzid, „how it comes, Bostam is filled with corruption and immoralitywhen you still live in this city!‟On being asked, the man told the whole story. The great Sufisaint took his praying mat and a pot of water for ablution .He sat in front of the gate of thatwoman and started offering nawafal (a kind of prayer) there. When people saw HazardSahab there, they slipped away secretly. At the midnight, when everybody had gone, hecalled for that woman and gave money that she could have earned during that day. HazratSahab said to the woman, „you have got the money, so I have the right to ask you do what Ilike‟. He spread the praying mat and asked her to pray. Willy nilly she stood for prayer.When she prostrated, the holy saint raised his hands in prayer and said, “O Allah! You areAlmighty and I am feeble and weak man. I have made this fallen woman bow infront ofYou.this is what I could do. You are the Almighty change her heart. Don‟t think who she is,but see who has made her prostrate in front of You. For the sake of Your Beloved Prophetً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمهى‬ change her heart lest this slave of yours should be disgraced in the eyes of thepeople.”When these words came out of the mouth of the holy saint, the life of that womanhad changed. She gave up the life of sin and became a walia (saint). When her friends calledher from outside, she said, I had seen the holy saint and the Friend.The one who sees them,would not turn her face towards anyone else.‟When we cause sunrays fall on a piece of cloth through a glass, it (cloth) burns. If thereis no glass in the middle, no fire can be produced. The blissful sun rays of MadinaMunawara (the Holy Prophet ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمهى‬) is shinning with all its manifestations.AuliaIkram are those glasses, which cause these blissful rays of that everlasting sun fall onthe hearts.Thus the holy verse further explains:‫ياسيٕاسالوذي‬ْ‫ُسأٌّٗالالتقٗالسهللاسٖالبتغٗالسالويٓسالوٗسميىتسٖسجاسٔدٖالسفٙسمبيىٓسوعىمًسيفىحَٗ.سس(سالوٍائد‬-‫س‬57)
  10. 10. www.islamiroohanimission.org Page 9“O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah and fear Him. And seek the means ofapproach to Him and strive hard in His cause, so that you may be successful”(5:35)Now, a man who has faith and fear of Allah, he is commanded to find a source or amean (A perfect Murshid or guide) to reach Allah his Lord. And what is the key tosuccess then, ٓ‫ٖسجاسٔدٖالسفٙسمبيى‬ “And fight in His way”. It is narrated in a Tradition, oncethe Holy Prophet ً‫صهىٙسهللاسعىيهٓسٖسمهى‬ was returning back from a battle, along with hiscompanions. When he reached near Madina Sharif, he addressed to one of his‫س‬companions: ‫كسالو‬ ‫ٕادسالالسلبزسفاَسالعد٘سعدٖلسِف‬ ‫ٕادسالالسصغزسالوٙسالو‬ ‫رسجعّاسٌُسالو‬.‫تٙسجّبيك‬“We are coming from a smaller to a bigger jihad (shriving in the way of Allah). Yourbiggest enemy is your evil self who is hidden inside you”The evil self of man is his the biggest enemy, that is in all out war with him all the time.It urges him to do evil and sinful deeds. It the same evil self of man that shows mandeceptive and delusive dreams about future and stops him from treading the right path.To restrain and stop one from indulging in sin and restring evil propensities of this evilself is called strive (jihad) in the way of Allah. A Kamil Murshid (a perfect guide)guides us to a way, which helps taming this evil self and its disposition towardssinfulness and error. Its evil changes into obedience to Allah. If one finds such Murshid,one should remain in touch with him, and act upon his advice and guidance. Thisaccounts for jihad in the way of Allah, and needs really a great effort to reach the goal.The first and foremost condition is love and belief in one‟s Murshid.Allah Almighty commands: َٗ‫ٖسجاسٔدٖسالسفٙسمبيىٓسوعىمًستفىح‬“And strive in His way, so that you be successful”.Live such a life in this world, which makes you a chosen being of Allah. Sufia Ikramsay, this world is both slippery and dark. If one follows such path, one needs a reliablesupport (stick) and a light that could support and lighten his way. The love of the HolyProphet ً‫صىٙسهللاسعىيٓسٖسمهى‬ is the light of this way and Shariah Pak (Islamic Jurisprudence) isthe stick or support of this slippery way. If one is equipped with both these tools, withAllah‟s help, he will reach his destination. One can find both these things at thedoorsteps of Aulia –e-Ikrams.Find them, then hold fast to them you will reach your goalsoon.ISLAMIC ROOHANI MISSIONAL-MARKAZ MAQSOOD-UL-ULOOMFEDERAL CAPITAL AREA NO.1 LIAQAT ABAD NO4KARACHI PAKISTAN.WEBSITE : www.islamiroohanimission.org
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