An Ideal Teacher


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My essay on an ideal teacher...

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An Ideal Teacher

  1. 1. AN IDEAL TEACHER BY YAQEEN UL HAQ AHMAD SIKANDERA teacher is a glorious component of the society. His rank is exalted in the social hierarchy.In the hierarchy of relationship, a teacher is the one who is ranked just after our dear mostparents. Without any selfish motive he gives his precious ornament i.e. Knowledge to hisdisciples. The teacher is the pivot in the education. He is the one who elevates us from theearth to the heavens. It is the teacher who plays the most authoritative role in the life of thestudent. His consequence on the students life is genuinely eminent. The student is an uncutstone. The stone has to be chiselled a number of times by the teacher by using differenttypes of tools. The teacher has to take every pupil as an uneducated individual. It is theteacher who can surge the standard of education to the Himalayan height. The role of ateacher in building a strong nation is very great. A nations upheaval depends on theteachers, who are dedicated ones. A teacher may be an agriculturalist, a doctor, anenvironmentalist, a builder, a sculptor, all assembled in a single person.The word Ideal according to dictionary means, "Something which is perfect" or "Model ofexcellence". So in the words of Confucius, "The Ideal teacher guides his students but doesnot pull them along; He urges them to go forward and does not suppress them; He opensthe way but does not take them to the place". The teachers as we cognize are plentiful butIdeal Teachers are rare of the rarest. Everybody can be a teacher but an Ideal teacher isOne in a Million. An Ideal teacher can make a lot of great students. It is an acknowledgedfact that an Ideal education cannot be imparted in absence of an Ideal teacher. Idealteachers are therefore, the dire need of every society. In fact, Ideal teachers are thebackbone of any progressive scheme of national education.A teacher should possess some sublime traits which will make him Ideal. An Ideal teachersows the seeds of knowledge in the mind of the taught; the fertilizer is the unbowedexperience he acquires over a period of time. It is but natural that pupils trained by anexperienced teacher would become a precious asset to the state in general. Like a doctor,the teacher treats the illness of ignorance. The pupils illness is ignorance. The ignorance isdarkness in the mind. The darkness has to be taken out by imparting knowledge. Knowledgeis light. It drives away ignorance from the mind of the people. The sun obliterates darknessin the night. Likewise, knowledge wipes out darkness of the mind. An Ideal teacher is like asearchlight who removes darkness completely from the mind of the pupil. He should helpthe pupil in developing an all round personality. To become an Ideal teacher, academicattainments are not the only requirement. Eleanor Roosevelt aptly perceived "I have knownmany erudite and scholarly men and women who were dismal failures as teacher. I have
  2. 2. known some learned teacher who had the gift of inspiring youth and sending them onheights where perhaps, they themselves were unable to follow".The unique and the foremost traits of an ideal teacher are the total dedication on her part inthe field of education. The teacher-student relationship must be established in aharmonious way and teachers must create conducive atmosphere for imparting the besteducation to students and students also in turn will show great enthusiasm in learning theirday to day lessons. An Ideal should pay respect to the students perception and the teachershould work is such a way that he gains respect. On the other hand, to enhance theintelligence quotient in the minds of children the teacher must introduce all novel methods.The Ideal Teacher must get acquainted with all the students in the class and must try his/herlevel best to pay individual attention to her students so that all of them fare well in theclass.The teacher plays a very vital role in moulding the character of every child in general, sincemost of the time the children are with the teacher apart from being at home other than theschool hour. This feature can be best explained with the help of the following quotation, " ifwealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost, if character is lost, everythingis lost". It is also essential that an Ideal teacher should try to cultivate civic sense amongststudents since our society should be ensured pollution-free environment in the nearestfuture.Punctuality is another feature of an Ideal Teacher which he has to foster amongst the pupilsand should explain the importance of time factor which is the dire need of the hour,particularly in a fast moving phase of ours. Being punctual to school is also a sort ofdiscipline that cannot be infringed upon at any cost. And Ideal teacher must evolve best andinnovative methods to tap the potentialities that are dormant in every child. Thus, teachershelp in nurturing positive thoughts in the minds of their students and there by adopt anoptimistic outlook towards life. An Ideal teacher introduces value-based education in schoolcurriculum which will help the children to enrich and mould their social behaviour and adoptthemselves to varied circumstances of life. Hence it is imperative on the part of the schoolsto create room for spirituality and propagate it through proper channel and thus spiritualenvironment also must be given due weightage so that the mind gets relaxed in a veryserene atmosphere. It is essential that the spirituality must be developed at the buddingstage itself so that we may not lag behind in any walk of life.Besides knowledgeable information, an ideal teacher of repute imparts emotional andmoral moorings, vitalisation of approach, deep sense of understanding, student psyche,communication skill, and interaction with students and above all the sense of humour tomake an everlasting impact on the character of the student. An Ideal teacher should haveflexible approach to things. He should understand the deep senses of understanding of themind of the student. Knowledge is light that removes darkness. The darkness in the mindescapes as soon as knowledge sheds its bright light in the mind. One can remove the hunger
  3. 3. of the stomach by feeding one but that is a temporary step. If one removes the hunger ofthe mind by feeding the mind with knowledge, it is a permanent step. Sense ofresponsibility should be developed in the student. That comes naturally from within, wherethe student is afresh with respect and listened to by the teacher.The old idea of controlling the students through fear of punishment is out of date in theculture of today. An Ideal teacher should be sensitive and understanding so that heestablishes a strong rapport with the class and he finds his pupils only too willing to learnfrom him. In this way, an Ideal teacher can play the role of a good friend, philosopher andguide for their students. Thus it can be said that the teachers role is multi-facetedpersonality and the teacher should take precautionary steps to follow the right path keepingin mind the pros and cons of their thoughts, speech and action which will leave aneverlasting imprint in the young minds. Thus the Ideal teachers have got to shoulder thegreatest responsibility of moulding the character of their students and they should try toadhere to strict guidelines and their tremendous contribution to the society and also for thenew generation ahead will be multi-fold.An ideal teacher is one we respect from our heart. He acts, as a guide to the students, but atthe same times does not pushes them too much. A perfect teacher motivates the studentsand boosts their morale. He tries to encourage the students and refrains from criticizingthem. Such a teacher prefers to give positive motivation to students. His comments arealways constructive. With an ideal teacher we will find that we have learnt something newat the end of every lesson.An Ideal Teacher should never tolerate any negligence of his students. In the formation ofhis student’s character a teacher must play the role of a friend and philosopher whom theymay easily understand .An ideal teacher should treat his students with affection but shouldnever allow them to indulge in indiscipline. The perfect teacher is our friend, guide,educator, confidante, all rolled into one. One such teacher builds the whole life of thestudents. Everyone in this world should get an ideal teacher. They wont have to look back intheir lives ever. A teacher teaches only in class but an ideal teacher teaches for a lifetime. Anideal teacher leaves the trails of his footsteps for his students to follow and create their ownniche in this world.So to conclude, an ideal teacher would be a teacher who without any thought leaves animpact in mind throughout the odyssey of my life. A teacher might be great scholar but untilhe is unable to create an interest, curiosity to learn, zest of liveliness in learning, bond ofunderstanding, friendliness, trust within his pupils, I would not consider him my idealteacher. I visualize my ideal teacher to be an incarnation of a motivator, facilitator, tofacilitate me with pearls of knowledge, philosopher, whose philosophy becomes an epicbook for me to be referred forever and a friend in the time of despair to encourage me. Iwould love to become an ardent student of an ideal teacher who is synonyms of honesty,truthful, straight forward, humble, knowledge bank and charismatic personality. Above all
  4. 4. he should be a good human being to present this world his carbon copy with all imbibedknowledge.(The Author can be reached at or can be mailed at