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The purpose of creation :

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The purpose of creation

  1. 1. 6Jirfd-a+6tf JdB ,-i.!r d)! - aj*.i jii The Purpose The Purpose Greationof Creation By ByDr.Abu Ameenah Philips BilalDr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
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  5. 5. fn, P"rprtt C*ttu!. ITL The Purpose ofCreation = __ l-tl "fIntroductionIntroduction purpose creation is a topic that puzzlesevery ffihe he purpose of creation is a topic that puzzles everyT r I human being at some point in his or her lifetime. human being at some point in his or her lifetime. Everybody at sometime or anotherasksthemselves Everybody at some time or another asks themselves the question the question "Why do I exist?~ or "For what purpose am I do exist?"or what purpose am here on earth?" here on earth?" The variefy and complexity the intricatesystems The variety and complexity of the intricate systems which constitutethe fabric both humanbeingsand the which constitute the fabric of both human beings and the world in which they exist indicate that there must have been a in which they exist indicatethat theremusthavebeena Supreme Beingwhocreated them.Designindicates designer. Supreme Being who created them. Design indicates a designer. a When human beings come across footprints on a beach, they When humanbeingscomeacrossfootprintson a beach,they immediatelyconcludethat a humanbeinghad walked by there immediately conclude that a human being had walked by there some time previously. No one imagines that the waves some time previously. one imaginesthat the waves the sea settled the sandand chanceproduced a from the -sea settled in the sand and by chance producedadepressionlooking exactly like humanfootprints.depression looking exactly like human footprints. Nor do dohumans instinctively concludethat they were broughtintohumans instinctively conclude that they were brought intoexistencewithout a purpose. Since purposefulexistence without action is purpose. Sincepurposeful action is anatural productof humanintelligence.natural product of human intelligence, lrumans humans concludethat conclude thatthe Supremethe Supreme IntelligentBeing who created Intelligent Being who created them must have them must havedonesofor a specificpurpose.done so specific purpose. Therefore, Therefore, humanbeingsneed human beings needto know the purposefor their existencein orderto make sense the purpose existence order make senseof this life and to do what is ultimatelybeneficialfor them.of and what ultimately beneficial them. Throughoutthe ages,however, therehasbeena minority Throughout the ages, however,there has beenamonghumansamong humans who havedeniedtheexistence God.Matter, have denied the existence of ofGod. Matter,in their opinion, is eternaland mankindis merelya chance opinion, eternal and mankind merely chanceproduct of accidentalcombinationsof its elements.Conse-product of accidental combinations of elements. Conse-
  6. 6. t-L The Purpose ofCreation The of Creatior,t _quently, to them, the question "Why did God create man?"quently, to them, the question God createman?"had and still hasno answer. According them,theresimplyhad and still has no answer. According to them, there simply is no purposeis no purpo:;e to existence. However, the vast majority of existence.However,the vast ofhumankind over the ages have believed and continue tohumankind over the ages have believed and continuebelieve in the existence of a Supreme Being who created thisbelieve in the existence a Supreme Being who created thisworld a purpose. them was, and still is, impoftantworld with a purpose. For them it was, and still is, important Forto know about the Creator and the purpose for which Heto know about the Creator and the purpose which He humanbeings.created human beings.createdThe AnswerThe Answer answerthe question To answer the question "Why did God create man?" it did God createman?"must first bedetermined from which perspective questionmust first be detennined from which perspective the question the is beingasked. Fromthe point view Cod would mean,is being asked. From the point of view of God it would mean, caused God createhumanbeings?" from the"What caused God to create human beings?" while from the human point view would meanhuman point of view it would mean "For what purposedid what purposeGod createhumans?" Both pointsof representGod create humans?" Both points of view represent aspectsaspects the intriguingquestion exist?" theof the intriguing question "Why do I exist?" In the followingpages, both aspects the questionwill be explored basedpages, both aspects of the question will be explored based ofon the clearpicturepaintedby divine revelation. This is noton the clear picture painted by divine revelation. is nota topic humanspeculation. because humanguessworka topic for human speculation, because human guessworkcannot possiblyproducethe whole truth this matter.cannot possibly produce the whole truth in this matter. Howcan human beingsintellectuallydeducethe reality of theircan human beings intelJectualJy deduce the reality of theirexistencewhen they can hardly understand how their ownexistence when they can hardly understandbrain or its higher entity, the mind, functions?brain its higherentity,the mind, functions? Consequently, Consequently,the manyphilosophersthe many philosophers who havespeculated this question who have speculated on this question ondown through the ages havecome up with innumerabledown through the ages have come innumerableanswers, all of which are basedon assumptionsanswers, of which are based on assumptions which cannot which cannot
  7. 7. The Purpose ofCreationbe proven.Questions this topic haveevenled a numberofbe proven. Questions on this topic have even led number ofphilosophersto claim that we do not really exist and that thephilosophers claim that not really exist and that thewhole V(0rld is imaginary. For example, the Greekphilosopherwhole uqorldis imaginary. example,the For Greek philosopherPlato (428-348 Be) argued that the everyday world ofPlato (428-348 BC) argued tlrat the everyday ofchangeable things,which man comesto know by the useofchangeable things, which man comes know the use ofhis senses, not the primary reality,but is a shadowworldhis senses, is not the primary reality, but is shadow isof appearances. I Many others, as waspreviouslyof appearances. Many others, was previously mentioned, as mentioned,claimed and continue to claim that thereis no purpose theclaimedandcontinue claim that there is no purpose for thecreation ofhumans at all. According thetrr, of at to Human existencecreation humans all. According to them, Humanexistenceis merelya product chatrce. Therecan be no purpose lifeis merely a product of chance. There can be no purpose if lifeif matterwhich only becameevolved from inanimate matter which only became animateevolved from inanimate animate supposed cousins,themonkeyby pure luck. Humankinds supposed cousins, the monkeyby pure luck. Humankindsandapes not bothered with questions existence. soand apes are not bothered with questions of existence, so why areshouldhumanbeings botheredbe with them?should human beings be bothered with them? Although mostpeopleput the qrrestiori why we are Although most people put the question" of why we are asideafteroccasional brief reflection. i.sextremelycreated aside after occasional brief reflection, it is extremelycreated beings knowthe answer. to Withoutknow-critical for human beings to know the answer. Without know-criticalfor humanledge the correct answer. hutnanbeings becomeledge of the correct answer. human beings become indis- indis- from the otheranimals aroundthern. Theanirnaltinguishable from the other animals around them. The animaltinguishable anddesires eating, drinkingand pro-creatingnecessities and desires of eating, drinking and pro-creatingnecessitiesbecome the purpose lrumanexistence default.and bybecome the purpose of human existence by default, and is thenfocusedin this limitedsphere.human effort is then focused in this limited sphere. Whenhuman efTort When developsinto the most importantgoalinmaterial satisfaction develops into the most important goal inmaterial satisfaction t fhis vierv was expressedin his book The Repuhlicthroughhis rvellI This view was expressed in his book The Republic through his wellknorvn metaphor of the cave. wlrere the changin-e physical rvorld isknown metaphor of the cave. where the changing physical world is caston tlrc wall ola caveby gravenimages (Ihecompared to shadows cast on the .all 0 r a cave by graven images (Thecompared to shadowsNew Encyciopaedia Britannica. vol.l .25. .p. .552).) . N ew EncltclopaediaBr itunnica. v o 2 5 n 5 5 2
  8. 8. ThePurpose Creation of The Purpose ofCreation tgJ life, humanexistencelife, human existence becomes even more degraded than that becornes evenmoredegraded than thatof the lowestofanimals.of the lowest ofanimals. Human beings wi II consistently misuse Humanbeings willconsistently misusetheir Go{-givenintelligencetheir G04-given intelligence when they lack knowledge oftheir whenthey lackknowledge oftheir purpose of existence.The degradedpurpose of existence. The degraded human mind uses its humanmind usesitsabilities to create drugsandbombsand becomesabilities to create drugs and bombs and becomes engrossed in engrossed infornication, pornography,homosexuality,fornication, pornography, homosexuality, fortunetelling, fortunetelling,suicide,etc.Without knowledgesuicide, etc. Without knowledge ofthe purpose of life, human purpose life, human ofexistenceloses meaning all and is consequentlyexistence loses all meaning and is consequently wasted, and wasted,andthe reward an eternallife happiness the hereafterthe reward of an eternal life of happiness in the hereafter is in iscompletelydestroyed. Therefore, is the utmostimportancecompletely destroyed. Therefore, it is of the utmost importancethat humanbeingscorrectlyanswerthe questionthat human beings correctly answer the question "Why are arewe here?"we here?" Humans most often turn to other humanbeings like Humans most often turn to other human beingslikethemselves forthe auswers. However. only place thatclearthemselves for the answers. However. the only place the that clearand preciseanswers these questions can be found is in theand precise answers to thesequestions be found is the to canbooks divine revelation. was necessary that God revealbooks of divine revelation. It was necessary God reveal thatthe purpose to man throughHis prophets. becausethe purpose to man through His prophets. because human humanbeings are incapable arriving at the correct answers bybeings are incapable of arrivingat the correctanswersthemselves.themselves. All of the prophets God taughttlreirfollowers the prophets of God taught their followers ofthe answers to the question"Why did God createman?"the answers the question God create man?"Judeo-ChristianScripturesJudeo-Christian Scriptures A surveyof the Bible leavesthe honestseekerof truth survey of the leaves the honest seeker oflost. The Old Testamentlost. The Testament seemsmore concerned seems more concerned with laws laws ..andthe historyof eariymanandthe Jewishpeoplethan withand the history of early man and the Jewish people thananswering vital questionanswering the vital question concerning the concerning humaniryscreation.:! humanitys creation.l2 In2 Isaiahthe Israelites createdfor Gods glory, "But norv thus says Isaiah the Israelites are created tbr Gods glory, .. IBut now thus says arethe Lord. he who created you. 0 Jacob. he who formed you. 0 Israel: ...the Lord. he rvhocreatedyou. O .lacob.he who formedyou. O lsrael:...
  9. 9. l-L- T h ePurpose s e C r e o t i o n TI,e P u r p o ofCreation of -_ ..In Genesis, God creates the world and Adam and Eve in sixln Genesis, God creates world and Adam and Eve in six thedays and rests from His work on the seventh.3days and rests from His work on the seventh. J Adam and Adam andEve disobeyGod and are punishedEve disobey God and are punished and their son Cain kills and their son Caintheir othei son AbDl and goes live in the land Nod.their other son Abtl and goes to live in the land of Nod. AndGod was sorry that he had mademan!*God was sorry that he had made man!4 Why are the answers arethe answersnot there in clear and unmistakable terms? Why is so muchnot therein clearand unmistakable terms? Why is so much symbolic.leavingthe reader guessat itsof the language symbolic, leaving the reader to guess at itsof the languagemeanings? For example,in Genesismeanings? For example, in Genesis 6:6 it is stated, "When 6:6 is stated, "When on the faceof the ground,and daughtersmen began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughtersmen begzurwere born them, the sonswere born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters saw that the daughtersof men were fair; and they tookof men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they such them as theychose." Who are these "sons of God"? Each Jewish sect andchose."Who arethese"sons God"? EachJewishsectand the manyChristiansectswho followed them haveeach of the many Christian sects who followed them haveeachtheir own explanations. Which is the correct interpretation?their own explanations. Which is the correctinterpretation?The truth is that the purpose mans creationwas taught byThe truth is that the purpose of mans creation was taught by ofthe prophets.of old, however,the prophets. of old, however, some of their followers-in some their followers-incollusion with thecollusion with the devils-later changed the scriptures. The the changed scriptures. Theanswers became vagueandmuch the revelationwas hiddenanswers became vague and much of the revelation was hiddenin symbolic language. When God sent Jesus Christ to thein symbolic language. When God sentJesus Christ thel61 will say to the north. Give up. and to the south. Do not withhold: bring sayto the north.Give up" and to the south- not rvithhold:bring 7my sons from atar and my daughters fiom the end the eafih. evervoncmy sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth. 7 every onewho is called by my name. whom I created for my glory, whom r tannedwho is calledby my name. created glory, rvhom I tbrmedand made." (Revised Vcrsion.lsaiahand made." (Revised Standard Version. Isaiah 43: 1. 6-7.) Standard 43:l- 6-7.)t "tAnd on the3 •• ~ And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had done. and seventh God finishedhis rvorks,hichhe had done.and day dal from all his work uhich he had done.iSohe rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. 350he rested on the seventhGod blessedthe seventhday and hallowedit. becauseGod blessed the seventh day and hallowed it. because on it God rested on God restedfiom all his work which hc had donein creation." (RSV. Genesis 2:2-3.1from all his work which he had done in creation: (RSY. Genesis 2:2-3.)n4 "And the Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth. and it Lord was that hc had made man on the earth.andgrievedhim to his heart."(RSV. Cenesis 6:6.)grieved him to his heart." (RSY. Genesis 6:6.)
  10. 10. ThePurposeof creation Tile Purpose ofCreation f Jews, he overturned tablesof thosemerchants theJews, he overturned the tables of those merchants who had who had set up businesses insidethe temple,S he preachedset up businesses inside the temple, and he preached against and against the ritualistic interpretationthe ritualistic interpretation ofthe law practiced by the Jewish oftlre law practicedby the Jewish rabbis.He reaffrnned law of Prophet therabbis. He reaffirmed the law of Prophet Moses and revived it. Mosesandrevivedit. He taught the purpose of life to his disciples and demonstratedHe taughtthe purpose life to his disciples of anddemonstrated how to fulfill it untilhislastmoments thisworld. to fulfill it until his last moments in this world. However. in after his departure From this world.his rnessage alsoafter his depat1Ure from this world. his message was also wasdistortedby some who claimed to be among his followers.distorted by sorne who clairned be amonghis follorvers. toThe clealtnrthhe brought becameThe clear truth he brought became vague. like the messages the messagesof tlre prophetsbefore hirn.symbolisrnof the prophets before him. Symbolism was introduced, was introduced.especialll through "Revelatiorrs" John,andthe Gospel theespecially through the Revelations of John, and the Gospelwhich was revealed Jesus to was lost.Four othergospelswhich was revealed to Jesus was lost. Four other gospelsconrposed menvere by chosen Athanasius,fourthcentury bvcomposed by men were chosen by Athanasius, a fourth century a 6bishop.6 replace lostGospel Jesus to thebishop, to replace the lost Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the christ. And the23 books of writings of Paul and othersincludedin the New23 books writings Paulandothers included in the 7Testament outnumberedTestament outnumbered eventlrefour versiolrs the gospel.T even the four versions of the gospel. ofAs a result, New Testament a result, Testament readers readers canot find precise cannot preciseanswersto the questionanswers the question "Why did God createmanT,g And did God create rnan?"s Luke 19:45 ( R S V ) <; Luke t 9 : 4 5(RSV).6, Encyclopaedia Britannir.r, vo[. l4- p. gl4. 6 The .Vew Encu-clop,aedia Britannica, vol. 14. p. 814.7 7 tn tlre rnicl-4th In the mid-4th ccntur,manuscnpt century manuscript callecl Codc Sinaiticus. Letter called CodexSinaiticus. the Letter tl.reof Barnaba.sand the shepherd ol Hernrfl.rarc included as a part of the of Barnabas and the Shepherd a/Hernias are included as a part of theNew Testament. New Testament. (Tlrc Sew Encvclopctediu (The NewEncyclopaedia Brirunnica.01. 14.p. gl4.) Briwnnica. lol. 14. p. 814.)t what 1 What rnaybe citedin the Kin-e.lames Versionas the purposeof creation, may be cited in the King .lanres Version as the purpose o{crcation.Revelation II "fhou art vonh.o Lord. ro rcceiveglory anclhonorand Revelation 4:ll "Thou art worthy, 0 Lord. III receive glor-v(Inc! honor and 4:porver:for thou hastcreatcd thin-ss. for thv pleasurethey are and power: lilr thou hast created all things. and for thy pleasure they are and all andwere created."is retranslated the Rerist-d Standard Versionas:"worthr,. were created." is retranslated in the Reised Standarcl in Version as: "Worthyart thou. our Lord and God. to reccrvcglor-rand honcur art thou, our Lord and God. lO receive glory and honour and power. fbr forthou didstcreateall things.and by thy will they existedand were created." thou didst create all things. and by thy will they existedand were created.-
  11. 11. The Purpose of Creation The Purpose ofCreationone is forced to blindly follow the contriveddogmasofone is forced to blindly follow the contrived dogmas ofwhateversectthey happento belongto or adopt.The gospelswhatever sect they happen to belong to or adopt. The gospelsare interpreted according eachsectsbeliefs,and the seekerare interpreted according to each secfs beliefs~ and the seeker to truth is againleft wondering,which one is correct?of truth is again left wondering~ which one is correct?The Incarnation GodThe Incarnation of God Perhaps only coffrmon the concept mostChristiansects to Perhaps the only common concept to most Christian sectsregardingthe purposeregarding the purpose of mankind~s creation is that God mankindscreationis that Godbecameman so that He could die at the hands men tobecame man so that He could die at the hands of men tocleanse themof sin inherited from Adam and his descendants.cleanse them ofsin inherited from Adam and his descendants.Accordingtothem,thissin hadbecome greatthat no humanAccording to them, this sin had become so great that no human soact of atonement repentance could eraseit. God is sogoodact of atonement or repentance could erase it. God is so goodthat sinful man cannotstandthat sinful man cannot stand before Him. Consequently~ only beforeHim. Consequently,Gods sacrifice Himselfcould savehumankind ofGods sacrifice of Himself could save humankind from sin. from sin. in this man-made myth became the Belief in this man-made myth became only source the source salvation, according the Church. Consequently~ thefor salvation, according to the Church. Consequently, theChristianpurpose creationbecame recognitionof theChristian purpose of creation became the recognition of the of thedivine sacrificedivine sacrifice andthe acceptance Jesus and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the of Christ as theLord God. This may be deducedfrom the followirrgwords God. This may be deduced from the following wordsattributed Jesus the Gospelaccording to John,"For Godattributed to Jesus in the Gospel according John, inso loved the world that he Flovehis only Son, that whoever the world he gave Son. whoeverbelieves in him should not perish but have eternal lift."believes have eternallife.,,9 ln Pauls letterto the Colossians explainsthat the rvorld was created In Pauls letter the Colossians he explains that the world was created hefbr .lesusd5 He is the imageof the invisibleGod. the first-bomof all creation:for Jesus "r5He the image of the invisible God. the first-born of creation: .r6for him in all things were created. in heaven and earth. visible amI 16for in him all thingswere heavenand on earth.visible anr:invisible. rvhetherthrones or dominionsor principalitiesor authorities- invisible. whether thrones dominions or principalities or authorities- orall thingswere createdthrough him and for him."(RSV.Colossians:15).all things were created through him and for him."(RSV. Colossians |I: 15).t J o h n 3 : 1 6( R S V ) .9 John, . 16 (RSY). 3:
  12. 12. The Purpose of Creation The ofHowever, ifthis is the purpose of creation and the prerequisiteHowever, is the purpose creation andthe prerequisitefor everlasting why was it rrottaughtby all the prophets? life,for everlasting life, why was it not taught by all the prophets?Why did God not becomeman in the time Adam and hisWhy did God not become man in the time of Adam and hisoffspringso that all mankindwould havean equalchanceoffspring so that all mankind would have an equal chance to their purpose existence attaineverlasting for andfulfill their purpose for existence and attain everlasting life. life. did thosebeforeJesustime haveanotherpurposeOr did those before Jesus time have another purpose forexistence? peopletoday whom God hasdestinedneverexistence? All people today whom God has destined neverto hear Jesus alsohaveno chance to their supposedto hear of Jesus also have no chance to fulfill their supposedpurpose creation. Sucha purpose. obviously is too limitedpurpose of creation. Such a purpose, is obviously too limited the need fit the need of humankind.Everything is GodEverything is God The Hindu scripfuresteachthat thereare many gods, The Hindu scriptures teach that there are many gods,incarnations gods,persons God and that everythingis ofincarnations of gods, persons of God and that everything isGod, Brahman. ln spite oftlre belief thatthe self(atman)God, Brahman. In spite of the belief that the self (atman) all living beingsis actuallyBrahtnan, oppressiveof alJ living beings is actually Brahman, an oppressive caste an castesystemevolved in which the Brahmans, priestly caste,system evolved in which the Brahmans, the priestlycaste, tlrepossess spiritualsupremacy birth.They are the teachers ofpossess spiritual supremacy b5r by birth. They arethe teachersthe Vedas 10 and represent the ideal of ritual purity and socialthe Vedastj and represent ideal ritual purity and social theprestige. the other hand, the Sudra caste are excluded from Onprestige. On theotherhand. Sudra the caste excluded are fromreligious status and their sale duty in life is "to serve meekly" I 1religious status their soleduty in life is and sewemeekly"llthe otherthreecastes and their thousands subcastes.the other three castes and their thousands of subcastes.t" The leda,meaning "Knowleclge." a collective10 The I eda, meaning is ·Knowledge." is collective terrnfor revealed term (sruti: revealed (snili:heard) sacred scripturesof the Hindus. All otherworks-in which theheard) sacred scriptures of the Hindus. other works-in which theactual doctrinesand practises I-lindus encoded-are recognizedactual doctrines and practises of Hindus are encoded-are recognized as of are ashaving being composed by human authors and are thus classed as smritihaving beingcomposed humanauthorsand are thus classed smriti as(remembered). The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. vol. 20. p. 530.)lrememberedl.( The New EncltclopaediaBritannica, vol. 20. p. 530.)1 ManauaDharmasastra1.9t: (The New EncyclopaediaBritannica, vol." Manava Dharmasastra 1.91.(The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol.2 0 ,p . 5 5 3 . )20, p. 553.)
  13. 13. The, Purpose ofCreation fn nrp"t, pt9rta*" .. According to Hindu monist philosophers, According to Hindu monist philosophers, humankinds humankindspurpose is the realizationof their divinity and-following apurpose is the realization of their divinity and-following a path (marga) to emancipation(moksha) from the wheel ofpath (margq) to emancipation (moksha) from the wheel ofrebirth-the reabsorbtion the human soul (atman) into therebirth-the reabsorbtion of the human soul (atman) into theullimate reality, Brahman For thoseultimate reality, Brahman. For those following the bhakti the bhaktipath,l2 the purpose ispath,12 the purpose is to love God because God created loveGod because God createdhumankind "enjby ahumankind to "enjoy a relationship-as a father enjoys his a father enjoys his (Srimad Bhagwatam). For the ordinary Hindu, thechildren" (Srimad Blngwatam). the ordinary themain aim of worldly lies in conformingto socialand ritualmain aim ofworldly life lies in conforming to social and ritualduties, the traditional rules conductduties, to the traditional rules of conduct for ones caste- ones caste-the karma path.r3the karma path. 13 Although most the religion the Vedic texts, which Although most of the religion of the Vedic texts, whichrevolves around rituals ofrevolves around rituals of fire sacrifice, has been eclipsed sacrifice,has beeneclipsed Hindu docffines and practicesfound other texts, theby Hindu doctrines and practices found in other texts, theabsolute authority and sacrednqss the Veda remainsabsolute authority and sacredness of the Veda remains a ofcentral tenetof virtually Hindu sectsand traditions.Thecentral tenet of virtually all Hindu sects and traditions. The Veda is composed of four collections, the oldest of which is Veda is composed four collections, oldestof which is of thethe Rlgueda("Wisdom of the Verses").In thesetexts,God isthe Rigveda ("Wisdom of the Verses"). these texts, God isdescribed ~he most confusing terms. The religion reflecteddescribedin the mostconfusingterms.The religion reflectedin the Rigvedais a polytheismmainly concernedinthe Rigveda polytheism concerned with appeasing appeasingdeities associated with the sky and the atmosphere, "mostdeities associated the sky and the atmosphere, the most theimportant ofwhich were Indra (god of the heavensand rain),important ofwhich were of heavens and rain), sacr~ficialBaruna (guardianof the cosmic order),Agni (the sacrificial (guardian of the cosmic order),tt The path11 path of devotion to a personalGod in which murtis (idols) are of devotion personal murtis areworshipped with the hope of goingto krishnaloko (a spiritual planet) inworshipped with the hope of going to krishna/oka planet) intheir next lives.their next lives.1 The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol. 20. p. 13 The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. vol. 20. p. 520.
  14. 14. The Purpose ofCreation The of Creotionfire), andSurya (the Sun). In later Vedic texts, interest thefire), and Surya (the Sun). In later Vedic texts, interest in theearly Rigvedic gods declines,and polytheismbegins beearly Rigvedic gods declines, and polytheism begins to bereplaced a sacrificial pantheismreplaced by a sacrificial pantheism to Prajapati (Lord of ofCreatures), is the All. ln the Upanishads (secretteachingsCreatures), who is the All In the Upanishads (secret teachingsconcerning cosrnic equations),concerning cosmic equations), Prajapati merges with the merges theconcept Brahman,thesupreme reality and substanceconcept of Brahman, the supreme reality and substance of universe,the ~universe, replacing any specific personification, thusthe replacingany specific personification, thustransforming the mythology into abstract philosophy. 14 If thetransformingthe mytholory into abstract philosophy.o the Ifcontents of thesescriptureswere that human beingshadcontents of these scriptures were all that human beings had choose from guidance,one would have concludeto choose from for guidance, one would have to concludethat both and the purpose creationfromthat God hid both Himself and the purpose of creation fromhumankind.humankind. God is not the authorof confusion,nor doesHe wish God is not the author of confusion, nor does He wish mankind.Consequently, when He revealeddifficulty for mankind. Consequently, when He revealed communication huqankind one thousandHis final communication to hUl1J.ankind one thousand fourhundred years ago,.He that was perfectly preservedhundred years ago,.He ensured that it was perfectly preserved ensuredfor all of the gene~ations of human beings come. that ofthe generations human beingsto come. In that offinal scripture, Quran (Koran),God revealed purposefinal scripture, the Quran(Koran), God revealed His purpose thefor creating mankind and, through His last propheLHe clarified creating mankindand,through last prophet. He clarified the detailswhich man coutdcornprehend. is orrtheall of the details which man could comprehend. It is on theallbasis of this revelation and the propheticbasis this revelation the prophetic explanations that and explanations thatwe will analyze the precisewe answers the question analyzethe precise answers to the question "Whydid God create man?" in the coming pages. God createman?" the coming The New EncyclopaediaBritannica, vol. 20. pp. 529-530.14 The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. vol. 20. pp. 529-530.
  15. 15. The Purpose ofCreation The Purpose of Crcation God Create? Why Did God Create? RoM THE potNT oF vtEw oF Goo, AN EvENmore ROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF GOD, AN EVEN moreF fundamental question needs be asked, fundamental question needs to be asked, "Why did God create?" This questionshouldbe askedbecause God create?" This question should be asked becausehumankind is not, in fact, the greatest creation.God sayshumankind is not, in fact, the greatest creation. God says inChapterGhaafir the final revelation:Chapter Ghaafir of the final revelation: c;r f /r..3 .... jki #, ...,..1-111 ~f ~~ ...,..lf1, ~ ~ /fit f ".... :r.r JP~~I~ ~~ ~} ,-rt:jis,:,r,,*Lrr .... ... ,tiJl {~~~ {brH r creation the heavensand "Indeed, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most creation most of mankind do not realize it." realize it." Quran 4A:57 Quran 40:57 The composition humanbeingsis far lesscomplex The composition of human beings is far less complexthan the composition the universein which they exist.than the composition of the universe in which they exist.However, very few peoplereflect on this reatity. BecauseHowever, very few people reflect on this reality. Becauseof the apparent supremacy humanbeingsover the otherof the apparent supremacy of human beings over the othercreatures on this earth, mans journeysthrough space and thecreatures this earth,mansjourneys throughspaceand the oncontinued advancement their technologyand knowledge,continued advancement of their technology and knowledge,humankindin everyagebecomes arrogant considershumankind in every age becomes arrogant and considers itself andthe greatestthing in this world. is worth noting that thethe greatest thing in this world. It is worth noting that the humankindsamazingdiscoveriesmajority of humankinds amazing discoveries are notmajority are notconcerningthe human being, but his surroundings.concerning the human being, but his surroundings. Thus,Thus,humaneffortstend be focusedon the material ratherhuman efforts tend to be focused on the material world rather
  16. 16. f n P r r p r t 0/ C r " t t i The, Purpose " Creation "f trlt .-than humanbeings.In this verse,God bringshumanbeingsthan human beings. In this verse, God brings human beings backto their actualstatusin this world. Humankindis merelyback to their actual status in this world. Humankind is merely a smallpartof the existence that resultedfrom the miraculousa small part ofthe existence that resulted from the miraculous act of divine creation.Thus, in orderto understandact of divine creation. Thus, in order to understand why God why Godcreated mankind,one first needsto answerthe even morecreated mankind, one first needs to answer the even morefundamental questionof why God created.fundamental question of why God created.The CreatorThe Creator Creation is fundamentally consequence the divine the Creation is fundamentally the consequence of the divineattribute beingthe creator. creatorwho doesnot createattribute of being the Creator. A creator who does not createis something a contradictionin terms.This is not to sayis something of a contradiction in tenns. This is not to saythat God needsHis creation.God is free from all needs. isthat God needs His creation. God is free from all needs. It iscreation which needsHim. But, as the greatness a writercreation which needs Him. But, as the greatness of a writerbecomes apparent his writings, the perfectionof the divine inbecomes apparent in his writings, the perfection of the divinecreative attributeis manifest in creation.Creation the truecreative attribute is manifest creation. Creation in the truesenseis unique God alone.Although humans ascribe thesense is uniqueto God alone. Althoughhumans ascribe theact of creation themselves,act ofcreation to themselves, whatthey do is not true creation. what they not true creation.Humankind merelymanipulatesHumankind merely manipulates what alreadyexists-what what already exists-whatwas already created by God. A table is madefrom woodwas already created God. table is made woodwhich came from treesand is held togetherwith nails andwhich came trees and held together nails andscrewsmadefrom metalthatcamefrom rocks.Humanbeingsscrews made metal that came rocks. Human beingsdid not makethe treesorthe rocks.In fact, all humancreations make trees or the rocks. fact, human creationscan be tracedbackto basicelementscan be traced back basic elements which humanscannot which humans cannotmake.Eventhe artist ocreatesmake. Even artist creates designsbasedon what he has designs based hasseen. It is not possibleto imaginewhat hasnot beenperceivedseen. It is not possible to imagine what has not been perceivedby the the senses. Thus,all of the artists thoughtsare reflections Thus, all of the artists thoughts are reflectionson what was alreadycreated.Only God alone createsfromon what was already created. Only God alone creates from
  17. 17. The Parpose of C.reation Purpose of Creation is incompreh~nsible tonothing.This basicfact was and still is incomprehEnsiblenothing. This basic fact was andsome. Some ancientas well as modernphilosophers,some. Someancient as as modern philosophers, who whocould comprehend God could createfrom nothing,could not comprehend how God could create from nothing,claimedthatthecreated world and its contents all originallyclaimed that the created world and its contents are all originally area part of GOd. 15 That is, according to them, God took a parta part of God.t That is, according them,God took a part is This conclusion basedof Himself and made the universe. This conclusion is basedof Himself and madethe universe. who canonly createby modiffingon comp~ngGodtoman, who can only create by modifyingon comparingGodtoman,what already exists. However, God,denies any suchwhat already exists. However, God, denies any suchcomparisons would givecomparisons which would give Him human limitations. In humanlimitations.Chapter ash-Shooraa of the final revelation, He states:Chapterash-Shooraa the final revelation, of states: { ~~JAJ~,~ ~ ~. ""i, ~ ;.~ __ {}*lr g;*lJr,rri,f br -l d } . ... } "There is nothing like Him and He is the AII- "There Him All- Hearer and the All-Seer." Quran 42:11 Quran 42: 11 Thus, the act creafionis a conSequence the divine Thus, the act of a consequence of the divine as theattribute of being the Creator. God describes Himself as theattribute beingthe Creatot.God describesCreator in a variety ofverses throughout the final revelation toCreator avariety ofversesthroughout final revelation theemphasize humankind everything that belongs to alone.emphasize to humankind that everything belongs to Him alone.ts This is also Hindu belief regarding the supreme reality. Brahman. InI! This is also Hindu regardingthe supremereality. Brahman. lnthe last (lOth) book of the Rigveda: in the "Hymn of the Cosmic Man"the last (lOth) book the Rr3neda: thein the Cosmic Man"(Purusasukta), is said that the universewas createdout the parts(PurusasukJa), it is said that the universe was created out of the parts ofthe body of a singlecosmicman (Ptrrursa) rvhenhis body was burned andthe body ofa single cosmic man (Purl/sa) when his body was burned anddismembered the primordial sacrifice.The tbur castesemergefrom hisdismembered at the primordial sacrifice. The four castes emerge from his atbody: the priest(Brahman)from the mouth.the wanior (Raianya)from thebody: the priest (Brahman) from the mouth. the warrior (Rajanya) from the (Vaisya)from the thighs.and the servant(Sudra)fromarms. the peasant (Vaisya) from the thighs. and the servant (Sudra) fromarms. the peasant Britannica,vol. 20. p. 531).the legs. (The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol. 20. p. 53 I ).the legs.(The NewEncltclopaedia
  18. 18. l-L The Purpose ofCreation of Creation _ _ {~J ~~ JS" Js. JA J~~ Y ~~ ~l} "Allah is the Creator of all things and He is the "Allah Creator of agent on which all things depend." agent things depend." Quran 39:62 Quran 39:62 {~P~J~~IJ} tt;,;; ur;35iiii,rry "And Allah created you all and whatever you do." "And Allnh crested Quran 37:96 Quran 37:96 Man needs realizethat nothingtakesplace in this Man needs to realize that nothing takes place in thisuniversewithout the permission God. seekprotectionuniverse without the permission of God. To seek protection seek acquire good from any sourceotherfrom evil or to seek to acquire good from any source otherfrom many peoplethan God is a major mistake. Due to ignorance, many peoplethan God is a major mistake.Due ignorance,attempt avoid misfornrneand gain good fortune throughattempt to avoid misfortune and to gain good fortune througha variety of charmsand amulets,astrology,palmistry, etc.a variety of channs and amulets, astrology, palmistry, etc.Consequently, in the final revelation, Chapter al-Falaq, GodConsequently, the final revelation, Chapteral-Falaq, Godinforms hum~n beings to·seek refuge-in God from evil:informs humanbeingsto.seekrefugrin God from evil: ty 6? u P,qrtiiy} "Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, from seek Lord the evil of what He has created." of what has Quran n113:1-22 Qura I l3:1- Allah, God Almighty, is not evil; He is good.He created Allah, God Almighty, is not evil; He is good. He createda world which evil goodcan be doneby beings whoma world in which evil or good can be done by beings to whom gavethis ability. However,no evil good can take placeHe gave this ability. However. no evil or good can take placein this world withoutthe permission God..Thisis whyin this world without the permission of God .. This is why itis futile turn to othersbesides help and futile to turoto others besides God for help and protection. God
  19. 19. The Purpose of Creation The Purpose of Creation - n7l __ {~ IJb~ ~1 r:,o~ ~ y~i La} {i 11.,.*=.a -t:ei 6) a " 9i9 "" ,,~ -" "No calamity strikes except "No calamity strikes except by Allahs permission" permission" Quran,n64: :III Qura 64 l . The final prophet of God, Muhammad (~), further The final prophet God, Muhammad(ffi), furrherelaborated on this concept, saying, "Be aware that if the whole elaborated this concept,saying,"Be owore that if the whole on mankindgatheredtogetherto do something help you.of mankind gathered together to do something to help you, they only be able to dothey would only be able to do somethingfor you which Alloh u,hichAllahhad already written for you: Likewise. if the whole ofmankind had already writtenfor you: Likewise,f the whole of mankindgathered together to harm you, theygathered together to harm you, they would only be able to be able do something harmdo something to harm you which Allah had already written Allah ,,16tto happen to you. o happento yott."t6The The ForgivingThe Merciful, The Forgiving In the creation humankirrd, divineattributes In the creation of humankind, the divine attributes of the offorgiveness, mercyandkindness alsomanifested. Human areforgiveness, mercy and kindness are also manifested. Humanbeings were created good and pure with a naturalawarenessbeings were created good and pure a natural awareness goodandevil. The Almighty alsocreated humans desires.of good and evil. The Almighty also created in humans in desires,and gavethem an ability controlthose desires accordingand gave them an ability to control thosedesires accordingto divine law to turn them looseand follow them divine law or to tum them loose and follow them blindly.God created mankind knowing that they would disobeyHim.God created mankindknowingthatthey would disobey Him.Consequently, Hetaughthumanbeings,Consequently, He taught human beings, beginning beginning with Adam, Adam,how to repent and therebypurifo themselves their repent and thereby purify themselves of of sins.Adam and Eve represent a patternfor all mankindto follow.Adam and Eve represent pattern a mankind1616 Reported by Abbaasand collected Reported by Abbaas and collectedby at-Tirmithee at-Tirmi!hee and authenticated and authenticatedin Saheeh. Sunan at-Tirmi!flee, vol. 2.pp. $afueefoSunan at-Tirmifuee, 2. pp. 308-9. no. 2043. vol.
  20. 20. I -^ L The Purpose 0/ Creation of Crcation UThey forgot the commandment God, and Satan playedonThey forgot the commandment of God, and Satanplayed on of desires. After they had disobeyedtheir desires. they had disobeyed God, they turnedback God, they turned back repentance, He forgavethem.In humankinds andto Him in repentance, and He forgave them. In humankindsdisobedience turningback God in repentance, divinedisobedience and turning backto God in repentance, the divine and the and infinite mercy becomeattributes of total forgiveness and infinite mercy becomeattributesof total forgivenessmanifest. The final Prophet (~) informed his followers of thismanifest. (x;) The final Prophet informedhis followers thisreality, saying, "Ifyou did not commit sins and turn to Allah,reality, saying,"lf commit sins turn Allah.seeking His forgiveness, He would have replaced you withseeking forgiveness, He haveanother people who would sin, ask Allahs forgivenessandanother people who sin, ask forgivenessHe wouldforgive them. ,,17 Every one of the 114 Chapters ofHe would.forgive them."t Everyone the ll4 Chapters of exceptone,begins with the prayer,"lnthe final revelation, except one, begins with the prayer, "Inthe final revelation,the name Allah,the Beneficent Most Merciful."Allahs thethe name of Allah, the Beneficent the Most Merciful." Allahsattributes mercyand forgiveness stressed encourage are toattributes of mercy and forgiveness are stressed to encouragehumansnot fall into despair. matterhow greatthe sinshumans not to fall into despair. No matter how great the sins may be,God can forgivethem if manturnsof human beings may be, God can forgive them ifman turns humanbeingsback to Him in sincere repentance. The Messenger (~) wasback in sincere repentance. Messenger was The (x)quotedassaying,"When createdthe universe, made Hequoted as saying, "When Allah created the universe, He madean obligation on [recordedJ documentkept byan obligation on Himself [recorded} in a document kept byHim: mercysupersedes mywrqtfr."l8He wasalsoreponedHim: My mercy supersedes my wrath." 18 He was also reportedto have said,"[Allah createdJmercyv,ith one hundredparts,to have said, "[Allah created} mercy with one hundred of whichwas sentdown upan thejinn, humanbeingsandone ofwhich was sent down upon thejinn. human beings andather beings. is out oJthisone that they loveother living beings. It is out ofthis one part that they love eventhe animalseach other, show kindness to each other and even the animalseach other, showkindnessto eachothertreat lheir ffipring affiction. has reservedthetreat their offspring with affection. Allah has reserved the17" Sohih Muslint,vol. 4. pp. 6621. reportedby Aboo Ayyoob Sahih Muslim. vol. 4. pp. 1435-6. no. 6621. reported by Aboo Sahih Muslim, vo!. 4. p. 1437. no. 6628. reported by Aboo Hurayrah.18 SohihMuslint,vol.4. p,6628.reported Aboo Hurayrah. by
  21. 21. I L The Purpose ofCreation The Purpose of Creation _remaining ninety-nineremammg ninety-nine parts for His true worshippers on the for His true worshipperson theDay ofResurrection. ,,19eDay of Resurr ect i on." I Had Allah wished,He could havecreated Had Allah wished, He could have created mankind like mankind likeangels,incapable committingsin. However,that was notangels, incapable of committing sin. However, that was notHis wish, as He had alreadyHis wish, as He had already created angels. Human beings created angels. Humanbeingswere created capable makingmistakeswere created capable of making mistakes and when they and when theyrealize their errors and seekCods forgiveness, divinerealize their errors and seek Gods forgiveness, the divine theattributes mercy and forgivenessattributes of mercy and forgiveness become manifest. becomemanifest.SupremeJusticeSupreme Justice In thejudgment mankindat the end this world, In the judgment of mankind at the end of this world,Gods attributes supreme justiceand fairnessGods attributes of supreme justice and fairness also become alsobecomemanifest. Basedon His infinite knowledge,manifest. Based on His infinite knowledge, God could have God could havecreatedall members the humanracewho werecreated all members of the human race who were to live onlive onearthand immediately placedsome them in paradise andearth and immediately placed some of them in paradise andthe remainder hell.Beforecreatingman,Allah alreadyknew inthe remainder in hell. Before creating man, Allah already knewwhat choices theywould makein this life, what provision andwhat choices they would make in this life, what provisionandopportunities would give them, and in what state of beliefopportunities He would give them,and in what state belief He of disbelief they would die. Therefore, one sense it couldor disbelief they would die. Therefore, in one sense could inbe said that some peoplewere created paradisebe saidthat somepeople were created for paradise and others and others hell. Aaishah, of the Prophet Muhammad (~),for hell. Aaishah, wife of the ProphetMuhammad(*g),quoted him as saying,"Dontquoted him as saying, "Dont you lcnou,know that Allah created that createdparadise and hell, and He crealed inhabitants for each?"2o hell, created inhabitants for each?,,20If God had immediatelyIf God had immediately placedthoseheaded paradise placed those headed for paradise inparadise,paradise, they would not question they would not question Gods decision. Gods decision. Thosein Thoset n I b i d . .v o l . 4 . p 1 4 3 7 .19 Ibid .. vol. 4. p. 1437. n o . 663 I. .reported d y A b o o H u r a y r a h . no. 6 6 3 1 r e p o r t e b Aboo Hurayrah. byt o I b i d . .v o l . 4 . p20 Ibid .. vol. 4. p. 1 4 0 0 . o . 6 4 3 5 . 1400. n 6435. no.
  22. 22. The Purpose of Crestion The Purpose ofCreation paradise would happilyaccept everlasting of blissandparadise would happily accept an everlasting life of bliss and an life be thankful that they were not placedin helr. However,thosebe thankful that they were not placed in hell. However, those immediately placedin hell would askwhy. They would feelimmediately placed in hell would ask why. They would feel a sense unfairness to their ignorance what theywould of duea sense ofunfaimess due to their ignorance of what they would of have done had they lived on earth. Those in hell wouldhave done had they lived on earth.Thosein hell would relentlesslyarguethat had they beengiven a chanceto liverelentlessly argue that had they been given a chance to live out their lives on earth, they would have believed and don~out their liveson earth,they would haveberieved done and righteousdeeds. consequently,righteous deeds. Consequently, Allah allows human beings Allah allowshumanbeingsto live out their Iiveson earthand makeall the choicesto live out their lives on earth and make all the choices they theywould havemade, thateveryone sowould have made, so that everyone who enters hell will know who enters heil knowthat theychose by themselves. hell Theythat they chose hell by themselves. They will recognize Gods recognize Godsmercy in their lives and acknowledge their sin in rejectingmercy in their livesandacknowledge their sin in rejectingHis signs andguidhnce.His signs and guidance. A.nd they will accept His judgment Ad they accept judgment Hisas being just and beyond reproach. However, they will stillas beingjust and beyondreproach.However. they sti IIbeg for anotherbeg for another chance to do good in this world. as cod says chance do good in this world, as God says toin Chapter as-Sajdaft the Quran:in Clrapter of the Quran: as-Sajdah of l-i~ ~~;.f~ ~ ~;~ r j-{ri iyr+.Jr it s; "f:} t-i;di drr+r+#;, I;...fU ~;~,~! l.S} Jf~} t rrti 6tvta,1;;; { ~A; If! ~~ ~ grti t:;;, / ~~~ ~~ / "If only you could see[the timel when the sinners "If see lthe time) when the sinners will bow their headsbefore their Lord, [sayingf, will their heads before their Lord, [saying], tour Lord! We have now seen and heard, so send Our Lord! We have now seen and heard, so send us back and we will do righteous deeds,Verily; we us back and we will do righteous deeds. Verily; we now believewith certaintv. "" now believe with certainty. Quran, 32: 12 Quran,32:12
  23. 23. Purpose of Creation The Purpose o[Crestion r However, if Allah were to sendthem backto this world However, if were send them backhaving forgottenwhat they hadseenof hell, they would againhaving forgotten whatthey had seen of hell, they againchoose evil and end up in hell as before.God spokeaboutchoose and end as before. God spoke aboutthis in Chapteral-Anaaml Chapter ai-An aam: ... " {iJ;~~ ~!J ~ I ... * {iji,iJ d* w i# e iririiitrir11 • 0.1 ~ J~Al J~) JlJ} .. C/I A ~ ...... "But if they were returned [to this worldl they "But if [to world], would certainly go backlo what was forbidden to what thelD. they liars." them. Indeed thev are liars." Quran, 6:28 Quran,6:28Divine Love Gods love is manifestin beingsbroughtinto existence, Gods love is manifest in beings brought into existence, disbeliever, enjoy life, if onlywhether believer or disbeliever, to enjoy life, if only for awhether believer abrief moment. It i~ also realized in the creation moment. is also realizedin the creation paradise of paradise thosewho chooserighteousness evil. over statesinfor those who choose righteousness over evil. Allah states in that He lovesthosewho do good(5:13),the final revelation that He loves those who do good (5: 13),the final revelation (5:42),thosewho are pious(9:4), thosethose who are just (5:42), those who are pious (9:4), thosethose who arewho are patient(3:146),those put their trustwho are. patient (3: 146), those who put their trust in Him in repentance(3: 159), those who frequently tum to Him in repentance and(3:159), thosewho frequentlyturn to andthose who puriff themselves (2:222).However, is He whothose who purify themselves (2:222). However, it is He whohas definedfor humanbeingsthroughthe scriptures the andhas defined for human beings through the scriptures and the prophets what is good,just and pious.ConseQuently,prophets what is good, just and pious. Consequently, thosethosewho follow the prophets mostbelovedto God.ln Chapterwho follow the prophets are most beloved to God. In Chapter are lmraan, Allah instructedProphetMuhammad(#E) sayAal Imraan, Allah instructed Prophet Muhammad- (~) to say tothe following to the believers:the following to the believers: "3r-;ei"-t {~j~ ~ ~J ~ ~::;.,; ~~~ ~, ~ kJ ~ ~!} li"$;il ,rrt:hr oi7.r;r bll t&;i
  24. 24. fh" P"rprt" rf Crettir, The Purpose ofCreation WI _ 65If you really love Allah, "If you really love Allah, follow me and Allah will follow me and Allah witl you and forgive your sins." loveyou and forgive your sins." love Quran n3 : 3I Q u r a 3:31 The prophetsshould be followed not only in the The prophets should be followed not only in the compulsoryacts ordained by God, but also in their eagerness compulsory actsordainedby God, but also in their eagerness to do acts of voluntary worship. to do acts of voluntary worship. The love of God is also manifestin His mercyand The love of God is also manifest in His mercy and blessings which He grantsfo thosewho deserve blessings which He grants fo those who deserve them as well them as well as thosewho do not. But, is particurarry as those who do not. But, it is particularly manifest in His manifestin His willingnessto forgive the sins whomsoever willingness to forgive the sins of whomsoever turns to Him turnsto Him in sincererepentance. From the creation Adam and Eve, in sincere repentance. From the creation of Adam and Eve, repentancewas granted to them erasetheir sins as an repentance was granted to them to erase their sins as an example to all human beings who would follow them into example all humanbeingswho would them into this world. this world. No matterhow great humansins rnaybecome, matter how greathuman sinsmay become, the the door for sincere repentance door sincere repentance remainsopen until the lastday remains open until the last day of this world. AnasquotedAllahs Messenger as saying, (~) of this world. Anas quoted Allahs Messenger (#) as saying, "Allah. the Almighty, has said.-O son of Adam, as long as the has said: 0 son ofAdam,you call on Me and ask of Me, I will forgive what you hate you call ask ofMe, I will forgive have done, and II do not mind. O son of Adam. evenif your sins done, mind. 0 son ofAdam. even ifyour sins reachedthe cloudsandyou askedIrIyforgiveness,II witt reached clouds andyou asked My forgiveness, willforgive forgiveyou. O son of Adam, ,f you came to Me with sins nearly as you. 0 son ofAdam, ifyou came to Me with sins nearly asgreat as the earth and you met Me without giving Me partners, great as the earth andyou met Me without Me partners,II will give you a similar amountofforgiveness."2l will give you a similar amount offorgiveness. ,,212f21 collected by at-Tirmithee and authenticatedin galre Collected by at-Tirmi!hee and authenticated in Sab.eeb. Sunan at- elt sunan at-Tirmilhee,vol. 3. pp. 175-6. no. 2805.Tirmifhee, vol. 3. pp. 175-6. no. 2805.
  25. 25. The Purpose ofCreation GraceDivine Grace paradise, they will not enter it solely based As forthose in pmadise, will enter solely basedon their good deeds.It is the graceof God that will ultimately good deeds. It grace of will ultimately Prophetof Allah (#) said in thiscarry them there.The final Prophet ofcarry them there. The (~) saidregard, "Try your best to do right, and be l*ppy. For noneregard, "Try your best be happy. For nonewill enterparadise onlybecause hisdeeds."His companionswill enterparadise only because of ofhis deeds. " companionssaid, "0 Messenger Allah! Not even you?" He replied,"Notsaid, "O Messenger of Allah! of evenyou?" He replied, "Noteven I, unless Attah envelops me in His mercy and gtace.z2even I, unless Allah envelopsme His mercy grace. 22 Allah oneAnd bear in mind that the deed most loved by Allah is one thst the deed mostdone constantly, even though it is small."Z3However, Godsdone constantly,eventhough small. ,,23 However, arbitrary. is basedon both correct faith andgrace is not arbitrary. It is based on both correct faith andgrace is Imraan,righteous deeds. In Chapter Aal Imraan, Allah says:righteousdeeds. ChapterAill says: t JoHl,i ~::. I~ ~~ ,f q.Aipai y-alu. ",iI ~! ~~ ~ e#urrv : ; J ~~f ;:..s. ill f ;J~ ~~ :;} "q {iiru r p; ,+r+ {~J~Hal ~ ;.A ~ J "Whoever brings a good deed, will have [the "Whoever brings will [the an deed value of] ten like it, and whoever brings an evil deed ofl and be punished one and they will will only be punished with one like it, and they will will not be wronged." be Qurann6 :1600 Q u r a 6: 1 6 WereGodtohold humankind account to strictly,no ones Were God to hold humankind to account strictly, no ones would outweightheir evil deeds. However,Godgood deeds would outweigh their evil deeds. However, Godgood deedshas manifested graceby multiplyingthe value goodhas manifested His grace by multiplying the value of good Hisdeeds,while keeping evil deeds their facevalue. It is bydeeds, while keeping evil deeds at their face value. It is by at22 Sahih Muslim, vol. 4. p. 1473. no. 6765. reported by Aboo Hurayrah.22 Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, p. 6765.reportedby Aboo Hurayrah.23" Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, pp 6770.reported by Aaishah. Sahih Muslim, vol. 4. pp. 1473-4. no. 6770. reported by "Aaishah.
  26. 26. The Purpose 0/ Creation - I 241 Il the graceof God that the true believersenter paradise.Thisthe grace of God that the true believers enter Paradise. This doesnot mean that deeds have no fO,le. Deeds have a majordoes not meanthat deedshaveno role. Deedshavea major role, but they are not the deciding factor. Gods gracerole, but they are not the deciding factor. Gods grace outweighsthem.outweighs them. Consequently,the creationof humanbeings,the errors Consequently, the creation of human beings, the errors that they make and the good that they do are all circumstancesthat they makeandthe goodthat they do are all circumstances for the manifestation of Gods attributes of mercyandfor the manifestation of Gods attributes of mercy and forgiveness, attributeofjustice and His attributeof grace. Hisforgiveness, His attribute ofjustice and His attribute of grace. Humankind should not question why God choseto Humankind should not question why God chose tomanifest His attributesin this way. can only be assumedmanifest His attributes in this way. It can only be assumedthat this was the bestway, becausethat this was the best way, because Allah describes Himself as describes asbeing the wise and thebeing the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable. Humans Knowredgeable. Humanscan only understand what Allah chooses reveal them.can only understand what Allah chooses to reveal to them. to c?i*# {",ia ~!~~<~~~~~} {~~ ~ lr +dr r;} "They will only encompassof His trnor"hAge what "They will encompass of knowledge what He wishes." Quran 2:255 Quran 2:255 Thus, theyshould not try to equatethemselves Thus, they should equate themselves with God. God.If He hastold humankind If has humankind why He decidedto do somerhing, decided something,it is not for them to questionwhy He decidedto decide.such it is not for them to question why He decided to decide. Suchquestionsare without end andthus beyondhuman scope.It questions are without end and thus beyond human scope. Itis theywho will be questionedon the Day of Judgmentabout is they who will be questioned on the Day of Judgment abouttheir actionsandintentions andnot He.In chapteral-Ambiyaa,their actions and intentionsand not He. In Chapter al-Ambiyaa,Allah addresses point:Allah addresses this point: this {.jU"Ji,W_6itu"t}
  27. 27. The Purpose of Creation ofCreation "He cannot be questioned as to what He does,while "IIe questioned as what does, while questioned." they will be questioned." Quran. 21 l:23 3 Quran,2 :2 In this regard Prophet Muhammad (~) was reported by this regardProphetMuhammad(*) was reported Abbaasto have said, "Reflect on the creation ofAllah butIbn Abbaas havesaid,"Reflecton the creation of AIIahdo not reflect on Allah."2oTo reflect on the reality of Allah isdo reflect on Allah. ,,24 reflect on the reality of Alldh is reflect on the infinite. And, as the mind boggles whento reflect on the infinite. And, as the mind boggleswhen itreflects on the of the universeandthe galaxiesandreflects on the limits of the finite universe and the galaxies andstars within it, it will be more confounded when it attemptsstars it, be more confounded when attemptsto understand the uncreated. The Prophet (~) warned that the the understand uncreated. The Prophet(ff) warnedthat thesatanic forceswould seek introduce doubtsin the heartssatanic forces would seek to introduce doubts in the hearts questions aboutGod.of the believers by raising unanswerable questions about God. the believers raisingunanswerable byAboo Hurayrah related that Allah sMesseng~r (~) said,Aboo Hurayrah relatedthat Allahs Messenger said, (S)"Sstan will come everyoneof you ask: Who"Satan will come to everyone ofyou and ask: Who createdthis and that?-until he questions: Who created your Lord?this that?-until he questions; WhocreatedWen he comes that, one should seekrefugeWhen he comes to that, one should seek refuge in Allah [say: fsay:I ffirm my faith in and HisprophetsJ25 avoid1 affirm my faith in Allah and His prophets)25 and avoid and[such thoaghts]. ,,26[such thofrghtsJ."26ta Collected by Aboo NU}liym in gl-lf.ilyah and authenticated by al-24 Collected by Aboo Nugym inql-Hiah and authenticated al- byAlbaanee in Silsilah al-A!l.aadeeth a~-S.a!l.eebah, vol. 4. p. 12. no. 1788.Albaanee in Silsilahal-Aftaadeeth as--Sakeehah, 4. p 12. no. | 788, vol. Umar collectedby ag-JabamaneeThere is also a similar narrationfiom IbnThere is also a similar narration from Ibn Umar collected bya!-Iabaraaneein al-Awsaland al-Bayhaqee .Sftuabin al-Awsa{ and al-Bayhaqee in Shu ab al-Eemaan. in al-Eemaan.25 SahihMttslim,vol. l- p 77. nos.242 &.2,43.25 Sahih Muslim, vol. L p. 77. nos. 242 & 243.u lbid., vol. l, p. 77. no. 244 andSahihAl-BuWnri, vol. 4, p. 320, no, 496.26 Ibid., vol. 1, p. 77. no. 244 and Sahih AI-Bukhari, vol. 4, p. 320~ no. 496.
  28. 28. rt The Purpose of Creation ofCreation il Why Did God Create Mankind? God Create RO~ TF{E PERSPECTTVE HUMANKIND, noM THE PERSPECTIVE OF HUMANKIND, THEFT.tI F{ qUESTION what purpose did God createman?" implies QUESTION "Why did God create man?" implies "For wasman created?" the final revelation, ln what purpose was man created?" In the final revelation,this question is answered without any ambiguity.Humansthis question is answered without any ambiguity. Humans informed God that every humanbeing is bornare first informed by God that every human being is bornarewith an innate consciousness of God. In Chapter al-A raq/~ an innateconsciousness God. Chapteral-Araq/: ofAllah said:Allah said: ~ itA¥) ~~~ ~?~ ~ ~;~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!)} JF:qli; ilJrl e:*b i;; .F b {; ;;f i11} ~ It ~lii, . , i. ~:: ~i lr -~ i: i .l . ~~, ~- · i·fi;;i ~ - rrlfbf ~~ iii &t U*ti ~fi ei *l y[ilr ~Jt y~ *y -,r,. r-l:............,~. y ,.-^{r::t g, ,F b u;qtl Gl jrrtig#,vt:,^ ~ i;~~ ~~ Jj ~ uJ1i~ ~~i Wl ij~ ~i ~~ ,lA :f !-hi f { ~ ~i, v- ~: ~i· ~ .It..·~ {ii9Ir ,;i - ~,. "[Rememberl "l,w:k#!tb$ "[Remember) when your Lord extracted from the Lord extracted loins of Adams children their descendants and loins children descendants and made them Am made -them testify [saying]: Am I not your Lord? L,ord? [sayingl: They said: Yes, They said: Yes, we testify to it. [This was) in testify [This was] say on the Day Judgment: We were case you say on the Day of Judgment: We were case unaware this.t Or you say: tlt was unaware of this. Or you say: It was our ancestors ancestors who worshipped others besides God and we are worshipped others besidesGod and are • descendants.Will you then destroy us only their descendants. Will you then destroy us for what those liars did?" thoseliars did?" Quran,7:172-3 Qur an, 7: 172-3
  29. 29. The Purpose of Creation The Purpose of Creation The Prophet (~) explained that when Allah created Adam, The Prophet(#) explained thatwhenAllah created Adam,He took from him a covenant a placecalledNamaanonHe took from him a covenant at a place called Namaan on atthe 9th day 7 ofthe 12th month. He then extracted from Adamthe fth dut of the 12thmonth.He then exffactedfrom Adamall of his descendants would be born until the end whoall of his descendants wltowould be born until the end ofthe world, generationafter generation,the world, generation after generation, and spread them out and spreadthem outbefore to take a covenantfrom them also.He spokebefore Him to take a covenant from them also. He spoke tothem, face to face, making them bearwitnessthat He wasthem, face to face, making them bear witness that He wastheir Lord. 28 Consequently, every human being is responsibletheir Lord.z8 Consequently, eveiy humanbeingis responsiblefor belief in God, which is imprintedon eachand every soul.for belief in God, which is imprinted on each and every soul. is based this inborn on that Allah definedthe purposeIt is based on this inborn belief that Allah defined the purpose humankindscreationin Chapteragh-Thaariyaat:of humankinds creation in Chapter ath- Thaariyaat: {IJJ"w ~l ~~I) ~ ~ I.A)} {ir:**l 1! .r"!lt ;,+Jtc-il+ r.1} ttl did not create the jinn2eand the humankind "I create jinn?9 except they should except that they, should worship Me." Qurann5 l :56 Q u r a 51 : 5 6 Thus, the essential Thus, the essential purposefor whiclr humankindwas purpose which humankind wascreated is the worship of God. However, thecreated is the worship of God. However,the Almighty is not is need humanworship. He did not create human beingsin need of human wors[rip.He did not createhumanbeings1727 Known as the day of Arafaat. as the day of Arafaat.2t Collected28 Collected by Almad and authenticated Siisi/ah al-Ahaadeetha§.- Ahmad and authenticated in Silsilah al-A!laadeeth as-$.a!!lah. vol.4,p. 158,no. 1623.$afteefuah, vol:4, p. 158, no. 1623.2e The;inn are29 Thejinn are a classof invisible rationalbeings created class invisible rational beings created by God from theelementsof fire. They were endowedby God with free will, like mankind.elements offire. They were endowed God free will, mankind.Consequently,Consequently, some of them are righteousbelievers and othersare evil some of them are righteous believers and others aredisbelievers.disbelievers. The evil among them are commonlycalleddemons.evil The among them are commonly called demons. evilspirits,devils.etc.spirits, devils. etc.
  30. 30. Purpose ofCreation The Parpose of Creationout of a needon His part.If not a singlehumanworshipped of need on part. If not single human worshippedGod, it would not diminish His glory in any w&], and if allGod, diminish any way, and ifof mankind ~orship~ed Him, it would not increase gloryof mankindworshipp.ed would not increase Hisin any way. God is perfect. He aloneexistswithout any any way. God is perfect. He alone exists without any beings have needs. Consequently, isneeds. All created beingshaveneeds.needs.All created Consequently, it ishumankindthat needs worshipGod.humankind that needs to worship God.The Meaning of Worship Meaning understand why humanbeingsneedto worship God, To understand human beings need worship God, what is meant theterm must first understand what is meant by the term worship.onemustfirst understand worship comes from the Old EnglishThe English term worship comesfrom the Old EnglishThe English termweorthscipe meaninghonor. Consequently, worship in theweorthscipe meaning honor. Consequently, worship in the the performance devotional ofEnglish language definedasEnglish language is defined as the performance of devotional is manacts in honor of a deity. ,30 According to this meaning, manacts honor a deity.30Accordingto this meaning,is instructed to ~how gratitude to God by glorifying Him. Inis instructed show gratitude God glorifuingChapter an-Na~r of the final revelation, Allah says:Chapter an-Na;r the final revelation, Allah says: {drh#l "Glorify the praises your "Glorify the praises of your Lord." Quran l0:3 I Quran 110:3 to gloriffing God, man chooses be harmony In glorifying God, man chooses to be in harmony the rest creationwhich naturallyglorifies itswith the rest of creation which naturally glorifies itsCreator. addresses this phenomenon manyCreator. Allah addresses this phenomenon in manychapters of the Quran. For example, in Chapter al-lsraa,chapters the Quran.For example,in Chapteral-Israa,Allah states: states:3o The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary. p. 1148.30 The Living lhebster Encltclopedic Dictionarrr, p. I 148