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A Glimpse of Islamic Faith


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A Glimpse of Islamic Faith

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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A Glimpse of Islamic Faith

  1. 1. • A GLIMPSE OF ISLIMIC FIITI GHAlib AHMAd MASRi i:i+.<>!l..w P 0 --! ii ~ 1I(j..C. ib..oJ ] o I 9JLlil ~I uJLt
  3. 3. Coopcrrdvc Otlcc for Cdl end Guldrmc ln Al-Brtbr, Riyrd 1996CooperaUn Oflke for CaB and Guidance In AI-Batha, Riyadh, 1996 King Fahad National Library Cataloging-in-Publication Data King Fahad National Library Caralosing-in-Publication Data Musri, Ghalib Musri, Ghalib A glimpse of Islamic faith A of Islamic faith .... P, ...... CD1. . . . .P , . . . . . .c m . 9960-798-35-6 ISBN: 9960-798-35-6 I. Faith creeds) I. 1. Faith (Islamic creeds)l. Title 243 243 dc Lcgal Dcposit No. 0617/17 Legal Deposit 0617(17 ISBN:9960-798-35-6 ISBN:996G798-35-6
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS SUBJECTSUBJECT PAGE PAGE DedicationDedication ............ 4 4 lntroduction .........Introduction .. 5 5 Mans Need the CorrectCreedMans Need for the Correct Creed .". 8 8 Monotheism IslamMonotheism in Islam 11 l1Religion and Human Nature(BeliefReligion and Human Nature (Beliefin Allah) 133 1MessengersMessengers of Allah 28 28 The Message Prophet The Message of Prophet Mu- hammad (PBUH) hammad 33 33 Pre-Islamic Times Pre-Islamic Times 33 33 The Mission....... The Mission......... 41 41 Character the Gracious Character of the Gracious Prophe(PBUH) Prophe (PBUH) 46 46Holy Scriptures(the books of Allah) 63 Scriptures (the books of 63 The Holy Quran The Quran 65 65The Hereafter Hereafter................................... 82 82Divine Destiny Destiny................................. 8787Angels of AllahAngels of 89 89 3
  5. 5. DEDICATION** the Searchers Truth To the Searchers for Truth with anan open mind and an enlightened open and an enlightened heart... heart...* To those who are keen on saving* those who are keen on saving themselves from going astray and themselves from going astray and living in the broad expanse of the broad expanse Light. Light. * To every man and woman desiring to * every man and woman desiringto know about Islamsattitudetowards know about Islams attitude towards the major issues DIVINITY,fHtr the major issues of DIVINITY, THE and LIFE, and about UNIVERSE and LIFE and about the position and role man the the position and role of man in the Universe. Universe. dedicatethis quick glimpse theI dedicate this quick glimpse of theIslamic Faith.Islamic Faith. 4
  6. 6. Introduction Introduction In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful the Merciful Islam has liberated man from mental Islam has liberated man from mentalbondageand trained its followers to searchbondage and trained its followers to search the truth open minds.for the truth with open minds. Allah hashashonouredthe humanmind and made ahonoured the human mind and made it ameans discovering tokens His ex-means of discovering the tokens of His ex- theistence and gloryistence and glory in the universe and un- the universe and un-derstanding GloriousRevelation.derstanding His Glorious Revelation. His In the time when the non-Islamic world the time when the non-Islamicwas suffering from the abyss of the sowas suffering the abyss of the socalledDark Ages, the Islamic world wascalled Ages, the Islamic world wasalreadyliving in an age of enlightenmentalready an age of enlightenmentand had advanced in alt fields of life-and advanced all fields ofspiritual and material. That is, in fact, aspiritual and material. That is, fact, 5
  7. 7. naturaloutcome of the living faith whichnatural outcome the living faith whichis compatible with undefiledhuman na-is compatiblewith undefiled human na-ture.ture. When in action, the Islamic faith brings When action,the Islamic faith bringsfonh other honourable examples hu-forth other honourable examples of hu- and guides man to theman civilization and guides man to themanStraight Path. This faith is summed up andStraightPath.This faith is summedup andpronouncedpronounced in the following Arabic the ArabicWords:Words: tJ i ~i !I t, . i,i 5.!iii s dlJl U dJ 1U. i ~i " 1 a,lllU!.lJ lJtJ :riii • • gi II " dlJ 1J..... J I.. 0 " .. II. olJl Jg.rr1 l:oa-c It can be transliterated into Roman can be transliteratedinto RomanLetters as follows:Lettersas follows: ASH-HADU "ASH-HADU AN LA ILAHA ILLAL-LAAH, WA ASH-HADU ILLAL-LAAH. MUHAMMADAN RA- ANNA MUHAMMADAN RA- SULUL-LAAH." SULUL-LAAH." 6
  8. 8. Its meaningin English isIts meaning in English is :: I BEAR WITNESS THAT THERE IS "I BEAR WITNESS THAT THERE IS NO GOD BUT NO GOD BUT ALLAH; AND THAT THAT MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSEN- MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSEN- GER. GER." explanation the Muslim faith A brief explanation of the Muslim faithis given the given in the following pages. Yet this is this isonly a glimpse thosewho are interestedonly a glimpse for those who are interestedto know aboutthe articlesto know about the articles of the Islamic the IslamicFaith.It could also be a step forward on could also be a step forwardonthe way studying and discussingthethe way of studying and discussing thefoundations Islamic belief.foundations of Islamicbelief. It could convince sincere searchers could convince sincere searchers forthe truth to embrace the true religion. Anthe truth embrace the true religion.impartialassessment their beliefs andimpartial assessment of their beliefs and ofpracticesshould hopefully lead them topractices should hopefully lead themshift their stand and guide them to the stand and guide them theonly straightpath ( that is, Islam). straight path that Islam). 7
  9. 9. MANS NEED FOR MANS NEED FOR CORRECT CREED. THE CORRECT CREED. Man standsat the peak Man stands at the peak of creation and creationandholds the position the master this uni-holds the position of the master in this uni-verseowing to the unique qualities he en-verse owing to the unique qualities he en-joys. He is providedwith a number fa-joys. He is provided with a number of fa-culties and qualities that enableculties and qualities that enable him to tocontrol and build this world. He is en-control and build this world. He is en-dowedwith sense makehim understand todowed with sense to make him understandthings and acquireknowledge. He is alsothings and acquire knowledge. He is alsoprovided the means power andprovided with the means of power andcontrol.He enjoys,too, a varietycontrol. He enjoys, too, a variety of emo- emo-tions and feelings, suchas love,hate,an-tions and feelings, such as love, hate, an-ger,etc..ger, etc.. These qualitiesare two-edged weapons Thesequalities are two-edged weaponsthat can be employedeither for good or forthat can be employed either goodevil purposes. purposes. Power, for example,can be Power, example, can beusedeitherfor helping people and givingused either helping people and giving 8
  10. 10. them happiness.or wronging the weakthem happiness. or for wronging the weakand oppressingthem. The human mindand oppressing them. humancan be used either for inventing the meanscan used either inventing the meansof luxury and comfort or for manufactur- and comfort manufactur-ing the devices of death and destruction. the devices deathand destruction. Therefore, there must be someother Therefore, there must be some other drive that is able to control theseforce or drive that is able to control theseforcehuman qualities and faculties and directhuman qualities and faculties and direct the interest man and his com-them in the interest of man and his com-themmunity. That is, the sound belief in themunity. That is, the sound the true God and His perfectOne and Only true God and His perfectOne andattributes and in the resurrection afterattributes and the resurrectionafterdeath when everybody is brought to ac-death when everybody is brought to ac-count for his past deeds. This belief willcount for his past deeds. This beliefbe the main factor that leads manbe the main factor that leads man in the the away fromright path and keeps him away from evilright path and keepsand injustice. helps to build a real idealand injustice. It helps to build a real idealsociety as was witnessedin the pastsociety as it was witnessed in the past actualwhen Islam was embodied in actual lifewhen Islam was embodied 9
  11. 11. and the Muslim soceitywas a concreteand the Muslim soceity was a concreterepresentation the Islamic faith. ofrepresentation of the Islamic faith. In fact, Allah doesnot needour belief In fact, Allah does not need our belief in Him, nor does He need our worshipin Him, nor does He need our worshipand submission to His exaltedand submission to His exalted Will; itis we who need this belief order to beis we who need this belief in order to becoftectcorrect in our concept of life, the universe concept the universeand its Creator, and to achieveour happi-and its Creator, and to achieve our happi-ness and welfare both thisness and welfare both in this world and in andthe Hereafter.the Hereafter. l10 0
  12. 12. MONOTHEISM I N I S L A M MONOTHEISM IN ISLAM ISLAM, general, means surrender- ISLAM, in general, means surrender-ing ones whole self to Allah, getting rid ones gettingof polytheismand completesubmission to polytheism and complete submissionthe orders and instructions ofthe orders and instructions of Allah. Submission to Allah is a thing which Submission thingAllah requires of the whole humanity asAUah requires the whole humanity asHe its Creator;He has createdthe wholeHe is its Creator; He has created the wholeuniverse and He alone dominates over it.universeand He alone dominates over is the duty creaturesto their CreatorIt is the duty of creatures to their Creatorand a requisite of their servility to theirand a requisite their servility to theirLord.Lord. Adam, Noah, Islam was the religion of Adam, Noah, Islam was the religionAbraham and other prophets up toAbraham and other prophets up to Mu-hammad (peaceand blessing Allah behammad (peace and blessing of Allah beupon them), for their faith was one andupon them), for their faith was one andthe siune, although the applied ethicsthe same, although the applied ethics 11l 1
  13. 13. might be different.might be different. The Islamic faith consistsof six funda- The Islamic faith consists of six funda-mentals:mentals: I - in AUah. 1 - Belief in Allah. 2 - Belief His Angels. 2 - Belief in His Angels. - Belief Divine Books. 3 - Belief in Divine Books. - Belief His Prophers. 4 - Belief in His Prophets. - 5 - Belief in the Last Day. the Last Day. - Divine Destinv. 6 - Belief in Divine Destiny. The first fundamental is rhe most im- The fundamental the most Im-port of all.port of all. t12 2
  14. 14. RELIGION AND HUMAN RELIGION HUMAN NATURE ( Belief in Allah ) Allah) Everyone is bom upright Everyone is born upright by nature.nature.Pure natureleads Allah, the One andPure nature leads to Allah, the One and fact, human natureOnly true God. In fact, human nature true God. Almighty Allahs existenceawakes to Almighty Allahs existenceawakes even earlier than wevery early in life, even earlier than wevery earlymay think. We generally think that onlymay think. We generally think that onlyan older person pondersover Allahsan older person ponders over Allahsexistenceand Oneness.existence and Oneness. But if we ob- we ob- a little child, we noticeserve the life of a little child, we noticeserye thethat a certain stage his life he asksthat in a certain stage of his life he askshis parents endlessquestionsaLroutthehis parents endless questions about thethingshe sees aroundhim the universe.things he sees around him in the universe. Who madethe heaven? is the sky Who made the heaven? Why is the skyblue? Where does the sun go at night?blue? Where does the sun go at night?Why doesnt it appear to us at night? doesnt appear to us at night? T3 13
  15. 15. go when the darkWhere does light go when the darkWhere does do stars gliaer? Wherecomes? Why do stars glitter? Wherecomes?does the earth end? Why does one flowerdoes the earthend? doesone flowerhave smell while another doesnt? Wherehave smell another doesnt?Wheredid I come from? Where was I before I come from? Where was before these questionscame? etc. What do all these questionscame? etc. What domean and indicate?mean and indicate? They indicate that nature In this child They indicate that nature in this awake and recognize thehas begun to awake and recognize thehas begunCreator of the earth and heavens throughCreator the earthand heavensthroughHis tangible and seen creation. There are tangibleand seen creation.There areseveral effects that touch mans sensesseveraleffects that touch mans sensesand awaken him to the fact of Allahs ex-and awaken to the fact Allahs ex-istence,Oneness and peerlessness.istence, Oneness and peerlessness. The Theuniverse, so vast and wide, would certain-universe, vast and wide, would certain- so awaken man to that plain fact.Thosely awaken man to that plain fact. Thosegreat dimensions in the skies and thegreat dimensions the skies and theearth... those countless, immense, celes-earth... thosecountless, immense, celes-tial bodies... Who hascreated them? Thetial bodies... Who has created them? The 14 1,4
  16. 16. earth, though too tiny compared withearth, though too comparedother celestial bodies, contains moun-other celestial bodies, contains moun-tains, plains, oceans, seas and riverstains, plains, oceans, seas and riversthat would take the whole life of man tothat take the manleam about a small partlearn about a small part of them. How, them.then, about the solar system of whichthen, about the solar system earth is a part?our earth is only a part? How about the about the way whichmilky way of which our solar system solar systemis considered a small part?.is considered a small part? And other othercelestial masses which contain millionscelestial masseswhich contain millionsand millions galaxiesand millions of galaxies like ours? And ours?millions and millions of stars in compari- and stars compari-son with which the large sun is consid-son which the large sun is consid-ered to be too small?ered be too small? With all its bulkiness, the UnIverse IS its bulkiness, the universe ismarvellously accurate. Night and daymarvellously accurate. and day eachother so preciselythat we ad-follow each other so precisely that we ad-just our watches to them. In fact, the watches them. fact, the its astro-whole universe IS so exact in its astro-whole universe is so exact t5 15
  17. 17. nomical revolutionthat clocks in observa-nomical revolution that clocks in observa- tories, which are the most accuratetories, which are the most accurate clocks we have and to which clocks inclocks we have and to which clocks inbroadcasting stations are adjusted, arebroadcasting stations are adjusted, arethemselves adjustedto the extremelyaccu-themselves adjusted to the extremely accu-rate astronomical revolution which israte astronomical revolution which isnever disturbednever disturbed in the course of time un- the course time un-less, course,less, of course, Allah willed it otherwise. Allah willed otherwise. Every being,animateand inanimate, en- Every being, animate and inanimate, en-joys such miraculous accuracy. Have youjoys suchmiraculous accuracy.Have you seenthe extremelyminuteseen the extremely minute living cell that cell thatcan be seen only under the microscope?can be seen under the microscope?Yet it grows, splits and performs highly grows, splits and performs highlywonderfrrltaskswhich makeman helplesswonderful tasks which make man helplessand humble towards the omnipotence ofand humble towards the omnipotenceAilah! Who, other than Allah, has in-Allah! Who, other than Allah, hasfused it with the secretof life and guidedfused it the secret of and guidedit to suchsurprisingactivity?it such surprising activity? 16 16
  18. 18. A germ cannot be seenwith the unaided A genn cannot be seen with the unaided eye. A minute kind called virus cannotbeeye. A minute kind called virus cannot be seen even under the ordinary microscope.seen even under the ordinary microscope. Yet, you know from your studies inYet, you know from your studies in sciencethat it might causethe most dead-science that it might cause the most dead- ly disease unless man immunized him-ly disease unless man immunized him- self against meansofmedicines andself against it by means of medicines and serums.The multicellular being, man atserums. The multicellular being, man atthe top, was originally one impregnatedthe top, was originally one impregnated went on splitting and growingcell which went on splitting and growingtilltill it became an integral being. What became an integral being.power, other than that of Allah, has giv-power, other than that of hasen it life and activity? Most surprising and activity? surprisingin that splitting process is the fact that processthosecells appear sirnilar in their begin-those cells appear similar begin-ning, then orders are given to them ro spe- orders are to spe-cialize and take certain forms - one cellcialize take certain - one cellmoyes to a certain place and becomesanmoves to a certain place and becomes anear or part of an ear; another cell goestoear or part of an ear; another cell goes toanother position and becomes an eye oranother position and becomes an eye or t17 7
  19. 19. part of it; a third becomes one of the a becomes one the cells; a turns bones" etcbrain cells; a fourth turns into bones ... etc. those invisible cells re-What order did those invisible cells re- orderceive and obey in such extraordinary ex-ceive and obey such extraordinaryactitude? It is the order of the Creator.actitude? the order the CreatorHe order s them and they obey Him, and orders them and theY obey andmove and form in accordance with Hismove and accordanceDivin e Will.Divine Witl. - coloured Have you obser ved a multi - coloured Have you observed a has be-fragrant beautiful flower? Who has be-fragrant beautiful flower?stowed it with that fragrance and howstowed that fragrance andhave these colours combined it? Sup-have these colours comb ined in it? Sup- perfume a flower so thatpose you tried to perfume a flower so thatposeit would diffuse fragrance from morning diffuse fragrance momingto eveni ng, and to paint it in all colours evening, and paint coloursso that it woul d not lose colour so long asso that would not lose colour so long asit exists. How hard would it be for exists. hard would beyou, and how far would your attempt be you, and would Your attemPtbe successful? If all people on earth busied successful?If people on earthbusied l8 18
  20. 20. themselveswith such a task with all flow-themselves with such a task with all flow-en growing on earttr or in the sea, coulders growing on earth or in the sea, couldthey perform it?they perform it? And even if they could, even if they could,what time and effort would be left for oth-what time and effort would be left for oth-er activities?er activities? flowers on earth Yet millions of flowers on earth growscented,colouredand pleasant. Allatr hasscented, coloured and pleasant. Allah hascreatedcreated all without the least effort or dis- the least dis-traction directing the immensetraction from directing the immense uni-verse,verse, for He (Glory be to Him!) only besays thing: "Be!says to a thing: "Be! And it is". For Him, is". Forit is so easy. so easy. The phenomenaof death and life also phenomena of death and alsoattract mans attention to the miraculousattract mans attention the miraculousDivine Power that gives life and death. Power that gives and death.What is life in reality? It is a marvellous reality? It marvelloussecret which no one can explain. All thatsecret one can explain. All thatman has so far attemptedis the interpreta- has attempted interpreta- t9 19
  21. 21. tion of some phenomenaof life such as of some phenomena of life such asmovement, growth and physiology. As formovement, physiology. forlife itself - what is it? How does it exist inlife itself does itliving things? How does itliving things? How does it direct them tofulfil their functions? All this is a vaguefulfil functions? All vaguemystery incomprehensible to man. Man,mystery incomprehensible man.especially biologists,has employed all hisespecially biologists, has employed create onescientific knowledge to create one cell of knowledgebillions of living cells with which the di- cells the was vain.vine creation abounds, but all was in vain. creation abounds, As for mans livelihood, whether in the manslivelihood, whether the the sky; cropsform of rain falling from the sky; cropsgrowing from earth; fish, birds and ani- earth; fish, birds and ani-mals; treasures and minerals underground;mals; treasures and minerals underground;the air we breathe; the wind driving shipsthe we brcathe; the wind driving shipson the sea; or power driving machineson the sea; power driving machinessuch as steam power, electric power;such as steam power, electric Power; wa-atomic energy, the power of fuel or of wa-atomic energy,the power fuelter falling down from mountains - who,ter falling down from mountains - who, 20
  22. 22. other than Ailah, providesall these? "Lo?other than ABah, provides all these? "Lo?Allah, He it is that gives livelihood, theAllah, He it is that gives livelihood, theLord unbeatable might". (Quran,Lord of unbeatable might". (Quran, 51:58) 5i:58) Man yeamsafter the unseenwhich only Man yearns after the unseen which onlyAllah knows,but all his atrernptsAllah knows, but all his attempts fail. He fail. Helongsto know what islongs to know what is in store for him in storefor himhis future life, what his lothis future life, what his lot will be next be nextyear, what is going to happento him ayear, what is going to happen to him amonth a week a day later and whatmonth or a week or a day later and whatis going to take place in a moment. Heis going to take place in a moment. Hecannot discover what is going to takecannot discover what is going to takeplacein a moment, whetherplace good evil. moment, whether good or evil.Who, other thanAllah alone, enjoys om-Who, other than alone.enjoys om-niscience,since He hascreated everythingniscience, sinceHe has created everythingand nothing in the heavens and the earthand nothing the heavens and the earthescapesescapes His infinite knowledge?. infinite knowledge? Many things impress the human mind, Many things impress the human mind,awakeningit to the idea of the OneGod,awakening the idea of the One God, 2l 21
  23. 23. with no partner. It perceives that Hewith partner. It perceivesalone possesses perfection, might, glory,alonepossesses perfection, might, glory, and limitless power.greatness and limitless Power.greatness " He is AUah, the One and OnlY; Allah,, Allah, the One and Only; Allahthe Etemal, Absolute; He begetteth not,the Eternal, Absolute; begettethNor is He begotten;and there is none like begotten; and there noneunto Him." (The Holy Quran 112:1-4)unto (The HolY Quran ll2:l-4) enjoy righteousnature Thus, man would enjoy righteous nature Thus, manand be an upright believer.and an uPright believer. the human nature sometimessuf- But the human nature sometimes suf- derangement and relapseThefers from derangement and relapse. Thefers perception may be dulled; sofaculty of perception may be dulled; sofacultyman fails to perceive the signs of inimita-man fails perceive the signs inimita-bility in the universe and life. He forgetsbility the universe and life He forgets the miraculous power that givesthe miraculous powe r that gives liveli- com-hood, controls events and possesses com- hood, controlseventsand possesses prehensiveknowledge of the seenand theprehensive knowledge of the seen and the 22
  24. 24. unseen.unseen. When man undergoesa new experience, When man undergoes a new experience, all his senses will be alert to it. If he no-all his senses will be alert to it. If he no- tices a sceneor hearssomething new fortices a scene or hears something new for the first time or goesto a new town, streetthe first time or goes to a new town, street house, he be careful to recogniseor house, he will be careful to recognisethe details the new place. He is high-the details of the new place. He is high- impressed since is new to him;ly impressed since it is new to him; but as ashe grows familiar with the scene or placehe grows familiar the scene placeand sees several times, his sensesnoand sees it several times, his senses nolongerpay much, or perhaps the least,at-longer pay much, perhaps the least, at-tention to it.tention Sometimes man behaves likewise to- Sometimes behaves likewisewards Allah. He forgets that Allah is thewards forgets AllahCreator,the Director, the Giver of life andCreator, the Director, the Giver of life anddeath. He overlooks the multitudes ofdeath. He overlooks the multitudes ofsignsin this universe. He neglects to ob-signs in this universe. He neglects to ob-servethe rising sun and light until they areserve the rising sun and light until they are 23 23
  25. 25. swallowedup in the dark. He fails to no- swallowed up in the dark. He to no-tice the fragrant, beautiful flowers with fragrant, beautiful flowersjoyous colours and the melodious notesjoyous colours and the melodious notesof song-birds. He ignoresthunder,light- of song -birds. ignores thunder,ning and rain falling from the clouds. He and the clouds.disregards new-bombaby and the deaddisregards the new-born baby and the dead theman. He forgetsabout his completeweak- man. forgets about complete weak- ness relation the absolute powerofness in relation to the absolute power Allah. Allah. Otherthingsmay dull mans senses He- Other things may dull mans senses - Hemay be busy with his food, drink, whimsmay be busy with his food, drink, whimsand transient worldly comforts, whichand transient worldly comforts, whichwould divert his mind from consideringwould divert his mind from consideringthe portents in the universe, seekingthe portents in the universe, seekingAllahs favour and remembering theAllahs favour and remembering theHereafter and the reckoning and retri-Hereafter and the reckoning and retri-bution in it.bution in it. Another cause of dull perceptionmay Another cause of dull perception may 24 24
  26. 26. be deviation from Allahs orders. Manbe deviation from Allahs orders. Man would be rebeilious against Allah onwould be rebeilious against Allah onearth and follow his own lust -- He would earth and tbllow his own lust He would go beyondwhat AUah allows him to dogo beyond what Allah allows him to do becauseof his greedinessand his desirebecause of his greediness and his desire to have mastery over others and maketo have mastery over others and make them slavesto his desires; so he encroach-them slaves to his desires; so he encroach-es upon their property, honour bloodes upon their property, honour or bloodand wants deify himself so as to be wor-and wants to deify himself so as to be wor-shippedbesideAllah. He may be too proudshipped beside Allah. He may be too proudto serveAllah,to serve Allah, or he may be fascinated he may be fascinated what he possesses - his talents, health,by what he possesseshis talents,health,power, money or anythingAllah has bes-power, money anything has bes-towed on him. He thinks he has acquiredtowed thinks he has acquiredthem by his own power and forgets thatthem power and forgets thatall these bounties emanatedfrom Allah. these bounties emanated The humanperceptionor mind gets dull The human perception or mind gets dullowing to one of the afore-mentionedrea-owing to one of the afore-mentioned rea-sons or to other deviations and relapses;sons or to other deviations and relapses; 25 25
  27. 27. so it forgets AUah wholly or ascribes aso forgets Allah wholly ascribesapafiter to Him and imagines that some-partner and imaginesthat some-one or something in the universesharesone somettring the universe sharesdivinity, majesty and power with Allah.divinity, majesty and power Allah.Thus, the human nature getscorruptandThus, the human nature gets corrupt andis possessed Satan, who drives awayis possessed by Satan, who drives it awayfrom Divine Guidanceand Favour. Yet,from Divine Guidance and Favour. Yet, goAlatr does not let His sewants astray;Allah does not let His servants go astray;so He sent them Prophets call them to toso He sent them Prophets to call them toguidance turn them backto truth. He andguidance and turn them back to truth. Hehas sent Muhammad(peace blessing andhas sent Muhammad (peace and blessing Allatr be uponhim) as the last prophetof Allah be upon him) as the last prophetto be a harbinger good tidings and ato be a harbinger of good tidings and awamer to mankindup to the Daywarner to all mankind up to the Day ofResurrection.Resurrection. He revealedto him the Quran gua- and He revealed to him the Quran and gua-ranteedits preservation," We, even Lo!ranteed its preservation," Lo! We, evenWe, reveal the Reminder(i.e.theWe, reveal the Reminder (i.e.the Quran) Quran)and h! We verily are its guardian".and La! We verily are its guardian". 26 26
  28. 28. (Quran,l5:9).(Quran, 15:9). The Quranincludes ttrat is essential The Quran includes all that is essential humannatureto be nobleandvirtuous,for human nature to be noble and virtuous,guidesto ttrereal meaning divinity andguides to the real meaning of divinity andacquaints the Rightful God, Creatoracquaints with the Rightful God, Creatorand Director the universe,Ownerand Director of the universe, Owner ofSovereignty without any partner.Sovereignty without any partner. 27 27
  29. 29. MESSENGERSOF ALLAH MESSENGERS OF ALLAH One of the fundamentalsof faith is the of the fundamentals of is thebelief in the Prophets (messengersofbelief Prophets (messengers ofAUah). A man cannot be considered aAllah). A cannot consideredMuslim or a believer unless he believes believer unless believesthat Allah sent to mankind Prophetsfrom Allah sent Prophetsamong themselves, who conveYed theamong themselves, conveyed theTruth revealed to them from their Lord, revealed themALLAH, brought them good tidings,ALLAH, brought them good tidings,wamed them, expoundedand interpretedwarned them, expounded and interpreted them. Hence, manAllahs message for them. Hence, manAllatrs messagewill be considered Muslim onlywill be considered a Muslim only if he a he all prophets and that they allbelieves in all prophets and that they allbelievesbrought the sametruth from Allah, with-brought the same truth from Allah, with-out making distinction between any ofout making distinction between any ofthem.them. "Say (O Muhammad): We believe in "Say (0 Muhammad): We believe inAllah and that which was revealedunto usAllah and that which was revealed unto us 28
  30. 30. and that which was revealed untoand that which was revealed untoAbratram and Ismael and Isaac and JacobAbraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacoband the tribes, and thatand the tribes, and that which was vouch- was vouch-safed unto Moses and Jesus and the Pro-safed unto Moses and Jesus and the Pro-phets their Lnrd. We make no dis-phets from their Lord. We make no dis- between anytinction between any of them, and unto them, and unto we have surrendered". (Quran,3: 84)Him we have surrendered". (Quran, 3: 84) has enjoined Why has Allah enjoined belief in the theProphets and madeProphets and made it a fundamental of a fundamentalfaith besidesfaith besides belief in Him, though the though rhe is the basis everything?belief in Allah is the basis of everything?The answer obvious.The answer is obvious. How can man can manknow his Lord and worship Him in the his and worship theright way without the Prophets and their the Prophets andguidance? Consider the falsehoods ofguidance? Consider the falsehoods ofmankind concerning their Lord through-mankind concerning through-out history, how they imagined Him and history, they imagined andworshippedHim in their variousages ofworshipped Him various ages ofpre-Islamic paganism. Once they ima-pre-Islamic paganism. Once 29 29
  31. 31. ginedgined Him in the fonn of the suns disc, as the form the sunsdisc, as was the casewas the case with ancient Egyptians; once ancientEgyptians;once the formin the fonn of supennan, as did the Greeks superman,as the Greeks and Romans; onceand Romans; once in the fonn of the the form themoon, another the formmoon, another in the fonn of a star and a star and anotherstill another in the fonn of an idol. So the form an Sofanciesfancies differed and all strayed from the and strayed thetrue god because they sought guidancetrue god because they sought guidancefrom their own imagination, desires and imagination,desires and knowledge and didntlimited knowledge and didnt follow the the thetruth in the right way as continned by as confirmedAllah, that is through Prophets to whom that through Prophets whomthe Truth had beenrevealed.the Truth had been revealed. less wrong was the perception No less wrong was the perception of ideological ignorancevarious times of ideological ignorancevarious timeswhen there were small gods besides thewhen there were small gods besides theLord of lords who enjoyed some of His lords enjoyed sometraits, such as a god of rain, another oftraits, suchas god rain, anotherlightning, another thunder, anotherlightning, another of thunder, another of 30
  32. 32. the wind, another of the sea (Neptune)the wind, another of the sea (Neptune)as another of fertility, anottrerof progenyas another of fertility, another of progenyand others of every affair of life.and others of every affair of life. If we believe that Divinity and If we believe that Divinity and Lord- ship are theship are the major issues in the life of man issues the manman and that the worshipman and that the worship of Allah is the is theobject humanexistence: created ttreobject of human existence: "I created thejinn and humankindjinn and humankind only that they might that they mightworship (Quran,51:56),worship Me." (Quran,51:56), then, wethen, wewill understandwill understand why belief in the Pro-the pro-phets is a principal constituent of faith;phets principal constifuent faith;for as we have seen in historical reality, as have seen historical reality,it is impossible for humanity to be guid- impossible humanity beed to the truth with regardto divinity and the regard andworship through other than the right and than andauthorized source, that is - the prophetsauthorized source, that - the prophetssenrby Almighry Allah.sent Almighty The sameappliesto the necessityof be- The same applies to the necessity of 31 31
  33. 33. in all prophets without distinctionlief in all prophets without distinctionwhatsoeverbetweenany them. Theywhatsoever between any of them. They all one purpose. They were sentcame for one purpose. They were sentcameto maketo make it known that there is only ONE that there isGOD in the whole universe, that is the whole universe, that is AUah (Be He glorified and highAlmighty Allah (Be He glorified and highexalted!) no partner.Theyexalted!) with no partner.They said to peo- said to peo-ple, "Serveple, "Serve Allah! Ye have no other god have no other godbut Him". (Quran,11:50,but Him". (Quran, 11:50,11:61, 11:84). l1:61, l1:84). So, what is the meaning of believing in So, what is the meaning believing ittone prophet and denying another? fact,one prophet and denying another? In fact,denying any of them is the same as deny-denyingany them is the same as deny-ing them all, since they expounded to men them sincethey expounded menthe same thing revealedto them by Allah:the same revealed them "We sent no messengerbefore thee but sent messenger before theewe inspired him (saying): There is no inspired (saying): Theregod Save Me (Allah), so worship Me".god Save (Allah), so worship(Quran,2l:25)(Quran, 21 :25) 32 32
  34. 34. THE,MESSEGE PROPHET OF THE MESSEGE OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD( Peace be Upon Him) Peace UponHim) be------------------------------------------------------Pre- IslamicTimes:Pre - Islamic Times: Before the advent man- Before the advent of ISLAM all man-kind had degenerated into the worstkind had degenerated into the worst ofsktesandthedarkest stages.states and the darkest of stages. Arabia was predominated Not only Arabia was predominated bysuch pagan ignorance; the wholesuch pagan ignorance; the whole worldsuffered greatsuffered from it. There were two great There werestates: Persiaand Byzantium; they ruledstates: Persia and Byzantium; they ruledmost themost of the world at that time. Either had at that time. Either hada historiccivilization,but what was its historic civilization, but what was itsbasisand what was the mental, psycholo-basis and what was the mental, psycholo-gical and material standard of its people?gical and material standard its people? In Penia a Khosrau ruled. He was not ln Persia Khosrau ruled. was god.The cere-merely a ruler; he was a god. The cere-merely ruler; he was 33 33
  35. 35. monies greetingwere nearest to thosemonies of greeting were nearest to those worship. Feoplewere really slaves toof worship. People were really slaves tothat god, - whatevertheir rank andthat god, living - whatever their rank andclass was - the way that Khosrauorhisclass was - in the way that Khosrau or hisinherited royal traditions would allow.inherited royal traditions would allow. handful aOnly a handful of people enjoyed the people enjoyedtheriches of the country - that is, the court ofriches the country that is, the courtKhosrauthat held sway over the masses;Khosrau that held sway over the masses;while the latter were an abject statewhile the latter were in an abject state ofpoverty, slavery and humiliation. The as-poverty, slavery and humiliation. The as-pects pomp and civilizationwerepects of pomp and civilization were allconfined the palace. the people,confined to the palace. As for the people,they were importantasthey were important as far as they served as they servedthe intereststhe interests of these ruling masters with these ruling masters godthat god at their head. Yes, there werethat at their head. Yes, therewerearts and materialproduction,arts and material production, but all was wasused, along people,used, along with people, for the sake of the sakethose interests. Thethose interests. The official worship was worship wasthat of fire. Morals had collapsed andthat fire. Morals had collapsed andMazdekscommunism and permissiveness,Mazdeks comrnunismand permissiveness, 34 34
  36. 36. dissolution and anarchyhad spread.Whatdissolution and anarchy had spread. What mental, spiritual and material contemptmental, spiritual and material contempt man- under that great civilization hadman- under that great civilization -- had lived in!lived in! In Byzantium conditions were no better. In Byzantium conditions were no better. Caesarwas surrounded Caesar was surrounded with the same ha- the sameha- loes as Khosrau, and people were, as loes as Khosrau, and people were, as in every state ideologicalignorance,every state of ideological ignorance, mas- mas- ters and bondsmen. These bondsmen ters and bondsmen. These bondsmen fought and died greatnumbersfought and died in great numbers only inthe cause the Empirethe cause of the Empire and the personal and the personalglories of Caesar and his commanders.glories of Caesar and his commanders.Like Persia, there were arts,material pro- Persia, there were arts, materialduction and building, but for whosesake:duction and whose sake:The mastersor the bondsmen?Are there masters bondsmen? therefor bondsmen other than serving theirfor bondsmen than serving theirmasters? There was a creed! - a paganmasters? There was a creed! - a pagancreed guarded by the church and thecreed guarded by the church and theclergy:God is One of three! Christ wasclergy: God is One of three! Christ was 35 35
  37. 37. the son of God! Bishops and monks werethe sonof God! Bishops and monkswerelordslords ruling the domain of minds and the domain minds andspirits contrary to Gods revelations andspirits contrary Gods revelations and the property peopletaking the property of people unlawfully;whereas, Caesar was ruling the physicalwhereas, Caesar was the physicaldomain in accordance with the Romandomain accordance the Roman (i.e.Law (i.e. not in accordance with Divine accordanceLaw). People were servants of the court People were servants theon the one hand and servants of the Pope the one hand and servants the Pope bishops and rnonks the other.and his bishops and monks on the other.and Beyond the great empires therewere Beyond the great empires there were civilizationsthe Chinese and Indian civilizations inthe Chinese and trndianAsia.Asia. In India, as everywhere else, there were India, as everywhereelse, therewerelords and bondsmen. tsut bondsmen therelords and bondsmen. But bondsmen therehad a peculiar position. They were be-had a peculiar position. They were be-lieved have beencreatedfrom the godslieved to have been created from the godsfoot, so they were considered unclean.foot, so they were consideredunclean. 36 36
  38. 38. They had to endureall humiliation, con-They had to endure all humiliation, con-tempt and torture they underwent;tempt and torture they underwent; for on onthe one hand, that wasthe one hand, that was their fate; and on fate; and onthe other, was their sole way to salva-the other, it was their sole way to salva- "tion through transmigration souis.Man,tion through transmigration of souls. Man,according to them, spetrdshis fixedaccording to them, spends his fixed life,then his soul passesthen his soul passes into another new bo- into another new bo-dy. If the enslaved untouchables weredy. If the enslaved untouchablesweresatisfiedsatisfied with their fate, surrendered to hu- fate, surrenderedmiliation and carried out the hardest and and carried the hardestanddirtiest piecesdirtiest pieces of work, their souls might soulspass otherpersons superior slavespass into other persons superior to slavesand get thereby pursued salva-and get thereby to their pursued salva-tion, though they wouldnt acquire thetion, though they wouldnt acquire therank of their masters who were created of masters were createdfrom the deitys heador ann! the deityshead arm! There werc countless There were countless formsof worship fonns worshipoffered to countlessoffered countless deities,but theyhad deities, but they hadone thing 10 cornmon,that is - thing in common, that is - ERROR. 37 37
  39. 39. Perhapsthe most curious thing was tem-Perhaps the most curious thing was tem-ple prostituteswhostayedple prostitutes who stayed in temples for templesthe sake deity! No,the sake of deity! No, for the sake of Sa- the sake Sa-tan! might be the cowtan! But stranger still might be the cow strangerworship - menworship - men wallowing in its dung and dung andbathing its urine,bathing its urine, for the sake of gods the sake godsblessing! If the cow could have spoken itblessing! If the could have spokenwould have laughed at its worshippers have laughed at worshippersand would have been surprised to see man,and have been surprised seeman,whomwhom Allah has honoured, satisfied with has honoured, satisfiedsuchdegradation!such degradation! At the end of the earth there was China, the end of the earth there was China, vast expanse land ruleda vast expanse of land ruled by an emper- an emper- - sacredor - sacred like all rulers of the time. Rites rulers of the time. Ritesof worship and sacrifices were offered toof worship and sacrifices were offeredhim and people prostratedthemselves be- and people prostrated themselvesfore him. The god worshippedwas Bud- worshipped wasdha, whose imageswere graven and wor-dha, whose images were graven andshipped by people. [n Buddhism, as inshipped people. In Buddhism, as 38
  40. 40. the Indian religions, the body was de-the Indian religions, the body was de- spisedand tortured for the redemptionspised and tortured for the redemption the soul,andworldly was scornedof the soul, and worldly life was scorned and rejected ttre attainment immor-and rejected for the attainment of immor-tality. Immortality! But where? andtality. Immortality! But where? and inwhat form? is immortality with Bud-what fonn? It is immortality with Bud-dha the world imagination. Theredha in the world of imagination. Therewerearts, material production and wis-were arts, material production and wis-dom but was no avail, peopledom but all was of no avail, for peoplethemselves werelost.themselves were lost. Arabia was drowned Arabia was drowned in religious ig- religiousnorance, the restnorance, like the rest of mankind.There mankind. Therewere three religions, all of which werewere three religions, which weremisguided.Jews, who wereliving in themisguided. Jews, who were living theoutskirtsof Medina,had distortedtheiroutskirts Medina, had distorted theirholy book centuriesbefore, stuffed itholy book centuries before, stuffedwith lies and legends, changedthe Di- lies and legends,changed thevine Revelationand renounced wholly,vine Revelation and renounced it wholly,complying with their whimsandinterests.complying whims and interests. 39 39
  41. 41. There were, also, small Christian groups There were, also, small Christian groups who held false beliefs, such as the Trinity, who held false beliefs, such as the Trinity, the deifieation of Jesusor considering the deification of Jesus or considering him a son of God. Arab idolators throughouta son of God. Arab idolators throughout Arabia worshipped idolsArabia worshipped idols which were were placed insideplaced inside AL- KABA, the Holy the House God (AUah), the placeHouse of God (Allah), the place which Abraham and Ismael had been orderedAbraham and Ismael had been ordered byAllah to build in order that Allah alone order that alone should be worshippedshould be worshipped without ascribing ascribingany parmerany partner to Him. Yet, they claimed Yet, they claimedthey werethey were followers of Abraham. A va- Abraham.riety of myths had nested in their minds. of myths had nested their minds.Angels, for example, were the daughtersAngels, example, were the daughtersof Allah and they werc worshipped onof Allah and they were worshippedthat account. The jinn (i.e. genies) be-that account. jinn (i.e. genies) be-longed to Allah and were, therefore,wor-longed Allah and were, therefore,shipped.Idols were carved and then wor-shipped. were carved and thenshipped by people. Many new-bomshipped people. new-borngirls were buried alive for fear of shame were fear of shame 40 40
  42. 42. or poverty. Women were scomed andor poverty. Women were scorned andwronged. Wine was drunk, games ofwronged. Wine was drunk, games ofchance(i.e.maysir) were used to, andchance (Le. maysir) were used to, andadultery was allowed-Life was spent inadultery was allowed. Life was spent indrinking, amusement and plundering raidsdrinking,amusement plunderingraids. andMan was Lost as was his casein allMan was Lost as was casestates religiousignorance. Thatwasthestates of religious ignorance.That was thestate of the world beforeMuhammadwasstate the world before Muhammad wassent to savemankind from the darkness ofsent to save mankindfrom the darknesserror:error~The Mission:The Mission: there In this extremely dark atmosphere there In this extremely dark atmosphereshonea Light; it was Muhammad, sonshone a Light; it was Muhammad, sonof Abdullah, (peace andblessing Allah ofof Abdullah, (peace andblessing of Allahbe upon him).be upon him)" The Jews in Medina, before the Pro- The Jews in Medina, before the pro-phethood of Muhammad (PBUFI), hadphethood of Muhammad (PBUH), had ill 41
  43. 43. often said to its inhabitants, The time of aoften said to its inhabitants, The time aprophet has almost arrived. We shallprophet has almost arrived. We shallfight with him against you and defeat against you and defeatyou. The Jews,you. The Jews, in fact, depended in fact, depended upon the Torah,their claim upon the Torah, which in-dicates that the old copies of the Torahdicates that the copies the Torahnot only mentioned Prophet Muhammadsnot mentionedProphetMuhammadsname and description, but also pointedname and description, but also pointedto his prophethood and its approximateto his prophethood and its approximatetime.time. his Muhammad In his Muhammad in the Bible, Prof. the Bible, Prof.Abdul Ahad Dawud, former Bishop ofAbdul Ahad Dawud, former BishopUramiah, quotes theUramiah, quotes the following verses versesfrom Haggai, ii: 79, which he has trans-from Haggai, ii; 79, which he has trans-lated from an Assyriancopy the Bible,lated from an Assyrian copy of the Bible,AndAnd I will shake all nations and the Hi- shake all nationsand themada of all the nations will come - and inrnada the nations come andthis place give shalom, saysthethis place I will give shalom, says theLord of hosts.Lord hosts. 42 42
  44. 44. The word Himada is derivedfrom an The Himada derived anarchaic Hebrew rather AramaicarchaicHebrew or rather Aramaic root Hebrew hemed generallyhemed. In Hebrew hemed is generallyhemed.used the sense great desire, covet,used in the senseof great desire, covet,appetite and lust. In Arabic the verbappetite and lust. Arabic the verbhamida means to praise and so on.hamida means to praise and so on.What more praised and illustrious thanWhat is more praisedand illustrious thanthat which is most craved for, covet-that is most craved for, covet-ed and desired. Whichever of the twoed and desired. Whichever themeanings be adopted, the fact that Ahmadmeaningsbe adopted, the fact that Ahmadis the Arabic fonn of Himda remains in-is the Arabic form Himda remains The Quran (61:disputable and decisive. The Quran (61:disputableand decisive.6) declares that Jesus announced unto declares that Jesus announceduntothe people of Israel the coming of anthe people Israel the coming anApostle from Allah whose name was toApostle from whose name was tobe Ahmad.beAhmad. The Gospel of 51. John, being written in The Gospel St. John,being written Pariclytos,a bar-Greek, uses the name Pariclytos, a bar-Greek, usesthe namebarous fonn unknown to classical Greekbarousform unknown to classicalGreek 43 43
  45. 45. literature. But Periclytos, which corres-literature. But Periclytos, which corres- pondsexactly wirh Ahmad in its signi-ponds exactly with Ahmad in its signi- fication of illustrious, glorious andfication of illustrious, glorious and praised, in its superlative degree,mustpraised, in its superlative degree, must have been the franslation into Greek ofhave been the translation into Greek of Himda 0r probably HemidaHimda or probably Hemida of the the Aramaic form, as utteredAramaic fonn, as uttered by Jesus Christ. JesusChrist.Aias! there is no Ccspel e.xtant theAlas! there is no Gospel extant in theoriginal languagespoken Jesus.original language spoken by Jesus. As to the etyrnologyand significanceof As to L~e etymology and significance ofthe Hebrew wordsshaiomand shalama.the Hebrewwords shalom and shalama,and the Arabic wordssalamandIslam,Iand the Arabic words salam and Islam, I(i.e.,Prof. Abdui Ahad) need not detain(i.e., Prof. Abdul Ahad) need detainthe reader dragginghim into iinguistictlle reader by dragging hirn linguisticdetails. Any serniticscholarknows thatdetails. semitic scholar knows thatshalornshalom andlslantarederivedfrom one and Islam are derived from oneand the sarne root and that both meanand the same root and that both meanpeace, submission resignation.".peace, submission and resignation.". and 44
  46. 46. AUah chooses His ProPhetsfrom the Allah chooses His prophets from thebest of mankind. And Muhammad (peacebest of mankind. And Muhammad (peaceand blessingof Allah be upon him) is theand blessing of Allah be upon him) is thebest of humanity in general, and of pro-best of humanity in general, and of pro-phetsin particuiar.Altah takeseareof,andphets particular. Allah takes care of,andrefines His prophetsbefore charging themrefines prophets chargingwith prophethoodand withaut their know- prophethood and withoutledge or expectation. They would therebyledge ar expectation" They therebybe, psychologically, spiritually and mo-be, psychologieally,spiritually andrally, more qualified to carry out theirrally, more qualified to carry out theirmessageand fulfil the task as fullY asmessage and fulfil the task as fully as wills. This applies to the ProphetAllah wills. This applies to the ProphetMuhammat! (peace and blessing AilahMuhammad (peace and blessing of Allahbe upon him) to an extent unequalled be-be upon him) to an extent unequalled be-fore. Even in his early youth, ire had thefore. Even in his early youth, he had the deep-think-ing manmanner of a solemn deep-think-ing manmanner of a soLernn man and enjoyed the ncble feelingsofand enjoyed the noble feelings of man. 45 45
  47. 47. Characterof the GraciousProphet(PBUH)Character of the Gracious Prophet (PBUH) The Pre-Islamicperiod was full of cor- The Pre-Islamic period was full of cor- ruption, pleasure-seeking and waste ofruption, pleasure-seeking and waste of time, though there were some respect-time, though there were some respect- able, sober men hereand there,but theyable, sober men here and there, but they were rarely young men; for a young manwere rarely young men; for a young man would be unusual he didnt seek pleas-would be unusual if he didnt seek pleas- ure and entertainment that time. If heure and entertainment at that time. If he at addedto his solemnitythe avoidance li-added to his solemnity the avoidance of ti-quors which were drunk evenquors which were drunk even by respect- respect-ableable old men, shunning of thoseidols set men, shunning those idols setup beside the Holy Mosque (i.e.Kaaba),up beside the Mosque (i.e.Kaaba),keepingaway from inequity, along withkeeping away inequity, alongothernoblequalities, would undoubted-other noble qualities, he undoubted-ly draw othersattention draw others attention since noneof the since none of theold men possessed men possessed such qualities,not to such qualities, not tospeakof the youths.speak of the youths. One of his traitswas so outstandingand One of his traits was so outstanding and 46 46
  48. 48. deep-rooted that it attracted the attentiondeep-rootedthat attractedthe attentionof Qurayshi people that was honesty.of Qurayshi people - that was honesty. "the Honest" (Al-They used to call him "the Honest" (AI-They usedto callAmin). People trusted him with their pro-Amin). Peopletrusted their pro-perty owing to their confidenceperty owing to their confidence in his hishonestyand trustworthiness.honesty and trustworthiness. Muhammads silence during the meet- Muhammads silence during the meet-ings Quraysh, his wisdom and equa-ings of Quraysh, his wisdom and equa- when he talked,nimity when he talked, won their respect their respectand admiration; so they consultedand admiration; so they consulted himabout their affairs and were satisfiedabout their affairs and were satisfied withhis counsel. The most famous eventhis counsel. The most famous event inthis regard was the appealthis regard was the appeal of Quraysh Quraysh(i.e. Makkans)(i.e. Makkans) to him for a decisioncon- decision con-cerning the Black Stone. They had de-ceming the Stone. They had de-cided rebuild thecided to rebuild the Holy Kaaba twice Kaabaits fonner height becauseof the ruin ofits former height because of the ofsome parts of it. They worked together.some parts They worked together. they differed about theBut they differed about dre Black Stone; Stone; 47
  49. 49. for each tribe competedwith the otherstofor each tribe competed with the others to enjoy alonethehonourof putring it backenjoy alone the honour of putting it back in its place.They almostfought with eachin its place. They almost fought with each other, but at last agreedto take the counselother, but at last agreed to take the counsel of the first man to come to them. Thatof the first man to come to them. That first man was the HONEST (i.e., Muham-first man was the HONEST (i.e., Muham-mad), who tookmad), who took off his mantle spread it his mantle spreadon the ground, put the Black Stone onon the ground, put the Black Stone on and asked a manit and asked a man from each tribe to each tribecarrycarry with him the mantle holding its the manrleedges.Thenhe took the Stone his handsedges.Then he took the Stone in his handsand irr its place. All went away sat-and put it in its place. All went away sat-isfiedisfied with the Honestsdecision. the Honests decision. In his wife Khadijas (May Allah be his Khadijaspleased with her) description of him,pleased her) description ofsoothing his fearson receiving the firstsoothing fears receiving therevelation,she gavea portrait of his man-revelation, she gave of his man-ners and their impression on peoplesners and impression on peoplesminds. She said to him, Surely, Allahminds. She said to him, Surely, Allah 48
  50. 50. never will discredityou! you are kindnever will discredit you ! You are kind to your relatives,truthful, protecting or-to your relatives, truthful, protecting or- phans, generous the poor, hospitablephans, generous to the poor, hospitable to and helpful to the victims of misfor-and helpful to the victims of misfor-tune!tune! He was, during the hours He was, during the hours of silence, silence, much given to meditation. He spent amuch given to meditation. He spent amonth retirementevery yearmonth of retirement every year in Hiracave on topcave on top of the Mountain of Light the Mountain(in Arabic,Jabal-un-Nur), worship(in Arabic, Jabal-un-Nur), in worship ofAllah in accordance with Abrahams accordance Abrahamsmonotheisticmonotheistic religion,away from the dis- religion, away from the dis-iortions added through prevailing idola-tortions addedthrough prevailing idola-trous ignorance.trous ignorance. Allah was preparinghim for the serious was preparing the serioustask - for the Messageaddressed thetask - Message addressed to the towhole hurnanity.The Messenger Allah,whole humanity. The Messenger of Allah, ofMuhammad (PBUH) told the rrurh whenMuhammad (PB UH) told the truth when 49 49
  51. 51. he said: "My Lord has disciplined me inhe said: "My has disciplinedme mthe best refmed manner".the best refined manner". The Prophet Muhammads character is Prophet Muhammads characterthe greatest character throughout humanthe greatest character throughout humanhistory, unmatched by any other charac-history, unmatched any other charac- amongst great men,ter, not only amongst great men, butter,also amongst prophets. If we are toalso amongst prophets. If arejudge by the standards of human great- the standards human great-ness, let us consider the case of a politicalness, us considerthe case politicalleader, dedicating his life to politicalleader, dedicating hisleadership. He found his nation dispersed,leadership. found his nation dispersed, Hewith no common cause or link, and was no common cause and wasable, by means of his wise leadershipable, means his wise leadershipand impressive character, to unite the di-and impressivecharacter, unite thevided nation and found the link whichvided nation and found the which connected its variouswarring fac-firmly connected its various warring fac- a purpose whichtions. He drew for it a purpose whichtions. He drew and removed its differences,united it and removed its differences,unitedThen he raised it to a lofty, respectableThen he raised to a respectable 50 50
  52. 52. position among other nations. Shouldntposition among other nations. Shouldntwe call him a greatman, thoughhe waswe call him a great man, though he wasdevotedmerely to sucha task?devoted merely to such a task? What if this was only one aspecr What if this was only one aspect amongstmany othersenjoyed by the greatamongst many others enjoyed by the greatprophetscharacter?How he has excelledprophets character?How if he has excelledevery other specialistpolitician, thoughevery other specialist politician, thoughthe latter was devotedto sucha task?the latter was devoted to such a task? Suppose there were social reformer Suppose there were a social refonnerwho found injustice and corruption pre_ found injustice and corruption pre-dominant; therefore, he took it upon him-dominant; therefore, he uponself to establishsocial justice and elimi- establish social justice andnate perversion and decay from society.nate perversion and decay society.He realizedbalancebetweenthe individualHe realized balance between the individualand society, between the ruler and theand society, between the ruler and theruled, and causedthe rich to sympathizeruled, and caused the rich to sympathizewith the poor, so that the whole commu-with the poor, so that the whole commu-nity lived as if it were one large family.nity lived as if it were one large family. 5l 51
  53. 53. Isnt such a man really GREAT?Isnt such How if this was one part of Mu- if this was one ofhammads character? How if he, in thishammads character? if he,regard, surpassedthose specialized inregard, surpassed those specializedthis field?this field? Suppose there were a moral reformer Suppose there were moral reformerwho found moral corruption prevaientinwho found moral corruption prevalenthis society and devoted himself to the im-his societyand devoted theprovement of social manners. Through hisprovement sacialmanners. Throughpatience and strugglehe was abiepatience and struggle he was able to laydown an ethic (moral code) that ruleddown an ethic (moral code) that ruledtheir conduct, so that lying, drinking,their conduct, so that lying, drinking,adultery and gambling disappeared; anadultery and gambling disappeared; anowner felt his property was secureevenowner felt his property was secure evenif he was a weakling, an orPhanif he was a weakling, an orphan or a awoman; and conscience ruled hurnan re-woman; and conscience ruled human re- lations.Wont we agree that such a manlations. Wont we agree that such a man was truly a greatone?was truly a great one? 52 52
  54. 54. How, then, if that was How, then, if that was only one side of one side the outstanding character the prophet, the outstanding character of the Prophet, and his influence was greater than that and his influence was greater than that of any reformer history who was devoted any reformer in history who was devoted to his career? to his career? Suppose, too, there were lli"1 educator Suppose,too, there were an educator who devoted himself to education and who devoted himself to education and was able to bring up a generation of ex- was able to bring up a generation ex_ traordinary people, everyone of whom traordinary people, everyone whom was a leader in his domain of activity was a leader his domain activityand an example of good conduct and and an example good conduct andtowering personality, as firm as a moun- towering personaiity, as as a moun-tain lli"1d of noble character. Dosent suchtain and noble character. Dosent sucha man deserve to be called a great educa-a man deserve be called a greateduca_tor? How, then, if this was only onetor? then, if this was only one the prophet, whoof several aspects of the Prophet, who several aspectsexcelled in this respect even the greatestexceiled this respecteven the grearestof educators in history, especially with the educators history, especiallywi.ththegeneration he had educated introducegeneration he had educated to introduce 53 )J
  55. 55. summit leadersin every field of life? leaders in field of Suppose there were a military com- Suppose there weremander,who devoted himseH to his ca-mander, devoted himself ca-reer and brought up an army of heroesreer and an anny of heroes- soldiers and commanding officers - ac- soldiers and commanding officers - ac-customed endurance inconvenience,customed to endurance of inconvenience, adversity and daringsteadfastness in adversity and daringsteadfastnessdespite danger. them battlesdespite danger. He led them in battlesand obeyed orders andand won. They obeyed his orders and places dan-instructions and raced to places of dan-instructions and racedger seeking martyrdom. Shouldnt he beger seeking martyrdom. Shouldnt he be<iescribed a great commander?described as a great commander? as If such a commander had trained his If such a commander had trained hissoldiers not only to acquire individualsoldiers to acquiremanners, also to the causemanners, but also to fight in the cause ofideals and values, would it suffice toideals and values, would it suffice to as a great leader?describe him only as a great leader?describe 54 54
  56. 56. How then, if the graciousprophet had How then, if the gracious Prophet had exceededin this respect every other mi_ exceeded in this respect every other mi- litary commander throughout humanhis- litary comm ander throughout huma n his- tory, and this was only one aspect tory, and this was only one aspect of thethe various aspects his greatchartacter? various aspects of his great chartacter? Supposea man gayehimself up to wor- Suppose a man gave himse lf up to wor- ship. His spirit washighly pure, and his ship. His spirit was- highly pure, and his heartalways remembered heart always remembered Allah, whether Allah, whether his prayer in his prayer or work, in private or in work, privatepublic. So he was friendly to other peo_public. So he was friendly to other peo-ple, sincere his work, and ruledcom_ple, sincere in his work, and ruled com-pletelypletely by fear of Allah and observance fear Allah and observance His orders. Supposeof His orders ... Suppose such a man were sucha man wereable to collect numberable to collect a numberof worshippers worshippersof Allah and bring rhem up to develop and bring them up developa strong relationshipwirh the Almighty" strong relationship with the Almighty.They would rememberHim (Allah) inThey would remember (Allah)all circumstances would be influenced circumstances and would be influenced andby faith in all their deeds,rhoughtsand faith their deeds, thoughts and 55 55
  57. 57. feelings. Their love and fear of AUah werefeelings. Their love and of Allah werestronger than all earthly pleasures andstronger all pleasurestemptations. Should we not say he wastemptations. Should say wasa great soul in himself and a great teach- great in great teach- companions?er to his companions?. This and others were parts of the gra- and others were parts of the gra-cious Messengerscharacter in which hecious Messengers character hewas superior thosepersons devotedto,was superior to those personsdevoted to, are weand specialized in them. What are we toand specialized them. the man combines his gra-call the man who combines in his gra- thosepersonalities, eachcious person all those personalities, eachcious person be sufficient to makeof which would be sufficient to makehim great? great ? The greatness Muhammad (Peaceand The greatness of Muhammad (Peace andblessingof Allah be upon him) does notblessing of Allah be upon him) does notlie only in the combinationof thosesever-lie only in the combination of those sever-al personalitiesin his own person;in fact,al personalities in his own person; in fact,he enjoyed a superior degree of greatness --he enjoyeda superiordegreeofgreabress 56
  58. 58. that is, thoseaspects that is, those aspects did not divert him did not divert him from eachother. Political acriviry did notfrom each other. Political activity did not distract him from military, social,moral,distract him from military, social, moral, educational or spiritual tasks. Even alleducational or spiritual tasks. Even all thosedid not distracthim from his family,those did not distract him from his family, so he was a perfect husbandand he was a perfect husband and father. If we comparethe character prophet If we compare the character of ProphetMuhammad (PBUH) with that of theMuhammad that theother prophets we will grasphis superiori-other prophets we will grasp his superiori- them. All the greatqualitiesenjoyedty to them. All the great qualities enjoyedby them separately were all infusedin his them separatelywere infusedgreat personalitygreat personality par excellence. Noah excellence. Noahwaswas known for his endurance his folks of his endurance ofobstinancy; Abraham (Ibraheem,in Ara-obstinancy; Abraham (Ibraheem,bic) for his clemency; Mosesfor his wise clemency; Mosesleadership of the sons of Israel; Jesusleadership of the sons of Israel; JesusChrist for his spiritual aspectagainst the for spiritual aspect against theprevailing materialism.But Muhammadsprevailing materialism. But Muhammadscharacter embodiedall those characteris-character embodied all those characteris- 57
  59. 59. tics and his influencewasmuch greatertics and his influence was much greater inevery one those aspects.He was theevery one of those aspects. He was the prophets his message and wasthefinal of prophets and his message was theepitome and the crowning prophet-epitome and the crowning of prophet-hood.hood. the Glorious Quran,Alatr tells us: In the Glorious Quran, Allah tells us: nThis day have perfected your religion This day have I perfected your religion you and completed my favour untofor you and completed my favour unto you as relig-you, and have chosen for you as relig-you, and have chosenion Al-Islam".(Quran,5:3)ion AI-Islam". (Quran, 5:3) So the message Islamconfirmsbelief So the message of Islam confinns belief previous prophetsand all previous prophets and revelations.Jews disbelieved JesusClrist andJews disbelieved in Jesus Christ andMuhammad. Christians disbelievedMuhammad. Christians disbelieved inMuhammedandbelieved Jesus Christ,Muhammed and believed in Jesus Christ,not as a messengerbut as a god sonnot as a messenger but as a god or son Allah. is the Muslims alone whoof Allah. It is the Muslims alone who 58
  60. 60. believ e in all proph ets from Adam believe prophets from Adamthrou gh Noah til! Muha mmad (Peac ethrough Noah rill Muhammad (peaceand blessi ng of Allah be upon them all).and blessing Allah be upon themall).Both Jewish and Christiannationsare un-Both Jewis h and Chris tian nation s are un-fit to rule huma nity, for they canno t get to rule humanity, they cannot getridrid of hatre d and preju dice. hatredand prejudice. Only the Musl im natio n is well quali- Only the Muslim narion is well quali_ fied for the leadership manhind ledfied for the leade rship of mank ind (it led mankind once for severalmank ind once for sever al centu ries) be- centuries) be_ cause is the only nationthat ruleswith_cause it is the only nation that rules with-out any hatredowing to the Divine guid_out any hatred owing to the Divin e guid-ancethat madeance that made it fit for leade rship, espe- for leadership, espe_cially irs belief in previouscially its belief in previ ous proph ets of prophetsAllah without discriminationAllah witho ut discri minat ion or malic e malicewhat.soever.whats oever . More over, the messa ge of Mrlreover, the messageIslarn is adclressed the wholemankincl.Islam is addre ssed to the whole mank ind. to Allah (SWT) addresses Allah (SWT ) addre sses Muha mmad : Muhammad: 59
  61. 61. . sent thee save as "We sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples". (Quran, 2l:107) the peoples". (Quran, 21:107) the Prophet Muhammad According to the Prophet Muhammad (Peaceand blessing of Allah be upon (Peace and blessing of Atlah be upon him), "Every prophet before me was sent to prophet before was sent his own people, but I have been sent to people, have been sent the whole of mankind". the mankind". - embracing message. It is also an all - embracing message. also an Earlier messages were limited to certain messageswere certain aspects of human life, and were limited aspects human and were in space as well. All of them included the spaceas well. All them includedthe (i.e. major question of divinity (i.e. belief in question Oneness the Oneness of God and offering Him the God and pure worship). they also included instruc- pure worship). they also includedinstruc- tions and rules that suited the conditions tions and rules that suitedthe conditions and circumstances of each nation and and circumstances each nation and aimed at the bettennent of morals and the aimed at the bettermentof,morals and the elimination of corruption. elimination comrption. 60
  62. 62. The stagehad come when the human The stage had come when the human mind was mature enough to accept amind was mature enough to accept a world religion which would last on earth world religion which would last on earth till the Day of Judgement; such a worldtill the Day of Judgement; such a world message must ernbrace, message must embrace, too, all human re- too, all humanre- quirements in all fields life, which isquirements in all fields of life, which is true of the Message Islam. Fortrue of the Message of Islam. For it in- cludes, other messages, the majorcludes, like other messages, the major questionquestion of Divinity which is essential which is essential the integrityfor the integrity of human life, and also human and also canons and laws rulingcanons and laws ruling all aspects of aspects life: economic, political, social, intellec-life: economic, political, social, intellec-tual, spiritual, ethical,etc.tual, spiritual, ethical, etc. But it never neveropposes scientific progress.opposes scientific progress.In fact, it was fact, wasISLAM that moved Muslims to serout aISLAM that moved Muslims setgreat scienific movement, the most im-great scienific movement,portant effect of which was the experi-portant of was the experi-mental method of scientific researchmental method of scientific researchwhich Europelearned from the Muslims Europe learned from the Muslimsin Andalusea, North Africa, Sicily andin Andalusea, North Africa, Sicily and 61 61
  63. 63. South Italy, and upon which our presentSouth ltaly, and upon which presentscientific renaissance has been based.scientific renaissance beenbased. has 62 62
  64. 64. HOLY SCRIPTURES HOLY SCRIPTURES (The Booksof Allatr) (The Books of Allah) Allah, Glory be to Him, providedevery Allah, GIory be to Him, provided every one of His prophetswith books whichone of His prophets with books which He revealed to them. Those books orHe revealed to them. Those books or scriptures containedthe tenets and fun-scriptures contained the tenets and fun- damentals religion as well as thedamentals of religion as well as the in- structions and commandmentsstructions and commandments of Allah conveyedto variousnations through Hisconveyed to various nations through His Messengers. holy books were meant TheMessengers. The holy books weremeantto be records religion so that the var-to be records of religion so that the var-ious peopleandnationsof the world mightiouspeople and nations the world mightrefer to themto know the ordinancesrefer them the ordinances and andlaws revealedby Allatr and comply withlaws revealed Allah and complythem.them. On the one hand, w€ arerequiredto be- one hand, we are required to be-lieve in all revealedbooks at large. On thelieve in all revealed books atlarge. On theother,we arerequiredto believein certainother, we are required to believe in certain 63 63
  65. 65. books which Allah told us He had re-books AUah us had re-vealed, namely:vealed, namely: 1. The Quran, revealed to Muhammad; l. The Quran, revealed Muhammad; 2. The Gospel, r " rt "Jesus; 2.eGospel, Jesus; 3. The Psalms 3. The Psalms , " " David; "David; 4. The Torah 4. The Torah,, " " Moses "Moses;; 5. The Tablets Ibrahim, (i.e., 5. The Tablets of Ibrahim, (i.e., Abraham) and Moses (May peace Abraham) and Moses peace and blessing of Allah be upon and blessing be upon them). them). Although books revealed to prophets Although books revealed to prophetsbefore Muhammad (the last Messengerbefore Muhammad (the last Messengerof Allah) were just temporary revela- were temporary revela-tions each addressed a particulartribetions each addressed to a particular tribeor nation, yet it is incumbent upon Mus- nation, yet is incumbent upon Mus- believe them general, andlims to believe in them in general, andin the Quran on detailed basis in particu- the Quranon detailedbasis particu-lar. The Quran is the final and compre-lar. The Quran is the fmal and compre- 64
  66. 66. hensive Scripture. It is the only book of hensive Scripnrre. is the book Allah which has remained free from dis- AUah has remained free tortion and change, and has been transmit- tortion and change, and has been transmit-ted to us whole in the most reliable ways ted to us whole the most reliable waysand in its original text - a feature nor en- and original featurenot en_joyed by any of the earlier books of revela- any the earlier books revela-tion.tion. 65 65
  67. 67. TI{E GLORIOUS QLJRAN THE GLORIOUS QURAN The miraclesbroughtby earlier Prophets miracles brought earlier Prophetshadbeenfiansient, so to say, and for thathad been transient, so say, and thatvery reason, rapidly forgotten,while that reason, rapidly forgotten, thatof the verses(of ttreQuran)may be calledof the verses the Quran) may be called"The Permanent Miracle". Its activity has"The Pennanent Miracle". hasbeen unceasing. Everywhere andbeen unceasing.Everywhere and at allhours, each believer, reciting the ver-hours, each believer, by reciting the ver-ses, helped to realize the miracle, and inses, helped redize the miracle, andthis canbe found the explanation manythis can be found the explanation of manyconversions,incomprchensible the Eu-conversions, incomprehensible to the Eu-ropean who unfortunately knows little orropeanwho unfornrnately knowsnothing the Quran. He may alsojudgenothing of the Quran. He may also judge on the ba3is inaccuraciesfed to himit on the basis of inaccuracies fed to himthroughanti-Islamic media.The wonder-through anti-Islamic media. The wonder- this Book, resemblingnoful chann of this Book, resembling no charmother masterpiece the literanrreother masterpiece of the literature ofmankind, need not be explainedto us,mankind, need not be explained to us,Muslims, because we considerthat itMuslims, because we consider that it 66
  68. 68. emanates from the wordsemanates from the words of Allah Him- Allah Him-self, sent down through the mouthself, sent down through the mouth ofHis prophet.His prophet. In this connection, it may be interesting this connection, be interesting to quote the opinionto quote the opinion of Savary, a cele- Savary, a cele-brated orientalist, who was the first tobrated orientalist, was thetranslatethe meaningtranslate the meaning of the Holy Quran the Quraninto French. He says, "Muhammad wasinto French. He says, "Muhammad wasleamed the studylearned in the study of his language, the his language,therichest and the most harmoniousrichest and the most harmonious in the theworld, and which,world, and which, by the composition of the compositionits verses, permits thoughts as they soarits verses, permits thoughts as they soar be correctly described....Poets wereto be correctly described.... Poets weregreatly lookedgreatly looked up to in Arabia. Arabia. Rabyah, an illustrious poet, Labid Ibn Rabyah, an illustrious poet,nailed one of his poems on the door ofnailed one of his poems the ofthe Temple of Makkah (Al Kabah). Histhe (AI Kabah).reputation and the value ofreputation and the value of his work kept 67 67