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Simplify 2014: Review and revise resolutions


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Simplify 2014: Review and revise resolutions

  1. 1. SIMPLIFY 2014 Review and revise resolutions 19th January 2014
  2. 2. Now almost 3 weeks has gone. Let’s check it out what’s happened on the resolutions. Does it work well? - YES? COOL! - NO? Don’t worry, we can give it try or change it if necessary!
  3. 3. Let me check my own resolutions below. 1. Reduce stuffs 2. Spend time in cozy mood 3. Listen MORE, Speak LESS
  4. 4. REDUCE STUFFS Resolution #1: Find something to put into the trash every day. I DO IT. Actually I record them on Blogger ;) And this way works well to record it every day!
  5. 5. SPEND TIME IN COZY MOOD Resolution #2: Spend time in cozy mood apart from problems. I am not sure if I could do that. I do nothing special with “cozy” thing. And also it is emotional and can not be measured. What should I do then?
  6. 6. LISTEN MORE, SPEAK LESS Resolution #3: LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN. Oh yes….I have been trying it…that’s so tough though! JUST LET ME CARRY ON.
  7. 7. A person says “you can not improve anything unmeasurable.” My resolution #2 is sort of...and yet, it must work well for me. I can remember what I have wished. That is the point.
  8. 8. I hope you do review your own resolution. It is not important if it could be measured. Just ask it to yourself...a simple question. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU DO? Good luck and have a great year.