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Wondering how to spruce up your Teen Spaces at your public library? There are lots of resources available for you.

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Teen Spaces

  1. 1. Teen SpacesTeen Spaces Suzanne Walker – Indiana State Library Children’s Consultant @suzieecw Deb Sparks – Odle Mcguire Shook Interior Designer
  2. 2. Hi! Who are we?Hi! Who are we? And who are you?
  3. 3. I know you want to see pictures…I know you want to see pictures… But first, some research. 
  4. 4. Why Have One?Why Have One? Do you have teens? YES…therefore, you have a need. Fulfill a need in your community…if you have teens, you need a safe place for them to do what they want to do…those activities include socializing, leisure activities, and studying.
  5. 5. Why Have One?Why Have One? Libraries need to support teenagers and encourage teen belonging, community involvement, and library appreciation. Giving them a space is part of that.
  6. 6. Why Have One?Why Have One? Can’t they just use the kid space? Or the adult space? Nope. Cause they’ve got needs…
  7. 7. Why Have One?Why Have One? 7 Developmental Needs of Adolescents: ◦ Physical Activity ◦ Competence and Achievement ◦ Self-Definition ◦ Creative Expression ◦ Positive Social interactions with peers and adults ◦ Structure and Clear Limits ◦ Meaningful Participation Teen Spaces by Kimberly Bolan
  8. 8. Why Have One?Why Have One? Um…we want to stay relevant…right? Expand your customer base by appealing to users and nonusers.
  9. 9. Why Have One?Why Have One? Effectively market your library and draw teens into your space, leading them to other services.
  10. 10. Your Teen Space Space
  11. 11. Why Have One?Why Have One?
  12. 12. Why Have One?Why Have One? Increase current and future library supporters.
  13. 13. YALSA’s Teen Space GuidelinesYALSA’s Teen Space Guidelines Not sure where to start? Check this out… Great step by step guide to creating and maintaining an engaging space for teen library users. Relatively new…May of 2012
  14. 14. YALSA Says a Teen Space…YALSA Says a Teen Space… Is created with teen feedback. Encourages positive teen development. Reflects their community. Provides materials to support educational and leisure needs. Has appropriate policies. Has furniture and technology that is practical yet adaptive.
  15. 15. Policies and Procedures…Policies and Procedures… We could have a whole session on policies and procedures… Don’t have separate policies for teens. Is there an age requirement for your space? Have teens help you with the guidelines. Think about noise. Limit adult use. How will your space dictate their behavior?
  16. 16. Kenton Public Library - KYKenton Public Library - KY The Kenton County Public Library serves over 1.1 million people per year. It has three branches and a dedicated teen librarian and space at each branch…
  17. 17. The room is enclosed in glass so that programs can be held in the space for teens. Features of the new YA space: 40 seats (an increase from 8 seats in the old space) Lounge space with a gaming area 6 computers Increased shelf space A seperate graphic novel/manga room adjacent to the YA space Stop by the Covington Branch and check out the new YA Space!
  18. 18. It’s the Little Things…It’s the Little Things… Paint a wall Bring in a lamp Change your seating Add a rug Art by Teens Gels on your lighting Activity Wall WEED YOUR COLLECTION Sight lines What expectations are your space communicating?
  19. 19. PreviousPrevious Members of the Florissant Valley Teen Advisory Group helped to choose the furniture and color palette for the teens- only space at the Florissant library in St. Louis County. Teen Alley also offers gaming equipment, three computers and a wealth of comfy seating, including bean bag chairs and sectional furniture that can be rearranged. Photo: Dave Moore
  20. 20. Whitman County LibraryWhitman County Library Looks like a pretty tight space for teens at the Whitman County Library in Colfax, Wash., but check out the way it’s decorated. It just looks cool. I recognize the coffee table from IKEA. Photo courtesy of Travelin’ Librarian.
  21. 21. Call me!Call me! Suzanne Walker – suwalker@library.in.gov @suzieecw 317-234-5649