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Technology train the trainer


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Technology train the trainer

  2. 2. • Technology has forever altered the landscape of our libraries Technology has forever altered our work landscapes Why do we need trained in technology?
  3. 3. INFORMATION CURATION What skills do librarians need for the future?
  4. 4. IN-DEPTH HIGH VALUE RESEARCH What skills do librarians need for the future?
  5. 5. DIGITAL PRESERVATION What skills do librarians need for the future?
  6. 6. MOBILE ENVIRONMENTS What skills do librarians need for the future?
  7. 7. COLLABORATION COACHING FACILITATION What skills do librarians need for the future?
  8. 8. • What public libraries are doing to meet this need? Is there a need? • What academic libraries are doing to meet this need? Is there a need? • What school libraries are doing to meet this need? Is there a need? • My experiences in the ALA Train the Technology Trainer Class • Some tips and tricks • My research project and how you can help Objectives
  9. 9. People of all socioeconomic backgrounds need to be able to participate in web based training, send email, or to apply online for a job. Public libraries
  10. 10. • A 2010-2011 Study by the American Library Association showed that 87% of libraries do some form of technology instruction. Public libraries
  11. 11. Types of training offered by public libraries: • Internet • Computer basics (using the mouse, etc.) • Microsoft Applications (Word, Publisher ) • Email • Database searching and catalog searching Public libraries
  12. 12. Many teachers are clamoring for training on how to use new technology when they teach. School libraries
  13. 13. • In a nationwide survey of more than 600 K-12 teachers, 50 percent reported inadequate assistance when using technology in the classroom. School libraries
  14. 14. • A Pew internet survey was done in connection with the College Board of 2462 teachers and said 75 percent of 2462 teachers felt technology had a positive impact on student research skills. School libraries
  15. 15. • 21 percent of urban educators said that lack of access to digital technologies is an issue for their students. • 56 percent of teachers in low income schools reported this same issue School libraries
  16. 16. • Partner with your technology department – Hold a tech fair in your library. • Become the technology instruction expert in your school. • Offer workshops on databases, ebooks, new technologies, portable audio devices both to students and teachers before, during, and after school How school librarians can help?
  17. 17. • OFFER to go into schools to possibly teach research classes? Literature classes. • OFFER technology experts to teach skills after school to teachers • HOST teacher technology fairs – what are the latest tools in teacher technology? How libraries might help teachers?
  18. 18. Research is showing that academic librarians are typically expected to know how to train when they accept their posts. Academic libraries
  19. 19. • I am a trainer. • I was a trainer in my previous library employment as a branch manager, collection development librarian, and a volunteer coordinator. • Technology impacted my job. We don’t do things entirely with pencil and paper anymore. • I wanted new techniques to develop my skills (professional development). • I have to learn new skills regularly to keep up (personal and professional development). How has this affected me?
  20. 20. • 99 percent of the time, Librarians are ACCIDENTAL technology trainers The Accidental Technology Trainer class
  21. 21. • Presented by ALA • Offered usually annually • Taught by Stephanie Gerding • Lots of very useful material if you do ANY kind of teaching. The Accidental Technology Trainer class
  22. 22. • Every staff member is an expert in every technology you are currently using. • Every staff member is self-motivated to keep up with new technologies and self – train on everything Your library DOESN’T need tech training if
  23. 23. • Some staff know more than others • You want every staff member to be able to help users equally • Your library / school / college is adding new technologies to the workplace. • The library lacks a coordinated technology program. Your library does need tech training if…
  24. 24. • Training principles • How to identify library technology training skills • Learning interactively • Creating and maintaining interest • Planning technology training • Organizing and designing a workshop • Examining best practices in technology training Some of the subjects covered
  25. 25. Keep it Relevant and Varied How to Design a Workshop Types of training: Evenings, after school, when the library is closed, on-the-fly, online Delivery methods: creating a learning blog, developing a staff wiki, create an online discussion list Some tips and tricks I learned
  26. 26. Tips & Tricks When Designing a Workshop • Learning Objectives • Description • Modules and Training • Evaluation • Title • Target Audience • Length • Have a workshop goal
  27. 27. Learning objectives for a 3 hour beginning level workshop on Creating Your First Blog • As a result of this training, participants will be able to: Define Blog and RSS Identify reasons for having a blog Analyze existing blogs and select favorites Create a blog Apply guidelines for effective blogging Develop an action plan for continued use of blogs How to design a workshop sample
  28. 28. • My research project • Handouts Results of my Class
  29. 29. Fuel Indiana’s need for train the trainer resources that are available to public, school, and academic librarians throughout the state. GOAL # 1 Fuel Indiana’s need for librarian technology train the trainer resources
  30. 30. • Implementation of a statewide technology survey to determine the status of technology training in Indiana. GOAL # 2 Development and implementation of a statewide library survey of the current state of technology training.
  31. 31. GOAL # 3 Development and manifestation of trainer materials to be presented at workshops throughout the state of Indiana.
  32. 32. GOAL # 4 Development and manifestation of trainer materials to be hosted on the Indiana State Library website.
  33. 33. GOAL # 5 Partner with existing Indiana organizations in the marketing of library technology training being available at libraries.
  34. 34. EVALUATION effectiveness questionnaires data testing Evaluation and update of training materials as technology needs evolve and continue to be addressed. GOAL # 6 Information Information