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Pulse Group is a full service digital research agency.
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  1. 1. Overview Presented By Pulse Group
  2. 2.
  3. 3. OverviewAgenda1.PULSE Overview2.Pulse Group Services3.Planet Pulse Panel Profile4.Pulse Research Tools5.Q & A
  4. 4. PULSE
  5. 5. Overview• Leading Digital Research Agency provider in Asia• KL Operations Hub 2009 Global Finalist 2008 Emerging WINNER• Publicly Quoted on PLUS Markets, UK (symbol: PGRP)‫‏‬ Ranked 119• International sales offices Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 2008 ASIA 100 WINNER• International client base• MSC Status Malaysia Industry Excellence Award Most Promising Entrepreneur 2008 Awards• Award winning company 2008 BRAND WINNER WINNER MCBC Business Excellence Awards 2008 Malaysia Venture Capital and GOLD Winner Malaysia ICT 2006 Private Equity Award 2008Emerging SME 2006 Fastest-growing Start-up WINNER 2006 ASIA 100 Finalist
  6. 6. Pulse Footprint New YorkLondon India Singapore Kuala Lumpur SydneyPulse Offices
  7. 7. Pulse Group Services r
  8. 8. Planet Pulse Survey Community  ‘Pulse‫‏‬Connect’‫‏‬Facebook‫‏‬App • Allows access to n=650m respondents • Increased reach • In-depth profile • Current Online Platform of choice for Brand owners • Solid margins Proprietary Online Survey Community Across Asia-Pacific • Deeply profiled • One of the largest in Asia • Multi-lingual • Multi-platformed respondents • Engaged • Link to Social networks
  9. 9. Pulse Online Surveys• Multi-Country, multi-lingual, multi-mode, with real-timeclient access- Ad Hoc Dipsticks- Trend Analysis- Copy Testing- Brand Health- New Product Development- U&A- Competitive Analysis- Concept Testing- Continuous Tracking- Location based U&A- Crowd-sourcing Innovation- Others
  10. 10. Planet Pulse Footprint Greater China Japan SE Asia Middle East PacificCoverage (Online Panels)
  11. 11. Pulse Communities Online Community Building • Development of front-end and back-end community buildings for brands • Recruitment of panelists across asia • Incentive programs • Integration to Facebook communities • Integration of other non-research activities • Consulting
  12. 12. Pulse Buzz • Online Buzz TrackingV. Positive Positive Neutral NegativeV. Negative Pulse Buzz monitoring across Blogs, Social Networks and other online conversations • Powerful multi-channel, multi-lingual buzz monitoring and sentiment analysis offering • Intergration into other forms of research or data • Strong demand currently in Asia
  13. 13. Brand Pulse Contact Points 0.24 Usage 0.22 TV/Radio ad BVI Brand Value 0.20 Saw user (inclu. by media) 0.410 0.27 Usage Relevance 0.27 Awareness 0.26 Newspaper/Magazine ad 0.24 News/Articles 0.261 0.25 Perception 0.24 Outdoor/Transportation ad Confidence Intention 0.24 Personality 0.30 Sweepstakes/Contests to Invest/ 0.203 0.23 Attributes 0.23 Membership servicePurchase/Use Difference 0.20 Fan club/Online community 0.22 Loyalty 0.27 News/Articles 0.21 Market share 0.044 0.25 Newspaper/Magazine ad Growth 0.20 Specialist journal 0.26 TV/Radio ad Every contact points are 0.23 Newspaper/Magazine ad measureable 0.23 Saw user (inc. by media) 0.21 News/Articles 0.21 Usage
  14. 14. Pulse Talk• Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) • One stop CATI centre for multi-country studies in Asia • 8 Asian Languages • Experienced B2B to B2C interviewers • State of the art technology • 65 seats CATI Centre
  15. 15. Pulse Q • Pulse Qualitative Services • Focus Group • In-Depth Interview • Central Location Test (CLT)Languages Used by Interviewers: Qualifications •English Diploma and above; A-level and vocational •Mandarin training; University/college degree. •Cantonese •Bahasa Malaysia Experienced •Bahasa Indonesia B2B and B2C •Japanese Healthcare, Automotive, Customer •Vietnamese Satisfaction, Brands Awareness & •Thai Perception etc.
  16. 16. Other Facilities
  17. 17. State of the Art Infrastructure
  18. 18. IP Phone system powered by: Recording system powered by: #1 in Workforce Optimization
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Singapore TeamBob Chua, CEOResponsible for Pulse Groups overall management and growth Involved in marketresearch for his entire career Created strategic ventures - Nielsen.Online, TNSInteractive, founding organisations of online market research and outsourcing within theindustry. Bachelor of Bus. IT, and Marketing (Griffith University, Australia)‫‏‬Mandy Chee, Client Development ManagerMandy Chee is responsible for sales and development in Singapore as our ClientDevelopment Manager. Marking a milestone in Mandy’s career was her stint in the eventmanagement industry. Moving swiftly up the ranks, Mandy proved her versatility with quickpromotions through to Sales Manager. Having started her career as an Account Executive inChina, then in Hong Kong, Mandy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in variousfunctions of several industries, she is more than adequately equipped to support salesoperation of Pulse Group PLC. Mandy welcomes you to Digital Era in Market Research!
  21. 21. Singapore TeamWiryadi Hamidon – Consultant, Quantitative ResearchHe is a consumer insights professional with extensive experience with over 10 yearsacross multiple sectors and disciplines, for local and foreign government agencies,small and large multinationals, working mainly in Asia. A graduate in Marketing &Organisation Behaviour, he started his market research career with Consumer ProbeSingapore where he honed his skills in both qualitative and quantitative research. As a researcher, he have been responsible for both small and large project teams,and for growing and maintaining long term relationship with local and regional clients.He is a generalist with a good understanding of both qualitative and quantititativeresearch, although in recent years he has mainly worked in quantitative onlineresearch. Prior to joining Pulse Group, he was a management work redesign consultant onbehalf of Singapore government link organisation and at the same time developedstrategic research framework such as employee customer satisfaction survey indexand employee motivation index. His experience and research focus includesindustries such as FMCG, Finance, Hospitality, Online Retail, Telecommunication,Media and Public Policy..
  22. 22. Thank